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Jon Dots

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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show and podcast broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each show is available as a podcast for 30 days at the BBC 6 Music downloads page. The full tracklists and start times are published here at Fresh On The Net together together with biog information supplied by the artists. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks on the mixtape come from the BBC Introducing Uploader: some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues – the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here while listening to our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 4th May (technically 2am on Monday, 5th May 2014…

JON DOTS – Wandering [starts 00:17]
Amy McGarrigle from Ulster’s legendary new music show Across The Line forwarded this track by our old friend Jon Dots to The BBC Introducing Mixtape last month. I seem to remember him as a drummer-turned-songwriter from just outside Dublin, but his web presence seems if anything to have diminished since we first played him on the old 6 Music Introducing shows. His profile on the BBC Uploader states: “JON DOTS is a self-produced solo artist who has just released a 4-song EP containing the tracks Wandering, The Love We Need (video on the way!), Jessica and Handsome. He’s not on Twitter and his Bandcamp page tells us nothing about the artist himself at all.

xBOMB FACTORY – Small Things Matter [starts 04:44]
xBOMB FACTORY are a five piece punk band from Cambridge. Newly signed to legendary German label, Noisolution, they will be playing a German tour kicking off on May 17th in Schwerin to support the release of their debut album, ‘No’. No, to what? No to all the poison we’re force fed every day. All the tedium and banality. All the platitudes and meaningless words that mask inaction and casual brutality. All the tranquillisers they pump through the television, the radio and the internet. Every song is a rejection and a refusal. Of bigotry (God Loves Us and He Hates You), surveillance (Tapes) and loss of identity (My Name is Gulliver) set to apoplectic ranting, yelping and screaming, to driving rhythms and furious guitars. For frontman Ranting Jack it’s ‘about trying to flush out the toxins. Trying to really live, even if it is just for those thirty minutes on stage. No self-pity, no bleeding hearts. Noise and truth. Love and hate. Blood and fire.’ The video for Small Things Matter can be seen here…”

TALIIA – Fiesta [starts 06:26]
Taliia is a pop singer & lyricist whose musical journey has taken her all the way to London, where she is currently a student at The British Academy of New Music on the Artist Development course. Taliia’s songs are a blend of modern, relevant lyrics and catchy uptempo tunes that can be described as a combination of cosmic electro pop with exceptional lyrics & sexy rap. Her debut single Fiesta blends an urban vibe with R&B beats and funky grooves – melodious rap from a female perspective. Together with her EP The One From September it will be released in June. Taliia is a well-rounded artist who delivers a complete entertainment package of performing arts and is putting together a team of professional musicians to create a band and prepare a live concert programme.”

JOSHY CONNOR – Spark [starts 09:07]
“Born in London and raised in Cambridge, Joshy Connor is an acoustic singer-songwriter, recording artist and music producer as well as a classically trained singer and guitarist. His music incorporates urban pop, folk, flamenco and blues. Joshy’s debut album Running – released in 2011 – reached the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, since when he has released 2 further EPs, and performed over 200 gigs in London, Paris and around the UK. Joshy’s second album, Chronicles was released via iTunes in March 2014 and sees the 23-year-old musician tackle a range of themes. Designed to be an open book, exploring the different shades that life has to offer, the stripped back and honest simplicity of Joshy’s music is able to shine (albeit with a sprinkling of contemporary production). Written during a transitional period in his life, the music and lyrics reflect innocence, youth, war, religion, truth and the limits of his universe!”

Shadrack TyeSHADRACK TYE – Henry Martin [starts 12:08]
Shadrack Tye are all members of the same family based in South London. Though they obviously know each other quite well they hadn’t thought of making music together until several years ago when they had a bit of an epiphany. It proved to be an extraordinarily creative experience and a surprising amount of fun. Since then they have won acclaim from audiences and promoters alike for their performances at venues and festivals in London and around the country. Named after Tina’s maternal grandfather, they perform folk arrangements and original songs bringing to both a multitude of musical influences. Tina and Paul have had long careers playing for top London orchestras and as music educationalists, while Sam also sings with vocal jazz harmony group Vive. You can catch them live in May/June at the London Folkfest at The Bedford, Balham, Wessex Folk festival, Weymouth and Gate to Southwell Folk Festival, Nottinghamshire. They are currently creating their next album due for release later this year.”

MINOR PLANET – Wheelbarrow [starts 15:26]
A discovery that came via Abbie McCarthy at BBC Kent who recently forwarded Wheelbarrow to me via The BBC Introducing Uploader. Minor Planet is “the eclectic solo project from Daniel Addison, a singer songwriter who has performed across London, Brighton and at Glastonbury Festival. Minor Planet produces music at No Plan Studio in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. Minor Planet occasionally recreates his music onstage using Live-Looping techniques with a guitar and a mic and as many basic percussion instruments and toys as he can carry in a suitcase. Songs vary from stripped-down acoustic troubadour ditties to goofy hubristic hip-hop. Daniel is also one fifth of the band Boo, Forever.

Your Heart Is In The Right Place
[starts 18:45]
“Londoner Bobby Whirlwind‘s ‘dream dance pop’ evokes good times and sunshine, a train journey over misty mountains, a little boat on an ocean, a hug on a distant beach at sunrise. Debut album Into the Blue draws on influences from disco to post-punk, folk to techno, Arthur Russell to Studio and New Order, and is bursting with hooks, optimism and holiday spirit; it’s available as a free download from his Bandcamp page. He’s now performing with a three-piece band, which you can catch at the Pavilion, on Brick Lane in London, on Wednesday 4 June.”

Summer : Dans Un Rêve d’Amour
[starts 21:58]
Mike Williams was classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music, where he studied Composition and Viola. He was involved in the avant-garde / free jazz scene for a while but now works mainly in electronic music out of his studio on the Isle of Wight. After producing his album Snow Breath (released in January) Mike found inspiration in the story of Erik Satie’s turbulent love affair with Suzanne Valadon. An EP – The Seasons of Love – resulted and was released in April. Mike is now working on a cycle of 12 piano works for a production music library.”

BERNARD+EDITH – Poppy [starts 24:46]
Tipped to me by Michelle Hussey at BBC Introducing in Manchester, Bernard + Edith have this to say about themselves: MANCHESTER GIRL BOY DUO WHALLEY RANGE BORN N BRED. My  producer Adam emailed to ask for a further scrap or two of information. They didn’t reply.

The Great Storm
[starts 28:04]
“Kent-based mechanical alt-blues band Funke And The Two Tone Baby is the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Dan Turnbull. Combining loop and effects pedals, beatboxing and grooving bass lines with traditional instrumentation, powerful vocals and relentless energy. Funke is set to appear at 30+ festivals in 2014 including Beautiful Days, Bearded Theory and will be joining the travelling festival ‘Convoi Du Fete’ on a tour around the Netherlands. His new 4-track EP The Last Thing We’ll See Is The Sea is due for physical and digital release on June 16, 2014, with the release show on June 18 at The Barge, Gillingham with support from Babar Luck.”

Jakil JAKIL – Look Like Gold [starts 31:09]
Hometown: Edinburgh. Current Location: London. Description:
So now you know.

CANTALOOP – Avalanching [starts 34:49]
Sam Fleet from BBC Introducing In Shropshire forwarded us this track by our old friends Cantaloop – a Midlands based funk pop duo who’ve toured with the likes of Fun Lovin’ Criminals and De la Soul in the past. This new single Avalanching is due out on June 16th 2014, with launch shows in Birmingham and London, plus a show in Brixton with Craig Charles on July 19. “With a handful of European and UK tours behind them,” they tell us “Cantaloop are braced to further expand their following as they continue to defy all genres with their unique, funky sound.”

THE WIND-UP BIRDS – The Gristle [starts 37:53]
Selfproclaimed “Leeds-based noisy pop grumpsters” The Wind-up Birds tell us they “play gigs when we feel like it, and put out songs when we can afford it. After a few years of handing out home-made EPs to wary gig-goers in Leeds, we teamed up with local indie-hero Sturdy Records to release debut single Tyre Fire in 2010. This was followed by debut album The Land in 2012. Since the album came out we have done a few bits and pieces but have mainly been working on the follow-up Poor Music which comes out on 27 May. We are playing 12 Bar Club in London on 27 May and Wharf Chambers in Leeds on 29 May. If we enjoy them we will do some more.”

LAURA DOGGETT – Moonshine [starts 40:50]
Fresh On The Net’s own Sam Bonham forwarded Moonshine to the Mixtape last month in his role as co-presenter of BBC Introducing In The West. Laura Doggett didn’t actually reply to Adam’s email asking for a factual paragraph for this page. But you can read some nice descriptions of her music by Will Walder, Indieinthebath, John Hughes and Kitchen House Band on her Soundcloud page.

Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5COLONEL MUSTARD & THE DIJON5 –
International Sex Hero
[starts 44:29]
Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 are the shiny disco ball helmet wearing, ultimate genre hopping, twisted festival, live stage machine that puts the emphasis on music, laughter and entertaining. Like a Dean Martin and Kenny Rogers hybrid with the DNA of Bob Marley and Neil Diamond on mushrooms! Our live show has included laughter yoga, Justin Bieber excorcisms, gaffa-taped crowd surfing, mass group hugs, dance offs, creating beats by getting the crowd high 5ing, sing alongs about dancing in gay discos and being heartbroken by ginger people, Mexican boings (like a Mexican wave but getting the crowd to say boing from one side to the other), pile-ons, trust games, partial nudity and a cattle stampede. Our music is a party at its most outrageous, ridiculous and the crowd are always the 6th Dijon. Our debut album, Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To, is out this coming Saturday 10th May 2014. With an all-day launch party in the new/old The Art School union. Spread the Mustard love. Your Colonel needs you. We bring the sunshine. You ARE the 6th Dijon! Join the Yellow Movement”

And THAT, my friends, qualifies beyond the smallest shadow of doubt as Band Biog Of The Month.

FISKY – No Time For Goodbyes
[starts 47:39]
Fisky (born Paul Fisk on 7th January 1981) is a British Hip-Hop artist. Growing up in Dunstable, Paul wrote poetry and short stories as a youth, but didn’t start writing songs seriously until he was in his early twenties. He explains, “I was given a DJ Greenpeace mix tape by a friend when I was about sixteen and I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I knew right then this is what I wanted to do. Following the release of his debut album Ten Years, Fisky featured on the lead single for the album Ghetto Swing by Italian DJ/Producers Dr Cat & DJ Pony which spawned multiple remixes. Meanwhile No Time For Goodbyes is Fisky’s first official single from his album and was inspired by losing someone close without having the chance to say goodbye. “As with all of Fisky’s music” we’re told, “the storytelling is engaging and the honesty brutal. Fisky’s raw emotion and lyrical incisiveness are perfectly complimented by Croydon born singer/songwriter Christen Kwame’s calming, soulful and powerful vocals, setting the tone for this emotive track.” The recently released video for NTFG can be seen here. A second single and video are soon to be released, with a new collaborative EP and followup album in the works. Ten Years is available for free – or the price of your choice – via the Fisky Bandcamp page.

BILLY LLOYD – Mirrors [starts 51:17]
Many thanks to Darren Williams at BBC Introducing In West Yorkshire for bringing this interesting new artist to our attention. “Billy Lloyd is a young musician, composer and producer, making and performing dark electronic music. Beginning by experimenting with electronic sounds and a looping system at age 10, the self taught producer works alone writing, performing and producing all the material, as well as styling and producing all of the visual accompaniments to the music. Releasing his debut 5-track EP on August 10th 2014, on which you will be able to heard the track Mirrors that is included on this mixtape, Lloyd has a busy summer ahead filming a visual accompaniment for the entire EP as well as performing across the country. The EP ‘Who (1)’ is part of a trilogy of EPs dealing with cultural, societal and personal identity over a dark landscape of glitchy electro.”

CAROLINE ENGLAND – Crashing Down [starts 55:22]
“If blondes are wild, and brunettes are true, you’ll never know what a ginger will do” says Caroline England, who continues thus: “I am an unsigned singer songwriter trying to ‘make it’ in the music business. Make what exactly remains to be seen. Music I suppose. I wrote a biography so as to inform visitors about me. So the next bit is in 3rd person, apologies… In a world where today’s media are still more likely to write about a woman’s dress size and appearance than her achievements, Caroline is a devoted role model for Girls Out Loud: an inspiring organisation that visits schools to engage with teenage girls about self esteem, career aspirations, personal identity and empowerment. Her eclectic music is highly influenced by her environment: Caroline resides on the Liverpool coastline, well known as a creative hub for the arts and its maritime heritage. She is currently half way through recording her second album, while her debut Who Said All Is Fair In Love And War? is available now on CD and download. Her next live show will be at the East Village Arts Centre in Liverpool supporting Stephen Langstaff on 24th May.”
Caroline England at Printworks, Manchester for Redhead Day UK, 29th June 2013. Photo by Andy Darbyshire Caroline England performing at Printworks, Manchester for Redhead Day UK, 29th June 2013. Photo by Andy Darbyshire.

ARTISTS: A Word Of Warning…
There is at least one PR company that sends out an identical email to every single artist who appears on The BBC Introducing Mixtape. The email says that they heard your track on our show, they thought it “sounded fantastic”, and they are wondering if you’re looking for promotion for your releases. But check out The Pros And Cons Of Pluggers. You should always be extremely wary of unsolicited email from anyone who claims to like your music and then suggests that YOU should pay THEM for services of any kind.

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