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This week’s Fresh Faves were chosen by readers on our Listening Post over the weekend and are reviewed here by Amazing Radio DJ, blogger and Team Freshnet writer Shell Zenner.

BED – Bother

I’m pretty obsessed with Portlandia (the TV show) which I was drawn to for the increasing number of bands that I hear from Portland that I fall for. So it’s no surprise to me that Bed are from the creative hub . Their label Breakup Records describe them as slow gaze pop rock and they’ve yet to play their debut show. Maybe if I’m really lucky they’ll play a show in Portland while I’m visiting next month and I’ll get to hear this debut single Bother in the flesh. And that would really be something!

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Southeast songstress Chloe March has gone back to writing just piano and vocal songs a fair bit over the past few years – and has channelled this on her latest album Nights Bright Days, released in November. This album track Ember has a stunning raw and emotional minimalism to it, lovingly overlaid with Chloe’s velvet tones. It touches the heartstrings.

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GO SWIM – Call Sign

Belfast-based math pop five piece Go Swim describe themselves as 4 guys, 1 girl, sparkling guitar riffs, driven bass and drums. This new single Call Sign has a strong sound of Foals about it – and that’s no bad thing in my view. With their debut EP set for release sometime in spring and a heavy synth bias in the mix, it’s bound to be music to our ears.

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HAZARDS – Surf Song

The words “psychedelic”, “beach” and “garage” are enough to make my heart go pitter-patter – and believe me when I say that Falmouth band Hazards (or HZDZ) know how to work it. Formed in 2012 and taking influence from 13th Floor Elevators, this track Surf Song is a rollicking good ride – laced with tambourines, vintage guitar tones and rocking vocals. Digging the new Temples record? Turn it up a notch and check out HZDZ.

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LAURE MUSIC – In This Old Town I Spun Around

Laurence Morgan is a 19 year old singer, songwriter from York who goes by the project name of  Laure (L-ow-ray) and focuses on vocal music – building an intense array of sounds using a vocal loop pedal – resulting in an almost hypnotic vibe. He’s currently recording an EP and In This Old Town I Spun Around is one of the tracks that will feature on it. Lovely.

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“Simple songs about the magic in nature” is my first introduction to Russell Jeanes’ Soundcloud profile – swiftly followed by the morning blackbird song that accompanies Simple Jayne. Songwriter Russell states they are songs written by a Yorkshireman and sung by a French girl. There is a pure innocence to their sound – just don’t forget to tiptoe, right?



I challenge you to listen to Salvation Bill‘s song Dead Dog and not clap along. Go on, try it! you know you want to, and you know you’ll enjoy it too! The solo artist behind this project is Ollie Thomas who took the name from a poem by Robert William Service. The thing I like about Ollie is that his voice is instantly recognisable with its easy going lilt and his lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard for quite some time. Oxford does it again!

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SEA STACKS – Brutal Concrete / Scottish Wilderness

The marriage of the dark and sinister sounding song title and the almost spooky orchestral instrumentation are a perfect match in Brutal Concrete / Scottish Wilderness by Sea Stacks. Which blends to generate a powerful musical intensity with Davey Berryman’s emotive vocals, the cherry on top of the sumptuous cake.

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TALMUD BEACH – Hobo Don’t Mind A Little Rain

Described as “a trio of bearded men from Finland playing sparse, ultra relaxed hypnotic blues pieces, soft and to the bone”. To be fair that’s not too far wrong, it’s certainly light and airy and Talmud Beach don’t take themselves too seriously! But ultimately they come into their own when those bluesy guitar tones entrance your ears fully.

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I can tell you very little about The Pickled Onions apart from the fact that they are one of my favourite foodstuffs as well as an outfit from Dublin. (Tom tells me they were featured in Mar’s Fresh Faves 77 and Johnno’s Prick’n’Ding 64). Please, Please was certainly one of my picks from this weeks listening post. Described as “folk” but a hell of a lot more melodic indie in my view, easygoing on the ear, this washes over you in a Real Estate-type fashion. More please!

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UK alternative three piece Two Skies throw genres such as shoegaze, psychedelia and kraut rock into their musical blender and single Stars has a bassline that you’re just instantly drawn to. They have a new EP entitled RED due out on March 24th and a number of tour dates to entice you out to!

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Two Skies

PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit it another week. If your music has appeared on the Listening Post but not in our Fresh Faves, feel free to send us an even stronger track another week. However, if we’ve recently featured you in our Fresh Faves – or on my BBC Introducing Mixtape – please hold back 2-3 months before sending us another track, so we can give other new artists a chance… For more info see Robinson Has A Good Old Moan.

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