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Rebekah Delgado

REBEKAH DELGADO – Music Box [Starts: 45:20]
We all know the route to success for a dedicated musician can often involve considerable hardship along the way. I still vividly remember my own early days with the Tom Robinson Band, when my one culinary treat was a single (small) Macdonalds hamburger with no fries, on my way back from signing on at the dole office each week.

Music Box is the excellent new single from longstanding FOTN favourite Rebekah Delgado but she only has one upcoming gig at the moment. Admittedly it’s at London’s O2 Arena, where she’s playing a couple of stripped-down sets at the Handmade Christmas Fair at 4pm and 7pm on December 14th. But in recent months her career has been stymied, she tells us, by severe cashflow probems – not having enough spare cash to “even afford practice rooms or strings for my guitar. I say my guitar” she adds “but it’s not as I don’t have a guitar of my own – all my equipment is borrowed. Extreme poverty is why I haven’t got anything else coming up…” We’ve all been there and done that – and it seems to me that with the season of giving and goodwill almost upon us, it’s time for all of us who love Rebekah’s music to rally round and take matters in hand.

First off, if you happen to run a venue or club night or know somebody who does, then consider giving this fine artist some gigs in the New Year – or hey, help organise a house concert with fellow fans in your area. But in any case the single’s out today – so why don’t we all go and buy it right now from Every quid helps, and if you feel disposed to pay a little more, well you can rest assured that all your cash (bar the Bandcamp adin fee) will go straight towards supporting Rebekah’s career in 2014. With your help, we should at least be able to keep her in guitar strings for the year ahead 🙂

And if you’re as hard up as she is – as all too many musicians are too much of the time – well you can still enjoy Music Box for free as part of my current BBC Introducing Mixtape.

Tom Robinson

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  1. Lovely words Tom – I can relate to this having sold off half of my musical instruments and equipment over the past 2 months to pay bills and buy food. Tis tough.

  2. Solidarity my friends <3

    Tough indeed Debs! One day at a time and remember to be kind and true to yourself always. My story is such, and I thank freshonthenet for keeping like beings connected through the power of new Music & Honesty with Love.

    Ape Love <3

    Dan xo B-)

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