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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and reviewed by musician, broadcaster and Fresh On The Net founder Tom Robinson this week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

So here we are at the end of 2018 with our final set of Fresh Faves as democratically elected by over forty of our readers this weekend. Huge thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers who make up our moderation team here at Fresh On The Net. And likewise to all of you who’ve taken the time to show up and vote on our Listening Post during the year, helping many of the more interesting artists get a little more of the recognition they deserve.

This weekend we had a very strong batch of tunes to choose from. Although our Fresh Faves review only has room for ten songs, please do visit the full list here and check out all 25 contenders – especially NIA WYN, MIKE, FISTYMUFFS, COLEBY, DEFINITION and MIM RASOULI.

Meanwhile here’s wishing all our readers a Cool Yule and a peaceful 2019
T x

BABii – Phantom

Phantom – the debut single from new Margate-based artist BABii – has caused quite a stir on the music blogs, including Fresh On The Net this weekend. Among the comments on our Listening Post, artist & DJ Matt Black commented on the quality of the production and no wonder.

It turns out that a major catalyst for the whole project was the artist’s dad Adrian Sherwood who, she tells us, “jumped iin on thiis song and made iit sound biigger and wiilder.” Bigger and wilder is right – and all the dynamic surprises, widescreen SFX and mad steel pan samples serve to enhance BABii’s otherworldy – and at time somewhat disturbing – vocals: “I lost my tongue, when I used my lungs”

Her debut album HiiDE is due out in 2019 on Death Waltz Originals.

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BED. – Mallory

After all this time it’s safe to say the Portland duo bed. are Fresh On The Net regulars. After all since we first heard from them in February 2014 this is the 9th time their unique flavour of “slow-fi” alt-rock has featured in our Fresh Faves. The husband and wife team of Sierra and Alex Haager actually began recording their debut LP Replay in late 2015 with producer Larry Crane and drummer Devon Shirley.

But early the following year the Haagers found out they were expecting a child and put their music careers on hold in order to raise their son. But last Friday (Dec 14th) they finally released that long-awaited debut album Replay on Bug Hunt records, and sent us Mallory as a taster. And it’s well worth the wait: you can hear the whole album for yourselves on their Bandcamp page.

And, get this: if you decide to click “buy” all proceeds will go to support the USA’s beleaguered Immigrant Legal Resource Center in its struggles with the Trump administration.

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As chance would have it Chloë March also first featured in our Fresh Faves back in 2014 – in fact the very same week as bed. when she got a resounding thumbs-up from guest reviewer Shell Zenner for her stripped down piano ballad Embers.

At a perfect radio length of 2.36 Snow Bird is of an entirely fresh level of sophistication and has already proved a hit with Melita Dennett from BBC Introducing: The South, who forwarded it to me at the BBC Introducing Mixtape last week.

As fellow moderator Neil March (no relation) commented this weekend “Snow Bird rounds off an extraordinary year for Chloë with more enigmatic, harmonically sophisticated and otherworldly backdrop for her haunting, beautiful vocals.”

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CHROME – Dopamine Hit

Def Tex was a UK Hip Hop crew formed in Norwich in 1986 with an original line up of Sure Delight, Roxki and Chrome (Mike Walkeden). As an advertisement for Chrome’s forthcoming solo album Dopamine Hit on B-Line Records, the title track pretty much smashes all competition aside.

Its sharp, canny arrangements – and whipcrack precision groove – lay the perfect foundation for his machinegun delivery and irresistible hooklines. It’s oldschool hiphop reimagined for the 21st Century. As with Adrian Sherwood’s contributions to the BABii record, it’s great to hear another eighties veteran making music that earns its place on the playlist by the sheer quality of what comes out of the speakers – rather than leaning on past glories.

As reader Paul Cook commented, Dopamine Hit has “the energy of Jurassic 5 and the fun of A Tribe Called Quest. Track of the week for me.” You and me both, Paul.

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CLOTH – Old Bear

Alphabetical order, five tracks in, and we’re still only on the C’s – with Cloth. And once again, they deliver a record that sells itself effortlessly: an exquisite recording of an exquisite song. It’s the kind of crisp, sparkling perfection that used to be achievable only by the likes of Steely Dan or Paul Simon burning their way through tens of thousands of dollars in studio time.

Our new friends Cloth declare themselves to be fans of Cocteau Twins, Warpaint, Pavement and Sleater-Kinney. But – I’m sorry – to my ears this is a far better sounding record than that lot ever released in their entire careers. Understated, poised, immaculately written, performed and produced… Old Bear marks a new highpoint from an already exceptional band.

I want ’em live in session on my radio show as soon as bloomin’ possible, if that Marc Riley hasn’t already beaten me to it. Because – let’s face it – once their debut abum comes out next year, Radio DJs are going to be all over it like wasps around a picnic.

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LUVIA – Love Lust

Our Listening Post each weekend isn’t intended as some kind of competition to decide who’s “best”… it’s meant as more of a barometer for artists. A way of trying out new material on an audience of strangers who know nothing about you or your music.

Nonetheless it’s worth noting that Love Lust by the Brighton artist LUVIA attracted more votes at the weekend than any other tune on the playlist, even though to be honest it wasn’t my personal cup of tea. But that puts me very much in the minority because everyone else absolutely adored her voice. “A fantastic pop vocal” (Kerry JK) “the vocalist is amazing – I could make a Number One with her” (DJ Matt Black).

The strongest endorsement of all came once again from Neil March: “another teenage talent from End of the Trail’s impressive roster (ref: Sam Eagle, Pip Hall etc). This song places her striking, unusual voice against a punchy Pop backing track that leans towards Indie Rock.” And you can’t say fairer than that.

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MAEWEN – Bal Des Ombres

Brest-born, Hannover-based pianist Maewen Forest is a composer and music producer, as you might guess from the cinematic tone of Bal Des Ombres. Its accordion-led melody could – as Paul Cook commented – easily have come from the soundtrack of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.

What you might not necessarily guess is that she’s also a sound designer and remixer, which is why this track from her album Le Petit Jardin is more of a romantic afterthought than typical of the record as a whole. Tagged as #musiques de films its eight tracks also embrace deep electro, ambient, classical and dance beats – demonstrating the width and range of her abilities.

Think Nils Frahm dancing with Max Richter in a Berlin nightclub with Matthew Herbert on the record decks and you won’t go far wrong.

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NEIL CAMPBELL – Fields Within Fields

Oh my goodness. Now this is music of serious quality and distinction. The moment Fields Within Fields hit my ears in our inbox last week it went straight on my shortlist for the BBC Introducing Mixtape without me having (shamefully) the smallest idea of who Neil Campbell might be.

He turns out to be a Scottish-born, Liverpool-based musician and composer with a huge body of work to his name. Not only a vitruoso guitarist but a leading figure in the UK’s post-punk avant-garde undergound music scene. A serial collaborator who cites influences from Mike Oldfield, Robert Fripp and Art of Noise to Philip Glass, Max Richter and Porcupine Tree – to name but a few. His Wikipedia page lists 178 separate solo and collaborative releases from 1984 to the present day – many of them distrubuted in true DIY fashion on cassettes or CD-Rs.

You can hear 18  of them in full on Neil’s Bandcamp page. This track is taken from his 2015 album eMErgence – though there are four further albums leading up to this summer’s band release After The Flood with Marty Snape, Roger Gardiner and Viktor Nordberg. Merseysiders can catch them live next month at Sound Basement on January 18th and then at the Liverpool International Jazz Festival in February.

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ROVES – Beneath My Skin

Roves formed in Reading around the musical partnership of vocalist Ethan Morgan and guitarist Connor Coutts – gradually expanding to a full four piece with Ethan’s brother Ellis Morgan on bass plus Matt Jamieson on drums. They uploaded an early demo of Beneath My Skin to BBC Introducing in April 2017 and the contrast shows just how far they’ve grown and progressed in the last 20 months.

This release sounds so rich and sophisticated that listening to it feels like swimming in expensive chocolate – Lindt, probably, with 85% cocoa content. Clearly a great many of our readers agreed, with Ethan’s vocal delivery and lyrics coming in for particular praise. It’s taken from their debut EP A Strung Out Pilot, due for release in February 2019.

Live shows coming up include this Wednesday 19 December at the Boileroom in Guildford and a hometown show at Reading’s Purple Turtle on Thursday week, December 27th.

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I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve played Rob Allen’s various projects – and Sweet Deals On Surgery in particular – on the BBC Introducing Mixtape over the years. They’re one of the funniest, most inventive indie bands the general public has never heard of, with song titles such as Speed Date Yr Way To Fame and Elvis Costello Is A Wanker.

This week Hidden Djinns elbowed its way fair and square into our Fresh Faves on votes by – surprise surprise – people who’d never heard of them. So, a little background. Back in October 2014 we were introduced to bassist Alec Splatt, guitarist/singer Robot Alien and drummer Timble D as “three men from the north of England who play catchy/shouty/indie/punk and drink too much.”

Hidden Djinns comes from their new, selftitled EP which features their last two singles and the band’s strongest, most adventurous work to date. I’d say it bristles with fun, energy, mischief and tight powerful playing. They’d say it’s short, snappy, stupidly-titled, noise-pop. Take your pick and enjoy.

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Sweet Deals On Surgery

PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t been picked for the Listening Post, our team has definitely listened to it and there’s no need to send it again: feel free to send us an even stronger track another week. The same goes if you were picked for the Listening Post but didn’t feature in our Fresh Faves.

But if we’ve recently featured you in our Fresh Faves – or on my BBC Introducing Mixtape – please wait three months before sending us another track, so we have space to help other deserving artists… For more info see Robinson Has A Good Old Moan.

Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


  1. oldierob

    Great tracks, great reviews. What a year it has been. I have discovered so much great new music this year, and not just in my favorite genres. As a consequence of hearing their music here first I have had a lovely time seeing totally new acts to me at gigs I would never had gone to had it not been for them uploading here. Whilst some have gone on to make it into the Fresh Faves there are several I have seen who didn’t make it into the Listening Post but caught my ear in the initial upload playlist, compelling me to go and catch them live. Thanks to all the artists who submit their tracks.

  2. Gosh! Where do I start? Well perhaps first to say I’m doubly honoured to be quoted not once but twice by Tom in these lovingly crafted reviews and I’m pretty sure my close friend and soulmate Paul F Cook (also quoted twice) will be too but he can tell you that himself! 🙂 I also want to say what a joy and a privilege it has been for me to have joined the Fresh on the Net team at the start of this amazing year and I could not have predicted how much great music and how many lovely people I would come across and get to know as a result. As my fellow moderator of many more years’ experience Oldie Rob has so eloquently stated this role enables us to hear not just the artists who make the Listening Post and Fresh Faves but others we are struck by and thus able to check out for ourselves. Last but not least these are typically loving and enjoyable reviews by Tom whose commitment to new music and relentless work ethic are awe-inspiring. Happy Xmas everyone who visits these pages for whatever reason and have an amazing 2019. xxxx

  3. Aaron

    Thanks so much for recommending my track – and thanks for all you are doing for unsigned artists like myself – Coleby.

  4. Úna

    Hi Tom. Great write up for the musical wizard that is Neil Campbell. It is he that works with me and has also collaborated so many others including John Anderson (Yes). He is such a lovely man and has earned a lot of respect around Europe, especially the Jazz scene for his meticulous work at Liverpool Hope University. He is a born and bred scouser, not Scottish and that is not his wikipedia page though the rest of it is correct He so deserves recognition. Happy Christmas

  5. Wonderful music and reviews Tom, turned my late evening into a pleasurable one.

    For a moment I could forget all the noise of the world and just enjoy really strong new music, such diversity of styles and delivery on show here, you lot give me hope that tomorrow really can be better.

    Words = pure Tom Robinson quality, I know how much time goes into this and the love, passion and belief in the new drips off the page.



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