Jupiter Falls – What’s In A Name

Steff Lane registers as Jupiter Falls in 2011
Leeds Band registers in 2013

Fast forward to May 2015, and Deano Silk’s band no longer believe that “you can’t copyright a name”. They hire a solicitor to threaten Steff with legal action unless he stops performing as Jupiter Falls and cancels all his internet accounts.


28 May 2015

Dear Sirs

Re:      Our Clients Jupiter Falls
Registration Number:  UK00003031006

We act for the above named who have instructed us to write to you regarding the use of the name Jupiter Falls.

Since 2013 our clients have had a trademark registered for the name Jupiter Falls and you are not therefore entitled to use that same name even though you may have used it for some time.

This being the case we are instructed to commence proceedings against you for an injunction to prevent any further use of this name unless you are prepared to contact us within the next fourteen days with confirmation that you will modify the name that you are presently using in an acceptable way so that there is no longer any confusion.  We would also request that at such time you cancel any registrations that you might have with internet based information and entertainment services where you have used the name Jupiter Falls.

We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice in relation to the contact (sic) of this letter.

Yours faithfully

Stoneleigh House Commercial Street Morley Leeds LS27 8HN
Switchboard 0113 2538111 Fax 0113 2898482
Partners: D. H. Scott  C. K. Blakey  Mrs J. E. Fry BA  Mrs J. M. Wadsworth FCA
Finance Manager: L. Armstrong ACCA*
Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority – 55747
*Denotes Non Solicitor

As ‘strongly recommended’ by Stapleton Gardner, Steff seeks legal advice in relation to the content of their letter. He engages a music law firm in London who send the following reply on Steff’s behalf:

Lee & Thompson letter Page 1

In due course a reply arrives from Stapleton, Gardner & Company…



  1. Bloody marvellous!!!!

  2. Result! It’s good to see justice has been served.

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