Eclectic Picks: Batch 383

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Every week Signal Committee create an Eclectic Picks playlist. All tracks are selected from the full inbox of 200 tracks that are submitted each week to Fresh On The Net. Check out their picks from Monday 26th October below.


Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged.

This week we ended up with 16 tracks, providing you with 60 minutes of the best unsigned artists from the alternative music scene.


We start with Marie Makes Music, who provides an electronic instrumental that lays down a dreamy and alien soundscape. Bulzara then gets electro, but with an industrial groove and fierce guitars that create an intensity which rivals Scott Walker’s soundtrack to Pola-X. Jouska keeps the adrenalin going with a short but highly charged instrumental with shades of King Crimson, before the avant-garde returns with Tashi Delay‘s distinctive brand of ‘electronic punk funk’.

For the second week running, FLVZ continue to impress with their abstract cocktail of hip hop, electronica, Latin and afro genres. Likewise, Pulses return again this week with a track that fuses electronic and funk – if James Brown were a DJ and Nile Rogers were on guitar, you’d get Pulses. The Junkyard Of Silenced Poets were not content with ‘two in a row’, making it a hat-trick of appearances here with another short but striking spoonful of prog-rock.

The scene is then set for the guitars and vocals to take centre stage with Smack Mammoths‘ blend of Mars Volta & RATM that would get any dancefloor in an indie nightclub rocking! Next up, resurrecting the Stooge’s 1970 track, Dirt, and giving post-punk a modern maker, we have Lux Lyall. Whereas the Stooges didn’t ‘wanna be your dog’, Stray Scene Official say that ‘every dog should have it’s day’ – a distortion heavy track with nods to BRMC.

Departing from the guitar driven tracks that precede it, Stridulum describe their offering as ‘cold and dark electronic wave’, with echoes of late 80’s Depeche Mode. That leads us on to Palastick with some rapid electronic beats and more alien ambience, which segues nicely into Lucas‘ techno offering that sets the scene for an illegal rave in an abandoned warehouse.

To wind down after Lucas’ rave, we start with the atmospheric ambience delivered by A Blaze of Feather, a track that would sit nicely as a film or tv soundtrack designed to grip the audience without them even knowing about it. Continuing the wind down, but with something completely different, Mangoseed offer some Caribbean vibes to lay back to. Bringing the list to a close, in a similar fashion to how it started, Minimums do so with another nicely textured and mellow soundscape, crafted to perfection.


You can listen to this weeks playlist using the player below, or click here to open the Soundcloud playlist in a new window.

For the best listening experience… crank up the volume and immerse yourself in the music!


  1. MARIE MAKES MUSIC – Lockdown
  2. BULZARA – Dirty Cops
  3. JOUSKA – Pleasure Police
  4. TASHI DELAY – Meltdown
  5. FLVZ – #ThisIsVibro
  6. PULSES – You’ll Never Play This On The Radio
  7. JUNKYARD OF SILENCED POETS – Cars of The Abandoned Motorcade
  8. SMACK MAMMOTH – Excommunicate
  9. LUX LYALL – Dirt (Stooges Cover)
  10. STRAY SCENE OFFICIAL – Every Dog Has It’s Day
  11. STRIDULUM – Burial
  12. PALASTIK – Chevron
  13. LUCAS – Illegal Gathering
  14. A BLAZE OF FEATHER – Witching Hour
  15. MANGOSEED – Still Believe
  16. MINIMUMS – Haptic


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Signal Committee

Signal Committee are a four piece band from Bury, England. Their influences include the likes of New Order, Radiohead, Bowie, Jon Hopkins and Massive Attack.


  1. Many, many thanks! Honoured & humbled. And ‘modest’ enough to add that it is a perfect hat-trick: the first off our right feet; the second of our left feet; and this one right off our heads. Or, at least we have heard that said about us: “They’re off their heads that lot…”

    Seriously, been discovering some really great songs in the Eclectics. And much appreciation for the time and effort that goes into these!

    Leo Slayer (Junkyard of Silenced Poets)

  2. Cheers for including my work for the second week in a row! Really enjoying some of the stuff in here. The opening track is brilliant.

    I reckon Chevron by Palastik is my favourite!

  3. faves this week PALASTIK – Chevron – quite dark innit
    and also MANGOSEED – Still Believe – give me some Reggae beat and a great bass and I’m in! This sounded very smooth though.

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