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K Anderson

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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show and podcast broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each show is available as a podcast for 30 days at the BBC 6 Music downloads page. The full tracklists and start times are published here at Fresh On The Net. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks on the mixtape come from the BBC Introducing Uploader: some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues – the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here while listening to our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast at 2am on the night of Sunday 26th January (technically the morning of Monday, 27th January 2014… We’ll be adding biog information supplied by the artists here shortly.

K ANDERSON – 14 Year Old Me [Starts 0:17]
“K Anderson comes from the too-much-information school of songwriting. Frank and forthright, his songs are like conversations with an old friend. Born in Scotland, raised in Australia, and now based in London, K is an artist not afraid to be uncool. In fact, he seems to wear his quirks and social-awkwardness proudly on his sleeve. On the song ‘Everybody’s Moving to Berlin’, K proclaims ‘I’m risk averse and comfortable’. K Anderson is busy building a world of stories and visuals to accompany future singles. Each release will be partnered with a zine that explores the themes of the corresponding song. The first single to be released as part of the campaign is ’14 Year Old Me’, a theremin-assisted acoustic number that looks back on the promises he made, and didn’t quite manage to keep, to himself when he was younger.”

CENTREFOLDS – Fashion [Starts 03:50]
“Fashion is the title track from a forthcoming 7-track EP released on 9th February. The EP was inspired by elements they love from the guitar world and the electronic one in equal measures. Combining massive pop hooks, palpitating beats, raw and angular guitars with hypnotic synths and dreamy textures. The EP covers multiple genres but in one satisfying and cohesive set of tunes. If you had to pigeonhole the sound, it could be described as Anglo-Indie-dance-punk-euphoric-neon-pop-rock. The collaborative contributions of chief writers Tom Corneill and Phil Smith provide an eclectic blend of influences resulting in a fresh and distinctive sound. The EP also sees the pair alternating on lead vocals – their own distinctive styles sonically complimenting each other providing further depth and diversity to their sound.”
7th February – Canvas Club, Bristol [EP launch]
22nd February – Barfly, London
12th April – Underbelly, London

PAPER AEROPLANES – Ribbons [Starts 07:33]
“From the wild shores of West Wales, Sarah and Richard have been working together for 5 years, concocting intricate, heartfelt songs about the things that really matter in life. Names such as The Civil Wars, Laura Marling, Suzanne Vega and Fleetwood Mac are often mentioned when describing Paper Aeroplanes but most would agree that the band have a soundcompletely of their own. Folk infused alternative pop songs are topped off with Sarah’s truly beautiful, spine-tingling voice, which could break even the hardest of hearts. On February 10th Paper Aeroplanes release the Circus EP, a bundle of new tracks and remixes led by one of the most honest and powerfulsongs from their critically acclaimed 2013 album Letter Letters. The EP also features a brand new song, Ribbons. We recorded it simply, in one take, with producer Greg Freeman, wanting a raw, intimate feel in contrast to some of the more produced tracks of our album Little Letters.” Their upcoming tour kicks of Tues 18th Feb at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, and takes in Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow, Durham, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Norwich, Oxford, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, London (SOLD OUT) and finishes in Totnes on Friday 7th March

CLEFT – Hostage [Starts 11:10]
Cleft are two blokes who really should know better by now. Describing themselves as playing “turbo-prog” for a laugh when they first formed in late 2011, the odd genre title now seems to have stuck. After releasing two EPs called “Utter” and “Whale Bone” in 2012, John & Dan loaded their gear into the back of a petulant automobile and toured around the UK, surviving on service station coffee and houmous alone. When this ran out, they started working furiously on their debut full length release called “BOSH!”, which they describe as “slightly better than a kick in the face”. Keep your eyes peeled, they are coming! Cleft’s debut album “BOSH!” is due for release on the 10th February 2014, on 12″ orange vinyl, download and CD. The release was completely crowd-funded through Kickstarter, and around 200 people have already supported us with actual money, much to our surprise. We’re also doing an album tour around the UK starting on 3rd Feb at The Kazimier (Liverpool) followed by Manchester, Leeds, Portsmouth, Brighton, London, Huddersfield, Nottingham, Preston and Cardiff.

Battery Operated Orchestra, or BOO (which is less of a mouthful) are Brigitte Sutherland from Tasmania on vocals, synths, theremin and electric percussion, and Chris Blackburn from Scotland on synths And vocals. They met in 2009 as Chris’ former band Katsen released its album It Hertz!, supported by 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq, who asked when he last played it “what are you up to now?” Well: this is what they’ve been up to! Three EPs are available on bandcamp and they’re working on a Glow-In-The-Dark vinyl LP for release in the late summer. They’ve just finished making a video for the track “Clown” which you can see on YouTube here. Thanks very much and have a great day!

STEVE DAGLEISH – 45 Minutes [Starts 18:59]
Steve Dagleish wrote his first songs ten years ago, performing them between 2005-2008 solo or up to ‘full’ band in London’s acoustic venues until life got in the way. After a long break and aware of the passage of time without ‘definitive’ recordings, Steve is now laying down his tracks in a home-made sponge-lined ‘audio booth’. Steve is juggling these recordings with planning a seventy-day tour of South & Central Americas (with a Spanish guitar naturally). This collection of songs will be released in May (on his return to UK) under the umbrella title, ‘Only Losers Write on Bridges’. The song ’45 Minutes’ features Steve on vocals, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass. In the spirit of the modern age, Pete Mauder added the lovely rolling piano track in his own room, with producer Jem Moorshead pumping in the percussion and other instrumentation in his. Following his overseas tour, Steve will write and record a new album in the Summer and assemble a small band to tour ‘Bridges’ and the new works around the UK this Autumn. You can keep track of some or all of his work on Twitter via: @Dagelfish. ‘Dagelfish’ is one of the many distortions of his surname. Steve reveals the story behind it in his two-hour interview with Sarah Lowther at Radio Dacorum.

FISKY FT. CHRISTEN KWAME – No Time For Goodbyes [Starts 21:43]
Fisky, (Paul Fisk), is a South London based MC who takes inspiration from old school Hip-Hop with an amalgamation of his own life experiences and influences. His storytelling ability is engaging with a combination of lyrical incisiveness and raw emotion, his music can at times be disarming. Fisky’s debut album “Ten Years” (available here: is an honest and moving journey through the past Ten Years of his life. He really does have some stories to tell. 2014 looks to be a busy year for Fisky as he will put out two new videos in the Spring, begin work on his second album, a collaboration EP as well as upcoming shows in the pipeline. You can keep up to date with everything Fisky is doing by following him @fiskymusic

NINETAILS – Radiant Hex [Starts 25:30]
“Liverpool three-piece Ninetails are set to release the colourful and cathartic Quiet Confidence this March. A decisive shift from the sound of 2012’s critic-favourite Slept And Did Not Sleep, the EP is Ninetails’ first release since the outgoing of former singer and guitarist Ed Black, and marks the beginning of a new chapter after striking a management deal with legendary Talk Talk representative Keith Aspden. Ninetails came to prominence last year following plays on Radio 1, praise from online and national media, including The Quietus, Drowned In Sound and being championed in The Independent’s Sounds of 2013. With critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase now established, Quiet Confidence builds on this momentum, as the band experiments with a wealth of ideas and sounds to create something drenched in beauty and full of expansive, idiosyncratic depth. This tactile and brooding beauty was finalised through the Music Producers Guild’s Mastering Engineer of the Year Matt Colton (Raime, James Blake).”

CLOUD – Cherry Dip [Starts 29:23]
From the album Comfort Songs, released on Audio Antihero records last year. “After what felt like a really long time,” says Jamie from the label. “our first international signing was Cloud, a 21 year old songwriter/bandleader called Tyler Taormira from Los Angeles via Boston via New York. His/their debut LP was Comfort Songs. picked up an 8/10 review on Drowned In Sound and scored a slew of good reviews across the blogosphere, all of which pleased me. This was a very rewarding album for me…partly because it was so good to be back, partly because Tyler is such a lovely lovely person…and lastly because finding an LP that excels in both exquisite pop sounds and innovates in sonic experiments, well, I couldn’t believe my luck. This record means a lot to me and I believe it could mean a lot to you too.”

DOLITTLE – Guitar Is God [Starts 33:23]
DOLITTLE is made of ANGE DOLITTLE, plus Mr.G, and RICH. It is not made of drums. What does it do? Mainly songs by *EAT *WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE and *BIG YOGA MUFFIN. What is the little voice telling the Wiser (not to mention Older) among you? That’s right! ANGE DOLITTLE was in ALL OF THOSE BANDS. But no prior knowledge of the songs is needed. Brothers Mr G and Rich join him to re-tool songs from these past bands, and sometimes do something new too. There is an album, “The Irresistible Charm of Baby Owls’, available from the Dolittle website.

CAT BEAR TREE – Spaces In Between [Starts 36:55]
“Veering somewhere between DIY punk and indie-pop, Cat Bear Tree pull varied influence from the likes of Sleater-Kinney, Bloc Party, Bikini Kill and Electrelane. Writing and recording together since 2011, Zoe Konez (guitar and vocals), Claudia Mansaray (bass and vocals) and Sarah Smith (drums and vocals) have been busy building a dedicated following, whilst cementing their place in the list of new generation, all-female bands to look out for. Drawn together by their shared love and passion for music; this intriguing band has built up a reputation for being one of the most exciting live bands of the moment. Their no-nonsense raw live shows are bursting with energy, showcasing an intriguing layer cake of breathtaking three-part vocal harmonies, post punk flavoured musicianship and evident chemistry between band members. Cat Bear Tree will be independently releasing their first single, ‘Spaces In Between’ on iTunes on Monday 3 February 2014. To celebrate the release the band will be hosting a launch party on Saturday 1 February at The Finsbury Pub in North London. The night will feature performances from some of the bands favourite grrrl-filled acts including Skinny Girl Diet, SKIES and Esper Scout.”
1 February – Single Launch Party – The Finsbury Pub, North London
17 February – She Grrrowls, Bethnal Green (acoustic)
22 February – Girl Germs, Power Lunches
14 March – The Nest, Dalston
17 April – Garçonne, Peckham

SILVERCLUB – Gravity [Starts 41:13]
“Gravity will be released on 12” in March on Manchester based ‘Red Laser Records’. We are the first band to be released on the label, which has built a great reputation for synth heavy/disco/italo mutuations of tracks so far. Hopefuly we won’t ruin it for them. The EP will be both tracks with a remix of each from one of the labels stable of artists. The whole thing came about from a party we put on at the Deaf Institute in Manchester last October. As our sound had developed and we had gone more dancefloor, normal gigs were becoming increasingly dry affairs to us. We wanted to present our stuff in the same way we enjoyed our nights out, where the music was seamless and the focus was less on the stage/booth and more about people dancing and having a good time. No one was putting that party on that was willing to risk booking us, so I hooked up with Christian Wood (aka ‘Il Bosco’), the man behind red laser records, and asked if he was interested in putting on a party with us, something where the band wouldn’t hit the stage til around midnight with a 4am license or so. We set to work changing our set so instead of gaps we segued each track together with percussive breakdowns or synth shackouts. We were almost certain anything and everything would go wrong. Nothing did. It sold out. People were too busy dancing to take pictures or film the set on their phones. I call that a result. We play live in Manchester this Wednesday 29th…”

MYLYRICALMIND – Kings [Starts 46:31]
“Mylyricalmind is a ambient pop/folk act consisting of 23 year old Matthew wood. His music can be described as ambient haunting and beautiful. With a voice that will stop you dead in your tracks an send you into another world. Currently championed by BBC introducing and numerous blogs, mylyricalmind has just released his 4th single PROMISES which has gained widespread praise. MyLyricalMind has slowly built up a massive army of loyal fans through relentless touring and his constant engagement with fans. The phrase one to watch is used maybe to much these days, but Mylyricalmind is one to watch and one to immerse yourself with. I’m recording new tracks throughout February and March down in London. Also I will be providing vocals for upcoming electronic act FLAUNT.” You can catch Matt live on Friday (31st Jan) at Dry Bar in Manchester.

AUGUST AND AFTER – Waltz For Marie [Starts 50:34]
“August and After play a distinctive style of classically-inspired alt-folk, with a strong commitment to artistic collaboration and audience interaction. Their debut album, Embers, features ten guest musicians and a series of accompanying videos. This includes an upcoming release for ‘Waltz for Marie’ filmed with the London School of Puppetry. Current residents at Ronnie Scott’s, their Italian tour in late January will lead into a full European tour in April. The band are also curating their own secret shows around Cambridge, each one made special by the involvement of different artists in unusual venues.”

THE LAST PORT – We Were Above [Starts 55:48]
The Last Port appear(s) to be based in Paris but otherwise she/he/they supply no information about themselves whatsoever and didn’t reply when we emailed them to ask for some. Click on the link to their Facebook and see for yourselves.
Mother Tongue
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