Christmas Crackers 2018

Santa Listening on Headphones

Every year, from November onwards, Christmas songs start appearing in our inbox, and every year we gather all these into a special playlist that we present on Christmas Eve. Yule love it! (sorry)

We’re taking a well-earned break until our inbox reopens on Monday, 7th January, but keep an eye out for our Mods’ Faves of 2018 on New Year’s Eve, and more besides.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

  1. CARMODY – It’s Always Christmas
  2. CHARLIE HOLE – River
  3. COACH HOP – By Christmas
  4. DA – Christmastime
  5. DARREN PARRY – Don’t Need Nothing Else This Christmas
  6. DAVID J CARON – (Xmas)Star Angels
  7. GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK – Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes It’s Christmas
  8. JAMIE JAMAL – The Greatest Gift
  9. JOE ROSE – O Holy Night
  10. KASH & RICO – Santa Likes Them (Ho Ho Ho’s)
  11. LACH SOUNDS – The Office Christmas Party (We All Fall Down)
  12. LEXIE GREEN – Santa’s Running Late
  14. MAT HOWLETT – Christmas Passed
  15. MUDDIBROOKE – Xmas Back Home (War Has Begun)
  16. MYNAMEISIAN – This is a Christmas Song (Christmas Time Again)
  17. OLIVER WILDE & HERBAL TEA – Without You, Die Hard’s Not The Same
  18. PAUL EMMETT – This Christmas
  19. REHEARSEDLIVING – Counting Down To Christmas
  20. RICHIE PUGH – This Christmas Time
  21. ROB CLARKE AND THE WOOLTONES – Another Wooltones Christmas Record
  22. ROCK’N’ROLL ANGELS — Heavenly Peace
  23. THE HANNAH BARBERAS – Oh Santa Claus!
  24. THE HARRIETS – A Christmas Box
  25. THE POCKET GODS – Kentucky Fried Christmas
  26. THE SUPER MOONS – Five Days to Christmas
  27. THE WAITRESS PRIVATE – Somebody Mentioned Christmas
  28. THE WYLDE THINGS – Home For Christmas
  29. TRICK BIRD – I’d Like You For Christmas
  30. ZACHARY FRIEDERICH – On Christmas Day This Year

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  1. I like this compilation so much. Merry Christmas to all artists and moderators. 🙂

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