The Happy Somethings’ Collective Picks

The Happy Somethings

Here is a selection of The Happy Somethings‘ favourite tracks when they guest moderated for Listening Post Batch 441.

Who Are We To Judge?

The very kind people at Fresh On The Net offered us the chance to make a selection of our own favourites from last week’s inbox. And it turns out that three significantly different people trying to decide collectively on twenty-five songs from nearly two hundred, is just as difficult as it sounds. But actually a lot of fun too.

The Happy Somethings comprise of one person who’s amenable, flexible and easily influenced, one who’s contrary, obstinate and provocative, and a third who actively sniffs out any signs of coercion, corruption, contradiction or complacency. So what could possibly go wrong?!

As it happens, we’ve really enjoyed this process and learned a lot about music, ourselves and each other – it’s been rewarding and revealing, and all the arguing was worth it! It’s been an absolute pleasure to spend so much time with all these songs – so thank you.

We always look forward to the Listening Post and are always impressed with the quality and breadth of the twenty five tracks that make it through. But we find it’s also really worth spending some time with the full inbox of songs as there may be others there that speak to you – or rather sing to you! An amazing array of talents, styles and skills are submitted.

Fresh On The Net offers so much encouragement and opportunity for musicians to get heard. And there is so much amazing and dedicated work done by all those involved. There’s no need to be worried about sending your music here – it’s all good. But we’re aware that no matter how supportive the environment is, it’s still hard to put your stuff out there for others to cast judgement on. Most of us aren’t as thick-skinned as we sometimes pretend to be and offering up your very personal attempts at communicating musically with the world can feel somewhat akin to standing naked on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and asking for an honest opinion!

And with that image in mind we head to our choices…

We’re not going to highlight any particular songs as we think they’re all very good. Possibly, on any given day, dependent on sleep deprivation, the weather, the previous night’s imbibing and any number of constant variables we may have chosen differently. And of course, with such a large collection of wonderful tracks, it’s highly probable that another three listeners making their choices would pick entirely different songs. Having said that, and allowing for our wavering criteria and musical prejudices, and in alphabetical order, these are The Happy Somethings’ collective top twenty five favourites.

Listen using the player on this page or click here to open the playlist in its own window.


  1. BEN & DOM – By Your Side
  3. EIKIN – Fæddur Í Gær
  4. G SKINFLOWERS – Complex Messiah
  5. JAKE HARDMAN – Once Is Not Enough
  6. KATY ROSE BENNETT – Hard To Be Human
  7. KEMLY BONNEY – Good Intentions
  9. POCKET SUN – Wake Up
  10. POINT NEMO – Sit Back While The World Explodes
  11. SAM BARBOUR – Love Is In Our Hands
  12. SCHILLACI DEATH STARE – Old Hat Apathy
  13. SILENT-K – Doorstep
  15. STEPHEN G. CLAYTON – Punchline (feat. Knight-Malciak)
  16. SUSAN’S BOY – Feel A Fool
  17. SWIM DEEP FEAT. DEPT – Good News
  19. THE BIRTHDAY LETTERS – Living Like A Mystic
  20. THE JOJO MAN BAND – Jeanie
  21. THE SHIPBUILDERS – The Moon (Album Version)
  22. THE TABOO CLUB – The Night And Its Charms
  23. TINY DYNO – Insomnia
  24. TUESDAY NIGHT TEA CLUB – What Makes You Feel Young (Is Going To Make You Look Old)
  25. TURMERIC GARAGE – 6luz

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  1. A very enjoyable and insightful post and some great choices of course! The Happys are also to be applauded for their unstinting support for fellow musicians and us writers.

  2. HW

    Great selection and good words by the Happy Somethings

  3. Oh Happy Days! Delighted to be featured here. BIG THANKS & RESPECT ✊🏽 🙏

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. And thanks also Fresh On The Net and particularly Steve and Tobi for the opportunity to do this – we really enjoyed it.

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