Spring Break 2019

March hare in tall grass

Fresh On The Net will close its inbox tomorrow, Thursday, March 21st for Batch 319 and won’t reopen for Batch 320 until Monday, April 8th.

For our readers, this means that the Listening Post will open as normal on Friday 22nd March, after which the next Listening Post will start on Friday April 12th.

We normally take a break around Easter, but that is later than usual this year, and the 6 Music Festival is taking place in Liverpool on March 29th – 31st.

In addition, Tom Robinson is performing gigs in London between April 4th and 6th, the week after.

This means that the BBC Introducing Mixtape will have guest presenters over the next few weeks, and that Tom will not be listening as normal again until April 8th.

BANDS & ARTISTS... For various reasons (6 Music Festival, guest mixtape hosts, upcoming live gigs of my own) please hold off sending any new tunes you need me to hear until Monday April 8th, when normal service will be resumed via Fresh On The Net. (See https://freshonthenet.co.uk/send )

Here is the Mixtape schedule for the next four weeks:

  • Mon Mar 25th Merseyside special, guest curated by DAVE MONKS
  • Mon Apr 1st Tom Robinson, featuring artists from Batch 318
  • Mon Apr 8th Kent special, guest curated by ABBIE McCARTHY
  • Mon Apr 15th Tom Robinson, featuring artists from Batch 320

Thank you to all the artists who’ve submitted music to us so far this year – we’ve received some 2160 submissions over the last 10 weeks alone – and to all our dedicated readers who show up every week to choose our Fresh Faves.

Team Freshnet

Any artist is welcome to send us one track from Monday morning each week via our inbox. It will be heard by every member of our moderation team that week. Our favourite 25 tracks then appear here on our Listening Post every Friday to Sunday, giving the artists a chance to find out what complete strangers think of their music.


  1. Clare

    I enjoyed the listening post this week – I’m a newbie! According to the info above, will there be an episode of your radio show which includes Batch 319? It only mentions 318 and 320… Thanks in advance!

  2. Joe DeFilippo

    Were submissions accepted if sent on April 8th?

    I sent “Troubled Waters”

  3. Steve Harris

    Joe, if you were able to submit it, then it would’ve been accepted.

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