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This week’s Fresh Faves were chosen by readers on our Listening Post over the weekend and are reviewed here by Team Freshnet member Simon Poole from Silent Radio:


There’s no easing you into this week’s Fresh Faves, but that aint no bad thing when it’s Boss Cloth‘s track Dancer clearing the wax from your lugholes. This duo from Wiltshire have only been in existence for less than a year, which makes Dancer all the more a belter. I’m a big fan of a track that does away with the intro and just cracks on from the off, and this is one of those. At just under three minutes long it doesn’t out stay it’s welcome and leaves you wanting more. Boss Cloth should be able to wipe away many other duos in 2014 should they carry on writing songs like this one.

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Centrefolds are fast becoming quite a staple on the Fresh Faves, with us moderators and the Listening Post voters alike picking them out on quite a regular basis. Fashion is the title track from their soon-to-be-released EP (Feb 9th on Circus City Records). If you go back and listen first track to make the Fresh Faves back in June of 2012 (here) you can hear their sound is unwavering but at the same time has been finely honed by the time we get to the present day.

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DOLITTLE – Guitar Is God

When I first heard this track my first impression was that it could do itself a favour by being just a tad shorter, then I saw that our FOTN leader had left a comment on Dolittle‘s Soundcloud page saying pretty much the same thing. Guitar Is God is a simple but very effective song and although I can’t comment on any of their other tracks, this one certainly has all the hallmarks of the lyrical adeptness that is deserving of any REM song. So Dolittle, maybe do little less on this and it could do a little more, especially when it comes to airplay.

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HOLY ESQUE – Silences

Holy Esque are a four piece from Glasgow and have been garnering quite a reputation. Last year saw them play the Introducing stage at Glastonbury from where one of their tracks was also picked up on and played out on Huw Stephens’s show on Radio 1. Frontman Pat Hynes’s vocals are strong and delicate in equal measures and fit perfectly with their divine guitar lead sound. Silences is as good, if not better, than their other tracks, so if you dig a little deeper you’re not gonna be disappointed in the slightest.

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LISTS – Autumn

If you’re one of the regular FOTN visitors that likes new music, then you’re not going to get much newer than Lists. Lists is Edinburgh based singer songwriter Ali Milesi who only popped up on Facebook on the January 1st. This song Autumn is his first track to be uploaded to Soundcloud just a week later, and it’s beauty. Maybe many other musicians out there should take a leaf out of his book and limit their online presence with a more complete and finished article.

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MIASMA – Goldberg

Once again we find ourselves staying up in Scotland, which I suppose seems quite fitting with it being Burns Night this week. Edinburgh’s Miasma formed back in 2009 and may have just created something unique with this track. Dare I say, Electronic Celtic Blues? From the opening tubed beats the almost war-cry-esque vocals roll in as if from the misty distance. It’s clever and sparse and not one of those tracks that you can have as just background music. Stop, sit and listen!

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NINETAILS – Radiant Hex

There’s no doubting that Ninetails are anything but perfectionists when it comes to creating something special. I personally picked up on them back in 2011 (here) and even then their  sound was never rough and shoddy. When listening to any of their tracks you can hear the intricacies are never left to chance and this is even more obvious with Radiant Hex. Although the track is a step away from some of their older songs the reversed sounds and dub-stepish feel still keep it Ninetails and i’m sure this would go down a treat on Giles Peterson’s radio show.  I chanced upon seeing them live a while back and although there’s no doubting they’re a great band, although their perfectionism got in the way of whipping the crowd up into a frenzy.

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The band’s biog starts off with “Sarah and Richard of Paper Aeroplanes grew up 30 miles from each other along the coast of West Wales, in houses you could see the sea from. They spent their formative years walking on cold beaches, messing in rock pools and finding records in charity shops.” Well if ever a sound was to be conjured up from a band’s biog, then this is it. Ribbons takes me right there with them and I can picture myself in my nana knitted woolly bobble hat and scarf. So far they’ve been on the radar of BBC 3, 6 Music, Radio 1 and Radio 2 and it’s clear to hear why.

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Pitch Feather are a husband and wife from Singapore with a truly independent DIY ethos. Although you wouldn’t guess it, they write, record and produce all their own music from their small home studio. Goodbye has a strong Americana feel and as with the previous Fresh Fave track, helps you fly off to a better, more serene place.

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The Isle Of White’s Plastic Mermaids only have this one track up on Soundcloud, but what a track to put out there. It might be pushing the five minute mark, but because of its clearly defined beginning and then its break and restart on the middle it swims along perfectly. For a debut single it really is a stunner and I wouldn’t be surprised if another couple of songs like this will get them netted by some lucky label.

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RAVENS – Brothers

The best harmonies of this week just has to go to Yorkshire’s Ravens. The track Brothers has a classic English feel to not just the sound, but also the songwriting and lyrics. There’s a cleverness to the story being told and although their influences are worn on their sleeves (The Beatles, Syd Barret) there’s a flight of fancy that could take you as far as ELO. The song  is the lead track from their recently released debut EP Sound Of Ravens.

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THE HOUSE OF JED – Everybody Lies

The House of Jed is the solo project of Jarrod Gollihare from the USA.  And not only does he have his solo project, he also records with Admiral Twin and Bellwether Squares, so the truth of the matter is he’s rather prolific. Just by checking out his Soundcloud page you’ll find a whole array of recordings. According to his online info he’s a painter, bear wrestler and pudding specialist who has to regularly deal with Viking incursions, so a man of many talents if we’re to believe these wonderfully concocted tales.

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Jarrod Gollihare aka House Of Jed

PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…

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  1. Ah man I am glad to see you share my love of Boss Cloth! Been banging the drum for them since last summer. Amazing live band as well.

    Great selection of other tracks too. It is looking like a vintage year is ahead of us. Looking forward to more amazing tunes.


  2. Wow…I feel honored my music was included on such a great list. Discovered a bunch of fab new songs from some world class bands this week. Really enjoyed your writing, too, Simon.

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