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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and reviewed by Fresh On The Net’s Sharon Pearce this week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

ADANNAY – Her Favourite Song

Adannay, a 21-year-old soulful singer-songwriter from London who is not new to the music scene, but has just started to release her own material. She launched her debut single Her Favourite Song at Battersea Barge last December in an amazing sold out show. The lucky audience were also treated to a preview of her debut EP, which is set to drop soon, so keep your eager ears and eyes out for that one.

Her Favourite Song oozes with soul so effortlessly from Adannay’s vocal delivery in this exquisite track with a laid back groove. A thought provoking storyline that appears to be about offering support when the chips are down and a broken heart needs mending. Emotive and believable storytelling, and whoever is the topic of conversation in this track, real or imaginary, most certainly has a friend indeed.

My only complaint is the amount of online searching I had to do to find all of the links because they aren’t listed on her bio!

On a more positive note I would hereby like to award Adannay with my Earworm Of The Week award.

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CROOKEDWEATHER – Hares On The Mountain

Crooked Weather describe themselves as a rock-infused folk band, based out of a tragic mustard 1979 campervan. They hail from the depths of East Yorkshire, with the lilting (apparently a form of traditional singing common in the Gaelic speaking areas of Ireland and Scotland) harmonies of Holly and Will at the core. Their original music, steeped in the folk revival of the late 60’s, has a raw, modern edge, augmented by Tom and Dave: “a fierce rhythm section”.

They are currently touring Australia and New Zealand with a final show back home in Sevenoaks, Kent on 4 May.

Hares On The Mountain was released last year. Wow, what we have here is 4:54 minutes of gently strummed melodic guitars rotating around skilfully performed rhythms infused within. And if that’s not all, we are also treated to elegantly performed and enchanting vocals with a really unique style and delivery. What a treat.

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FABLE – Silence Myself

Fable, originally from Devon, but now based in Brighton, is the new female musical project that has been described as “the female Thom Yorke” (God Is In The TV). Having toured with British rock legends, The Cult, and worked with the likes of Archive, Bloc Party and Orbital, she is currently in the process of recording her debut album. 19-year-old Fable states, in her own words, that she “is fighting against the mainstream, and amen to that.”

Silence Myself, is a great introduction to Fable’s sound. A modest pulsating back line with subtle melodic changes here and there perfectly sets the mood. Strong emotive vocals perched perfectly as the track pulsates along swelling slightly nearing its end. Fable has the gift of being able to portray the dark eerie mood of the song so effortlessly. Imagine gazing up at the stars on a moonlit sky wondering at the world’s mysteries with this playing in the background. You could find yourself taking on a completely new persona, magical and mystical.

If Fable is managing to craft out such quality tunes at such a young age then just imagine what she’ll be capable of as she matures and develops her art.

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GREG LARKIN – A Thousand Ghosts Float From The Mountain

Greg Larkin is a self-taught guitarist from Manchester, and an amazing one at that. He has supported the likes of Joshua James, Harry Manx, Wallis Bird, Andy Cairns and the amazing Arthur Brown.

A Thousand Ghosts Float From Horizon To Coast is an amazing Guitar instrumental. Blending different styles and genres as it weaves along its way. The track just peaks the 5-minute mark and allows plenty of time for the listener to reap what Greg sows. His style adds lure and drama and draws the listener in as he lets his guitar do all the talking. An outstanding musician, and a true master of his instrument.

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James Bakian is a 14-year-old singer-songwriter and producer from London. He’s a pianist and is also learning to play drums. He wrote his first song at the tender age of 6 and has developed this talent along the way, citing Adam Levine and Maroon 5 as one of his strongest influences. Smart kid. Many of his songs are about love and heartbreak, although he admits that he’s never been in love himself. Smart kid.

Two of his songs — You’re Gone and By Your Side — reached the semi-final stage of the UK Songwriting Contest back in 2016, and he admits that he prefers his later material to that of his earlier work. A true sign of his artistic growth.

Know You is track number 4 off James’ recently released 6 track EP, aptly titled Unstoppable, because if this tune is anything to go buy then he almost certainly is going to be just that. The lone piano opening gives the impression of a ballad yet the song has a fast tempo with a strong rhythmic sound. With James’s amazing use and control of falsetto a solid vocal delivery is created. In parts where the words and backing rhythms match and blend in time, an interesting addition to the sound evolves.

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Kadija Kamara is a female Alternative Soul Singer/Songwriter based in London. With a love of 60’s and 70’s analog sounds, Kadija combines her affinity for retro soul music with a host of modern influences. She is not new to the music scene, but is hoping that 2018 will see her produce some of her best work to date.

Eyes On You has a strong soulful sound defined by Kadija’s sultry and alluring vocal delivery. The bass immediately delivers and sets the tone for an evocative vocal entry once the beat kicks in. Clearly a very agile vocalist that can deliver a great performance both on the stage and off, with those really catchy backing vocals in the chorus left to linger in your head for days.

Eyes On You has an official video over on her YouTube channel so check out the link below.

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Lewis Bootle hails from Ware, Hertfordshire and describes himself as a singer/storytelling musician. Aged 22 he has previously released two EPs with the track Do What I Need achieving “Track of the Week” on BBC Introducing. The track also received airplay on a variety of radio stations across the UK including a slot on our very own Tom Robinson’s BBC Music Introducing Mixtape.

Winning Best Unsigned Male back in 2015, Lewis is a talented young artist who has been on the music scene for a while, building a strong following at a steady momentum as his musicianship grows in strength and popularity.

His latest single, Routes, is the title track off his latest three track EP which was launched at The Camden Assembly last December.

Routes, has a very connectible story line. Inspired by what appears to be the emotional confusion that is the result of moving forward from the security that is home and venturing out into pastures new. Not knowing what lies ahead, yet at the same time knowing you have to follow that path. Minimalist in form, with the vocals taking centre stage, supported by a strong, polished melody, a truly poignant modern sound is created. Sensational.

A video to accompany the track is currently in the works and due to be released soon.

Lewis will be performing at The Brook, Southampton next month.

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LUME – Tip Of Your Thumb

Lume is a female artist based in Brighton. She released her debut track Magnets last year, so she is pretty new to the scene, but has a debut EP on the horizon for this year I believe, so that’s really good news as I’m dying to hear more!

Her recent release, Tip Of Your Thumb is a mind-boggling piece of electronic pop with a dark twist. There is a sort of heavy mechanical sound going on with a dense bass line. The lyrics had me puzzled for thought and I really liked that. There is talk of TV sets and hand held screens, perhaps referring to our robotic entrapment in the use or overuse of social media with our smartphones. This piece has many interesting interrelated aspects, and is topped off with Lume’s powerful earthy vocals and unusual delivery style. Sheer class, with a incredible hook.

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MAYA LAW – Full Circle

Maya Law has very little biographical information online so I can’t tell you that much about her, but she resides in Norwich and has received support from BBC Introducing in Norfolk.

Full Circle is an impressive track backed with strong rhythms and dual vocals. The Neo Soul-esque vibe that the keys and backbeat create bring you into this chill laidback world. A picture painted by the vocal lying effortlessly behind the backbeat like clockwork. A rap based around the idea of growth and how time is against you. But I’d suggest taking 4 minutes everyday from your busy, stressful lives to sit back and listen to this track and relax.

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OMONOKO – Empty Streets

Omonoko are a four-piece based in Newry, Northern Island. They combine elements of rock, electronic and world music. They formed late last year, so a pretty new act.

Sounds like, in my opinion, of a modern day U2, with those echoing backing vocals and almost ethereal guitar solo, pulsating drums moving the track higher and higher to an uplifting atmosphere of solid and catchy feel-good rock.

Empty Streets was my personal favourite this week. A striking, uplifting toe tapping melody topped with strong vocals. Strong beats, catchy riffs, great lyrics and memorable sing-a-long choruses.

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Lewis Bootle

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SweetP – aka Sharon Pearce, is a music lover based in Surrey. With her older brother’s band holding regular rehearsals at home (much to the annoyance of their neighbours) she grew up listening to live music. Later she became involved in managing a young band herself that was formed at a local Music Academy. After becoming disillusioned with the whole set up for young aspiring musicians, she began searching online for tips and advice. Eventually she came across Tom’s FOTN music blog and was pleasantly surprised to find people who were actually willing to listen to new music for FREE! Bearing this in mind Sharon decided that she too should also take the time to listen to new music and became a regular voter on the weekly Listening Post. This eventually led to her being invited to join the FOTN moderating team. Sharon also dabbles at guitar, badly, (much to the annoyance of her neighbours)!


  1. So cool that my track Know You was selected along with all these great tracks to be one of this week’s Fresh Faves! Thanks to everyone who voted for Know You and thanks Sharon for such an awesome review!! 🙂

  2. lovely reviews Sharon, an enjoyable read 🙂

  3. Derv

    Well done Sharon. You’ve given your reviews a lot of warmth and a very human touch x

  4. Hi –

    Thanks so much for including my track! It’s about to be used for a big campaign for the mental health charity, CALM, which I feel really honoured about, so it’s great to have support here too. Thank you xx

  5. SweetP

    Thanks for taking the time to read them guys 🙂

    Fable, that’s great news well done!

  6. Fantastic selection this week, and great to see Adannay featured, she’s fantastic. Sorry to see Z’s “God Save Rock And Roll” didn’t make it despite garnering loads of votes, also they seem to have dropped off the list in the listening post article. Did something happen there?

  7. A week full of discoveries and also of early talents with infinite possibilities. Excellent reviews.

  8. Thank you much to all of the listeners/reader/voters! Over the moon that my track made it to this week’s Fresh Faves! Thanks for the great review also Sharon and to the rest of the team.

    I have a new ep coming out in Feb, stay connected. Congrats to all other talented Artists also. Some great submissions this week.

  9. Wonderful reviews Sharon. I really enjoyed reading through. As Derv also said, you offer a lot of warmth as well as interest in the music you’ve reviewed.

  10. SweetP

    Thanks Debs, much appreciated 🙂

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