Andy Page

A repressed DJ from birth, my earliest childhood memories are of stacking up 7″ singles on a beat-up old Dansette which is probably responsible for the two greatest passions in my life – Music & Hi Fi.

Having brought down several esteemed financial institutions in the City by the late nineties, I decided a future in the stock market probably wasn’t for me and started working for a company retailing specialist Hi Fi. 20 years later and I’m still there, trying to convince the general public that sound quality does matter. I’ve probably found my perfect job as I get to listen to an extensive range of music all day long on some of the world’s finest audio components.

Outside the office (and sometimes inside on a slow day) I’m a serial harasser of BBC Radio 6 Music DJs and Producers, which is probably the reason why Tom invited me to join Fresh On The Net – to give the poor folks at Wogan House a respite from my constant requests.

Musical taste? You play it, I’ll listen to it. My main weakness is for finger poppin’ Soul, Jazz and Blues but I’m just as happy with dirty Dub, spiky Punk or some psychedelic Nuggets.

I’m constantly discovering fresh sounds both new and old from around the globe on a daily basis, and that’s what I live for…

Follow Andy on Twitter @vonzipperuk.

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