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Oxygen Thief

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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show and podcast broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each show is available as a podcast for 30 days at the BBC 6 Music downloads page. The full tracklists and start times are published here at Fresh On The Net with biog information supplied by the artists. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks on the mixtape come from the BBC Introducing Uploader: some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues – the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here while listening to our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post.

These are the listings for the episode broadcast at 2am on Monday, 25th November 2013:

OXYGENTHIEF – Terry Nutkins Salute [Starts: 0.17]
Oxygenthief aka Friend Of Freshnet Barry Dolan as just finishing up a two week acoustic tour supporting the USA’s Jonah Matranga (Onelinedrawing). His Oxygen Thief full band headline tour starts on Friday 29th November at Tiki in Plymouth, followed by Bristol (Nov 30) Portsmouth (Dec1), Manchester (Dec 2), Leicester (Dec 3), Swindon (Dec 4), Southampton (Dec 5) and Cheltenham (Dec 8). The tour finishes in London with a launch gig for the mini-album Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused at The Garage (with Jamie Lenman) on Monday December 9th.

TCTS – Over [Starts: 02:48]
TCTS is Sam O’Neill, producer and DJ from Manchester who cut his teeth at London club night Church, and has since played with artists such as Bondax, Cyril Hahn, Disclosure, Boddika, Dark Sky, Route 94, Chase and Status and Jacques Greene. His first EP, Hands, came courtesy of the Cool Kid Music label which landed in at number three in the Juno bass music charts and was named ‘a bass music secret weapon’ by Beatport. Support has come from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and of course BBC 6 Music.” This track Over features guest vocals by 18 year-old BRIT School alumna Shivum Sharma and comes from the TCTS EP These Heights is released on December 2nd on Greco Roman.

ROO PANES – Home From Home [Starts: 06:13]
Home From Home is taken from a new five-track EP Land of the Living which will be released on December 9th through CRC Music. Hailing from Wimborne, Dorset, Roo Panes owes his musical education partly to his grandmother, a classical concert pianist, partly to the hymns of his local church, and partly to his parents’ collection of Nick Drake and Bob Dylan records. Roo also cites his rural surroundings as a strong influence on his music. He quietly released two EPs last year and is currently working on his debut album – due early 2014 on CRC – which will include strings, harmoniums and various other acoustic rarities in the instrumentation.
See the video for Home From Home.

BOMBAY MONKEY – Monkey See Monkey Do [Starts: 09:09]
Founder members Guy and Andy started building tracks on an AKAI MPC2000 in a flat in Tunbridge Wells. Dave Tonkinsmith joined the band in 2012 and recorded vocals on several tracks on the band’s forthcoming fourth album Dark Flow. “Our track Monkey See, Monkey Do” they tell us ” is from the album and was inspired by a story about a young man who had to get to the top of a mountain to achieve ‘true enlightenment’. In order to do this he had to face three demons – the fiercest being the Monkey Demon. Dark Flow was all recorded on a laptop but mixed and mastered at Unstudios in Tunbridge Wells. The album’s scheduled for release in Summer 2014 via a decent independent label, nothing’s been signed yet so we don’t want to jinx it! Until then you can download a free Dark Flow app for apple devices – just search the app store for our band name. Bombay Monkey have played several London venues (including Cargo, The Big Chill House and Digital City) and are next playing at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on 23rd December at the Unlabel Christmas Party.”

THE VENUS EXTENSION – We Know [Starts: 13:31]
“Suzi Rae and Matt Francis make up Devon based duo, The Venus Extension. They infuse electronic beats and aggressive guitar with lusty vocals to create dark-pop dance tunes. Matt and Suzi take inspiration from Lene Lovitch, Kate Bush, black cats, dressing up boxes and silver glitter. In “We Know” you can also find an understated feminist influence at play, with lyrics that reference the difficulties of objectification and attraction in the modern age. The Venus Extension are currently looking for a producer who doesn’t mind being paid in tea and scones. We Know is the title track of their first demo.”

Umbrella AssassinsUMBRELLA ASSASSINS – Negative Martin [Starts: 17:30]
Umbrella Assassins were formed in 2006 in the suburbs of East Anglia by working class members – Steve (guitar/vox), Bunge (guitar), Garry (bass) and Luke (drums). We sound a lot like The Replacements, but we didn’t know that until we were told to listen to them. By then we’d added a sprinkle of Stooges and a slice of Jay Reatard, so it was fine. We follow the DIY punk ethics but leave our mohawks at home – you could call us post-punk, if you wanted. This is the title track of our new album Negative Martin – our seventh release in seven years. Since forming, we have toured the East Coast, played every pub in London (well maybe not quite all of them) and a dream gig in Amsterdam. We’ve also pissed off half of East Anglia while the other half moshed along. We divide opinion, but that’s the way it should be, shouldn’t it? All releases and free downloads via our website including a new compilation album with tracks from 2006 to present plus five new tunes.”

K. A. MORTON – You And I [Starts: 19:45]
The late 70s in the UK saw the demise of the main sources of employment around K.A.Morton‘s neighborhood of Fife in Scotland. Like many unemployed teenagers at the time, Ken became involved in punk and New Wave post-punk bands. While attending Art College in Dundee, he became involved with the group Laughing Academy who toured with and supported the likes of The Cure and Big Country. Subsequent bands and record releases came and went during the 90’s and Ken began writing his own material. This track You And I is taken from his first solo album K.A.Morton And The Wellwishers on his own DIY label Ken’s Home Brew. Following a recent appearance at the Wickerman Festival in Scotland he has been has been out and about playing acoustic sets – most recently at the opening of an exhibition by sculpture artist David Mach. He is currently working on his follow up album and will announce a handful of shows announced early next year.

ACHES – Rain [Starts: 23:33]
After carving out parallel paths in live sonic art and electronic music while living in his birthplace Sheffield, Jonathan Fox located to the Slovak capital Bratislava. In the excitement and trepidation of a new country Aches emerged and quickly became synonymous with the city’s simmering underground live electronics scene. He has since then gone on to tour live across Europe, winning the emerging act prize at the Czech “Creepy Teepee Festival” in the process. He aims to join “erudite beat programming with fizzing clouds of guitar, synths and effected uncanny vocals” with tunes that move from “ambient noise-scapes into cyber sensual pop with heavy mutating beats.” Now based in London, Aches is deep in preparation for his up and coming full length album which promises, he tells us, to be “deeper and darker than ever”.

NINA RUBESA – Wonderland [Starts: 26:39]
Although still only 21 years old, Nina Rubesa has already lived in Switzerland, Canada, The USA, Belgium and the UK. “I guess it was impossible for me not to become a songwriter” she says. “When I was younger I was always drawn to the lyrics of a song and throughout my life I have always tried to convey something interesting, insightful or honest through my own songs. Wonderland is one of those tracks you write in half an hour. It’s about escaping ‘reality’ – I’ve just released a music video for the track as well which has been extremely exciting! I always feel you never really know how you feel about an artist until you see them live, so come check me out at the Vibe Bar in London on December 9th.” Nina has a great motto on her Twitter profile: Do or do not. There is no try.

HARTS – Leavn It All Behind [Starts: 29:45]
Harts is a one-man music-making machine from Melbourne, whose electropop-meets-Hendrix debut EP Offtime was mixed by Lars Stalfors of The Mars Volta and received airplay on Triple J in Australia as well as Tom Robinson’s shows on 6 Music in the UK. His landmark track All Too Real caught the attention of Pnau, Empire of the Sun’s Nick Littlemore and Prince’s management, as well as achieving over 60,000 plays on Soundcloud. In typical Harts fashion, this new single Leavn It All Behind is as independent as can be. Darren Hart wrote, recorded, played all the instruments, produced, arranged and mixed this track himself.” This is the radio edit of the epic full length 6 minute version you can hear on his Soundcloud.

ALBERTEEN – Our Dead Language [Starts: 33:28]
“Imagine falling through time in a red plush booth salvaged from the ruins of a club in old Soho. It’s 1958, it’s now, and it’s older than you can remember” say ‘archly literate’ London based popsters Alberteen. “Our Dead Language is concerned with the destruction of time and the time of destruction.” It’s the title track from their newly released 4-track EP Dead Language – out on Rhythm & Noir this week – with additional remixes by the seminal electro artist Andrew Poppy. Our Dead Language first appeared on the band’s debut album Metal Book (Rhythm & Noir, 2012) which has been acclaimed by The Independent, Time Out and Uncut Magazine – and made its on air debut as part of an exclusively recorded session for my show on BBC 6 Music last year.Alberteen

JOOSTVD – Stupid Song(s) [Starts: 36:33]
The last tune we heard from JoosTVD on the Introducing Mixtape was Bomb Won´t Go Off in November 2012. His hard-to-pronounce artist name makes more sense once you realise it stands for Joost The Vanished Dutchman. “Maybe” he confides “it’ s best pronounced like this: Juiced?” Inspired by the likes of Zappa, Todd Rundgren, Miles Davis, Steve Winwood, John Martyn and many others, Joost Van Dinther (JOOSTVD, geddit?) started out as a drummer before turning his hand to writing. This perhaps explains the unerring feel for a killer groove which – together with a well-developed sense of fun – it the trademark of his work. Although most of the recordings are played and produced by Joost on his own, he loves to play live with a band and “give it all” on stage. His latest album, The Ballooning Brouhaha was released in June 2013 and he’s already busy with a followup bunch of tunes coming up in 2014 with distribution by Routenote.

FAMILIAR CREATURES – Leave Your Lover [Starts: 39:33]
With its members having gravitated to East London from the far corners of England, Wales and the near corner of Ireland, the Familiar Creatures sound results from what they describe as “a motley range of influences. The sincerity and confidence of Irish folk greats past and present are a defining force for Dubliner Brian Kelly’s lead vocals and lyrics. But straight-up folk crooning is not what the Creatures are about. A shared addiction to Dr John, Paul Simon and more contemporary indie rock means the sound they’re going for is darker, faster and bluesier – all further twisted by horn lines concocted from a strict diet of Fela Kuti and New Orleans brass. The band also curate and perform at their own unsigned club night Creatureville every month at The Waiting Room in their home neighbourhood of Stoke Newington.” The next such night occurs on December 18th and any acts wishing to contribute are welcome get in touch.

PREMISE BEACH – No Heart [starts: 43:14]
“Premise Beach is me, Jon Covell, a Manchester based singer, songwriter and intermittent home-recorder. I do it because, for the most part, it’s enjoyable. I record all my stuff at home, using a Tascam digital multitrack recorder, a couple of nice guitars, a few cheap keyboards, and a temperamental mic. Sometimes I get friends in to play parts, but mainly it’s just me. For a couple of reasons, I don’t gig or perform live. One reason is that my ears are really sensitive and messed up. They don’t like loud, unpredictable places, so I have to stay away from gigs and clubs and that. I even have to be careful when recording too. It’s really crap. Also, It would be hard for me to do a lot of my music live anyway, as everything is multitracked. I’m not sure I’d like to do just a basic version of my stuff. For these reasons, I’ve decided to release things fairly regularly and am currently releasing a single/song/track each month. I might do an EP or maybe an album at some point, but the minimum is one release every month which can be heard on SoundCloud, and downloaded at Bandcamp, naming your price. Sometimes I do YouTube videos too.”

REBEKAH DELGADO – Music Box [Starts: 45:20]
We all know the route to success for a dedicated musician can often involve considerable hardship along the way. I still vividly remember my own early days with the Tom Robinson Band, when my one culinary treat was a single (small) Macdonalds hamburger with no fries, on my way back from signing on at the dole office each week. Music Box is the excellent new single from longstanding FOTN favourite Rebekah Delgado but she only has one upcoming gig at the moment. Admittedly it’s at London’s O2 Arena, where she’s playing a couple of stripped-down sets at the Handmade Christmas Fair at 4pm and 7pm on December 14th. But in recent months her career has been stymied, she tells us, by severe cashflow probems – not having enough spare cash to “even afford practice rooms or strings for my guitar. I say my guitar” she adds “but it’s not as I don’t have a guitar of my own – all my equipment is borrowed. Extreme poverty is why I haven’t got anything else coming up…” We’ve all been there and done that – and it seems to me that with the season of giving and goodwill almost upon us, it’s time for all of us who love Rebekah’s music to rally round and take matters in hand. First off, if you happen to run a venue or club night or know somebody who does, then consider giving this fine artist some gigs in the New Year – or hey, help organise a house concert with fellow fans in your area. But in any case the single’s out today – so why don’t we all go and buy it right now from Every quid helps, and if you feel disposed to pay a little more, well you can rest assured that all your cash (bar the Bandcamp adin fee) will go straight towards supporting Rebekah’s career in 2014. With your help, we should at least be able to keep her in guitar strings for the year ahead 🙂

RAINY AND THE DUST – Look Up [Starts: 48:02]
Originally formed in West Wales under the name of Little Gaia, Rainy and The Dust quickly gained a following amongst the surfing community there. Now based in Bristol, RATD consiste of the eponymous singer/songwriter Rainy plus guitarist Rob York. Rainy himself is a qualified music engineer who graduated from Gateway School of Recording in 1997 and went on to work as a house engineer at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, working with a wide variety of bands, from Napalm Death to Dr. Didg to Del Amitri. He engineered and featured on Nayfe SJ’s ‘All About The Lessons’ in 2001 and more recently produced Caroline Harrisons 2012 EP A Simple Wish. Rainy and Rob are currently working on a new RATD album for release in the New Year.

THE GREASY SLICKS – Street Queen [Starts 52:34]
The Greasy Slicks consists of Jack Kendrew on guitar and vocals, drummer Rian O’Grady and Nathan Rasdall on bass. We formed in 2012 through a mutual appreciation of traditional blues and rock & roll, taking influence from bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Temperance Movement and The Hoax among many others. Our passionate live shows have been described as the soundtrack for ‘a bourbon-soaked bar brawl’ and are where we strive to ensure our audiences are captivated by our energy, commitment and musicianship. We’re currently preparing to release our first official EP Into The Night – from which this track is taken. It’ll be available shortly and supported by tour dates in any and every town that will have us. Catch you on the road!”

The Greasy Slicks
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  1. Just woke (right) up when I checked this! Thanks again Tom. Nice put, keep up the good work.

  2. What an incredible final track, (Street Queen – Greasy Slicks) I heard this first on FOTN some weeks back and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the instrumental section. I really hope that this starts to get some airplay now, this group has some real class and quality.
    Thanks Tom, and all of the team for all your effort in putting together this mixtape which is thoroughly appreciated, this podcast is a very welcome addition to my Monday playlist.
    Now just looking forward to listening to the 15 Fresh Friends.

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