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BAXTER DUNLOP – Connecting Dots

Connecting Dots is a song that opens with a powerful bass, a tasty voice and a catchy funky psychedelic melody. A song that could perfectly fit on the repertoire of great bands as Reverend and The Makers or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Nevertheless, the song is composed and performed by a one man band (I guess) from Newcastle and named Baxter Dunlop. An eclectic artist, with three songs online and a lot to tell us about the purpose of his music, as you can read at his Soundcloud profile.


DECENT LOVERS – Keep It Together

Elijah Ebenezer Wyman, Jason Rozen and friends are the artists behind Decent Lovers, an experimental electro pop music project from Asheville, North Carolina, in the East Coast of the United States. The band was founded by Wyman in 2012 and they have opened for other bands as Foster the People, Darwin Deez and one of my favorite Canadian bands, Hollerado.

Keep It Together sounds more like a party live performance than a formal song and this is probably what makes it so different and unique. Decent Lovers, have decent ideas converting a some times devaluated genre as pop into a successful experiment.

Official | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


Harlequin Dynamite. This is not a band. This is THE BAND. And let’s call them by their proper name: Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band, a super humongous music project formed by members of Stealing Sheep, Barberos, a.P.A.t.T., King Twit, The Wizards of Twiddly, The Weave, Dead Hedge Trio, The Long Finger Bandits, Sing For Your Supper, White Blacula and other side projects.

Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band turn the words “having fun with music” into capitals and they demonstrate that a supergroup is something more than just some bands adding their skills and playing together. You need a lot of effort and talent to coordinate each team and built a solid project like this one.

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Lacuna is not a Romantic piano opus but a modern piece embellished by Bartók-like dissonances in which the uses of growing scales evolve into a deep and dark atmosphere. An absolutely brilliant work, totally out of the context of what we are used to seeing at Fresh On The Net, but loved by all of our readers almost without exception.

Rael Jones, better known for his work as guitarist and keyboardist of the band Thumpermonkey, is a London based multi-instrumentalist (and I would say multi-genius) who acquits himself very well in other styles too, as in the song Silflay, a New-age ballad in which violins and guitars are dominant and bring back the great years of the genre.

Official | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

REMI MILES – Something

Something, by Remi Miles. What a elegant romantic song. It is simple but with a well arranged production especially on vocals. Some times Love is expressed with a simple concept and I think that’s the way Brighton singer songwriter Remi Miles wants to express it.

……And I’m falling, falling for her

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SCORPIO LOON – Things I Like To Do

We never know how music get to us in our Soundcloud dropbox. We guess that bands (and sometimes their labels or managers) join our group and share their work with us. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Scorpio Loon, the music project of the Argentinian-born and London-based musician Larry Alvarez. Larry died in 2011 and it is only now that we can listen to his music.

It’s probably Alvarez’s family who shared Scorpio Loon music with us – and it’s thanks to them that this man’s work is now being heard.

Larry Alvarez never shared his music with anybody when he was alive – not a single person. This also means he didn’t get any feedback from anybody during all that time – 30 years. Today, Larry finally got feedback from all of us – with Things I Like To Do being the most voted-for song over the weekend. In fact I would say that the most voted-for song during the whole history of Fresh On The Net.

Congratulations Larry/Scorpio Loon, wherever you are.

Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube

SEVEN TORS – Dancing Feet

One of my favorite bands this week, due to their dynamic and epic sound, Seven Tors are a 5-pieces band from Sheffield. Led by a female vocalist – alongside another three female members – Seven Tors are almost, (but not quite) a Girl Band. The group  consists of Nicola Worthington (vocals and guitar), Tracy Hendry (guitar), Emily Agius (Keyboard and vocals), Dave Cuthbertson (bass) and Jen Tomkinson (drums). Seven Tors are currently playing a mix of own songs and covers all over the Sheffield area.

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I have to admit that I am not the best person to write about this song, as I have some difficulty understanding the lyrics – which makes it hard to give this work a fair review. Nevertheless, I don’t need to understand too much to see that The Baton by The Sturmey Archers is just a small drop in the ocean of Paddy Conner’s work – a singer-songwriter who’s been making music since 2008.

Conner’s music is folk, is rock, is poetry, is pop – is anything he feels like playing and recording – and everything sounds good. You can stream his long, long repertoire here.

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


The Wicked Tongue are a metal rock band from Worcester. With influences by Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, or Soundgarden, the band has a female vocalist, Tina, and a strong line up on guitars, bass and drums with Haydn, Rob and Ryan respectively. House (watch the video) is the opening song from Provinces, an EP released in 2012.

Official | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

TIGER MENDOZA – Dawn That Never Comes

Electronic band Tiger Mendoza are a trio from Oxford founded in 2009 by Ian De Quadros, Helena Markou and Dan O’Driscoll. The three have an extended discography that you can stream online at their Bandcamp page or the band’s sites. It’s a pleasure to browse their work by the way – as Tiger Mendoza invest their time not only in making extraordinary and rich electronic music – but also in devoting special attention to arranging all their sites and social media .

Official | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp

WEATHERBIRD – Where Eye Wanna Be

Weatherbird are an alternative rock band from Telford, signed to End Of The Trail Records. Considered an Under The Radar band by The Guardian, (Weatherbird won The Guardian‘s first Breaking Band), this 4-piece group consist of Jacob Ball (guitar and vocals), Joshua Taylor (bass and vocals), Dom Farley (guitar) and Reuben Gwilliam (drums).

The band recently released a video for “Where Eye Wanna Be” that you can watch here. The strong riffs, the semi-broken voice of the singer and the hard vocals arrangements are the three distinctive aspects to a band that is supporting a rebirth of Grunge and Alternative Rock.

Official | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Weatherbird - click to zoom image in new window

PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


Hi, I'm Mar, a member of the Fresh On The Net team. I am a biologist, and I work at a research laboratory. I became interested in music as a child and studied Music Theory, Piano and Choral Singing for more than one decade. Although the circumstances steered me into Biology, I have never been cut off from the music. Since always I've had a predilection for Scottish, Irish folk, Breton and Galician music, but I have a large collection of world music. With my trips to Brazil I added from Bossa to Samba, Samba Reggae, Pagode, Sertanejo..., but above all, a wide range of current Brazilian rock musicians, entirely unknown in the international market. Hence, when I returned to Spain, and later moved to Los Angeles (California), I was bored by the monopolized commercial music that was on the radio. This, the gradual disappearance of good record stores and the possibilities offered by the Internet, sparked my curiosity for other forms of music and the independent music media. Following that path I founded “Jungle Indie Rock” with my best friend, a music blog where we have fun and we feature independent bands and artists. I still travel a lot, looking for new sites, sounds and rhythms. I currently live in Madrid and landed here in 2012 at Fresh On The Net :)


  1. Beautifully written Mar. Well done to all the bands
    Debs x

  2. Congrats to all the bands above. Some great music there. Elsie xxx

  3. So sad to read about Scorpio Loon/Larry Alvarez never knowing how much people would like his music…. 🙁

    Lovely job on the writeups Mar – thanks so much!

  4. Mar

    Thank you. I tried my best 🙂 I have chosen Scorpio Moon picture to open this last Fresh Faves edition because it is a toast for everybody in here. A special toast for him, and his work, a toast for all the participating bands and artists, but also a toast for Fresh On The Net, and the opportunity that we have listening to them.

  5. Beautiful words guys, and I echo your sentiments re: Scorpio Loon! I raise my glass to him and his family for sharing his music with us.

    DD x

  6. Andy Maynard

    Only just discovered this fabulous gem and am wondering how much relationship there is with mixtape, if any – are we likely to hear these great tracks on the radio soon?

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