Making the Most of a Single Mic Setup

Though simple, single mic setups can still offer artists a range of straightforward options to improve and tailor their live streaming sound. The tips/advice below are meant as a set of principles, not hard and fast rules, for you to employ as you see fit, to tailor the sound of your live streaming shows.  And although they do apply to built-in mics too, it goes…

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Live Streaming: Acoustic Treatment

The term “acoustic treatment” conjures dread thoughts of great expense and bewildering complexity; and in the world of professional, high-end audio, this is all too often the case.  In truth though, at least in its most basic sense, everyone of us has already “acoustically treated” countless rooms. When moving into a new home, we quickly begin to add rugs, soft furnishings, and curtains, etc.  We…

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