Six Degrees – (#6)

There are times that you feel so sad that only music can bring healing. You imagine yourself looking through a little window in a forest hut, icicles are melting outside and you can hear the tapping of the little silver droplets that glow in the morning sunlight as they fall. Suddenly in the midst of bleak autumn there is spring in your heart.

– Dark Patrick


Dark Patrick – Glyn-yr-Aur

Eva and Paul (Dark Patrick) introduced us their music last week with “Leaving The Ice Kingdom” (watch it live here) a magic melody that made us to dream with other worlds and other times. Traditional roots and modern sounds are combined to perfection on every piece of music that this Ukrainian-English duo creates. Thank you Dark Patrick for your music. This is the only thing that I want to listen at this moment.

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Joyce the Librarian – Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You

They May Put Land Between Us, the studio album by Joyce The Librarian was released yesterday, November 5th, 2012. You can stream it full here and enjoy 10 lovely songs like “Land”, “Turn yourself In”, “Still Sleeping” and the sweet and supportive “Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You”.

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Theatre Royal – Powder Blue (Download)

Theatre Royal are releasing their second studio album “At the end of a river, the sea…” (The Preservation Society Presents, 5 November 2012) and to celebrate it they have the first cut from their album available for free download. The album opens with this song but it is full of excellent ones like “A Hundred Thousand Tears“, The Story Of My Life” or “Will England Rain Itself Dry?. I hope you enjoy the music from this terrific band from Rochester. Me, I love it.

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Lonesound – Don’t Hold Me Back

If Lonesound surprised us last week with a wonderful song called The Great Outdoors, this week is back for all of us with an amazing track. Comprised on “The Great Outdoors (Pt 2)” (his album is divided in two parts) this singer-songwriter is releasing it on December 9th, 2012.

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De’Borah – A Thousand Tongues (Reservoir Rhythms by Solaris2)

The first impact that the listener could have with the music of De’Borah is like a shot of love that is going directly to your heart. I have no words to express it in a different way because this is how her voice and her music got into me the first time I listened to her. This is how she made me to feel about her work, absolutely in love with her music. The video was published on November 3rd and it is the the title track from her EP A Thousand Tongues‘. This EP was produced by Patrick Wood (Emily and The Woods, Ryan Keen). De’Borah is a singer from South London and was awarded with the Croydon’s Best Unsigned Music Act in 2009. 

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La Shark – Magazine Cover (Live At The Albany)

La Shark music is surrealistic, psychedelic and grotesque. It is music and it is performance, like a big play of pop drama that you don’t know how it is going to finish. You hate it or you love it. I like it. Sometimes I love it and some times I hate it. So I guess that I am a perfect fan because I have all the feelings about them. This is the opening song from La Shark concert at The Albay on 14th April 2012 and published two days ago. Enjoy the band….or hate it 😉

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  1. Dark Patrick: Batch 37 (My 5; Different track). Folk/New Age
  2. Joyce The Librarian: Batch 28 (Fresh Faves, My 5). Singer-songwriter
  3. Theatre Royal: Batch 27 (Fresh Faves; Different track) Indie Rock
  4. Lonesound: Batch 36  (Fresh Faves, My 5; Different track) Indie Pop/Rock
  5. De’Borah: Batch 28 (Fresh Faves, My 5). Singer-songwriter
  6. La Shark: Batch 20 (Fresh Faves, My 5; Different track). Indie Pop

About: Every week I will feature 6 bands that have already featured in some way on Fresh On The Net – two videos, two songs and two live performances. Fresh Faves: Band on “Fresh Faves”; My 5: My own selection;

NOTE FOR BANDS: Six degrees is taking a rest to keep organizing band subscriptions. I will be back for Christmas. On December 25th, Six Degrees will be featuring Christmas videos, songs or special Christmas messages from the bands that participate on Fresh On the Net. If you are planning a Christmas song, video, cover, picture, message, etc and you want me to include it here on that day, just post it at 6 degrees on Facebook before December 23. But please follow the official Facebook of Fresh On the Net, my account it is just made to organize my subscriptions to the bands. Thank you!



Hi, I'm Mar, a member of the Fresh On The Net team. I am a biologist, and I work at a research laboratory. I became interested in music as a child and studied Music Theory, Piano and Choral Singing for more than one decade. Although the circumstances steered me into Biology, I have never been cut off from the music. Since always I've had a predilection for Scottish, Irish folk, Breton and Galician music, but I have a large collection of world music. With my trips to Brazil I added from Bossa to Samba, Samba Reggae, Pagode, Sertanejo..., but above all, a wide range of current Brazilian rock musicians, entirely unknown in the international market. Hence, when I returned to Spain, and later moved to Los Angeles (California), I was bored by the monopolized commercial music that was on the radio. This, the gradual disappearance of good record stores and the possibilities offered by the Internet, sparked my curiosity for other forms of music and the independent music media. Following that path I founded “Jungle Indie Rock” with my best friend, a music blog where we have fun and we feature independent bands and artists. I still travel a lot, looking for new sites, sounds and rhythms. I currently live in Madrid and landed here in 2012 at Fresh On The Net :)


  1. Great selection Mar.

    I especially like the Theatre Royal track, however I should declare an interest as I saw them live about a month ago, and excellent they were too.

    Enjoy your break, and I look forward to the Xmas selection… I just hope I don’t burn the xmas dinner whem I’m distracted by the 6 degrees music [edit: you won’t, because I’ll be cooking it as always! Mrs C]

  2. Mar

    hahaha, you are funny. In Spain we celebrate Chistmas eve, not Christmas dinner so I will be already back at home…probably a little bit fat 😉

    I have never seen Theatre Royal live, and this is something peding for me. I like all their songs. I am sure that they have great gigs, I have seen some videos, look at this one (26′ long):
    and this one acoustic, I like it very much (the voice):

  3. Mar

    We have already one band for the Christmas special. Rodeo Terrorist just shared one track with us. Thank you Rodeo Terrorist.

  4. Mar

    Thank you! It is so easy with such good artists

  5. love the Joyce The Librarian track.
    I’m an Aussie and I’ll be a long way from home at Xmas. This song,Radiate, while not particularly Christmassy, is about that .

  6. Mar

    Thank you! It is very beautiful. I save it for December 25. It is perfect for it. Being far from home at Christmas is a hard feeling. I understand you. Big hug for you Béla.

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