The BBC Introducing Mixtape

The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show and podcast which I compile for BBC Radio 6 Music. It’s broadcast on Monday mornings from 4-5am. After broadcast it’s available on BBC Sounds and can also be downloaded as a standalone MP3 file.

To send me a tune for my BBC Introducing Mixtape, submit a Soundcloud track to us any Monday to Thursday afternoon. You don’t need a plugger, a promo CD or any of the other old music biz malarky – this is the 100% guaranteed way of getting your music heard by me. It will also get considered by the rest of Team Freshnet for our Listening Post.

However for airplay you do also need to upload your track to BBC Introducing – otherwise it won’t qualify for the BBC Introducing Mixtape. No upload=no airplay

The Mixtape also includes music recommended by BBC colleagues from around the country, again sourced from the BBC  Introducing Uploader.

TIP: don’t be in a hurry. There’s no point sending anything less than your very strongest work. We get 100-200 tunes every week, and there are only 15-16 slots on each Mixtape.  If you have much better material on the way, then wait a while and send us that: read more here.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to give feedback on individual tracks but I will listen to your tune – and if I love it, I’ll play it.

Simple as that.

Tom Robinson March 2012
Tom Robinson


  1. It doesn’t help when no-one from BBC Introducing listens to your track though does it?

    I’ve been played on BBC Manchester twice (Oct 2011 and April 2012), but didn’t receive an email to tell me that it would be on the show. The web-site hasn’t even been updated to show the last broadcast.

    The BBC Manc Introducing Twitter account is closing soon too.

    I get the feeling that the whole BBC Introducing thing is slowly being closed down (due to cut-backs?). It’s a crying same as Un-signed artists don’t have huge corporate PR machines to fall back on.

    So, while I’m here…

    Best wishes (from a slightly disillusioned)

    Thin White Dude

  2. Tom

    Hello Jason – just out of interest – had you already shared this excellent track with us via our Listening Post on this blog at some point and been ignored?

    Anyway as you’re clearly aware, BBC Introducing is just part of the long hard strenuous process involved in getting one’s music heard and the vital Step 1 is regularly uploading your new tunes to us every couple of months.

    Most people imagine that’s enough, and bypass Step 2 – getting the undivided attention of someone who works at the Beeb in the area of new music. But you’ve managed to get mine right here.

    Step 3 is that I can now go straight to your BBC Introducing Uploader page and download your latest tune. I’ve put it forward (producer permitting) for our Introducing Mixtape on 6 Music next week.

    For future reference though – the best way of getting my undivided attention for your music is via our Listening Post any Monday to Thursday at

    As it says above – if I like it, I play it – it’s as simple as that.

    Tom x

  3. HI,

    Wow thanks Tom – Sorry I didn’t comer back sooner (hence the delay in my reply).

    To answer your question, this was the first time I’ve shared anything through the listening post – I had just put my faith in the BBC Intro. Uploader.

    Again, thanks and very best wishes,


  4. Hi

    I uploaded tracks like 10 months ago and none have been listened to ??? what should i do ??

    Soundcloud –

  5. Tom

    Hello Digital Soldier – BBC Introducing is just part of the process of getting your music heard and uploading your very latest and very best new song to us is an important first step. But thousands of tracks get sent in every month and BBC Introducing has limited staff and resources. So the important second step is getting the attention of someone who works at the Beeb in the area of new music and letting them know it’s there.

    Since you live in Edinburgh that means finding out who presents and produces BBC Introducing shows in Scotland and getting their undivided attention and asking them to listen to a specific song that you have sent to the BBC Introducing Uploader. You can be sure that if any BBC Introducing show listens to a track and likes what they hear, they’ll definitely play it on the radio. But don’t leave it to chance. Find the right person, make personal contact and ask them to check out your latest and very best song.

    For myself the best thing is to send one that latest and very best song to our dropbox on this blog any Monday to Thursday at and all of us on Team Freshnet will take a listen. If any of us really like the track we’ll publish it over the weekend on our listening post. If the public really like it we’ll post it permanently on the blog in our Fresh Faves.

    And if I personally love any of the tracks that come in – and can find them on the BBC Introducing Uploader – I always put them foward to my producer to be considered for 6 Music’s Introducing Mixtape.

  6. Hi.
    I was listed in the Freshnet list yesterday, and was very close to being voted in the top 5 tracks. Does this mean I will get a play on BBC 6Music?
    I’m also being played on BBC Introducing Lincolnshire if that helps the cause haha.


  7. Tom

    Hi Ross, yes all the UK-sourced tracks that make our Listening Post each weekend do automatically get considered for the my Introducing Mixtape on 6 Music so long as they’ve been sent to the BBC Introducing Uploader as well. And in your case the answer is a definite yes. Your song You Are The Sun tickled our fancy and will be on the Mixtape this week or next 🙂

    But one play on the radio isn’t much help on its own if you don’t put in a bit of work on your side so that you get the full benefit. If people like what they hear on the mixtape, what will they do next? How will they find you, follow you and support you in future – how will they get to hear more of your music or come to your gigs ?

    You do have two versions of the song on a Soundcloud page but no photo or info about you – and no link to your Facebook. Your Twitter started out great while you were in The Grips but now you hardly ever use it – and it only has two words of information about you: “Musician, UK”. And no links to your music. Supposing Huw Stephens reads your latest tweet – he’ll have no idea what song you’re talking about, who you are, where you’re from or what you sound like. And you haven’t given him a link to click on and find out.

    Even if Huw does hear You Are The Sun and love it and play it on Radio One, what will happen then?

    Many professional pluggers would sell their grandmothers for a single play on Radio One, but they know that unless the artist is already generating some buzz and activity and excitement under their own steam with an interesting joined-up web presence, a video and a few gigs lined up, national radio play is a pretty much wasted opportunity.

    Just saying.

  8. Hi Tom,

    I was just wondering, if a track has been given a spin by another DJ (Gary Crowley), would it still be eligible for inclusion on the Mixtape? My band’s song Violins is one of this week’s Fresh Faves and I’m hoping its still able to run in the race…

    Thanks Tom,

    Elia (and the Low Tears too)

  9. Hi Tom, as much as I applaud the general ethos of BBC Introducing and your (and others) support for it, I am increasingly concerned that personal preference is diluting it’s effectiveness. I will not be specific about which regional centre we’re talking about here, but my experience is that those DJs/producers who select uploaded material are often genre-specific and do not give as broad a choice of new music as is warranted by the many, many excellent bands out there. Are there any safeguards in place to prevent this? What are your thoughts on this? Regards, Alastair

  10. Tom

    Thanks Alastair – this is an important question, so by way of reply I’ve written a full blog post here.

  11. Hi Tom, thanks for your lengthy response to my comment. I decided to answer here, rather than on the full blog post, because I think your words of reply stand well enough on their own and should be left as such. I agree with everything you say; no one owes us struggling musicians an audience, BBC Introducing included! And yes, BBC Introducing is a wonderful under-funded institution that deserves (and gets) my wholehearted support. Just for the record, no, it wasn’t the Manchester Introducing team I was referring to! This is a difficult area and I would agree that it is almost impossible to put safeguards in place that would satisfy everyone. But, when I witness an Introducing show which is playing the SAME bands each week, sometimes the same SONGS, and all bands on the show are basically the same genre, I am suspicious that the music-listening public in general are not really being considered in this ‘choice’. You at FOTN seem to have a better ethos because at least there are several of you involved in the choice and presumably there is some variation in your preferences. That makes the playing field flatter for all the musicians trying to get themselves heard. But I’m not convinced the field is as equally horizontal for some (may be not all) Introducing shows! But, as you say, personal preference has always dictated who hears what in the music industry, so perhaps we just have to learn to live with it. Or, we could always move to another part of the country!

    Thanks also for the helpful advice at the end of your post. As you point out, our website is a bit out of date, but it’s actually undergoing a complete redesign as we speak. We are already on Twitter and Soundcloud but perhaps those links aren’t clearly displayed. I’ll get them sorted! Oh, and we’ve just been confirmed to play the O2 Academy, Liverpool, in September, which we’re very pleased about obviously! So I’ve got plenty of updating to do…

    Thanks for your time in answering this concern of mine.



  12. Tom

    Cheers Alastair – that certainly doesn’t sound right. In your place I would make my complaint public, naming the show and giving specific examples and dates. The show is not playing you anyway – and not likely to, from what you say. What do you have to lose – and how many other artists in your area will be helped ? If there are legitimate grounds for complaint, they need to be heard and responded to.

    While you’re always welcome to comment here on the Team Freshnet blog, why not post directly on the BBC Introducing Blog where your points will be noted by people with the power to act on them. For instance there’s a recent and related post (clarifying the selection process for BBC Introducing Festival stages) by Claire Thomas who is the Executive Producer for BBC Introducing. Post a straightforward, factual and specific comment there and Claire is certain to read it.

    Also the BBC is a publicly funded body and has a policy of responding to all complaints at

  13. Hi Tom, just wanted to add my voice to the concerns about the BBC Introducing process in some areas of the country. I live in Devon where there is currently no BBC Introducing facility. I have uploaded several tracks to the BBCI uploader over the past couple of years, but nobody has ever listened to any of them. To make matters worse, when you click on the link to BBCI on the BBC Devon homepage, it takes you to Radio Stoke’s “In Praise of God” programme – I did try making a complaint at a few weeks ago, but nobody ever got back to me. I fear very many talented SW musicians are destined to remain unheard. Does anybody know whether there are plans to reintroduce BBCI for Devon? Many thanks, Marie

  14. Tom

    Hello Marie
    Thanks for posting here. Actually it’s not true that nobody has listened to any of the tracks you’ve uploaded to BBC Introducing: Paul Sheehan – producer of Steve Lamacq’s Radio 2 and 6 Music shows – listened to (and shortlisted) your song Heart In Your Pocket last August. So it was certainly heard by Lammo last year even if he didn’t consider it suitable for airplay on his shows. And Richard Pitt from BBC Introducing in Bristol downloaded and played it in May this year as you well know. Out of interest I’ve just listened to all four of your tracks myself. So if any talented SW musicians are destined to remain unheard, you’re certainly not one of them.

    But you’re right that the broken link to Radio Stoke’s “In Praise of God” clearly needs fixing, and absolutely right the lack of a local Introducing show is a shortcoming in the service provided by BBC Devon. My suggestion would be that you contact the station directly about this, and persuade other likeminded local musicians to do likewise. And although I myself don’t have any involvement in the central running of BBC Introducing, I’ve emailed the people who do to tell them about your post here – and have forwarded them your email address.

    Give em a couple of weeks – they’re still in the throes of running the BBC Introducing stages at Reading and Leeds this weekend, so they won’t be able to get back to you until the dust clears – and you can always email me via the contact page here if you still haven’t heard anything by mid September.

  15. Hi Tom,
    My band (The Texas Flood) have uploaded some tracks to the BBC introducing platform a while back but as of yet they have not been listened to. i have emailed the presenters of my local show, which would be on BBC Wales, but have had no luck in gaining any response. is there anything else i could try to remedy this?

  16. Tom Robinson

    Hey Tom

    If it was me I would try:

    1) A friendly tweet to Adam Walton asking if he could take a listen & give you some feedback. If you tweet any DJ an interesting/funny comment about that week’s show first, they’ll be more likely to respond to you about your music. We’re only human: if you sound interested in us, we’re more likely to be interested in you.
    2) If the show goes out live, texting in or tweeting the show while it’s on air. Same principle applies here obviously: respond to/contribute to what’s going on in the show before texting in “PLEASE LISTEN TO MY BAND”
    3) Writing a postcard or letter (or both) to each of the presenters, c/o the station. And make sure it’s a funny/memorable postcard.
    4) Phoning the station switchboard to find the name and email address of the show’s producer.
    5) Lying in wait outside the station clutching a CD in your hand for half an hour after the show (if live) comes off air.
    6) doing some research and then turning up to a club night or other event where you know one of the presenters will be appearing live.

    It all depends how desperate/driven/motivated you are. If it was me I would definitely work my way through the above list until I got a result. The first rule of plugging is that until someone has heard your track and said no, then you’re still in with a chance. The second rule of course is: have a thick skin. If at first you don’t succeed…

    Needless to say all of this applies to national shows as well as local ones. Astonishingly few artists ever bother waiting outside the radio station with a CD for the particular show they’re targeting. One word of caution: the person you give it to will almost certainly listen, but its a trick you can only pull off once before you get dismissed as a pest or a crank. So only try it when youre 95% certain you have your breakthrough track.

    Which is where our listening post comes in: a painless low key way of finding out whether you actually have a track that stands out from the pack. Upload a favourite song to us here any Mon-Thu via Send us a track. We always listen to everything that comes in and if one of us loves your tune we will put it on our Listening Post

    And if that happens you’ll quickly find out whether it’s appealing enough to win the love of the general public… If even one complete stranger puts you in their top five you’ll know you’re doing something right 🙂

    Hope that’s some help
    Tom R

  17. Patrick Spinks - Sublime Music

    Tom Robinson should go on the honours list for his truly exceptional efforts and advice for the grassroots creative industry

  18. frustrated manc

    Hi Tom, Unfortunately here’s another minor complaint against manchester introducing.

    After sending my latest ep to people like xfm exposure and lammo, i received national airplay with a few of my tracks. Whilst that is amazing and very pleasing, i havent had any support or airplay from my local introducing show in Manchester.
    Whilst I realise not everybody will like my music surely national airplay on a couple of the main new music stations means my music is of a good enough quality to be played on a local new music show.

    I guess after uploading my tracks and even giving a presenter one of my cds at an introducing night, ill just have to take it on the chin.

    I just hope that other local manchester acts dont think that the local introducing is the only route into getting airplay on the bbc.

  19. Hi Tom,

    We get played quite a lot on BBC Newcastle’s Introducing show. We’ve been played a couple of times on BBC Tees’ Introducing and even once on BBC York. We’ve also been included in your Fresh Faves (I think we were in batch 22 a few weeks back).

    How do we progress up the chain to the likes of 6Music and maybe even Radio 1?

    I noticed you said above about getting a member of staff’s attention; should we start trying to get in touch with the likes of Huw Stephens and Lauren Laverne et al, or is there a system whereby number of plays on local radio is monitored (or something to that effect?)

    I appreciate there are mitigating factors to do with getting played, but what do we do next?

    Thanks for your time and advice!


  20. Tom

    Hello Jake
    as far as I recall we gave Blank Maps airplay on 6 Music pretty early on – maybe even before Bob or Nick started supporting you locally – when we played your song Running In Slow Motion back in May last year. Didn’t we even put it in our podcast at the time?

    Unfortunately you lucked out by submitting Just Call to us here while I was away on my Summer holidays this year so I didn’t hear it at the time. As you say there are loads of factors involved in getting airplay, and I’ll email you privately with some pointers re approaching national shows like Huw Stephens, Lauren Laverne etc

    T x

  21. Hi Tom,

    Yes, you’re right, you did play us and put us on the Podcast. We’ve changed a lot since then (I tend to not even count that as being us any more), but you certainly did play us right at the start!

    Thanks very much for taking the time to mail us!


  22. Hi Tom, i have my track “Shredding my CV” on BBC Introducing and since no one has ever listen to it and no reply. Seems you fav my track on the Listening Post..could you please help? Or what do you think i should do next?


  23. A L

    Hi Tom!

    You played on BBC introducing a song of mine in spring.

    After that I noticed (and you state it on here as well) that to be played you now need to use the uploader. But to do that you have to be in the UK.

    My question is: is there no chance anymore to be played on the radio if your not from UK?

    All the best and thanks for the chance.


  24. Hi Tom,

    Following our track ‘How Do You Cope, Hope’ making the Fresh Faves, I’ve uploaded it to BBC Introducing (I thought I had already!)


    Toby / Blonde Bunny

  25. Romance Waddington

    Hi Tom I uploaded our track Storm recently and I received 2 emails saying the song had been listened to. I just wanted to ask how long it takes from a song being heard and it being played (if it ever does get played) please.

    Thank you,

    R. W.

  26. Tom robinson

    Hi Romance (what a lovely name!) it’s one of the peculiarities of the BBC introducing Uploader that it sends an email to the artist every time one of their songs is even listened to. BBC music shows get sent literally 20 times more music every week than they can possibly play on air. Obviously we have to listen to tracks in order to hear whether they’re even suitable for broadcast, let alone whether they’re going to be in the 5% we end up using. So in my opinion it’s really unkind that the BBC system sends those automatic emails as soon as anyone hits the “play” button. For my own show we always write personally to each artist for download permission before we include them on my Mixtape show – so that they know their track will definitely be used in the coming weeks. If you haven’t such an email from us, you might still get played on another Introducing show, but alas not on ours. Sorry!

  27. Romance Waddington

    Thanks! and thanks for your reply Tom, much appreciated. I understand that there are a lot of songs submitted and that we may not get played. Now then, I shall upload on your site on Monday, shall I? Maybe I’ll be lucky 🙂

    Thanks Tom x

  28. Hi Tom – Our track “High As The Stars” got a fantastic review from Mar and has been favourited by several of the good folks on the Listening Post – How are we looking to be included on your Introducer Mixtape? Plenty more quality tracks where that came from 🙂 Thanks, Brien

  29. Hey Tom,

    I was wondering, as I’m based in Sydney, Australia and have uploaded a track onto Freshonthenet, how would I get considered for inclusion on the mixtape?

    I can’t use the BBC introducing uploader unless I pretend I’m from the UK haha! Is there another way around it? Assuming of course that my track is suitable 🙂

    BTW, thanks for the opportunity to load onto the listening post, every little bit helps, so a big thanks. And I did take your advice and i’ve uploaded onto as well..



  30. Hi Tom

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for taking the time to listen to our track ‘We Built A Ship’ and include it in your listening post last week. Very glad we did this as now pleased to hear it will be included on the BBC Introducing Mixtape show on 10th December!

    I’ve also been looking through all your tips and info on the site here. Some really valuable stuff.


    The Minister’s Cat

  31. Guneet Dave

    WOW! It’s too bad more people don’t know about this place, this article had
    just what I needed today XD

    WOW! What an amazingly great spam comment. It’s too bad we’ve just removed the link to your Russian web forum. Your comment was just what we didn’t need today XT

  32. vincent burke

    Hi Tom – just downloaded a new one for you here in Wav form, the uploader needs it as a MP3 and converted the track sounds like it’s being dragged through gravel – has anyone else had this problem?

  33. Tom Robinson

    What bit rate are you using for your mp3 conversions, Vince?

  34. Hi Tom, our band has sent you our new piano demo, ‘Mother Mary’. But we can’t upload it to BBC Introducing as we already have three new songs up there. Apologies. Apparently, we can upload the new demo to BBC Introducing after April 4th. But we think as a musician/songwriter/broadcaster you are the ideal contact anyhow.
    Best wishes,

  35. James

    Hi Tom, when do you put together your mixtape? Thought ‘Skinny Dream’ was already on the BBC uploader but apparently not, it is now though.. is that too late? We were one of the Fresh Fave’s this week.

    kindest regards


  36. Lee_Archer1992

    Hey I was just wondering as I uploaded three tracks over the past few days and they have been listened to a good ween of times already is this a good sign?

  37. Tom

    @Lee_Archer1992 Hi Lee Not sure if you’re talking about uploading to the BBC website, where being listened to several times is probably a good sign, or to our Soundcloud dropbox for Fresh On The Net.

    If it was to our SOundcloud, I listen to everything that comes in (typically 150-160 tracks a week) but the mixtape is only 60 mins long, about 15-16 tracks.

    So there’s only room to feature about 1 in 10 of the tracks that I’ve listened to on Soundcloud, on the Mixtape.

  38. Just added our song ‘Bother Me’ to the dropbox, we’ll upload it to the BBC website as soon as our monthly limit is lifted.
    Think it’s great you do so much to help out unsigned bands like ourselves Tom, not many are truly willing, and there’s some really useful advice around here so cheers! Mr Robinson – we salute you! I.V.

  39. Hi there tom

    Ive been fortunate enough to have my tracks played twice on bbc intorducing Merseyside

    I have tried to add them several times via dropbox but each time they are not selected. I dont want to bug you guys if u feel that they are not suitable it just seems at odds with all the other airplay ive gotten as well. I was picked by peter guy at the liverpool exho as ‘one to watch 2013’

    So should I keep trying with this is my question really.



  40. Tom

    Hello Jay

    It’s not you, its us ! We get sent 130-150 tracks most weeks and many of them are pretty good. But it takes at least half a day to listen to that much music – so for the Listening Post we have to get it down to a manageable 25-30 – the public can’t be expected to listen to more than that.

    Each week up to a dozen of our moderators listen to EVERYTHING. They then just approve their one or two absolute favourites from the whole pile. That way we get a wide spread of tastes, and every track will have been ADORED by at least one of us. We then ask readers and other musicians to listen and give us their opinion, so we get down to the ten most-loved tracks out of everything that came in. It’s the fairest practical system we can think of.

    Simple arithmetic means we’re bound to disappoint 100+ bands weekly 🙁 But not getting onto the Listening Post doesn’t mean we think the track you sent us was “bad” or “not good enough” – just that however good it is, none of our moderators actively preferred it to everything else that came in that week.

    But did you really send us your song Uberunkle without it getting selected? If so, I’m mortifed to have missed it and if you wouldn’t mind sending it again this week, I’ll personally approve it for the Listening Post. Our readers definitely deserve a chance to hear it this weekend.

    And cheers for taking the trouble to post your comment. It bears out all the key points in my talk at (1) There’s too much music out there: everyone is swamped. (2) It’s nonethless perfectly possible to get the attention of people in the media with your music. (3) But only once: so hold back until you’re CERTAIN you’ve got something completely exceptional. If you mither Steve Lamacq with something ordinary, he won’t listen a second time.

    But Uberunkle is definitely exceptional in my opinion and will equally definitely be on my BBC Introducing Mixtape in a few weeks’ time.

  41. forthaven

    hi tom!
    Hi Tom,

    Wow that was an unexpected response! yes i have added Uberunkle again. And thanks very much for the compliments 🙂

    I would like to add credit to Anne Marie Howard here who sung on this track- both for the vocals, lyrics but also inspiration on the musical side.

    I do understand about the sheer volume of stuff you must have to listen to. Being from Liverpool and doing live music reviews, it is astonishing how many great bands and artists there are, who all deserve to be listened to all the time- but there probably are not enough hours in the day!

    Out of Curiosity, do you know Stuart Todd? He’s the chap who pointed me in your direction. I play bass for his new band, Three Minute Hero, we are close friends.

    I shall look forwards to hearing it on the show 🙂 thanks again

    J [Forthaven]

  42. Just to say thanks Tom for playing Snake Mary – much appreciated !

  43. Hi Tom,

    First of all thanks for giving to all unsigned artist this platform…It really helps a lot!

    We’ve tried to Upload a “clean” version of “If You Wanna Feel Good”, but unfortunately the BBC Uploader says that we can’t upload anything till the 10/10/2013 and we’ve deleted the old version.
    Another lesson learnt i guess…Next time we’ll make sure there are no F words in our songs…lol

    We still have “Let Me Go” on the BBC Introducing website, which you chose for the Extra Gems 14 Sept 2013, though…just saying 😉

    Hopefully we’ll have another chance soon.

    Thanks again for your support!!!

  44. Hi Tom,

    Just wanted to say well done on the efforts you make here, staying involved with the people! Your blogs/articles are much appreciated. Cheers!

  45. Hi Tom,

    I’ve uploaded a couple of my bands tracks (Reporters) the last two weeks or so but have unfortunately not made it to the fresh faves or the mixtape. Would it be worth it to keep on trying next week or not?


  46. Cee Gordon

    Hi Tom,

    Ive uploaded 3 tracks to BBC Introducing 1 Month ago and i received confirmation that they were listened to 5 days ago by “BBC Introducing In Manchester” & “BBC London Introducing”.
    Please could you advise me on any necessary steps to take next, If any.
    it would be much appreciated!!!

    Hope To Hear Back Soon.

  47. Hi Cee

    Glad to see the system is working – two listens by two different stations in one month is great news and means that BBC Introducing is delivering on its promise.
    No other action is needed on your part – your music has been heard along with maybe 100-200 other tracks which will have been sent that week.

    As far as radio play goes, here’s the arithmetic. Obviously you can’t fit more than 15 four minute songs into a 60 minute music radio programme. But in practice news breaks, trails, station idents, interviews, sessions and spoken introductions between the records mean that on average we can only fit around 12 tracks into an hour of music radio – and it’s often a lot less.

    So once your track has been heard there’s a 10-20% chance it’ll get selected for radio play and an 80-90% chance that it won’t. Either way you’ve already done the most important thing by creating your very best work before sending it and there’s nothing else you need to do at this point. More info:

  48. Cee Gordon

    Hi Tom,

    Many thanks for your reply & also thanks for the info on the link you posted it was most helpful. I appreciate your help.
    While I’m here, here is the link to my sound cloud page

    Please Listen to my music as i feel it is what you will want to hear.
    All feedback will be much appreciated.

    Cheers Again,

  49. Hi Tom,

    I just want to make sure if your team will still consider music that is not from the UK? I wish i could live in the UK to upload my music onto BBC Introducing. :/

    Take care.

    -Virtuo System

  50. Tom

    @VirtuoSystem We support interesting new music here at Fresh On The Net, regardless of where it comes from. If you submit a track here it will get heard, and if we like it we’ll definitely give it some blog love. This page is only about one specific BBC radio show and podcast, not about our general music policy at Fresh On The Net.

  51. Centre Excuse

    Hi Tom,
    Just wanted to say thanks for giving smaller UK artists the chance to have their voices heard, It really is appreciated and is such a rarity to find.

    I’ve uploaded my new track ‘Joy Joy Joy’ to the soundcloud DropBox and it’s up on BBC introducing, I hope you like it!

    Kind regards,

    Teddy Lewis
    – Centre Excuse

  52. Hi Tom! I’ve kept a close eye/ear on your show for ages and the work you do is staggering, it’s great to see the commitment you’re putting in for musicians everywhere. My band Seven Tors have taken the plunge and uploaded our song Dancing Feet for your consideration (as well as to the BBC uploader and so on) – we hope you enjoy it!

    Best regards

  53. Laurence

    Hi there, as I couldn’t upload my track because it was already there, and I couldn’t share it (as I’ve shared it with other Soundcloud groups, I just “added” it to the group. Has it got there? It’s “In This Old Town I Spun Around” by Laurence Morgan. 🙂

  54. Hi Tom

    it’s so refreshing to see someone so committed to new music, i think it’s great how you’re so approachable and out to help every band. we’ve just uploaded our track to the Soundcloud drop box not sure if it’s worked so here’s the link would love to know what you think. any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Ryan Stanton / The Assist

  55. Hi Tom,
    I’ll make this very brief as I am aware this was not the intention of this comment forum. You have been a fan of Haiki and played her on your show a while back, she is getting great feedback from a brief radio promo last year on BBC Radio Devon and ILR on the south coast and also record company interest, this track is well received and will be part of her forthcoming EP. We have uploaded as per your instruction and advice but heard nothing as yet.
    Keep up the good work, you are a pioneer.


    PMX Music

  56. Tom

    Hi Phil – we haven’t received a track by Haiki at our inbox at Fresh On The Net at any point in the last six weeks. When you say you have “uploaded as per your instruction and advice” what was the URL you used for the upload?

  57. Hi Tom,


    Thanks for your response, I did upload via the Dropbox link on the Fresh On The Net DropBox page but this was the end of last year (2013). I also uploaded the same track on BBC Introducing and received an upload notification but I have just checked the profile and it hasn’t been listened to so far. Do I upload again on Monday 22nd? (Fresh On The Net) and is there any other advice. We now have some record company interest so really pleased at the moment with progress.

    Kind Regards

    Phil Edwards
    PMX Music

  58. Hi Tom! Please listen to my track Statement of the Dangerous in the link below(that I’ve also uploaded to BBC introducing). I’m 18 and from Wales. I am a complete daydreamer and songwriting takes me to another place (usually to a place less damp). My influences are Oasis,Thin Lizzy, Neil Young, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. I would say that my music style varies greatly from Britpop, Country, Blues and 50’s-60’s inspired music. I have always been written off as ordinary so I believe now is my chance to do something extra-ordinary and prove everyone wrong. I understand that my recording isn’t the best quality, since I can’t afford to go to a recording studio and my technological skills are not advanced enough to do a home-recording. But if you give me a chance, I can show you that I’m capable of doing great things with music. Thank you for reading!

  59. Tom

    @DustySilvers Submitting a tune here between Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon will make certain it gets heard by me personally. We receive 100-200 tunes a week and unfortunately it isn’t possible to give feedback on individual tracks. But I will listen to your tune – and if I really like it, I’ll play it. Simple as that.

  60. Hi Tom,

    Here is Thought Birds by Patrick Duff. Patrick will release this himself on 19th April 2014 as a 7″ coloured white vinyl with his talented friend from Aberdeen, Craig John Davidson on Side B.
    I hope you like this song as much as we do.
    Kind Regards,

  61. Tom

    Hi Nick

    Am guessing you didn’t read this blog post before posting your comment, so here again are the salient points:

    If you want me to consider one of Patrick’s tunes for my BBC Introducing Mixtape, send it to our inbox here at Fresh On The Net any Monday to Thursday afternoon, where the whole team (including me) will listen to it. This is the 100% guaranteed way of getting a piece of music heard by me, and I see you’ve done this already.

    However you do also need to upload said tune to BBC Introducing as well as to this blog. Otherwise we can’t include it in the Introducing Mixtape which, as the name suggests, comes entirely from the BBC Introducing Uploader. No upload=no airplay

    Patrick Duff hasn’t uploaded any music at all to BBC Introducing in the last 9 months.

    Kind regards


  62. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Thought Birds By Patrick Duff, recorded outdoors, with no overdubs in the deepest throws of Dartmoor is on the BBC INTRODUCING UPLOADER & Fresh On The Net.

    Here is also a private sound cloud link.
    Thanks for all you do Tom.


  63. Hi Tom and the Crew!

    I just uploaded our new single ‘Ghosts’ but I may have typed the track title and band name in the wrong way around, do I need to upload it again?

    Thanks loads for your support Tom,

    AFTPC x

  64. Elena Ramona

    Hello, I was wondering if you could take a listen to my track ‘Addiction’ I tried to submit it to you a couple of weeks ago but not sure if you received it.

    Thank you

    Elena Ramona

    We didn’t receive it Elena. Have another go at submitting it via the link on our front page. The dropbox is open Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. It shouldn’t be too hard – 100-200 other artists seem to manage it every week. If you have still have difficulties, perhaps ask a technically competent friend to give you a hand?

  65. Hi Tom! Just wondering when do artists know whether they’ve got a slot on the listeners post?

  66. Tom

    Hi Dusty – the Listening Post goes public here at Fresh On The Net every Friday afternoon, and that’s when artists know they’re on it. For more about how the selection process works, see

  67. Blake

    Hi Tom,

    Wanted to introduce you to machineheart who are based out of LA. While we’re unable to load tunes to the music uploader due to Int’l postal code, we’ve uploaded two songs, “Circles” & “Another Me” to the Soundcloud uploader and think it will fit well with the BBC Radio brand. Let us know your thoughts and appreciate the listens.



  68. i have submitted a track for OneMillionShips focus release date starts may 29! i hope you enjoy it! the song is called #ISEEYOU

    OneMillionShips recalls a big sound with symphonic emotions, synths that embrace you,
    guitars that resolve in a melodic climax, textures
    and fundamental lyrics that are sure to affect a positive revolving emotion in the lives of people

  69. I uploaded to fress on the net sound cloud group. My apologies if the song went in more than once … having issues with my internet

    OneMillionShips – I SEE YOU

  70. Kelly McKrieth

    Hi Tom,

    Can I just say, it can be quite daunting as a solo artist putting your music up for all to hear and judge all over the internet! FOTN, gives you guidance, which is extremely informative and if you take the time to read everything on here, with its helpful links everywhere, it can give you the confidence and direction to help you along with what you’re trying to achieve – depends how driven you are! Can a song that you’ve uploaded still be considered for The BBC Introducing Mixtape even if it doesn’t make the listening post?
    Many thanks

  71. Hey Tom,

    You are doing an amazing job for unsigned artists! I have just uploaded our track to BBC intro and fresh on the net, but I’m not sure if you got it or not. If not it’s here

    Cheers, Mark

  72. Hi Tom,
    Reading one of your replies above regarding “Thick Skin” and “If at first you don’t succeed” made me want to ask this question.
    I uploaded three tracks a few months ago to BBC introducing, they were listened to and that was that.
    I release my album and it gets reviewed by Jim Gellatly of XFM and he says ” it stands out from other releases”
    I knock doors and things like this are great.
    I found out about this site through your Musicians Union magazine interview and i instantly uploaded a track here.
    I see today that my track “Something So” has been listened to again by “BBC Introducing Mix Tape”

    May I ask if that is a positive sign or just a formality?

    Kindest regards,
    Billy Jeffrey Jnr.

  73. Hi Tom I have uploaded our tracks to the bbc up loader and have had a few air plays of bbc Sheffield I submitted one of the tracks to the soundcloud up loader and wondered if u had head it, the track is Where I’d rather be
    we have had some great feedback from this track,please let us know yopur thoughts

    5Th Pier

  74. Tom

    @Luke5thpier we always listen to everything that anyone sends to our dropbox (see so I already heard Where I’d Rather Be when you sent it to us at the beginning of the month. I listened to 217 tracks that week, and there’s room for about 18 on my BBC Introducing Mixtape. Simple arithmetic means that about 200 artists – some of them pretty good – were bound to be disappointed 🙁

    My thoughts? Well for what it’s worth I did think Where I’d Rather Be was one of the “pretty good” tracks that week, but it wasn’t one of the gobsmacking, standout “OMFG WTF is this????” tunes that elbowed their way to the top of the pile. My notes about it dated September 5th said: ‘likeable, well executed, but a bit patchy and just a tad ordinary’. That’s only one man’s opinion – I could be wrong and very often am. 95% of the records in the Top 40 leave me cold, so I’m no judge of what the public are likely to buy – and I sincerely wish 5thPier every success.

  75. Carol

    Hi Tom,
    I’m wondering – I cannot upload a song to BBC Introducing ….as I’m in Ireland. We are gutted as we would be exceptionally happy to be considered for BBC airplay.

    What should I do?


  76. Dear Tom,
    Just wondering if my funk rap was successfully uploaded to your team please?

  77. Tom

    @Carol Have you sent music to me here via Fresh On The Net that I’ve already heard – if so, which band/artistname was it? As a matter of fact we’ve played quite a lot of music by artists from the Republic of Ireland, all of which was there on the BBC Introducing Uploader. Hmmm. I do hope they didn’t cheat by registering a false UK address or anything.
    @Krispe Nope, alas we’ve never received anything by any artist called Krispe via our Soundcloud dropbox 🙁

  78. Hi, I hope you’re well and apologies if my request is of any inconvenience to you. I recently uploaded (or at least think I did) a track onto the soundcloud link however I encountered an error and then refreshed and it seemed to have uploaded but i’m not entirely sure! I don’t want to re-upload as you’ve stated multiple uploads are frowned upon is there a way to confirm whether this was received? I tried to email the moderators but I have not heard back from any.
    The track is called Hey Hey by Tau Benah.
    Can also be streamed here:

    Again apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.



  79. @TaffyGees – yep the whole process actually worked perfectly. Got the track, heard the track, loved the track, and duly found it on the BBC Introducing Uploader. Have got it shortlisted for my Mixtape on 6 Music this coming weekend…

  80. Hi Tom
    Your responses throughout this page have encouraged me to send you this hopefully short message. I have been uploading my music on BBC introducing for a while now and it has been listened to, some of the tracks a few times. I am trying to be patient (2 years) because I know of the amount that have to be handled and I know of the impossible amount of talent out there. However, the automated BBC introducing messages are no longer enough to keep me from wondering what is happening if anything at all. Any idea how I should go about progressing this?
    Thank you

  81. Tom

    Hi Tiki – we’ve heard several tracks you’ve sent us over the years – Swollen and Oye in 2010, Out Of The Black last year and Free Like Smoke last week. We do often get asked by artists why the music they’ve submitted to BBC Introducing hasn’t ended up being featured on the radio, and I’ve done my best to explain how the listening process works (and what kind of material tends to elbow its way to the top of the pil) here:

    In case it’s helpful, I’ve also uploaded a video talk for artists about the broader business of making and promoting independent music:

  82. Ablu

    Hi Tom

    So excited to find this comment thread to send you a message directly – I’ve followed your show for over a year now. I have just begun promoting a new unsigned act called Ablu and have uploaded promo copies of Ablu’s debut singles to BBC Introducing and to your dropbox as linked to above.

    Ablu is an incredibly talented act that I’m really excited to be putting out there so I would be overwhelmed and delighted if you get a chance to consider his tracks for the mixtape. You can also listen on sound cloud.

    I’m anxious to get the campaign for his debut singles off to a thumping start so please could you confirm that the track reached you? Thanks so much. Keep up the good work – you’re such an asset to the UK alternative music scene.

    Jonathon Talis

  83. Tom

    Hi Jonathon
    These are the tracks received in our inbox this week so far, with another 20-30 on the way. Our promise to artists is that our entire team will listen to every one of them*. This isn’t in fact an exciting comment thread for managers and PR companies to try and get special consideration for their particular track, so please don’t waste your time and ours. If we like what comes out of the speakers we’ll feature it. If we don’t, we won’t – end of story.

    TH WAITERS – The Party Song
    CLIPPERSONGS – Clipper December Song
    THE RECKS – Stranger
    NIGHT LANTERN – Ferris Wheel
    TREE OF WOLVES – Half Light (on Planets Remix)
    FRANCIS BOWIE – Sex Drugs & Thrilling
    LAURA DOGGETT – Phoenix (fire The Mob Remix)
    ROSSJPALMER – Beware Of Tomorrow (double Bass Mix)
    COSTAS DE PLATINO – Louis Robinson (we Scream Records)
    THE BIRD AND THE MONKEY – Do You Wanna Bplusmequals Remix
    MICKY DEY – Francis (demo)
    PHIL COOPER – So It Seems
    HARRIET J WOODCOCK – Postcard From Home (from The Ep ‘four Locks’)
    ATOMZERO – Blockade (skinjob 0dayz Rmx)
    FRONTWARDS – Older, Unwiser
    FRONTWARDS – Hachiko
    FOXER – The Great Brain Robbery
    SOLANA – Zenf
    POPOBAWA – Caught In The Middle
    POPOBAWA – Appetite
    COLOUR – Prisoner [demo]
    HEADKN0T – Yes I (free Download)
    HALFBEAK – For Anon.
    MOXIE KICKS – Soul For You
    DAVEITFERRIS – This Is Your Captain Speaking
    PAUL STEPHEN TAYLOR – Bells On Sunday (abridged)
    SONICTEMPLARS – Lay Down Your Guns
    VOES – Giants
    SONGS FOR SINGING – Haven (studio Recording)
    RED DANSETTE – Candice
    FELDSPAR – Hang Your Head
    COLOUR – Strangers
    DESERT PICNIC – Tom Holden
    ABLU // – Hollows
    DAN CLEWS – Sticks And Stones
    THE MATINÉE IDLES – Wonderful
    JOHNNY LUCAS – Over My Head
    KID TRENCH – The Bridge For Clearing Your Debts
    ROADTRIP GOD – Return To Earth – 01 Return To Earth
    FORGET GRAVITY – Fires At Night
    NEW MOTIVE POWER – Sweet Sensation
    JACK EDWARDS – Death Defying
    THE ONIRONAUTS – Russian Lipstick
    FENNEL SEEDS – Under My Skin (new Mix And Master)
    ADAM WEDD – Us
    94 GUNSHIPS – Dig A Hole
    MINDS LIKE TREES – Anna Papadimitriou
    NEW ARCADES – Wherever You Are
    SENSADARK – Machines (dark Club Mix)
    NARCSBAND – Rhs (free Download)
    SIMON KAVIANI – Fools Rush In
    PITCHE EDITOR – Snowballs
    BISCUITHEAD &T B BADGERS – Snow! (single Version)
    KAHAI – Lonely Arms
    YOU ARE NUMBER SIX – Baby I Love You (the Ramones Cover)
    KITXCH – Wolves
    THE DIEBACKS – Happy You Happy Me
    IAIN TILL – The Rise And The Fall
    MOTH EFFECT – Look Nicely
    OLA SZMIDT – I Want To Eat The Moon
    SEE ZED – Buttons And Bones
    THOM BROOKES – Boomerang
    BELLA LOKA – Alive
    JIMPEARSON – Santa’s Revenge
    YOU ARE NUMBER SIX – Palimpsest
    STYLE – Lazytalk
    DEUCE & CHARGER – Wild & Free Ft Rev. Chunky
    CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – The Moth Lantern
    YOUTH CLUB – People
    RECORD/START – Rock From Afar
    AXEL WEISS – Ax.w. ? Blues Vs. Loop (1st Tune On Sc, 4 Years Ago)
    RADIO RADIO UK – Know Where I Stand
    SS – Cbw Ep – Please
    TIM BICK – Slang
    BLUNTED EDGE – Fall From Grace
    JEAN – Marc Milliere – 02 Miles Away
    JORDAN KLASSEN – Piano Brother
    GORDON DUTHIE – Art Or Crime
    SPEED OF A PUMA – I Fell Like Dead Skin
    PAT KYLE – Get Out Of My Way
    CLAYDON CONNOR – A Little Piece Of Heaven
    JOHN D REVELATOR – Kennard Middle Rhyne
    PRINTSJACKSON – Atom Jenkins
    03 – How To Survive A Horror Movie
    XAN TYLER – Into The Blue
    C A R A L I S – Clicks In
    RISA HALL – 8 The Grail
    THOMAS MCCONNELL – Please Don’t Slow Me Down
    MIKE KERSHAW – Farewell
    CANNON BONE – Mould Of Your Own
    SID SINGS – Elvis
    KING PORTER STOMP – Warning (prince Fatty Mix)
    LAXMI – The Colour
    MISSART – Let Me In (a Man Barely Alive Mix)
    PIGSYWIGSY – Prog Rock In A Frock
    BRITAIN – Constant
    SAINT JAMES – Easy
    RUINZ ASON – Alien Encounter (i)

    *We do listen to every single track submitted while the dropbox is open EXCEPT for those who ignore our guidelines and send more than one track (see FRONTWARDS and POPOBAWA above). Those artists’ tracks always get deleted out of sheer self defence: if everyone decided to send us two songs, our listening pile of 140 tracks would grow to 280 and the job would become impossible.

  84. HI Tom
    Thank you for your reply. I did watch your video (too late for the tracks uploaded) and as I read your post on the link you included, I couldn’t help but smile. I hope I am not on your NO pile though ;). Being myself is the only originality there is to me so I always expected it would take time for my music especially since taste is, as you say, something personal. A quick note though: I did upload more songs than the ones you mentioned. Thank you though for taking the time to find out what on earth I was talking about and responding to it on top of the pile you have to go back to. Best wishes, Tiki

  85. Hi Tom
    Many thanks for the reply. Sorry for the misuse of the comment thread here, I’m completely new to the role of promoting and to the industry so just wanted to check I hadn’t messed up the submission process.
    Great to know that the process is blind and honest though.
    Sorry again!

  86. Hi Tom,

    What a great website! Full of useful advise and information for unsigned bands like us (FELLA). I have submitted our new track ‘Sideways’ and look forward to hearing some constructive feedback. We recently had our first play on Radio 1 courtesy of Huw Stephens and I was wondering if you have any advice on how we can build on this?

    Best Regards

  87. Hello,

    I would like to submit some music please.
    I have sent you message on soundcloud and uploaded the track on soundcloud too.

    Please message me back on my email address if you have time and let me know if you received it.

    Best Regards
    Elena Ramona

  88. Tom

    Did you have some problem spotting the large red INBOX with the words “Send a track to our dropbox” to be found at the top of this page every Monday to Thursday? Something like 180 other artists manage to use it every week without any problem. In fact you managed it yourself five weeks ago with your track “Lying Blue Eyes”…

  89. Hi Tom

    I’ve been out of the business a while and have come back into it through my daughter’s (Sophie Janes) music passion – and it’s great to be back and it’s quite an honour that my daughter has been up for working with her old man! I’m learning loads and freshonthenet is a quite brilliant impulse – so thank you.

    A quick question – we mastered the first single at Abbey Rd in December and uploaded to BBC introducing soon after. The single comes out end March. We’ve just released the video which has now been picked up by Emirates for their in-flight music show for a couple of months which is great, and we’re getting ok noises from MTV too. On the back of rough mixes of this single and two other tracks, Sophie has also been offered her own artist showcase for SXSW which we’re taking up in 2016. But I have to assume that back in late December/Jan BBC introducing ‘passed’ on the track since I’ve never heard anything. With such encouraging things happening around it I’d love to get someone at the Beeb to reassess the track – is there a precedent for that, or could that happen via here? (I have just added it to your group here).
    Thanks again Tom – the work you’re doing here for indie artists is awesome. I’ve just joined AIM and they’re another fantastic resource for us indie bods.
    Best wishes,

  90. Hello, do you have to click the “upload to group” tab or can you use the “select a track from your profile” option, which also seems to be a possibility?



  91. Tom

    @Barry Durdant-Hollamby
    Hi Barry – the biggest problem most artists seem to face in promoting their music is grasping just *how many* other artists they’re competing with. So you’re thinking about the fact that you spent money mastering a record at Abbey Road and are puzzling over how somebody at BBC Introducing could have “passed” on it.

    But the issue is one of simple arithmetic: we get sent 150-200 tracks every single week. Many of them are pretty good, but the BBC only gives me one hour of airtime in which I can play them. That’s 16 or 17 tracks maximum – so every week anything up to 180 artists (many of them pretty good) are bound to be disappointed.

    A dozen of us here at FOTN do listen to every single track that comes in and we will of course listen to one you’ve uploaded – alongside all the others this week. For more on how the process works see

  92. Hi Tom – greatly appreciate the response and I do understand the numbers!

    AND THANK YOU for doing the work you do to champion indie artists. It’s incredible. I wasn’t complaining at all, just wondering whether a track that has been through the BBC introducing doorway once, can be revisited. You have helped me see how that’s possible.


  93. Hi Tom,

    Firstly let me thank you for the great opportunity you give to unsigned artists, what you do means a lot to us.
    I think I just updated one of our (Darkbeat) tracks on Soundcloud Freshnet dropbox but I’m not 100% sure it went through.
    Hope you don’t mind if I put a link here as well, just in case:



  94. Hi,
    I think this idea for cutting down on landfill is a great idea but I’m experiencing problems with the uploader. The track seemed to upload but then started the upload cycle again. At the end of the second cycle it said that there was an error. I guess this could be because the first one actually did go through but I can’t find a way of checking that it has. A message did come up at one point to say that the band name was not required in the title but, as that’s requested, I can’t see why that would cause problems.
    Track details are: FIONA & GORWEL OWEN – Hollowed-Out Tree
    Thanks very much,

  95. Beyond the clones

    Hi there, my producer name is Beyond the clones, I’ve submitted to your soundcloud but I accidently submitted the wrong tune as i had the same cover photo and the correct tune was on a private setting so it didn’t come up on my upload selection, I know it says not to upload two tunes but is possible this time to discard it, you will know which one it is it has not got my production name in capitals with the dash before the name of the tune. keep up the good work and I hope you can look past my stupidity. Keep up the good work.


  96. Tom….
    We are The Z
    We are the sonic assassins on a mission to wipe out audio pollution in all its forms -plastic pop, corporate rock, you name it.
    We have uploaded our forthcoming debut single ‘New Radio’ to your Dropbox.
    Hope you’ve got it/ dig it!
    We are the power in the darkness, frightening lies from the other side!

    Simon Future
    Z Manager

  97. Thanks for this opportunity, we’ll look at uploading. We have already have 5 tracks broadcast on BBC Introducing in recent months and are looking at further ways to get the word out!

  98. I am struggling to get any airplay and my music would suit BBC Radio 6 Music.

  99. Tom

    @Elliott Buckley try reading the article on this page:

    “To send me a tune for my BBC Introducing Mixtape, upload it to our Dropbox group on Soundcloud any Monday to Thursday afternoon. You don’t need a plugger, a promo CD or any of the other old music biz malarky – this is the 100% guaranteed way of getting your music heard by me. It will also get considered by the rest of Team Freshnet for our Listening Post.

    However for airplay you do also need to upload your track to BBC Introducing – otherwise it won’t qualify for the BBC Introducing Mixtape. No upload=no airplay”

  100. Hiya Tom & the team

    The track I want to send to you is part of an unreleased EP and is only published privately on soundcloud at the moment (the record doesn’t come out until 8th April) – is there a way to get the track over to you via an email link or wetransfer?



  101. I have uploaded lots of tracks to BBC intro. They have all been listened to, some of them up to 3 times, but still no airplay. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. You still need that “right place, right time” slice of luck.

    To be honest, Ron, BBC Introducing airplay has nothing to do with “right place right time”, or with luck. It’s to do with making exceptional music that jumps out of the speakers and grabs people’s attention more than the other 200 artists who submitted tunes that week. For more info on how the process works in my own case see
    Tom Robinson

  102. Good evening.

    I received two emails in the second week of May which informed me that my tracks had been listened to and that I should expect to receive further emails if they are selected for airplay. I am writing to inquire if there is a cut-off point by which I can assume that the tracks are NOT going to be played on air?

    Thank you for your time.


  103. Tom

    Hi Edewede
    I listened to your Sanctus track when you sent it to us at Fresh On The Net back in April. Personally I don’t send people notifications beacause if you send us a track anytime our dropbox is open our whole team including me will listen to it. If I like the track very much then I’ll play it on the radio within the next 3-4 weeks, but the competition’s pretty fierce – see

    I’ve just checked and Lucy Eliot-Higgitt from Radio 3 also listened to Sanctus – on the BBC Introducing Uploader – in early May. Every time anyone at BBC radio listens to any track on the Uploader, it generates an automatic email to let the artist know their track has been heard. But again, most music programmes get sent 9 or 10 times more music each week than they can possibly play, so you would definitely have heard by now if your track was going to get played on air.

    If you have any further questions about the BBC Introducing, check out their website at

  104. Good evening Tom.

    Thank you very much for your reply. Okay, this is helpful to know.

    Keep up the good work.

    Many regards,

  105. Hi Tom. I did submit 3 tracks that said they had been listened to but moved areas in between all 3 submissions. Am I a forgotten artist, now or is there an area coverage confusion. They are getting some good feedback in the US so also wondered is it more of a Genre preference thing at play here.

    Best wishes
    Adam Jo

  106. Hi Tom,

    Sound cloud keep telling me they can’t access the URL on your submit page? Any tips if this is a problem at my end rather than yours? I have a track I’d love you to hear. I submitted through bbc introducing over a month ago but it’s not yet been listened to and i’m working hard to get it to peoples’ ears in all ways I can think of! Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  107. Hi Tom
    Thanks for the reply. My remark about “right place right time” wasn’t a snipe at BBC intro and Fresh on the net, both of which provide a great opportunity for new artists. It was a general comment on the music business. I probably could have made that a bit clearer in my post.

  108. Dear Freshonthenet team,

    I just want to thank you for selecting our latest track for this week’s MIXTAPE.

    It’s a hard slog making original music – so to be recognised on this forum, alongside some incredibly talented people is fantastic.

    Please pass on my thanks to the moderators who are so friendly and supportive.

    Keep up the good work guys.


  109. So so pleased that this Mixtape exists. It’s one of the few remaining proper channels for independent musicians from one of the last few genuine radio DJ’s.

    We have had huge support from the Three Counties Introducing Team so no complaints there at all, but this mixtape just feels quite special.

    Would be great to hear some of our own music on Fresh On The Net one day, but either way we’ll be tuning in.

  110. Hello,

    We have already uploaded Monkey See Monkey Do to the Uploader, would we still need to Soundcloud it? 🙂

    Thanking you


  111. I’m pretty impressed that Tom makes answering all the comments people post here part of his mission.

  112. Tom Robinson

    @SelBalamir why thank you 🙂 @Mark As of last week in Sept 2017 I’m on holiday and then away on tour next month, but will be back listening again from November 2017. In normal circumstances though you need to share with this blog on Soundcloud if you definitely want me to hear it, and you also need to upload it to BBC Introducing for airplay.

  113. Hi,
    I’ve recently done a BBC Introducing session in Stoke broadcast 28th Oct, I’ve written a lot of songs and recorded 4 but wanted to send you my music for your to consider for mixtape, is soundcloud the only way? I don’t have a soundcloud account for some reason I thought it had gone bankrupt and was folding?

    Hi Lissy
    Yes Soundcloud is the only way we can accept submissions from everybody who’d like to send us a tune, and funnel them into a single online playlist. That way all of our moderators – living in various locations across Europe – can easily listen to everything we get sent each week, and nothing falls between the cracks. It takes five minutes to create a basic Soundcloud account and costs nothing. Hundreds of bands and artists manage manage to send us their music every month without difficulty. It’s certainly possible Soundcloud will go bankrupt and fold one day, and if that happens we will switch to some other submission method. Best wishes
    Tom Robinson

  114. Hey Tom,

    Have just submitted some music for your via soundcloud and on BBC introducing so hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon if you’re still active on this page!

    – many thanks


  115. Hello Tey
    Just to confirm that your track has arrived in our inbox along with 126 others so far this week – see list below. The final total ends at around 150-200 by Thursday lunchtime, when we close the inbox and start listening to everything. As the article on this page says, iit isn’t possible to give feedback on individual tracks but I will listen to your tune – and if I love it, I’ll play it. For more on how the process works see
    Tom Robinson
    As at 9.46 Wednesday 13 June 2017:
    ELECTRO IN BLACK ~EIB~ – Love Has Never Called ….. Ever.
    ZARBOSA – Till The End
    O9ECHI – Start Dancing (Official Audio)
    GORILLABRAIN – Fire (Watch Me Breathe)
    WILD HOPE – I’ve Seen The Future
    TEYJON – Care For You
    OLIVIAAWBREY – Don’t Be Alarmed
    WHERE WE SLEEP – Veins (Featuring Debbie Smith)
    SAVING DANNY – Glorious
    WATERFAHL – Urban Caveman
    CAMENS – Danny DeVito
    ROCKET KINGS – Spellbound
    HANOVER – Saw You Alone
    THEKUNIG – No Glory
    SAINT SAPPHIRE – Hurricane (mp3)
    KAROO CHANTI – Las Chicas (Prod JFlames)
    BANCO DE GAIA – Glove Puppet (SOPHIE BARKER And FastLap Remix)
    EDEN – Let It Go (HQ)
    CRAZY QUILT BOUQUET – England’s Time Has Come
    WILL SAMSON – Faroleiro
    SLOWPOET – Dreamcatcher
    THE RECKS – Lights
    MYKEZ 2NATION – Readii
    ELYSSDAYA – Ignition
    HORRIBLE DOLPHINS – Peacetime Riots
    GIZMO VARILLAS – The Truth Will Be Heard
    CORELLA – Fever
    BABA VUK – The Invention Of The Soul
    ZURICH – My Protocol
    RICH STEPHENSON – Get What I Want
    JIM JOHNSTON – Chemical Time
    BUTTNESS – Happy Story
    LITTLE GIRL – Phoenix ONeill
    FRANKELLY SOSA – Was The One (ft. Winty)(Prod. @pujiedits)
    HARRY CARMAN – Change
    OZZA – Loneliness
    HURST – Purple & Green
    JACK IN A BOX – House Of Mirrors
    RUNTOLIFE – Out Of Time
    JOSEPH LE VEN – The Arrival.wav
    TRES KINGS BAND – Away In The Night St 16 Bit V3 MP3 MASTER (1)
    EMERGER – Hindsight
    SIôR BOYESEN – Take Me Home
    MICHAEL A – My 1970’s Girl
    THEDEATHNOTES – Syncretize
    R.J. ARCHER – Discotheque In The Dark
    NOAH CJ – When Im Gone
    PORTERFIELD – Christine
    GHOST ACCUSER – New Condition
    DT SLIDES – Sparks Fly
    JOOSTVD – My Cat Is Stoned
    HELEN RAVEN – Tapestry Stitches
    INTO THE SILENCE – People Say
    MICK SHEPHERD – Defiant Proud
    JUAN MARIA SOLARE – JUAN MARIA SOLARE | Puma (Piano | Tango Nuevo)
    DAVIS MALLORY – Sun And Moon (Radio Edit)
    ANDYGUSNAN & MAORI KINJO – Better Off Without You
    NICK WORRALL – A Small But Certain Affirmation
    HARD GUM – Weapons
    THE LOW COUNTRIES – This Is Now (2018)
    BLUESTAR – Waiting For…
    PAULMCK – Leaps And Bounds (by Amanda And Paul)
    GARY JULES – Mad World (Bug’s Mix)
    BLUE-RIVER – Watergate Bay
    BERRY BROWN – Glitterball Heart
    THE FLEAS – OK Hello
    FENCE28 – Under My Wing
    NALINI NEEROHOO – The Feeling Inside
    SCOTT LAVENE – Hollywood
    PRETTY BABS – Fade So Low
    FOSSA – 1861
    MADI – Intimate
    CELLARSCAPE – Blindfold
    COLOBA – The Conductor
    DANNY STARR – Double Red Line
    LYING FOR FRIENDS – Weather Song
    MANN ELFER – Hold Back
    WILD SPIRIT – Senses On Fire
    HAYES & Y – Over
    THE KING IN MIRRORS – Big Tomorrow
    NEEDSHES – Time To See
    BEN WRIGHT MUSIC – 1. Lifeline
    NEO_101_ – PADDED CELL
    LEAVING ATLANTIS – Calling (Monolith)
    PHILEASFOGGUK – Will Never Be Played Again.
    SOMASU – Darksoulboy
    ZAMRISH – We’re Going To Russia In 2018 Come On England
    LAKE ACACIA – Ask Me Again Tomorrow
    COSMOSAPIEN – Marquis
    PAUL LAPPIN – Country Songs And Lullabies
    THE BRIGHT LIGHTS – Feeling Small
    CECIL – Black Maria
    AMERIK – One
    HOLLY REES – Magpie
    COME ALIVE – The Super Moons

  116. Hey Tom,

    My names Scott, I’m in a band called Camens. We have submitted 4 tracks to you over the last couple of years. Our first submission ‘Boys Will Stray’ made your list of 25 but didn’t make it to air sadly.

    Our last submission ‘Danny Devito’ has recently been played by Steve Lamacq on his BBC Radio 6 Music show. So we are wondering whether it made it to air on your show too ? I’m trying to find show playlists from the last couple of months but am having no joy? Is there any way you could shed any light on this for us please ?

    either way, take another listen bud 😉 and look out for our next submission , ‘Slept on the Sofa’ we should have it to you in September!

    Best Regards,


    Hello Scott
    Yep a dozen of us heard Danny DeVito when you sent it to us in June 2018. It was one of 160+ tracks that came in that week – you can hear them all at Unfortunately we can only fit 25 songs into our Listening Post and I only get enough airtime on my BBC Introducing Mixtape to play about 16 or 17 tunes maximum.

    So 140 artists (many of them very good) are bound to end up disappointed each week because we simply don’t have room to feature everybody. All of us listen to everything that comes in, so as I say we did already hear Danny DeVito. As it happens, it didn’t elbow its way into the top five of any of our moderators including me.

    But then our musical tastes are very different from Steve Lamacq’s – and he’s got a much better track record of picking artists who are going to become successful. So it’s much more important that your music appeals to Steve than to the likes of me and Team Freshnet.

    Meanwhile we look forward to hearing “Slept on the Sofa” in September. My best advice would be to leave submitting it until two weeks after we re-open, as there will be a huge number of submissions after our AUgust break. The competition will probably be a lot less ferocious by Monday 17th Sept…
    Tom Robinson

  117. Hi Ross,

    I hope you don’t mind me messaging. I have just released my first EP just a few days ago and am looking for the opportunity to be heard by radio specialists like yourself. However, my question is does this blog and music area still run? I only ask because I have looked at the past comments and the last one was back in 2016..

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    p.s if you happen to get the chance, check out my EP on or all streaming services! Thanks ever so much.

    Kind regards,
    Jacob Browne

  118. Hi Tom
    We (The Mighty Ur) have just released an album which has just been selected for The Wire Magazine’s ambient picks – LINK: Unfortunately we don’t have a soundcloud account. Our music is on bandcamp and spotify. Can we send a bandcamp link to you?

    Many thanks, Steve McAuliffe (vocalist, lyricist, The Mighty Ur)

  119. Vic


    Is there any way I can share a private track? I have a song coming out on the 23rd November so it is currently private on SoundCloud but I’d love to get it heard as early as possible in preparation for release, as I read that radio stations like to receive music around four weeks before it comes out!! Will I have to wait til release day or is there a way to share a private link with you?

  120. Hi Tom

    I have a few longer tunes in the 5-6 minute range i’m thinking of submitting, but am I right in thinking that I’m better off making a shorter radio edit to get airplay in your mixtape and other introducing shows? If so, you what would you suggest is the ideal range to land in?

    We were delighted you played our track archway a couple of weeks ago!

    Eg is parasite a bit too long to be considered in your view..


  121. Hi Tom, firstly thank you to you and the fresh on the net team for recently pop-picking my song Saving Grace (Grice) as one of the Fresh Fave tracks. However, to add to previous threads I am feeling a little perplexed and disillusioned at the bbc introducing process locally, though I have had some tracks played by your good self in past years and one played by bbc intro Devon (2 years ago) – my recent submissions (taken from my latest album One Thousand Birds), have not been listened to, 3 tracks I put forward but had no ‘your track was listened to’ Email. I Worked so hard on the latest album and put forward some songs I feel passionate about but wondering how to get them considered for AirPlay if they are not listened to – though I originate from London I am in Devon and judging by previous comments there seems to be some issue with bbc Devon (have contacted them directly with tracks but not had much response). I am an artist who has had airplay through your good self and so I am truly appreciative, the challenge is where to go next to sustain airplay and find ways to get the music out there. I get so much support and radio play in Europe from small passionate stations but apart from radio caroline and a few very small internet stations in Uk I can not get the songs on the radio in my own country – I am aware of the volume of music you receive so I am not assuming that all my tracks will be aired I am also in awe of the role you have adopted in championing new music (it seems you are flying this flag alone) but I want to feel the songs are getting through and being heard and thinking how I can translate the lovely comments I get from moderators and listeners to solid airplay and support. As I said I put 3 tracks forward in a row (Hungersleep, Letterbomb, One Thousand Birds) but they were not listened to ;( for what it is worth here is one of the three submitted through the bbc intro and listening post:
    I salute you for your continued support and the work you do to un-earth new emerging talent and all the lost musical souls.
    Yours – the ever un-consoled GRICE x

  122. P.s. I am aware that not all tracks can be listened to, but there was a problem with bbc intro Uploader over a period of time so I think tracks went under the radar…. and re-submission is a no no – hard to get meaningful contact with the local bbc intro guys. Onwards – some good things are happening (I feel it in my bones:)
    Kind regards

    Hello Grice – I did go and check your BBC Introducing profile, and yes alas it looks like those three tunes very regrettably fell victim to the recent technical glitches on the BBC Uploader a month or two ago and went unheard. But I’m also pleased to report that the stats on your most recent upload “Saving Grace” were far more encouraging (see below). So it looks like the feeling in your bones is absolutely correct 🙂
    Tom Robinson

    20 May 2019
    Uploaded to BBC Music Introducing in Devon
    24 May 2019
    Listened – sarah.gosling from BBC Music Introducing in Devon
    24 May 2019
    Liked – sarah.gosling from BBC Music Introducing in Devon
    25 May 2019
    Listened – Madeleine Parker from BBC Music Introducing in Cornwall
    25 May 2019
    Downloaded – sarah.gosling
    29 May 2019
    Listened – Tom Robinson (External) from The BBC Music Introducing Mixtape
    29 May 2019
    Downloaded – Tom Robinson (External) from The BBC Music Introducing Mixtape

  123. Sarah Gosling

    @GricePeters P.s. I am aware that not all tracks can be listened to, but there was a problem with bbc intro Uploader over a period of time so I think tracks went under the radar…. and re-submission is a no no – hard to get meaningful contact with the local bbc intro guys. Onwards – some good things are happening (I feel it in my bones:)
    Kind regards

    Hello Grice – I did go and check your BBC Introducing profile, and yes alas it looks like those three tunes very regrettably fell victim to the recent technical glitches on the BBC Uploader a month or two ago and went unheard. But I’m also pleased to report that the stats on your most recent upload “Saving Grace” were far more encouraging (see below). So it looks like the feeling in your bones is absolutely correct ?
    Tom Robinson

    Hi Grice! Sarah here from BBC Intro Devon and Cornwall (and mod on this fine site when I have time!) – I firstly just wanted to apologise for some of your tracks not being listened to. I now do both counties as you know, but have to listen through all tracks myself where before many people did, as well as produce and present two other brand new shows. It’s all quite a lot and as such some tracks do fall by my wayside, particularly in very bus periods, but I am working back through to try and bridge the gap. I pride myself on always being around the 90% listened mark, but sometimes it can be a little tricky!

    Fantastically though I’m very happy to say that ‘Saving Grace’ is in this week’s show, which I pre-recorded earlier in the week. I think it’s a fab track, and hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing it on the show this weekend! Sorry again, but as you say, bright things are coming.

    (Also I’ve had a lot from your promo people but not from you I don’t think; best email is Thanks!)

    Sarah x

  124. Firstly Thanks Tom for your speedy and thoroughly positive reply, I really appreciate you checking and for the update on Saving Grace and the listening history! You are a star.
    Also…. hello Sarah and thank you for your kind comments and for including the track on your show! I look forward to hearing it and to talking further, thank you for the mail address I will contact you personally with part two of this track (Grace) and other birdsongs….
    I appreciate your attention.
    All the best

    Grice x

  125. Hi.
    Thanks for all the great shows…and this cool blog!
    I have a question for Tom.
    I was selected to the listening post twice and both times was in Tom’s 5 picks (Thank you Tom).
    One track (this:
    ended up on Fresh Faves(334). Thanks for everyone who voted for me by the way.
    And the other track (this: didn’t make it as far. It was however, voted for by Tom. The following evening I received 3 emails from BBC Introducing that MIXTAPE has listened to my tracks (from the BBC uploader). So I was hoping to be featured on the show (11/11/19) Sat and waited… enjoyed but ended up disappointed as hell until I drank myself back to life 🙁
    My question is: why? Is my stuff unsuitable for mass consumption? Is it just not good enough for airtime? I will appreciate any feedback and guidance.
    Thanks for your time (and thanks again for voting for me twice. It’s like the highlight of my career).

  126. Tom

    Nah don’t be daft – the problem is arithmetic, not song quality. We hear far more great tunes every week than we can possibly play in a 60 minute BBC Introducing Mixtape. I listen to at least 200 songs a week, and can only fit about 16 into each show, so obviously at least 184 artists are always going to be disappointed. Week after week. As to feedback and guidance: I’d say don’t get fixated on airplay – your music is strong and interesting regardless of whether some dickhead like me plays it on the radio. With work of this quality you’re bound to get played sooner or later and when you do you’ll suddenly discover that in all honesty, radio airplay doesn’t actually make that much difference. Yes it’s a badge of status that proves you’ve arrived – which is always good. But the key to having a longterm career is to build a loyal audience for your music. A few radio plays may help, but not as much as you’d think. Only people listening to that show on that station at that time on that day will hear it, and even then they may have just the radio on in the background. Airplay comes and then it’s gone: what happens the week after, the month after, the year after you’ve been played on the radio? Actually 1,000 genuine subscribers on YouTube is way more useful for your longterm music career (and way easier/cheaper to achieve) than a week of airplay on Radio 1. So keep making quality tunes, and meantime maybe get some advice and help with your approach to social media – you must know friends or family who are good at this stuff. And finally – to return to the question of airplay – don’t forget the problem of arithmetic. Both the great tracks you mention are around 4 minutes long – nothing wrong with that – but there are only ever 60 minutes in a one hour radio show. See Tip #3 on how to double your chances of airplay at

  127. Hi Tom.
    Thank you for your kind words and advice.

    All the best


  128. Hi, we would like to submit a song but don’t use soundcloud, we try to put as much creative energy into our website instead.
    We have had a song played on bbc introducing in Essex and would like to submit that one, how can we do this?
    Thanks for your time,

  129. Hi Tom,

    I’d love to submit one of my band Paperfriend’s songs to FOTN but don’t use Soundcloud. Is there another way? I don’t want to start an account purely for this because it’ll get lost in the shuffle and won’t be updated which is not a good thing.

    The BBC Intro Kent team have stopped listening to my music recently as well. Is there anything that can be done to make sure it gets listened to? I don’t expect airplay but uploading without even getting a listen seems a bit pointless.

    p.s. I think this website would be better if the comments were ordered in reverse chronological order 😊

  130. Gwyn Dewey

    What is the difference between the 2 shows are they both broadcast and are they both podcasts …’s confusing as I would like to get them all automatically.. .I’m assuming there’s no way that it can be sent as a file and I need to get a podcast app… it possible to email me the showd

    You’re definitely confused Gwyn. There’s only one show: it’s called the BBC Introducing Mixtape, and yes you can download it as an MP3 file with no need for a podcast app. Here’s the link:

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