Fresh Faves: Batch 11

Gooood morning on this wet, windy, cold bank holiday! For most of you, this is depressing and terrible weather. I LOVE IT. I just absolutely love awful weather and have been having the best month of so of my life. Remember, that whilst the weather is so ‘bleak’, you can really focus on your music, work, love and general life without feeling the pressures of having to enjoy getting skin cancer, getting bitten by flying insects and sweating. You can take a walk outside and pretty much have the area to yourself unless you pass a couple of brave dog-walkers. I find this weather so relaxing and peaceful. I am dreading the inevitable summer which will be coming soon.

That was the upbeat paragraph! Onto music, here are the 11 tracks most voted for by you. I’ve tried to be as positive as possible about them, but I always make sure that I am not just fluffing up to songs just for the sake of it. Lack of enthusiasm is due where lack of enthusiasm is due, and for me, personally, this weak (week) I have felt a lot of it. I just felt there was an air of originality lacking this week and nothing “hit” me, whether is was romantically or energetically. So here are my thoughts and I hope I have made clear that it is nothing to do with the weather:


Really catchy, funky and different. I love the mix of Franz Ferdinand-esque guitar riff, swing-style drums at times and a delicious pop chorus. More at his homepage:


I enjoyed their strong sound. A nice mix of ethereal reverb, distorted guitars and a catchy chorus make this free download from the Manchester-based quintet a credible click. If you like Zulu WInter, you’ll equally like these guys. “Feel It Up” is the first single from Clockwork Radio off the upcoming UBUNTU EP. For more information & tour dates check out

DRUNK MULE – I Built A Death Ray

For fans of Gomez but like it even more analogue and roughed up, here are Glenrothes’… finest? Tom is already a fan & clearly so are a good many of our readers. More of their sounds here:

FICTION – Careful

Weird introduction and Bowie vocals begins a song which doesn’t stay like that. Suddenly, really haunting vocals and bizarre chord progressions create the ‘chorus’ and just help to make the unique sound that Moshi Moshi’s Fiction are known for. I remember seeing them live on Tom Robinson’s ‘Now Playing’ and them nearly blowing my head off (and everyone else’s as the news reporters kept coming out and telling them to turn it down). I don’t think this is their best, so keep in touch with the band on their Facebook page to wait for more recordings to be released:

FICTION FACTION – Harmonising the Grateful

Personally I’m not such a fan of the 80’s style vocals over an electric guitar which has been recorded in a way (plugged straight into a sound card) that all life and biting sounds is lost. It all sounds a bit lofi, which can be fine, but not when the recording is of pretty standard music. I’m guessing the appeal of this song is all about the vocals, though personally I love music rather than poetry so perhaps i’m not the best person to judge. More here:

HOSHAL PATRICK – My Lady At Low Tide

A couple of nice chord progressions, but another 80’s sound with flat snare drums, and heavily uncompressed vocals. It’s just not my thing! But going by the huge response here last week, it clearly is for others. Listen to more from this London-based duo here:


Strong, soulful voice from this Manchester-based songwriter. But that’s it from what I like about him or think what is offered in terms of anything different. I’m sure the lyrics are poignant, but as you can probably guess by now, I can’t tell when this is the dominating factor of a piece of music. More songs here and a link to his Facebook page here (don’t forget to add links to all of your other social networks and websites on each others’ websites!):

LYNA GALLIARA – Half-Baked Cherry-Picked Hypocrite

The first time I heard this, I didn’t get it, but then it took one more listen and then I heard its appeal. I enjoyed how low the vocals are over a haunting beat. It’s like Crystal Castles mixed in with some M.I.A. A really raw but substantially encapsulating recording and song. More here:

NUDYBRONQUE – Bottled Blonde

Lovely, strong production with Futureheads-esque vocals. Bit of Franz Ferdinand, a ditty chorus. It does all of that well, but not much more. But this Swindon group have made more:

THE 53s – Old Cassette

Catchy chorus, distorted guitar, Liverpool-accent vocals high in the mix. Coolest bit are the ‘wooo’ backing vocals and the guitar-riff solo during the break. More of their sounds here: They are supporting the beefy Futures band at the O2 Academy in Liverpool tomorrow (Tuesday).


Really nice sound and atmosphere. This made me tingle. I love the triplet-bassoon which comes in halfway! If it’s going to be a singer with an acoustic guitar, to catch my attention, it needs to have a more unique sound, just like The Old Grinding Young has done. Fab! More here:


Massimo is a musician, producer, photographer, writer, footballer, cyclist and someone who loves computers and all things technological ever since he owned an Amiga. So basically a geek. He works at the quirky Bally Rehearsal Studios in Tottenham, North London where many of the bands mentioned on Fresh on the Net come to rehearse. Massimo lives in a hospital. You can find him on Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, and at


  1. Thanks for having us, Fresh On The Net – and many thanks to everyone who listened to our track and voted for us or commented.

    As many people mentioned on the Listening Post, it was a strong selection of tunes and we’re very happy to be featured amongst them.

    Massimo, sorry to hear we weren’t quite to your tastes, we will have to work on you, slowly but surely. Thanks for the write-up!

    Anyone interested in keeping an eye on our progress is invited to where we will surely be posting news about releases & gigs in the near future.

  2. Massimo Zeppetelli

    Hey Hoshal/Patrick,

    I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to your track and please do work on me! Let me know of new tracks when they come. I’m easily swayed and pleased and don’t judge on one song in particular!

    Keep going and speak soon


  3. Thanks so much to all at Fresh On The Net for featuring my track and to all those who listened to and voted for it!

    It means an incredible amount to us independant artists to have top Radio DJs, critics and music industry professionals make time in their already jam-packed schedules to listen to and share new and independant music, so thank you to everyone behind this blog for making this happen!

    I hadn’t even realised I was in the running for this week’s Fresh Favs due to submitting my track at the very last minute last week, and also because it was the first time I’ve ever submitted a track to ‘Fresh On The Net’ so I wasn’t clear how it all worked(!), so all that somehow made it even more amazing to see Tom Robinson’s mention of it on Twitter just now! Listening to the other Fresh Favs, I feel very flattered to be amongst them!

    Thank you to Massimo for the lovely review and for taking the time to give the track a second listen! It’s one of my weirder tracks to date so I’m really glad you were able to get into my weird little audio world the second time you gave the track a listen! 🙂

    I’ll be releasing a couple of more free downloads in the run up to my debut EP release later this year, all of which will be available from here:

    Thanks again,

  4. Massimo Zeppetelli

    I actually listened to it much more than twice because I really liked it! Keep it up and let me know of new songs when they happen.

    Thank you for your really kind words and gratitude. And for submitting to Fresh On The Net! And of course, thank you to all of the other artists as well.

  5. the 53s

    Thanks Massimo.

    Thanks to all that voted.

    Thanks to whoever approved our track into the voting stage.

    Thanks to Tom.


    The 53s

  6. Thanks a lot for havin’ us on Fresh On The Net. We’re well chuffed tae be involved. Some crackin’ tunes goin’ on. Cheers to everyone who gave us a wee listen and to everyone who voted fir us. Big thanks again tae Tom, magic gettin’ in yer top 5. Cheers again big man. A’ the best everyone, Steve an Rich.

  7. Liz

    The old grinding young ‘lately I’ve been stars’ is wonderful, could be a classic, fantastic production, thank you

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