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Lara Smiles

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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show and podcast broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each show is available as a podcast for 30 days at the BBC 6 Music downloads page. The full tracklists and start times are published here at Fresh On The Net together together with biog information supplied by the artists. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks on the mixtape come from the BBC Introducing Uploader: some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues – the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here while listening to our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 23rd March (technically 2am on Monday, 24th March 2014…

BRIGHT YOUNG PEOPLE – Liberties [starts 0:17]
Bright Young People are from the N.E. coastal Welsh town of Rhyl and consist of vocalist/guitarist Lee Dawson,Bassist Jack Lewis Jones and drummer Casey Ingram. Formed early 2011, the band are buzzing from their riotous live shows & relentless touring schedule and gained the backing of Alan McGee & Adam Walton at BBC Wales. Liberties is their debut single and was produced by Ian McCulloch, no less. We wish them well.

LARA SMILES – A Million Times [starts 3:42]
“Hi my name’s Lara Smiles and I am a songwriter from London who loves to play live. I also love guitars, synths, female musicians, movies, partying, making noise and touring.” This is her 2013 debut single Take It Back – written by Lara and produced by the innovative Tim Bran (La Roux, Richard Ashcroft etc). Former founder and frontwoman with The Berettas, Lara is currently working on new material with no lesser producer than Youth and her debut solo album is expected this year.

HARTS – Lovers In Bloom [starts 7:15]
“I am Harts, I’m a solo artist from Melbourne, Australia born in India. I write my music, play all the instruments, record, produce and mix in my bedroom studio. My music is a blend of Funk, Rock, Pop and Soul. Following in the footsteps of my idols like Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Queen, MJ and many more. There’s also elements of Disco and Nu-Disco in my music. My music has caught the attention of many Artists I look up to, including music legends like Prince & Quincy Jones. In 2013 I released my debut EP titled Offtime, and Lovers In Bloom is the first single from my upcoming first album which I will release this year. Hope you like it.”

LAURE – In This Old Town I Spun Around [starts 11:00]
I am Laurence Morgan, a 19 year old songwriter – originally from Somerset and currently studying music in York. In This Old Town I Spun Around is one of the tracks from an EP I’m currently recording. I perform acoustic as much as electric gigs using a vocal loop pedal – and also have acting experience, performing in two National Youth Theatre shows in the past couple of years. I currently co-present The Annexe Radio Show on the University of York’s URY network. Laure is pronounced L-ow-ray), and I’m currently looking for gigs under that name in the Yorkshire area, or anywhere to be honest.

MR B THE GENTLEMAN RHYMER – HipHop Was To Blame After All [starts 15:56]
Having invented Chap-Hop in 2007 international flaneur Mr B has released 4 long players and travelled the UK, Europe, the US and Japan reconnecting hip-hop to a bit of manners and the Queen’s English. He currently lives in Hove with collection of fortified wines. His Chappist tomfoolery has always been infused with a sandalwood scent of satire, from early works such as ‘More Kissing In Porn Please, We’re British’ and ‘The Crack Song’ to more recent outings such as The Tweed Album’s ‘They Don’t Allow Rappers In The Bullingdon Club’. His new single Hip-Hop Was To Blame After All is both a cheeky snook cocked at the modern music industry and Mr.B’s sweet lament to rap’s lost innocence. Naturally, the name of the song is not everything it seems. Enjoy Mr.B’s coming of age as a ‘serious’ artist. You can watch the videogramme here.

MOURNING BIRDS – Eve Of The Isle [starts 17:44]
Live shows by Gillingham’s Mourning Birds have, we’re told, “seen them gain reviews involving the words ‘genius’, ‘energetic’, ‘awful’ and ‘unpleasant’. A filthy three piece rock ‘n’ roll spectacle wringing the clichés from the genre, leaving the best bits to pack more of a punch than a Keith Richards cocktail.” Their next gig is at London’s Barfly on March 28th.

KOLOTO – Fox Tales [starts 20:09]
Koloto is the pseudonym of Maria Sullivan, Canterbury-based electronic music producer and bassist in up-and-coming math rock outfit Delta Sleep. Koloto released her four debut tracks in January 2013 and within months generated serious interest, with radio plays Huw Stephens and indeed the BBC Introducing Mixtape. Her sound infuses elements of electronica, post rock, hip hop and Musique concrète, and her nfluences include edIT, Four Tet, Baths and Amon Tobin.

OCEAN CALLING – Far West [starts 24:07]
Ocean Calling is the music project of born wanderer and world citizen Sophie Wilkie: “I write sparkling songs” she says “about adventure, about the forest and the sea.”

MY NAME IS IAN – Yeah You [starts 28:16]
My Name Is Ian is a band fronted by Ian Williams and also featuring Joe Coleby and James Hobson and their song Yeah You jumped out of the pile this week with its huge passionate vitality and fresh, forceful lyrics. Ian decribes himself as a “bipolar anti folk desk punk itna klof dude. I was born with a cleft lip and palete” he says. “Then I learnt to talk. Then I didn’t shut up. I attempt music, I attempt art….I attempt love.”

THE NEW HELLFIRE CLUB – Wearenotwhatweare [starts 31:06]
The New Hellfire Club describe themselves as ” a band of brothers from Northampton, England – revelling in the contrast between bleak, lyrical melancholia and frenzied, modern psychedelia.

TREETOP – I Just Need You [starts 34:26]
Treetop is the solo project of Craig Lamb (formerly of Liverpool folk pop duo Non, Monsieur) in which he aims to combine simple catchy hooks with stripped-back guitar. If you like this track, check out his debut single Home which is available to download for free from their bandcamp page.

EDWARD PATRIS – A Love To Believe In [starts 38:27]
“I love magical and mysterious music.” says Edward Patris. “My songs would fit in to be called indie alternative.” Edward is busy making his first album, from which A Love To Believe In is the first single.

THEATRE ROYAL – Doubt [starts 42:50]
Rather than write a biog of their own, Theatre Royal have filled theirs up with a load of opinions and descriptions of their music written by other people. ‘The paisley shirted sound of The Medway Towns meets the West Coast of the States’ – Steve Lamacq. ‘Brilliantly switches between the calm and the storm.’ 5/5 Artrocker album review. ‘It’s either a gesture of defiance in the face of defeat, or a grand statement of victory. Either way it’s an impassioned, beautiful thing to behold.’ Medway Broadside. ‘An album that cuts through genres, blending swathes of melodies and anthemic choruses’ 9/10 Loud Horizon. ‘An exceptional debut album compromising of everything that is good about pop music and many of its offshoots from the past forty years.’ Buzzin Music. So now you know.

HOLY PINTO! – Phantom Limb [starts 45:47]
“Holy Pinto! aren’t out to rule the world; they just want to see it all.” We heard the promising early work of guitarist and songwriter Aymen Saleh in the band Handsome Panda. He first met drummer Ryan Hurley aged 15 at school and both ended up studying at Manchester University. The new band was born in the sudden burst of freedom that followed completing their degrees and released two Eps last year in short order. The first, titled Los Pintadores!, was released in September and showcases the ambitions and aspirations they hold dear. Their follow-up EP was named Brunswick Mill – after the abandoned, “weathered” cotton mill that has become their practice space. Current single Phantom Limb is their most confident and accomplished work to date and came out at the beginning of last month.

SWORDS – Hips [starts 49:34]
“Swords are a three piece alternative band currently based in Dublin. Ian Frawls and Jarlath Canning blend guitars, synths, samples, loud drums, and piano hooks with Diane Anglim’s haunting and intimate vocals. The band’s début album Lions & Gold is available now from iTunes, Google Play and Tower Records.”

MR. SLIM – Quinoa [starts 54:19]
“Mr. Slim an artist from hackney, London, has been creating hip hop beats for the last couple of years, and has recently moved away from writing beats for other artists in an endeavour to develop a name for himself as a solo artist, with the new selftitled EP MR SLIM. Combining a love for jazz and soul, with newer acid jazz/trip hop influences such as bonobo, quantic and amon tobin. Mr. Slim has plans for a full album release some time in summer, and is developing ideas for full live sets having played his first solo gig only last week.”Mr Slim

ARTISTS: A Word Of Warning…
After appearing on The BBC Introducing Mixtape you may well receive unsolicited email from at least one plugger saying they heard your track on the show, thought it “sounded fantastic”, and are wondering if you’re looking for promotion for your releases. Please check out The Pros And Cons Of Pluggers before responding to any unsolicited emails from anyone suggesting that YOU should pay THEM for services of any kind.

Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


  1. Thanks very much for featuring us Tom and the team, we really appreciate the support. ‘Doubt’ will feature on our 3rd album due for release this May/June on vinyl LP via Vacilando 68 Recordings.


  2. LAURE

    Once again, big thank you to Tom and everyone involved, it’s an honour!

    My ‘Oceans’ EP will be available on Soundcloud after Easter, so keep tabs on this page if you’re interested!

  3. Jake calland

    Thanks for this week, great work that you do, i iwll be listening regularly from now on.

    P.s thanks for updating the information

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