Fresh Faves: 16th April 2012

Yes yes! Come here for your freshly heated musical pasties!
Queue up in an alphabetised orderly line like here:

DRY THE RIVER – New Ceremony
Tom accidentally left this on the Listening Post from last week and loads of people rated it in their top 5 again – even though it  already made the Fresh Faves last week. DRY THE RIVER have been on the Sound of 2012 list AND they called my old band rubbish. However this certainly is fabbo. Especially the introduction. I guess everyone loved the ethereal atmosphere, dulcet tones and that wonderful minor cadence riff. Si? Fantastic bridge too at 2:52. You can listen to it on last week’s Fresh Faves here.

ELECTRIC YOUTH REVOLT – Temper’s Getting Shorter

Lead single from EP Common Trends of the Bedsit Jet Set released last November. I’m obsessed with massive, over-compressed, wall-of-sound production commonly heard in pretty much in any track you hear on Radio 1. So this track, which is the antithesis, was treading on thin ear flaps. A catchy vocal line, an excited drumbeat and a microwaved guitar sound Capol’d it for me. Soundcloud.

GOLD ROAD – Planes

Hazel Tratt, aka Gold Road’s voice melted me. So well. No burnt bits or air bubbles. I really, really like this. A mix of Lily Allen (one of my favourite artists), some Blondie, some guitar skanks and some lovely chord progressions (I had a blog obsessing over chord progressions, so I’ll try my best to dumb down on mentioning them) makes the perfect Massimo hot chocolate. Love. Facebook.


NIGHT OF TREASON – The Ballad of the Teddy Boy from Ladbroke Grove
From their debut album ‘Gentlemen and Hooligans’.  This song also has healing properties if you’re a British punk. It tells the story George Butler, former drummer with Whirlwind who once famously stood in for Topper Headon at a Clash show in Bologna. Does the band like or dislike Ladbroke Grove, though? Facebook.

O ATLAS – One thousand Years

Lyrics by Welsh poet Kelvin Hayes, music by Portugese multi-instrumentalist and producer Joao Cabrita who arranged, performed and recorded this track last December. Tom is a huge fan of their earlier collaboration Where I Am Calling From – he has even shot a video for it and blogged about it here on FOTN.

POPE – The Drag of Sloth

Nice bassline. Nice dubstep-style computer drums without the saturated mid-range frequencies. Funky chord progressions. Funky synth. Nang chorus with some pretty unique sounds. I wasn’t expecting to hear all of what I heard from 1:05! A funky, nice and nang track. “Pope” is a pretty ungoogleable band name but it’s the latest project of Simon Burgess.

ROBIN ADAMS – Sun Behind The Storm

Former member of the excellent but luckless Sleepmode. I like Nick Drake, Lone Wolf, dropped D-minor acoustic guitar playing and Mumford & Dylan vocals. I’m sure Robin will be accompanied by lots of sitting-down acoustic lovers who won’t talk during this. Out now on Eye Dog Eye records

THE 53S – Lights

So it’s the return of the Arctic Monkeys and it seems judging by the votes, this isn’t a bad thing. A quaint, analogue ditty that is under 3 minutes long which is fine. Treat us mean, keep us keen, less is more, you know the score, Raw is War… From Liverpool: Facebook.

THE JUNIPERS – Song to Selkie

A track from the brand new album “Paint the Ground” by Leicester’s The Junipers. Unfortunately there are no links to their other websites from their Soundcloud page. It’s nice. Like a soft The Coral and Badly Drawn Boy. This song has healing properties.


From Tom’s notes on his latest Introducing Mixtape: “Recorded at Blickling Hall, Britain’s most haunted stately home as part of an album full of ghost stories, death and sex. This song relates to a ghost James’s dad once encountered at a chateau in wartime France – and whose story he heard about the following morning. A good story –  an even better song.” Facebook.


From Mechelen, legends in their native Belgium. I think this is what should be played in the background if you’re conspiring to assassinate someone in a busy bar and then walk out like it was just an idle Tuesday for you and everyone else. Website.

HOMEWORK – Thoughts

A single from Edinburgh’s finest. I think this is good for a deleted scene in Trainspotting. I’m not saying that because their accents are Scottish. Maybe a scene in Snatch, too to make this ambiguous point more or less ambiguous. Website.

WOODERSON – Mint Condition

Sheffield post-punk. Guitars (x2). Bass. Drums. Vocals. All male. Dark hair. Taken from a forthcoming debut album Let The Man Speak, coming summer 2012.  Some At The Drive-In, a bit of a Fugazi. Cool. Facebook.

That’s a wrap! See ya’ll for the next submission of premium audio.
Massimo Zeppetelli


Massimo is a musician, producer, photographer, writer, footballer, cyclist and someone who loves computers and all things technological ever since he owned an Amiga. So basically a geek. He works at the quirky Bally Rehearsal Studios in Tottenham, North London where many of the bands mentioned on Fresh on the Net come to rehearse. Massimo lives in a hospital. You can find him on Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, and at


  1. The 53s

    Really pleased to be on the list. The other tracks are sick, we’re in good company.

  2. Thanks to everyone that listened to Night of Treason and voted us in their top 5’s we were in with some top tunes…and for the record of course we love Ladbroke Grove….

  3. Thanks everybody for voting us in the fresh faves list!! We are really honoured to be in such great company! Since in Belgium we nearly have no small clubs circuit we really have to rely on blogs and sites like this one to get our music known. Thanks for that chance.

  4. Al

    Pleased that all my choices made the cut. Nice words Mass

  5. EYR

    Thanks to everyone who voted for us and thanks to the Freshfaves team!Peace, Electric Youth Revolt

  6. Cheers for all the votes and the great writeup, good work team

  7. Well done all,nice job Mass:)

  8. Massimo Zeppetelli

    Thanks all! Love the tracks and everyone’s choice. Congrats to you all

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