Pyjama-Man – My Hero 2018

Johnno Casson sitting in front of beach huts in his pyjamas

I’ve known him a while, this man who exudes so much calm, but at the same time flashes a profound humour that lends even sad moments the charm of the rising sun.

Johnno Casson aka Snippet has been making music since he was 15, and has been an integral part of the team around Tom Robinson for many years. Being a moderator for such a long time demands passion and a strength of character that is rarely found. It is not enough to enjoy music, no. Imagine this: week after week you hear every one of the 180-plus submissions, and the gems are rare. What you need for this is a heartfelt sympathy for “the idea of Fresh On The Net”, for the spirit of aspiring artists and their hopes. Not only did Johnno Casson catch my eye with these qualities, but also the kindness he shows to the artists as a moderator, commentator and reviewer of the lucky ones (and ingenuous colleagues like myself).

His big heart and commitment to older people with the Warm And Toasty Club — founded by him — makes his artistic life and work believable. He brings together artists and the elderly. Together with them, he creates islands of encounters that — despite the cold everyday life — create sociability, protect from loneliness and oblivion. Intergenerational encounter at its best. And that’s exactly what you can call Human Good.
Human Good is also the title of the album that Johnno Casson published in late 2017. In 2018, his Warm And Toasty Club also earned the deserved attention and support of the broader public.

In the video for the title song, Johnno Casson finally wins my heart and my sympathy. I am ready to believe every word and follow his performance with a silent smile. Because there he is, “my” pyjama man. As usual as relaxed and as friendly as he is creative, he presents his song. Wear full striped nonchalance pyjamas. And here comes the circle: For over seven years Johnno suffers from the serious disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

To this artistic treatment of life’s suffering in an enchanting and humorous way, I take my hat off:
Chapeau, pyjama man!

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Ludwig Janssen

Baue Brücken an Flüssen mit nur einem Ufer. Begegnung über dem Wort, realizing Wittgenstein: wOrte, Klangwelten, grenZerfahrenheit, vom Flug der Schwurbeltaube.


  1. Me G

    Hey, I agree with you.
    Johnno has a massive heart, always putting others before himself..Great guy , his music is real, talks of everyday life, bringing a smile to others.

  2. Mrs C

    In Colchester we are so lucky to have Johhno head up the Warm and Toasty Project. I wish one of the national tv stations would pick up what a piece of artistic genius this project is and run a documentary on it. This project combines preserving the oral history of Colchestrians alongside showcasing up and coming artists. It’s a true delight for all involved ! Well said words of praise for the artist that is Johhno Casson !

  3. Well it was quite a surprise to read this

    Thanks very much Ludwig, extremely kind of you, it really means so much to me that what I do has such a positive impact on you, both with my musical exploits and with The Warm and Toasty Club. I just think kindness is easy, in that its free, makes people feel good and in a (current) world seemingly full of bitterness and turmoil we need it more than ever.

    Its been an honour to be on the Fresh On The Net for so long, I’ve just checked and Tom invited me onto the team as one of the original members on Feb 10, 2012 – don’t you just love gmail !! – so I’ll be soon be celebrating 7 years on the team, and what a wonderful ride its been, full of great team members and the most beautiful avalanche of new music artists :).

    And to think I got invited onto the team after Tom had played my own music relentlessly for the few years leading up to 2012 (and then beyond), what a wonderful man Tom is, I know first hand how much the support of someone like Tom means to an artist, Tom is responsible for so much of the good that has happened to my music and I know so many say the same thing, his kindness inspired me onwards and it is with great pride that I/We continue to help, support and advise new music artists.

    And Ludwig, your heart is big my friend – you and the team collectively have made such a difference to so many artists to a big salute to you, to Tom and the team



  4. Oh and thanks for the nice comments Me G and (a different) Mrs C


  5. As stated earlier – You are welcome, Johnno, you and your work, your art deserve it. I have the idea that especially what you created by initiating the Warm And Toasty Club and bringing the elderly together with various British artists is, following the spirit of Joseph Beuys, what Beuys called a “Soziale Plastik”.

    So in my eyes Fresh On The Net (FOTN as idea) is a social sculpture, too, in the sense of Joseph Beuys.

    “… „Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler“ […] Beuys behauptet vielmehr, dass beispielsweise die Gesellschaft, eine Demokratie [or FOTN for example] ebenso als Kunstwerk betrachtet werden kann, zu dessen Gelingen vor allem individuelle Spiritualität, Offenheit, Kreativität und Phantasie notwendig sind, Einstellungen also, die eigentlich eher der Künstler gegenüber seinen Sujets hegt. Diese Eigenschaften und Fähigkeiten sprach er jedem Menschen zu. …”

    Quoted from German Wikipedia:

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