New Folk from Lost Woods

New Folk for Lost Woods

As one of the moderators on Fresh On The Net, I have the opportunity of listening to 150+ songs every week.

It’s a task I cherish, sometimes there are moments of great discovery. Magical moments where the world stops, and I breathe deep, and enjoy!

Being the first person to hear a writer’s brand new creation is a genuine privilege. The opportunity to put these songs forward to the Listening Post for other music lovers to discover is sweet reward.

Every moderator has their preferred ‘flavour’ of musical taste. Tom has carefully selected a very broad and eclectic team so all tastes are catered for.

I love many genres of music, yet my preferred taste is for beautiful poetic lyrics (often about nature) surrounded by bags of space and atmosphere. The kind of songs I strive to write myself.

In the few years I have been involved in Fresh On The Net I have made many ‘magical’ discoveries. I play them regularly and I hold them dear.

I believe it’s criminal that these songs have not been discovered by a much wider audience. I’ve recently uploaded my playlists to all the main streaming services, in hopes that others may discover them.

They have now been lovingly collated into a sequence that showcases their strengths.

Please forgive me for including one of my songs sung by Catherine Hershey, I promise it’s there because of Catherine’s incredible recording and the purity of her beautiful voice.

I think the songs in Lost Woods are all quietly wonderful, and I want to shout loudly about them all.

Track List:

  1. Simple Hayne (With Morning Blackbirds) by Jeanes
  2. The Little Bird That Flew by Sarah Daly
  3. Willow by Beth Porter and the Availables
  4. Perspective by Lizabett Russo
  5. Cormorant by Dana Falconberry, The Medicine Bow
  6. Song of the Sea by Martha Bean
  7. Dear God by Siobhan Wilson
  8. Lie with Me by Gitta de Ridder
  9. Share My Heart by Flo Perlin
  10. Over My Head by Freyr
  11. Paper House by Black Mirror
  12. Wales by LUCA
  13. Ghosts by Stephanie Fraser, written by Dougie Harley
  14. Mary by Rio en Medio, Israel Cilio
  15. June by Cathy Eliot
  16. Home by M.R.Bennet
  17. Glory by Broken Mountain
  18. Fires by Mat Hunsley
  19. Another Year by James Dey
  20. Soaked Through by Sara
  21. La Homera by Cabane
  22. Brigitte Naggar by Morning, it rained
  23. 4 by Alexandra Sheffield
  24. All the Little Birds Can Sing by Lute Al Raad
  25. Faery Lore by Änemonli
  26. Breathe Out Breathe In by Cecilla Ebba
  27. Restoration of the Blue Whale Skeleton by Ana Caravelle
  28. Days of Asha by Nicolas & The Iceni

Link to Playlist


Russell Jeanes is a Yorkshire born songwriter, graphic designer and film maker with a passion for poetry. He writes songs about trees, birds and bees - which have been sung by artists from around the world. Some of them have already made their way onto the Listening Post and BBC Introducing Mixtapes. Russ hopes that his role as moderator on FOTN will help other new artists to find their audience.


  1. Really good article Russ. Great to read.

  2. “Simple Hayne (With Morning Blackbirds)” by Russel Jeanes has been forwarde to FOTN long before Russ became a member ofe the moderationg team. The video, the song with vocals from Catherine Hershey is pure poetry and caught my attention immediately. And if a list is set up filled with gorgeous tracks from the woods of poet’s trees it aught to be included.

    At (on?) first sight I caught tracks I remember very well, too. One of them is Martha Bean’s “Song of the Sea”.

    It’s such enriching the team’s work that you and your individual taste ist included and accompaning all those newcomer’s tracks the poet’s way, Russ!

  3. Thank you Neil & Ludwig, lovely of you to take the time to read and comment 🙂

  4. Today Lizabet Russo, Martha Bean, Freyr and of course Luca are soothing my weary soul, but there is so much goodness in this playlist that each day will bring new joy and new wonder, thanks Russ


  5. Great work. Many Thanks Jeanes.

  6. Thank you Johnno for your kind words, so much appreciated my friend.
    Thank you Black Mirror, your song ‘Paper House’ is beautiful.

  7. Oh Russ,
    What an absolutely stunning playlist. Thank you.
    I’m listening now for the first time. It’s 9pm in rural Northumberland. The volume is high and I’m feeling light but also rather emotional listening to this collective.
    What beauty comes from the human voice and spirit. Story telling channelled through sounds from instruments we carefully craft and painstakingly learn their language so we can bring to life a voice and sound to that which cannot be expressed through other means. We are very lucky indeed.

    I saw Gitta de Ridder play with Matt Stalker & Fables a couple of years ago. She was enchanting and held such presence. As for Brigitte Nagar/Common Holly, I can’t get enough of her recently. I would have loved to see her play live when she came over from Canada to do a mini UK tour. Maybe next time. And I’ve been a little bit in love with Freyr since I first heard his acoustic version of ‘Over My Head.’

    Thanks so much again Russ. This really is a very beautiful collective. I shall be listening many times over
    Debs x

  8. It is always lovely to hear from you Debs. I know we share some similar tastes, and I am so pleased that you like the playlist. I have spent many hours on the songs, order, mood and feel, and it gives me enormous pleasure to think of you listening. Thank you for the feedback. I am already working on another list called ‘wicker folk’, but it might take me some time yet to complete.

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