Welcome to Six Degrees #15 . This week we are featuring the videos by Jake Downs and White Arrows, the songs by Words & Noises and Tmika, and the live performances of Miri and The Honey Ants. Enjoy!

(Photo: Jake Downs)


JAKE DOWNS – The Prince

Jake Downs has not just a wonderful voice but a special talent for the music. He is that kind of singer that you expect to see singing and performing at a big musical show in a theatre. With influences by popular female artists like Kate Bush, Björk, Nina Simone or PJ Harvey, this 18 years old singer-songwriter from Torquay and based in Oxford, has been sharing his music online since he was 14 years old. “The Prince” is the B-side of his debut single ‘Seize the Water‘. Later this August, Jake Downs is releasing a new single “Crave” whose video is getting filmed next week.

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WHITE ARROWS – Fireworks of the Sea 

White Arrows are an electropop band from the North area of Los Angeles. Consisting of Mickey Church, Juice, Henry Church, Steven Vernet and Andrew Naeve, this band has taken that fresh air from the bands of the West Coast of the States. Barbies and Kens, fishes and a surf sound, I’m just missing an In n Out burger to feel right there in Southern California while playing the video.

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Words and Noises are a new DIY band from Manchester. They write, perform, record, produce and release their music. With influences by Vampire Weekend,  Everything Everything or Bastille, Words and Noises singer has a cute nasal sound that could be compared as the British version of Swedish singer Salem Al Fakir. Words and Noises’ debut single ‘Forget Me Not’ will be released on August 25th.

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TOMIKA – Fall in Springtime (Download)

Tom Streller, aka Tomika, is a graphic artist, videographer, producer, and musician from Leipzig, Germany. Mixing samples and playing real instruments Tomika swims between electronic, experimental and indie pop music. “Fall In Springtime” has a little bit of all these ingredients combined with natural sounds, which give to the song a charming atmosphere.

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MIRI – This World

Miri… not a beautiful voice. But do this matters? Do it matters when the music is flowing from the very inside of this musician reaching every centimetre of her skin? It would be nice if every singer use the half of passion that Miri invest in just a minute of her performance. Miri… not a beautiful voice but a wonderful singer.

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THE HONEY ANTS – Give Me Arms (Acoustic)

The Honey Ants is a music project which involves a long list of musicians based in London. With John Grimsey and Scott Mathieson as basic members of this band, they debuted in 2011 with a first EP and a live performance putting together a 7-pieces band. Having influences by the 60s Pop and folk music, “Give Me Arms” is inspired by The Mamas & The Papas and Simon & Garfunkel, and it certainly has that taste on every note. The video was filmed at Sphere Studios in London, featuring John Grimsey and Rebecca Hamer.

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Bands and artists featured on this article. Participation at Fresh On the Net listening posts and Fresh Faves.

  1. JAKE DOWNS – The Prince. Fresh Faves 41
  2. WHITE ARROWS – Fireworks of the Sea. Fresh Faves 13
  3. WORDS AND NOISES – Forget Me Not. Listening Post 68
  4. TOMIKA – Fall In Springtime. Listening Post 69
  5. MIRI – This World. Listening Post 65
  6. THE HONEY ANTS – Give Me Arms. Fresh Faves 69





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