BBC Mixtape: 07 Dec 2015

Orlando Seale


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with with information about the music that’s been provided by the artists themselves.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 7th December at 2am.

ORLANDO SEALE & THE SWELL – Wrestling [starts 00:18]
British-born singer songwriter Orlando Seale was living and working as an actor in LA when his girlfriend lent him Elliot Smith’s old guitar. Then she left him. He made his way home to London and was struck by the rapidly changing capital, staggering along in the wake of the financial crash. A new menace, and a keen sense of mortality shot through his songs. A collaboration with an orchestra for The Old Vic Tunnels gave birth to The Swell, and a more ambitious sound that sought to capture the epic sweep of the “unreal city”, its caffeinated highs and gin-street lows. The band have played everything from stripped-back intimate living room tours to festival stages including Green Man, Wilderness and No Direction Home, with as many as 20 members on stage.

HAWK – Once Told [starts 03:35]
Hawk are a post-rock indie band based in London. Their sound is described by The Line of Best Fit as “simply sublime, with sharp post-punk riffs akin to Warpaint’s clearer moments or Savages’ smoggier ones.” Irish-born singer Julie Hawk, began collaborating on anoustic project with Matt Harris in 2012. They teamed with Sam and Chris to form HAWK in 2013, adding a new abrasive edge to their sound, while retaining the detail and delicacy of their acoustic roots. HAWK released their Clock Hands EP in late 2014. This was followed by Glass, a hypnotic post-rock track released in support of Marriage Equality. Their live show is a powerful exploration of their expansive sound. Over past couple of years they’ve been touring Ireland and the UK, with festival slots at Other Voices and The Great Escape, as well as running their own nights through thweir home-grown label, Veta Records. HAWK’s new single Once Told is now streaming on Soundcloud, in the run-up to their self-titled EP in spring 2016.

ARCTIC TURN – Bait Feat. Jack Davies [starts 07:42]
“After 2 years, the forming guitarist and vocalist of Kolo Tamam and Johnny Sly bassist decided to branch out and start doing some solo work as Arctic Turn. The results are a series of genre spanning tracks with a range of influences from hip-hop to funk to post-rock to zouk.”

WYLDEST – Dark Matter [starts 10:53]
Wyldest comprise songwriter and producer Zoe Mead, guitarist Holly Mullineaux and drummer Jack Gooderham. Based in London, the trio make indie-pop music with a hint of shoegaze, influenced from the likes of Souxsie and The Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Blonde Redhead and Depeche Mode. They have enjoyed early support from The Telegraph, The Line of Best Fit, DIY Magazine and The Indie Shuffle and recently teamed up with Grammy award winning producer Guy Massey (Palma Violets, The Libertines, Idlewild) who has added further crunch to their typical dream pop sentiments. Dark Matter is their new single and the title track of their forthcoming EP due for release, February 2016.”

HOOPLA BLUE – Rotten Sodden Loot [starts 15:53]
“This new single Rotten Sodden Loot has featured as Q Magazine’s Track of the Day, whilst another new track Wool Eyed Brood has received plays across BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing. Hoopla Blue have been invited by Tom Robinson to perform at a BBC Music Awards 2015 showcase in their hometown of Birmingham on 7th December. This performance is being recorded for BBC 6 Music. Early performances garnered the band support appearances withDutch Uncles, Wolf Alice, Temples, Stealing Sheep, Merchandise and Happyness amongst others. Debut release Mother EP is out now on limited edition 7″ vinyl (FOMA) in select record shops including Rough Trade East and Rough Trade New York. Also available digitally via iTunes & Amazon.

LADY SANITY – Only When I’m Dreaming [starts 19:25]
“Hailing from Birmingham, Lady Sanity is a twenty one year old female emcee who mixes truthful content with punchy multi-syllable lyrics. With musical interest originating from multiple genres, her inspiration is never ending. The success of her previous mixtape Construction, gaining support from BBC 1xtra & conscious rap channel Global-Faction, has directed her to begin working on music with artists & producers worldwide. Her latest work, to be released at the end of the year, is a collaborative project with producer Abstract Soundz; titled Summer In September. Sanity describes the project as an awakening for her listeners: “It’s partly based on the fact summer never really comes to the UK, the weather is inconsistent, so you can have it whenever, and partly for the fact the music is promoting freedom of thought and individuality, not fitting the norm”. With influences from the greats like Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte and Missy Elliot, the female emcee hopes to continue to represent the empowering characteristics that woman can in the industry hold.”

BOAT TO ROW – Turn The Page [starts 22:32]
“We’ve just released our debut album I Found You Here on our own label Nocturne Records, and we’ve finished playing a few album launch shows.” say Boat To Row. “We’re delighted to have been invited to play Tom’s 6 Music showcase in Birmingham on Monday 7th December so that will be our last show of the year. We’ll be doing some more dates across February and March which we’re just finalising and will be announced shortly!”

CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS – Empire [starts 26:58]
“2015 looks set to be an outstanding year for London based Electro Alt Rock three-piece Calling All Astronauts. They have already seen their 260,000 strong followers on their verified Twitter account help get their 2013 single to number 1 in the Twitter Music Chart to celebrate lead singer, David B’s birthday on Jan 25th and as a precursor to their eagerly awaited second album they release their first single of 2015, “Show Me Love” (a take on the 80s classic) on March 22nd via Supersonic Media. They have stamped the Robin S dancefloor classic with their signatory Calling All Astronauts sound whilst managing to recreate Stonebridge’s fat synths and awesome topline hook. They have added a bassline to rival a Daft Punk floorfiller, courtesy of new Bassist, Paul McCrudden, formerly of The Marionettes. J’s overdriven guitars crash and bash throughout while David B’s dark vocal completes what is either the rockiest house track or the housiest rock track you’ll hear this year! The package is completed by a stripped down dub remix from Supersonic Media’s new kid on the block, Croatian Tech House producer Wraith. A moody cut up affair that is bound to smash many a dancefloor in the coming months.”

FAITALA – Beasts (Dutch Uncles Remix) [starts 30:53]
“Manchester based three-piece Faitala released their debut single on Tiny Records on 27th November. Beasts sees the band take on a more synth led electronic sound. The single is released on CD, digitally and as a limited edition ten-inch vinyl which will come backed with a really great mix by Dutch Uncles. Formed just over a year ago, the Faitala line up of David (guitar / vocals), Emma (synth), and Oli (Drums) were invited to play a live session on Marc Riley’s BBC 6 show after he saw the band play locally at one of their very early live shows. The infectious pop of the yet to be released Plush from that three song session, was subsequently picked up and played extensively by fellow DJs Tom Robinson on his Music Introducing Mixtape, Gideon Coe and XFM’s John Kennedy.”

PANKHABILLI – Edge Of The Coin [starts 34:57]
“North-Wales based duo, Parisian singer-songwriter Claire Jacquemard & Owain Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts and We Are Animal) have put the finishing touch to a debut EP as Pankhabilli. The songs retain a flair for the epic and dramatic which has been recently rewarded by a record deal. The EP will be released next year on vinyl then the band will be touring Europe, more details will be revealed soon. For the moment the songs are downloadable from Our influences are a massive tornado of different style, from Queen to King Crimson, crossing by PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple via R. Stevie Moore to Radiohead This leads us to a chameleon church with no god, where we commit every day. Pankhabilli music turns into a kind of hybrid shoegazish-drama-pop with a special appeal for textures, structures and constructed rhythm section.”

SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY – 100% Hitler Free [starts 38:29]
Sweet Deals On Surgery are a band from the North West of England that play raucous, poppy, noisy, thoughtful punk music. They are Rob/Alex/Tim/Tao(welcome new member!). Over the last year or so SDOS have smashed many gigs, making an (sometimes drunken) impact on all who have witnessed their energetic live shows. 100% Hitler Free is a short and snappy slice of noisy punk with new wave pop overtones, available as a free download from their upcoming debut album ‘The Snake And The Snoozer’ (recorded by Karl Sveinsson at Queens Ark Audio, Levenshulme), which will be released next year. For now, you can download 100% Hitler Free, for free, from the band’s Soundcloud page. Plus you can get their 2014 debut EP, Total Reek Hole, absolutely free from Sister 9 records shop”

GHOST OF THE AVALANCHE – City Heat [starts 40:36]
“Punk duo, Ghost Of The Avalanche yet again prove that all you need is a bass guitar, a stripped down drum set and vocals. City Heat is the second single to be taken from the This Is Earth EP, released 18th September on Casseblank Records/Grebo Records. This time drummer Miles takes lead vocals and regales stories of noir-esque cityscapes and living for the moment whilst bassist Nick tears through blues-punk riffs and supports on backing vocals. The band recently completed a short tour with the reunited, The Ordinary Boys and as well as a few select shows in January, are already booking their next outing for late March/early April 2016. For tour developments and new music coming in the New Year, be sure to check them out on facebook at to see when they are playing near you.”

LAURAN HIBBERD – The House I Built When I Was Small [starts 43:06]
Lauran Hibberd strikes a poetic balance between Pop and Folk by combining her ethereal vocal with a simple, delicate guitar style. Drawing influence from artists such as Laura Marling and Lucy Rose, Lauran, at just 18, spins her achingly moving lyrics into quirky tales of growing up (and often wishing she hadn’t). In every song, Lauran is the narrator of her own story, she has a compelling way of describing life as she sees it, and this, matched with her beautifully gripping vocal is enough to silence any room. Her debut single The House I Built When I Was Small, due for release Dec 6th, highlights the touching comparison between facing reality as a child and facing reality as an adult. The angelic story behind the song can resonate so personally to most, making it such a captivating and reminiscent listen. The early part of 2016 will see Lauran playing live shows both on and off the Island with more new music due for release.”

A BAND CALLED BOY – Pure Nostalgia [starts 45:06]
“Finding equilibrium between unabashed pop sensibilities and a penchant for self-oscillating noise, Abandcalledboy work on their own wavelength. Unafraid to pair mambo percussion against hissing techno-influenced guitars in the same song, their visceral live show is a spectacle in the bizarre that flexes in tandem with a sneering tongue-in-cheek vocal.”

PRODBEAR – This Place [starts 47:45]
Prodbear has arrived complete with gizmos, gadgets and perfect poetry. In his lyrics you’ll notice cheeky, razor sharp observation and a thought provoking narrative on today’s culture. He largely attributes his output to spending his childhood under headphones, absorbing life through a soundtrack ranging from dub music through to ska. Today he peeks out of a small office window drinking his latte, wondering why he took the headphones off. You can buy his music at or grab a free download at his website”

MOUTH OF GHOSTS – Somebody Like You [starts 50:27]
“London based Mouth of Ghosts have returned after 18 months away with the double A-side release of Somebody Like You and Falling Down. Somebody Like You has been described as “a groaning seductive leviathan of a track” and that it “sounds like a Bond theme written by Beth Gibbons and performed by Bjork” by reviewers from Fresh on the Net. The band is now working with multiple singers, and this track is a collaboration with Elisa Zoot from Black Casino and the Ghost. The rest of the band are made up of Simon Langford (guitar), Yannis Paloyannidis (bass) and Phil Page (drums). Going into 2016 the band has plans for a new EP and a series of live shows. The two new tracks are available for free download from the website, as are their previous 2 EPs – When The Sun Sets and You Will Go Again From Me, both of which have had tracks played by Tom Robinson on the BBC Introducing Mixtape.”

THE WHOLLS – X21 [starts 54:48]
“For a band that began their career by sneaking into their would-be manager’s grounds, then setting up a PA on the lawn and playing their hearts out without invitation, it was clear these guys were never going to go unheard. The Wholls (Wolz) are a Bedford-based 4 piece who play alternative rock music for venues packed with manic fans, with a sound that would sit equally as comfortably on mainstream radio along with Jamie T, Royal Blood and Foals.Their live shows make punk rock look like a picnic – performed with an enthusiasm and energy rivaled by nobody. They have a string of shows lined up, including a pre-launch party at Camden’s Barfly for their debut single, X21, ensuring The Wholls will be making their presence felt throughout the UK.”

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