BBC Mixtape: 27 July 2015

Where Fires Are


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with with information about the music that’s been provided by the artists themselves.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 27th July at 2am.

WHERE FIRES ARE – The Joys [starts 00:17]
Where Fires Are is an adrenaline-fuelled, energetic yet thoughtful, alternative rock band based in the U.K. The five members are working hard to build on their growing reputation by releasing six brand new tracks throughout the year – all accompanied by attention-grabbing videos. They have recently enjoyed their summer playing at festivals such as Darwin Live, Testifest and Moofest and are busy writing new material whist planning and organising for their up-and-coming tour. They will next be seen gigging in York on the 31st August at The Spread Eagle and then in Leeds on the 25th September supporting Man Can’t Fly at The Librarys’ 360 Club. Check them out online or at a gig – they guarantee you will not be disappointed.

NANO KINO – Never Seemed To Happen [starts 03:44]
Nano Kino are Sarah Suri & Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park / Decade In Exile). Based between Sunderland & Newcastle the band now features Tom English & Andy Martin on drums & bass. Recently compared to the sound of classic 4AD bands Cocteau Twins & Deerhunter, the band are self-releasing their first single Never Seemed To Happen on 10th August on ltd white vinyl at

GERARD COUSINS – The First Beat Is The Last Sound [starts 06:56]
Born in Brecon in South Wales but now a Berkshire resident, Gerard Cousins is a rare guitar player. A master of the classical idiom and the range of techniques which it demands, Cousins has developed his songwriting to over the last decade to a point where he is equally at home rearranging avant-garde composers, crafting his own compelling pieces or branching out in unexpected directions. On ‘The First Beat is the Last Sound’, his fourth album since 2005, cousins has reached a rarefied point where his stunning playing is matched by his artistic vision – and yet the songs never sacrifice melody for sheer technique.

RUINZ ASON – Here And Now [starts 09:54]
“Here And Now is the first single off the forthcoming Double EP comprised of 2 parts: “Here” and “Now” which will showcase the musical juxtapositions for which Ruinz Ason has become known. Since his 2008 90’s Hip-Hop inspired debut (A Hero And Villain Vol.1) Ruinz and his brother/ producer J-flames have jointly released six Projects including the experimental concept EP,The Dubtrap Experience, blending Dub music with Trap and Grime. The EP spawned 2 singles, Higher, & his biggest track so far, Wake Up, which received support from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Capital Xtra (Formally Choice FM) as well as being featured on Channel AKA, SBTV and Ason describes his Live performances as a Psychedelic electronic Hip Hop experience. He has now deployed a Semi Electronic, Semi Live band to bring to life his conceptional and experimental sound, ranging from the Extra extra terrestrial Alien Encounter and bass crazy Wake Up! to the satirical Disappearing Planes.” Which I included in my top BBC Introducing tracks of 2014.Ruinz Ason

MATTIE GINSBERG – Time [starts 12:59]
“I haven’t been up to much just working full time and trying to mix in the evening.” says longstanding Friend Of Freshnet Mattie Ginsberg. “I could only compose the song above because I was ‘rained off’ from work. However I am getting more people coming at me wanting to record and collaborate so that should be good. Oh yes been smashing whisky and pills every night because I have a terrible toothache – I phoned the dentist today and I’m on the 5 week waiting list – so that’s something isn’t it? On another note I had a stroke of luck. I work for a rich Irish guy who’s a property developer and I asked him if he had a space I could utilise as a studio, anyway he got real enthused and is totally into the idea so hopefully I should have my own studio and record label soon-now that is definitely something isn’t it?”

WILLO WONDER – Black Beauty [starts 14:35]
“Welsh-born Willo is a 19-yr-old singer songwriter. Having lived all over the UK, he now resides in London. With his heartbreakingly honest lyrics and catchy pop melodies, his songs have become known as vulnerable yet empowering. Due to Willo’s classical background he has a very wide range of influences ranging from Mozart & Bach, to modern day artists such artists as Adele, Lana Del Rey and Florence & The Machine. Willo strives to create magical orchestral pop music with beautiful string arrangements and horn sections to bring back the essence of real authentic music. Described as a ‘Glamorous Rebel’, Willo pushes the boundaries of what society deems as acceptable. With his androgynous style and big powerful voice, he breaks away from the mould making him a unique and memorable artist. Willo hopes to become known as a tastemaker, through his fresh and original take on pop music.”

DITTE ELLY – I Am Only [starts 18:55]
“Newcastle-based Ditte Elly has been performing across the North East, London and Oxford for the past four years. She has just launched a crowdfunder campaign for her upcoming debut album, as well as a new single, I Am Only (What You Make Me) which you can hear and buy at her Bandcamp page.

HAVELOCK – It Doesn’t Bother Me [starts 22:20]
“Writing and performing music is how I get my kicks.” says Havelock Hudson. “I take inspiration from thousands of artists (current and classic), and create my own refreshing and creative sound. I’m 19 years old, but I’ll be playing until I’m 90. Ultimately, all I want is to entertain with the sounds that come out from my mouth.”

I, US, & WE – Sunday [starts 26:21]
I, Us and We tell us: “Floating above a sparse and alien landscape the observer can only do that which they are intended to do. Observe. We see a panoramic photo of a beautifully sparse glacial scene. All sense of time and space would be lost in the eternal white if not for the soft streaks of grey that subtly allude to a physical presence, and imply the existence of metaphysical musings. It is in this vast space that we most search for something human. Amidst the immense beauty of the natural world, it is the face of a loved one that we search for most. There is a sense that we can traverse this new world as long as we have the soft voice of a mentor to guide us. This seraph’s song envelops us with a sense so cold it burns. It is in this perpetual state of shock we continue to search for meaning. As our consciousness beckons us forward, the subtlety of this barren landscape begins to come into focus. Yet even through the eyes of enlightenment there is little to see, and less to understand. Intuition guides us forward, and suddenly all is lost. The white has become black, and a sense of static in the air reminds us of the grey streaks of a world long past. Riding along the short wave of the infinite we begin to realize that there was never anything to begin with. We created the light, the dark, and every shade of grey in between. It is only through this understanding of ourselves that we can begin to float onward, and begin again.” So now you know.

CENTREFOLDS – You, Me & Debauchery [starts 30:18]
“Following 2014’s critically aclaimed 7 track EP Fashion, Centrefolds grabbed the attention of BBC Introducing, NME, BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio, Fred Perry Subculture, BBC Radio 2 and Hype Machine. With appearances at Glastonbury Festival, support to major national bands throughout the UK and airplay worldwide already in their back pockets Centrefolds are now set to return with a brand new single this summer, You, Me & Debauchery, inspired by elements they love from the guitar world and the electronic one in equal measures. Combining massive pop hooks, palpitating beats, raw and angular guitars with hypnotic synths and dreamy textures to feed your ears with their blend of “anglo-Indie-dance-punk-euphoric-neon-pop-rock”Centrefolds

HAULA – Freedom [starts 33:43]
“Born in Uganda, Africa, Haula is a singer/songwriter and pianist based in London. With her African roots, classical training and myriad of disparate musical influences Haula’s music is an amalgamation of rich melodies, old Blues, Soul and Modern pop. Her music reflects power, sensuality and strength while exposing an arresting honesty and deep-seated vulnerability. She has the capacity to be authentic, extremely moving and compelling when she sings. She has an innate musicality and is committed and passionate about her art. Her performances are intimate, captivating, powerful, energetic and authentic.”

SANDY KILPATRICK – Your Love Is A Weapon [starts 37:35]
“I was raised on a council estate called West Mains in East Kilbride, Scotland” says Sandy Kilpatrick. “There were two street gangs, West Mains Young Team and Young Moby Dick. It was a world of poverty and black markets, violence and alcohol abuse. It was a world of petty crooks, fortune tellers, truancy and clowns. I have a deaf older brother who learnt early on how to fend for himself, and for us, so I always felt very protected and safe in that environment. My godmother was a heavy drinking, motorbike riding, wild card, lesbian country singer and I adored her. She seemed to be channeling Patsy Cline. The whole family sang in fact. And it was in that environment, upstairs in my bedroom on Lindores Drive, listening to David Bowie, Van Morrison and The Velvet Underground that my long love affair with songs started. I am still amazed by how music can turn misery into magic.”

HVMAN – Am I Here on my Own? [starts 40:19]
“Imagine the love-child of Iggy Pop & Jared Leto sparking with the female vocals of The Flying Lizards. HVMAN will charm you with cinematic sonic landscapes whilst seamlessly unsettling you with highly crafted uptempo noise. Together since 2014, this London-based four-piece are a must-see live. Influences are wide and varied encompassing the likes of Imagine Dragons, M83, YYYs, Hurts, Talking Heads & NIN. HVMAN delivers big brash pop tunes with a sharp-edged alternative-rock aftertaste.”

CORACLE – Sun’s Coming (ft. Jen Armstrong) [starts 44:45]
Coracle is a songwriting project by Leeds based producer Jonathan Doherty. It is Downtempo House and Chilled Electronica with jazz and funk grooves. Coracle mixes quirky beats, unusual soundscapes and live instruments to create a warm, summer infused sound. Guest vocalists and Instrumentalists are a key part of Coracle’s sound and he involves as many of his musician friends in the recording process as possible. Sun’s Coming is a Beach House summer anthem featuring vocals from Jen Armstrong, African percussion from Thabo and the Real Deal’s Ali Mac, and guitar from Neil Morgan and James Gale. It is due to be released on Miami’s Dualism Records as part of his debut EP Come Alive in late August.”

MODERN TRIBES – Cut It Out (I Won’t Go Back) [starts 50:06]
“Hi,” say Modern Tribes. “We are from Shropshire Oswestry the band consists of me (Eric, Vocals, Guitar) and my brother (Tim, Bass) and our best mate ben (Drums) We are currently homeless living in our van playing lots of gigs and house parties all over the country. Our debut EP You Do Drugs is out on bandcamp to stream and buy and people can like us on facebook. We are playing in Wellington, Telford on 2nd August and more to be announced soon :)”

LET’S AWAY – Golden Morning [starts 52:03]
“Making songs” proclaims the artist known as Let’s Away. “Not a band. London & Manchester, UK.”
See How To Write A Band Biog – and why it matters.

CARTOON SHADOWS – Gem [starts 56:08]
“Norway’s most exciting new export, Cartoon Shadows, release their debut single Gem on 24 July on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. The band was formed in 2008 and rehearses in a hut made out of Norwegian Wood in a far off Nordic town of Akkerhaugen, next to an enormous fjord called Lake Nordsjo They are Abdi Baisa – guitar and vocals, Jan Birger Akerhaugen – guitar, Knut Olav Buverud Sandvik – bass, Gøran Flåtin – drums. They are terribly good live. The band is getting some heat over in Norway where they have played a handful of sell out shows. Norway is superior in every way to its cousin Sweden. The girls are prettier. The skiing is better. There are more bears. The music is diverse: Royksopp, Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho, DJ Todd Terje, Ylvis and now Cartoon Shadows. From space jazz to pop, there’s more to Norwegian music than Norwegian Wood.”

Cartoon Shadows

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my track on your mixtape – it’s so refreshing for me to hear my music in a non ‘classical’ context which is exactly what I was hoping for when I wrote the album. Great programme – some really diverse stuff and a really fine example of just what the BBC should be doing – Thanks again. Gerard

  2. Thank you ever so much for featuring my track “Freedom” on the BBC Introducing Playlist. Haula 🙂

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