Live Streaming: Useful Links


What follows is a hastily (we’ll admit) put together list of useful links for Artists looking to start livestreaming from home.  In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be adding more resources so keep checking back for updates.  And please, please, please, share any useful links/resources, tips/advice with your fellow artists in the comments below.

Platforms that Offer Live Streaming + Help Guides

Facebook Live – Help Section

Instagram Live Streaming – Help 

YouTube Live – Help

Periscope – Help

Twitch Music: Getting Started

Streaming to More than One Platform at a Time

Restream – About Us
Restream Help Center 

Live Streaming FAQs:  Upload Speed?

What’s a Good Upload Speed (with guides for FB, YouTube, etc)

Test your upload speed: SpeedOf.Me

Places to Share Your Live Streaming Event

Live Online Concerts (FB Group) 

“Live Concerts Online is for all musicians and bands affected by the situation worldwide, where festivals, concerts, and gigs have been canceled for public safety reasons. Musicians are encouraged to share their upcoming live streaming events (on any platform).  This group is not a revenue source, it is solely to help the world stay connected through music.” 

 – Dave Merkel (Group Creator) 

Live Streaming Event Organizers 

Isolate Live (Facebook)

Lockdown Music Festival (Facebook)

“The idea is to keep some live music out there circulating, introducing musicians to new audiences and giving music fans the hit they crave. Each act will perform for 15 minutes from their own live feed with a 5 minute turnaround, which is fed into the Lockdown Festival page for all to enjoy so that fans can stay in the one place and catch music from other acts.  By having acts perform via Facebook Live, fans can track the act back to their own page, learning more about them, etc.”

– Jason Elliott (Event Organiser)

* The First Lockdown Festival is Saturday 21st March 5.30pm CET  – 11pm CET.


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