Christmas Crackers 2019

Santa Listening on Headphones

Every year, from the end of October onwards, we start receiving festive tracks in our Inbox, and every year we stash them away in a special playlist. So, if you wish it could be Christmas every day, then you’re in luck, as we’ve now received almost enough Christmas tracks to last another twelve months.

Having received and listened to 8,098 tracks during 2019, we’re taking a break until the inbox reopens on Monday, January 13th 2020. Thank you to everyone who sent us their music and voted on the Listening Post over the last twelve months.

  1. ADAM LEONARD / INVADERBAND – It’s Another Christmas
  2. BRENDAN WALSH AND HIS GASTRIC BAND – Bending Over Backwards To Avoid The Double Entendre This Christmas
  4. CHRISTOPHER JOHN – The Longest Night
  5. ELECTROFLESH – December Night (single Mix)
  6. ELFOFELBROOKCOURT – Christmas Lite 2
  7. ELFOFELBROOKCOURT – Christmas Time
  8. ELM TREE TOWN – Wake Up, It’s Christmas
  9. EQUINOX X XQUI – XXmas Kiss
  10. EROTIC SECRETS OF POMPEII — Thirty More Days
  11. FAMISHED FOR BLONDS – Transparent Xmas
  12. GR3YWXLF – Xmas@theWxlves
  13. HONEYGENE – Christmas Itch
  14. HUMAN PYRAMIDS – Boxing Day
  15. JACKBGUITARIST – I Wish It Was Summer (At Christmas Time)
  16. KOSMIC TROUBADOUR – Kosmic Christmas (2019 Golden Santa Remix)
  17. LEESUN – Christmas Song
  18. LITTLE FOLK – Christmas Is Here
  19. LOH BALLI – Merry Christmas To You
  20. LONARE – Here’s The Christmas feat. Harshal
  21. LOST LIKE ALICE – Christmas Starts With You
  22. MADDIESOUTHORN – Snowman
  23. NEAL SAWYER – A Christmas Song
  24. NEL UNLIT – Coventry Carol
  25. NICK HUGHES – KRAMPUS Final Mix 2
  26. NICOLAH – Eve
  27. NINI BONG – Lonely Robot (Lost Christmas)
  28. PATRICK WRAY – Christmas Night
  29. PEACE ON YOUR PLATE – Peace On Your Plate
  30. PHIL COOPER – No-one’s Trying To Stop You Saying Christmas
  31. QUINNY – It’s Not Even Your Birthday
  32. SAN SCOUT – Christmas Number One
  33. SANDRA’S WEDDING – Spite Christmas
  34. SANTA – The Mince Pie Song
  35. TALL POPPIES – Walking In The Air (a Christmas Cover)
  36. TERRY NAYLOR – All I Want For Christmas Is An Irish Passport
  37. THE HAPPY SOMETHINGS – It’s Christmas Time (We’re As Miserable As Sin) – Bah Humbug Version
  38. THE HARRIETS – Anyway, It’s Christmas
  39. THE HENGLES – Wish It Was Christmas Time
  40. THE PORTRAITS – Winter Dream (I Choose Change)
  41. THE SCHOOL – Happy Christmas (Don’t Tell Me It’s Over)
  42. THE WYLDE THINGS – Here Comes Christmas!
  43. TINB – Let’s Pretend It’s Snowing
  44. TRG BANKS – Santa’s Journey (No Copyright)
  45. VICTORVELLOCETTE – Its Christmas
  46. WEED & DOLPHINS – Christmas Trees
  47. WILL MARTIN – This Christmas Time

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Any artist is welcome to send us one track from Monday morning each week via our inbox. It will be heard by every member of our moderation team that week. Our favourite 25 tracks then appear here on our Listening Post every Friday to Sunday, giving the artists a chance to find out what complete strangers think of their music.


  1. Yes, it’s definitely that time of year – Happy, Jolly, Joy xxx

  2. Merry Christmas!
    Frohe Weihnachten!

    Jedes Jahr staune ich aufs Neue, wie viele Bands Weihnachtslieder einreichen. Und immer wieder sind Stücke darunter, die das Zeug zum Klassiker haben. 🙂

    … und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

  3. Brendan Walsh

    Danke Ludwig. Hoffe, Sie haben auch ein tolles Weihnachtsfest und wünschen Ihnen und allen ein frohes neues Jahr!

  4. Famished For Blonds

    Thank you so much for including us! Happy new year to all X

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