Tea, Biscuits and a Chat with Megan Wyn

Megan Wyn

I sat down with Megan Wyn, we shared a packet of custard creams and had a chat…

Hello Megan, how are you?
Hellooooo, I’m doing great thank you!! 

Congratulations on the release of Familiar Faces, how does it feel?
Thanks very much. Me and my live band have been playing it all summer at festivals so it feels so good that it’s finally out. It’s been really going off live since we released it! Buzzing to see that people are enjoying it!

Describe your sound in three words. 
Dreamy, nostalgic indie-pop.

You’re a singer songwriter from Anglesey, North Wales, how did it all begin for you?
I am! I’ve loved singing from a very young age and kinda always knew it was something I was going to take seriously when I was older. When I was 11, that’s when I started to really learn music, I trained in opera from the ages of 11-15 and was also in a Welsh choir called Cor Ieuenctid Mon. Then lockdown’s boredom got to me so I picked up a guitar and started teaching myself, put my poetry to music and that’s how it all started really!

What did you listen to growing up?
I listened to so many things growing up. Both of my parents are massive music lovers so I pretty much listened to so many random things from indie, pop, dance, rock, pop-punk, and loads of classical in my teen years because of training in opera.

You have an incredibly mature sound in your vocals, was there anyone you gravitated towards vocally?
Thank you! Not really to be honest, I’ve never wanted to sound like anyone else but myself. But I did/still do look up to people like PJ Harvey, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Ellie Rowsell, Sharon Van Etten and Courtney Barnett.

You’re classically trained as well, what was the biggest lesson you learned with your voice?
That my voice can actually do mad things if I allow myself to experiment! I had the most amazing vocal coaches that I learned so many things from, so I don’t think I could fully choose one thing. Shoutout to Rhys Meirion, Huw Llywelyn & my choir instructor who also taught me a lot, Mari Lloyd Pritchard. 

You’ve sung with choirs in the past, what’s your favourite piece to sing?
This is such a hard question to answer because I honestly was in love with the majority of the pieces we sang. Some of my favourites are – Gwinllan a Roddwyd I’m Gofal by Caradog Williams, In Paradisum by Gabriel Faure, Pacio by Gareth Glyn and Il Est Bel Et Bon by Pierre Passereau.

You studied at BIMM, what’s it like there?
I still study at BIMM, I’m a music business student! Yeah it’s pretty fun. I mostly keep myself to myself but I met the boys that play in my live band at BIMM. It’s a great place to meet new likeminded people!

You have had a lot of gigs, tell us a funny story from the road.
Most gigs have a lot of funny stories, most of them I can’t actually say on here haha! But I do have a bad habit of falling at every gig, either right before we go on stage or right after. That’s kinda become the band/crew’s joke.

You’ve also had a lot of major support from radio — do you still get that excitement hearing your tunes on the radio?
Absolutely never gets old!! I’m very grateful for all the support.

Post-Covid what have you learned about yourself in the last three years?
I was still in school during Covid and since then I’ve moved to a major city from a very small island in North Wales. I guess I’ve just started to learn how to navigate adulthood!

Did you pick up any new skills?
A million new skills to be honest! The list would be never ending. But music wise, I’ve learned so much about being on tour and how my body copes with lifestyle changes and the skills I personally need to use to help me get through any struggles on tour.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I’m listening to a lot of Wunderhorse and Temples at the moment!

Being from Wales what are your three favourite things about it?
The language, the people and the beaches!! And my nan’s homemade Victoria sponge cake.

What are you looking forward to doing next?
I’m really looking forward to heading back to the studio in the next few weeks and releasing a load of new songs in the new year. I’m also buzzing for the shows we have lined up before the year ends, like supporting Sundara Karma at the Ritz in Manchester and supporting Swim Deep at Signature Brew Blackhorse Rd in London!

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Photo by Sam Crowston

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  1. John Joseph Blackburn

    yeah, Familiar Faces was one of my first 5 on batch 505 – great track. I bet it would be fab live!

  2. It’s a good un isn’t it John? I can’t wait to see what happens with Megan in the future

  3. Rhyfeddol! Pob lwc Megan!

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