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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with with information about the music that’s been provided by the artists themselves.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 17th August at 2am.

THE WOOD BURNING SAVAGES – Premier League [starts 00:17]
“Unbridled creation and a relentless yearning to sing about the things everyone else is too afraid sing about fuel Northern Irish quartet, The Wood Burning Savages. 2014 saw the band play a number festivals in the UK and Ireland, including a prestigious slot at Glastonbury’s BBC Introducing stage, and complete a UK wide tour promoting their Boom EP, released in autumn. The band are currently laying the foundations for their first album which is guaranteed to grab listeners by the lapels and shake the build up of mainstream popular culture candyfloss from their heads.”

NYMS & KAYNE – Catch Me If You Can [starts 03:49]
“After meeting on a music video shoot in London we both decided to see how we work together creatively in the studio and after one recording session – Brown Bear Music – our independent music label was born! Through Brown Bear Music we promote our music and we will be soon releasing our first ever EP.”

GREENCLOUD & EROS – Abbrevihate [starts 07:27]
GreenCloud (Joe, 24) and Eros (Phil, 23) are two music lovers from Kent, who have taken influence from their favourite funk, soul, and hip hop artists and used these forms to express their own feelings on life in modern British society. Their lyrics are social and political observations; a mix of the liberality of reggae, and the rawness of urban music. Disheartened by modern rap and chart music, they began to make their own songs with an emphasis on meaningful lyrics, while addressing current issues that their listeners can directly relate to.”

AVEC SANS – When You Go [starts 12:29]
Avec Sans are Alice Fox and Jack St James, from Manchester and Trinidad respectively, now living in London, UK. They made sleek, aesthetic, electronic music. Avec Sans’ single releases have achieved national radio play and media acclaim. They’ve had tracks featured in U.S. TV series and in-store in retail outlets across America and the UK. Avec Sans started performing live in 2014 and quickly gained recognition for their energetic shows. Aiming to break down the walls of electronic laptop performances, Jack hacked his Novation launch pad to display a light show and uses three of them in tandem tilted towards the audience. He’s filmed performances using 16 launch pads at once and has helped Novation demo and launch new products online. They’ve been the featured artist and have played live for BBC Introducing. They have remixed artists such as Swiss Lips (Epic), Haerts (Columbia) receiving praise for these from the likes of DJ Sasha and have. They have been touring and DJing internationally and are currently finishing work on their first album.”

SAYTR PLAY – Forbidden Fruits [starts 15:46]
“Exciting, energetic NW-based indie band, taking influence from a wide range of genres, from rock to pop and even funk. Saytr Play’s highly animated and dynamic stage performances, silky smooth guitar lines and blend of different styles of music really set us apart from many bands in the indie genre.”

PRODBEAR – Your Choice [starts 19:34]
Prodbear drives a DeLorean with a souped up sound system capable of time travel. He left the rainforest and is now in your timezone. I’ve been playing rave music since the early 90’s, throughout the hardcore scene which split and resulted in some torment for me: Drum & Bass – or Hardcore??? I still love them both to be honest. I love hearing something new and getting so excited you want to play it over and over. Then later, that nostalgia you feel when you hear it back some day and it’s still sounding great – that’s good music.”

EMAÉ – Know You [starts 23:13]
Emaé (pronounced em- may) is a scottish born singer/songwriter with soul, gospel and folk influences. A qualified pharmacist, she is based in London and is pursuing music full time after graduating with a masters degree in pharmacy from King’s College London (2014). Following the critical acclaim of her 2014 debut single, Something Beautiful, which was championed by BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, VEVO, MTV Wrap Up and Soul Bounce among other tastemakers, emaé returns this summer with her brand new single Know You, taken from her forthcoming debut album. Praised for her superb vocal performances, songwriting dexterity and excellent folk, soul and pop sensibilities as highlighted on her recent releases, emaé continues to receive worthy comparisons to Corrine Bailey Rae and Emeli Sande. Her new offering Know You, however, sets emaé apart as she forges her own lane in today’s British music landscape, with her own brand of heartfelt and impassioned songs. Emaé is headlining the award winning live music venue, Green Note in Camden Town, 11th October, 2015. Please visit her website for further details.”

ANDREW L ROSE – Should’ve Left Alone [starts 26:43]
“Born in Middlesbrough, currently residing in Leeds for work. Sweet melodies and harmonies with rich but simplistic acoustic guitar. A life long lover of the acoustic guitar since discovering Joni Mitchell and later Neil Young and Suzanne Vega. I play a very damaged Yamaha guitar that I need to get repaired after it slid down the stairs and hit the front door. I write and record everything myself at home in my tiny lounge. I only get to play in the gaps in between the spaces either side of work. I think my music is original and honest. I like to keep things as simple possible. My songwriting can be triggered by anything – a news article, something a friend said, a picture or a vista. ”

SWOONS – The Side [starts 29:51]
“Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed three piece outfit from Bucks delivering high impact tunes that can only be described as passionate modern rock with an indie twist all wrapped up in huge stadium sized songs. The band was officially formed in May 2014 where the journey of many gigs began. Based in Bucks, Swoons have already established themselves as competent performers on the Herts, Oxon, Bedfordshire and North London circuit. 2015 promises many gigs for the band, focusing on Southern areas such as Brighton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Southampton.”

RUNABAY – Feels Like Home [starts 32:46]
Runabay is a six-piece indie folk band creating catchy, uplifting and joyous music. Although they have only been together since early 2014 they have not stopped rehearsing writing and recording. Their second single launch was in March 2015 and with now a few festival bookings (Swell Festival, Dalriada Festival and Sunflower Festival) . Their debut 5 song EP was released in June. ”

JUNKYARD CHOIR – Sun Moon Stars [starts 37:07]
Junkyard Choir is a two-piece musical powerhouse from Brighton, England – a stripped-down garage orchestra of guitar and drums characterised by gritty melodies and commanded by imperious vocals. Mark Woods and Tom Herbert are purveyors of a restless and dirty blues from south of the borderlands – drenched in rum, and served with lime – this is riot music, roadtrip rocknroll: the sounds of the desert and the soul of the swamp, forged from hunger and baptised in sweat.”

PANKHABILLI – Come Around [starts 38:45]
“My name is Claire Jacquemard, I’m from Paris and have been living in North Wales since 4 years. Pankhabilli‘s songs are written by me – and recorded and arranged by Owain Ginsberg from We//Are//Animal. We’re releasing an EP for June as well as a new song next week! My main influences are: R. Stevie Moore, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Thom Yorke/Radiohead, King Crimson, Mr Bungle, The Beatles and Serge Gainsbourg.”

TIMESLIDES – Get Well Soon [starts 42:36]
Timeslides is a London-based band featuring Yusuf and Jeremy from Crash Island. Yusuf writes the songs and Jeremy adds the synths. The idea is dark, emotional pop with stabs at euphoria – well, that’s what we like to think anyway. Influences include The National, The Cure and Alkaline Trio – anything morbid with a beat. So far we’ve released two songs from the EP we’re working on – the third song will be up in a couple of weeks – and the reactions we’ve been getting have been really encouraging. Get Well Soon is a song that’s been lurking in my head for years. It’s a terrifying thought: what happens when we die? And the more you think about it, the scarier it gets. Luckily I’m not alone, and hopefully there’s something encouraging and inspiring in the message that we’re all in this together. And if not, hey, at least writing the song was therapeutic.”

MINISTERS4JUSTICE – No Regrets [starts 46:01]
Ministers4Justice aka songwriter, producer and guitarist Jeff Crossley has had several plays on both BBC Radio Lancashire & BBC Cumbria over the past few years. He has now formed his own digital label Monster Club Records – The Happy Man being the first release (available now on itunes & many other major digital outlets). Monster Club Records is a nod to DJ/Promoter Brother Dave – Mr Monster – who works tirelessly promoting the local music scene. Jeff is also involved with the hugely successful one day live music, arts & comedy event Another Fine Fest in Ulverston. It’s organized by Dave, who is also co-organizer of Magic Orchard Festival at the Cowran Estate – also near Ulverston – 4-6 Sept 2015, featuring many talented local live acts!”

THE MOBBS – I Am The Anticlimax [starts 49:01]
“From the heart of England and unashamedly dressed like all good gentlemen should be; The Mobbs play garage punk with an infectious ferocity second to none. Hailing from the old shoe town of Northampton, The Mobbs have traveled Europe entertaining crowds with blistering riffs and are single handedly responsible for a 250% increase in cravat sales and moustache combs throughout the empire.”

PETE BEAT – Meant To Be [starts 51:41]
Pete Beat is a student of the art of music making, studying hard at his own private university, which is conveniently located in his spare bedroom. He tinkers with tunes as late into the night as his neighbours will permit, hoping though his laboratory experiments to gain a deeper knowledge of how to create music that is pleasurable to both the ears and the mind. Pete has written and recorded 120 songs since his previous EP in 2013 (featuring the track Borderline which was also played by Tom Robinson), and recently released the Meant To Be EP in July 2015. The other 117 songs were condemned in disgust to the bin. The EPs and a bonus free download are available from A live band may be in the pipeline for the future, if suitable collaborators can be found. Until then, his SoundCloud page ( is the place to hear all his new tunes as they are created – he hopes to see you there.”

OWEN DUFF – Nobody Loves A Tortured Soul [starts 56:23]
“Northern-Ireland born, London-resident Owen Duff sings, plays piano, guitar, ukulele and drums; writes, records, produces and makes videos. He has released four EPs since 2006, and completed one deliberately unreleased album in 2008 after challenging himself to write and record 20 songs in four weeks. Between 2009 to 2011 Owen started to explore new ways of getting his music to people by hiding CDs of his songs in locations around London and other cities around the world. Footage of this project was used to make a music video for his song The Race, which accompanied the launch of Owen’s fourth EP ‘Realityicide’ at the end of 2011. Owen has performed live around the UK at various festivals and venues such as London’s iconic Bush Hall and Manchester Academy, as well as curating his own show to mark the completion of Twenty Two Minutes, Four Weeks at the Rivington Gallery in Shoreditch. He has supported acts including the Hidden Cameras and Scott Matthew.”

Owen Duff

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