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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and reviewed by Halina Rifai from Podcart this week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

ALX GREEN – Morning

Modern folk singer-songwriter and Chester native, Alx Green has already released several demo EPs, his first studio EP, My Way Home, came in 2016, and then follow-up EP For Today in March 2018.

He now reveals his latest single, Morning, and it’s clear one of his many talents lies in crafting hooks. Green confessed penning the song at 4am and like the sunrise, it builds into something wonderfully euphoric. His vocal carries this song somewhere anthemic and with a modest instrumental backing, this leaves the flood gates open for Green to soar in the top line. The crescendo brings his falsetto and that alone leaves this feeling poetic and profound.

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ANNA WOLF – Believer

Previously under the guise of Tailor, now Anna Wolf, the South African artist has now landed in London and has collaborated with a production & writing dream team. Pete Boxta Martin (James Arthur, Jesse J, Missy Elliot) and songwriter Dantae Johnson have collaborated with the singer and subsequently offered Wolf an artist development deal under their company The Three Bears Entertainment.

Her debut single, Believer, delves into her turbulent early life and also addresses the subject of domestic abuse. Rhythmic pulses provide a solid train track for Wolf’s incredible vocal to travel on. The fascinating electronic elements to the song move it away from the hints of Americana in its belly and thrust it into the commercial spotlight. Her performance alone is sublime.

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FREYA WARD – I Followed A Bird

Originally from Devon and now residing in London, the folk singer found herself at one time in Dublin for a 6-month sabbatical. She used the blessing of anonymity to immerse herself in the open mic scene and help overcome the debilitating anxiety she had from performing in front of people.

I Followed A Bird is a taster from Freya Ward’s debut EP, By The Sea, and in all its understated glory, it shines brightly with naivety and poignancy. Coaxing subtle melodic flutters, the sum of its woven parts let you sink further in with every listen. This is utterly charming.

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The pseudonym of Kent-based multi-instrumentalist Dan Turnbull, Funke and the Two Tone Baby has supported Skinny Lister, Beans on Toast and Hayseed Dixie to name a few.

His gift of meeting the sweet spot between alt-blues, dance and rock is something fascinating. The one man tour de force combines guitar, percussive affects (he is also known to beatbox) and filthy bass tones on this addictive number. Merge his quixotic lyrics and this is a winner.

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INBAL – Right Mistakes

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Multilinguist Inbal Croitoro’s latest single, Right Mistakes, is taken from her latest EP, Inbal I. The record was composed, produced and mixed over various locations including Brazil and London and boasts a diverse genre base.

Tinged with a quirkiness, it has a shadowy mystique and almost an unpredictability in its sonic movements as it progresses. Full of contrasts, this is a scintillating listen and one that lingers in your thoughts.

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With indie rock seeping from Jack Perrett’s pores, the Newport artist gained critical praise across the UK with his debut EP, What You Saying? He also has enjoyed various audiences of notable music tastemakers on his musical journey including Huw Stephens, Janice Long and Charlie Ashcroft.

For all its influences, his latest release lives and breathes bombastic rock. Relentless in its delivery, this fast-paced guitar demon is a frenzied, addictive assault on the senses and one you that will leave you gasping for air.

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MUNRO MELANO – Semi Spinning

Melbourne songwriter and producer Munro Melano reveals his debut single from his forthcoming debut album. His past CV includes session and a film composer which soon makes sense when Semi Spinning unravels.

You would be hard-pushed not to be reminded of the likes of Radiohead, but there is almost an injection of R&B in his verses which sets this apart. Its opulent string backing is complimented by Melano’s multifarious vocal and as a song, it may hint at feelings of fragility, but this has glowing human strength.

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Having recently released her EP A Love Unseen recently, this is the first new music from the South London R&B songwriter since 2014. The British-Malaysian-Nigerian artist has confessed influence from the likes of Lauryn Hill and Corrine Bailey Rae.

As a singer, Salliefoyeh commands immediate attention with her serene vocal stylings. Latest release, Thick Of It, steps off the backfoot from magical, sultry soul to a groove-infused sumptuous aesthetic on its chorus. It will be fascinating to see where she goes next.

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TELEMONSTER – Birmingham

Formed in 2010 by cousins Ben VanderHart (guitar/vocals) and Josh Barrett (drums) after moving from their respective hometowns in Iowa and New Mexico, Telemonster are now based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. With a broad and eclectic taste in music ranging from rock to classical to jazz and more, the duo attracted bassist John-Michael Forman and pianist Dave Hess.

Latest release Birmingham, assembles stunning melodies and delivery from all members of the band. It’s an elusive listen and one that really embodies a unique level of emotion. Whilst this may not fledge fully into something grand in sound socially, it manages to still build to a point of extraordinary power.

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THE SHUKS – Running

The Bath-based rock quartet have gained notable praise from the likes of BBC Introducing and also the live touring circuit. With this being only The Shuks’ second release, it’s clear they have a promising path ahead.

Running melds a holy union grunge and indie creating a rapturous soundtrack for those feeling in need of an anthemic friend. An infectious and astonishing follow-up from the 4-piece makes this one of the finest alternative songs to be released this year.

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The Shuks

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Halina Rifai

Halina Rafia is a blogger and podcaster from Podcart, based in Glasgow.


  1. Great reviews Halina. You have a great turn of phrase and capture the essence of each track so well. Lovely to read.

  2. Welcome to team Freshnet and thank you for a lovely read. Great to re-listen and run through it all. Yummy.

  3. Gersprungled

    Super reviews Halina. Welcome to the gang.
    Filthy bass tones. I love that description.

  4. really enjoyed your reviews Halina 🙂

  5. Somehow I managed to missed listening and voting this week but I really like the shortlisted tracks. I’ve pulled out a few that I liked in particular.

    Freya Ward –
    A lovely track and one that promises some great music yet to come. It’s also great to read about someone working hard to overcome anxiety. Good luck!

    Funke & the Two Tone Baby – House
    Love the stop start nature of this track, the train beat and crisp acoustic guitar (I might need some recording tips)

    Munro Melano – Semi Spinning
    Not normally my cup of tea but I was really taken with the chord progression, laid back vocals and sub-bass. Very hypnotic

  6. Missed the vote again, but I was hooked by the relentless joyride of Jack Perrett’s ‘Like A Fever’, and I have to say that Alx Green’s ‘Morning’ is sublime … destined for great things.

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