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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and reviewed by musician and Fresh On The Net moderator Sam Eagle this week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

AKIMBO HEYDAY – Springtime At Home

Kicking off this week’s Fresh Faves are Akimbo Heyday, with their upbeat, simple and catchy new track Springtime At Home. Bringing Britpop vibes through production style, bouncy groove, and hooky vocals, which deliver clear and simple lyrics effectively to make it a nice little head bobber, that you’re sure to find yourself singing along to in no time. Thank you Akimbo Heyday for opening up this week’s Fresh Faves!

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BLAIR CORON – Olives & Marzipan (A Quarantine Collaboration, Or A Choir From Afar)

Glaswegian musician and composer Blair Coron treats us with beautiful natural tones and rich harmonies in his new track Olives & Marzipan. The track displays brilliantly well-shaped and crafted songwriting that develops and unfolds as gently as the tone of the track. Blair says that his “primary intention is to create enchanting atmospheres that sets course for introspection and meditation”, which is something he instantly achieves, yet keeps a contemporary style of natural production. It’s a beauty.

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I don’t know what they drink up in Glasgow, but it’s a city with some fine artists – and here’s another! Carla J. Easton & Honeyblood bring us a quirky little power pop gem. With thick beats underlying heavy synths & fuzzy baselines, it’s all great stuff to pump yourself up to. Carla’s writing combined with production from Stephen Watkins is a perfect storm to whip up some furious pop. Weirdo was taken from her recent album of the same name, which was supported by PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music Fund. With the first edition of her album selling out, Carla has worked on a special collaboration with artist Jim Lambie on the artwork for a second pressing, which has also nearly sold out, so be sure to check Carla’s sites for more info on that!

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DRANG – Do The Dang Thing

It’s another wonderfully diverse week of Fresh Faves this week. South-London producer DRANG’s new record Do The Dang Thing features rich 303s, intertwined with a well layered mixture of textures, to bring us a house track track that feels free and dynamic. I love the weird sounds that are introduced around half way, giving it plenty of wonky character. The wide range of synth sounds are super effective in keeping the track interesting and giving it plenty of life (and also must have been a lot of fun to make).

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Absolutely loving this lo-fi hip hop cut from Enerjay 808 The Terminator, packed with energy, old school power and plenty of exciting production details. Hailing from the midlands, Enarjay is a producer that really does have an ear for detail, throwing in as many crazy transitions, stops and samples as he can – all with a very live feel, which gives the track a great energy, almost making you feel like you’re at a gig (remember those?)

Hip Hop group Fire Team Alpha’s fantastic performances are perfectly supplemented by the maximalist yet tasteful production touch and great choice of arrangements on the track. Enarjay 808 The Terminator has given us a seriously enjoyable listen this week.



Composer and multi-instrumentalist Euan McLaughlin shows off his talents in this new track Askival. With beautiful melodies and performed exquisitely, Euan plays fiddle, keys, acoustic & electric guitar, and bass on the piece. The super clean production and simple instrumentation compliment each other perfectly, with every part played playing it’s role and bringing exactly what’s needed in the track. Askival develops nicely in energy half way through giving the track a really nice build, throwing in some brilliantly edgy time signatures upon which the melodies sit really nicely. Here, Euan McLaughlin delivers a fresh and brilliantly performed contemporary folk song. He is currently working on his upcoming album following up from Askival, so be sure to follow his movements as it is sure to be spectacular.

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Bristol-based producer Gabriel Gifford joins forces with Talulah Ruby for a soul ballad, which Gabriel describes as a “warm ode to oneself”. I’m really loving the synth sounds, and visionary production style of this track, which in my opinion brings a perfect balance of influence from vintage and modern styles and sounds. Talulah Ruby’s vocal performance is incredible. It’s deep, focused and effortless in its emotional delivery.

I also absolutely love how the track develops. The track greets us with an atmospheric and smooth classic soul start, building in confidence and movement, before moving into an almost samba feel, before breaking down in a fantastic, almost Radiohead-esque hip hoppy outdo. You can probably tell I’m a fan… but it really is a superbly put together song.

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HMS MORRIS – Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol

Psychedelic Welsh duo HMS Morris have given us a wonderfully unusual and original track this week. The song’s title translates from Welsh as ‘international students’, and is a superb song with an intriguing style. Despite being quite low in the track, the lead vocal still draws you in and holds your attention, which is testament to the original style of vocal delivery, and the mixture of Welsh and English lyrics – a very effective performance. What’s more, is that every part is perfectly balanced with each other – each part having its own space and focus allows for an immersive listening experience, especially as it builds at the end. HMS Morris have done it again adding another fantastic track to their catalogue, that holds great energy, and has a wide range of original sounds.

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IZZIE YARDLEY – I’m Still Here

A beautiful and deeply personal performance brings you right into the room with Izzie. The latest output from London-based alternative folk artist Izzie Yardley is another stunning composition from a seriously talented and honest songwriter. I’m Still Here is beautifully melodic in its vocal and guitar playing, with both parts complementing each other perfectly. The string arrangements really take the song down new directions and allow the song to grow into a mesmerising and shimmering piece. Izzie is teasing us with an incoming EP release, which despite delays due to COVID-19 will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

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MOBY DICKLESS – Life Aquatic

Moby Dickless continue the maritime themes here in their excellent new track Life Aquatic. Heavy and dynamic sounds, held by a captivating semi-spoken lead vocal from bassist & vocalist Sloth, with clever lyrics written from the perspective of a bottom feeder fish. Highly atmospheric, each member of the band helps create the surroundings of the deep sea, with haunting harmony and merky, dark deliveries. Be sure to keep an eye on their socials for an upcoming music video for the first track of a new EP. An EP in which the band plan to collaborate on work with vocalists/instrumentalists from around the world. Moby Dickless are a really exciting band that are blending genres in original ways – they certainly have me on board.

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Izzie Yardley

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Sam Eagle

Sam Eagle is a songwriter and producer from the coast of Essex. Having signed to Cooking Vinyl Records, Sam has received strong support from Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music and Fresh On The Net, and has been modding on the Fresh On The Net Team on and off since late 2018. Read More about Sam.


  1. Great reviews Sam. I’ll leave it to my FOTN buddy Chris Ingram to comment on ‘what they drink … in Glasgow’ (!) but great to see an artist like Honeyblood appearing on a track by a new and emerging artist (which was one of my two favourites this week). A very enjoyable read with some good [and snappy] analysis of what’s going on in the tracks. 🙂

  2. Great reviews. Loved Izzie Yardley.

  3. Izzie Yardley

    Thank you for including me FOTN and to Sam for the lovely review! I’ve loved listening through all the tracks and great to see music still thriving in 2020 🙂

  4. Enarjay 808 the Terminator

    Thank you to whoever voted for me and the team over at fresh on the net. I’m feeling absolutely honored and humbled to be featured on here =D.

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