Steve Harris

Steve Steve Harris is an independent app developer living in Swansea, Wales.

Born to classical musicians, Steve (that’s me) had given up on piano lessons, botched solos for the church choir and even flunked a brief attempt at classical guitar, all before the age of 17. Disowning his parents’ musical taste in his teens, Steve became fascinated with music made by people who may have been given none of those opportunities, but did it anyway.

Steve found technology an appropriate outlet for his creative urges and now works as an independent app developer, making and selling his own apps. While a far cry from music, he still gets to spend months, sometimes even years dreaming up, building and perfecting his creations, then unleashing them on the world at large. He knows what it takes to make an idea a reality, and sees that played out by musicians as they pour their souls into the one thing they feel absolutely compelled to do.

Joining Fresh On The Net is a real thrill for Steve, as it allows him to play a part in that world and fulfil the old adage that, if you can’t make music, then you can at least write about it.


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