Sharon Pearce

SweetP – aka Sharon Pearce, is a music lover based in Surrey. With her older brother’s band holding regular rehearsals at home (much to the annoyance of their neighbours) she grew up listening to live music. Later she became involved in managing a young band herself that was formed at a local Music Academy. After becoming disillusioned with the whole set up for young aspiring musicians, she began searching online for tips and advice. Eventually she came across Tom’s FOTN music blog and was pleasantly surprised to find people who were actually willing to listen to new music for FREE! Bearing this in mind Sharon decided that she too should also take the time to listen to new music and became a regular voter on the weekly Listening Post. This eventually led to her being invited to join the FOTN moderating team. Sharon also dabbles at guitar, badly (much to the annoyance of her neighbours)!

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