How To Send Me Music

Please Don't Send me CDs

Many BBC presenters and producers like listening to new music on CD and vinyl, and keep free slots where they can play it.  I’ve even written a guide on the best way of sending it to them. But in my own case all my listening to new music – for BBC Introducing, Fresh On the Net etc – is done online.

If you have a stunning new tune to promote, I’m keen hear it. Simply upload it to BBC Introducing – then send it to Fresh On The Net’s Soundcloud drobox any Mon-Thur afternoon, and all our moderators, including me, will listen to it. If any of the team love what they hear, we’ll put it on our Listening Post here at Fresh On The Net. And if I personally love what I hear, I’ll play it on the radio. It’s as simple as that.

Important note for record industry professionals servicing music to radio: nearly all of my free plays at 6 Music are now for artists who’ve submitted via BBC Introducing. If you’d like me to listen to your latest releases anyway, you’re welcome to email me – or my BBC producer Adam – a streaming link to them on Soundcloud / YouTube / Bandcamp etc. and we’ll do our best to check them out, even though we may not be able to play them. Sorry, but physical promos are very unlikely to get heard by me these days – see video:

Now that we listen to hundreds of tracks a week online there isn’t time to check out physical discs as well. More importantly, there are now very few airtime slots when we can even PLAY non-BBC Introducing releases. My three shows are:

Now Playing @6Music (Sundays 6pm) evening: NONE of the music is chosen by me: the playlist is built live on air from suggestions by listeners.
The BBC Introducing Mixtape (Monday mornings 2am) is my main showcase for new music. The Mixtape ONLY features music uploaded to BBC Introducing.
The Tom Robinson Show (Saturdays 9pm) Guests play sessions, give extended interviews, or curate music for the show. We feature up to a dozen tracks from the BBC Introducing Mixtape then sprinkle classic Big Tunes through the show. For the final 60 minutes each week producer Adam and I create the left-field After Hour from our record collections. Most weeks we can squeeze in about half a dozen new releases from pluggers. But on busy weeks with a major guest or festival coverage we can’t manage even that.

So if you have a brilliant new tune you need me to hear, please just share it via Fresh On The Net any Monday to Thursday afternoon and I guarantee to listen. If I like it (and it’s also been uploaded to BBC Introducing) then I’ll definitely play it on my BBC Introducing Mixtape. Simple as that.


Tom Robinson

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  1. Hilarious video! Bit of a crazy waste of resources too.
    I don’t think most of us had any idea that this is what you have to do! Ouch!
    Bring on the MP3s – bout time labels started adopting the same attitude I think!

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