BBC Mixtape: 30 June 2014

Andy Murray


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net together with biog information supplied by the artists. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 29th June (technically 2am on Monday, 30th June 2014…)

GO SWIM – Animal [starts 00:17]
Go Swim are a Belfast based indie rock band formed in Oct 2013 – three guys, one girl, sparkling guitar riffs and driven bass and drums – for those who like Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club. We just released our debut four-track EP Animal this Friday (June 27). We will be supporting The Kaiser Chiefs at Belfast Feile, on August 9th.”

MOE MAKAYA – Introduction ft KIN [starts 03:13]
Moe Makaya has been described as ‘The Next Little Kim’ due to her lyrical content, style and energy. Her style of rap is mixed with new school and old school with a dancehall and afro flare and gives her a unique sound. Having been a model before she has incorporated this into her style as a rapper giving her a fashion modelesque edge making her fierce yet sassy.”

VITAMIN – Dancing on the Sun [starts 06:19]
Vitamin are a new band from Leeds. They produce a sound triggered by the pop of early Michael Jackson records and British new wave bands of the same period. The first 2 recordings resulted in bookings on Live at Leeds and Tramlines Festivals as well as blog posts from Little Indie Blogs, When the Gramophone Rings, and Scientists of Sound. Dancing on the Sun is a new track that aims to ‘evoke a long hot summer bathing in rays of 80s pop indulgence coloured with youthful urgency’. The track is available as a free download from the band’s Facebook page.”

JOSH SAVAGE – Lost In Paris [starts 10:00]
Josh Savage is a singer, songwriter and musician from Winchester and tipped as one of ‘Ten Artists to Watch’ by the Huffington Post. Exposed to an eclectic mix of music whilst growing up in Paris, Josh picked up several instruments along the way including the trumpet and sang regularly as lead treble soloist for l’Académie Vocale de Paris. Josh graduated in Music at the University of York in 2012 and has been self-releasing his material and touring the UK, Europe and the Middle East ever since. Josh’s performances vary from playing solo, with a string trio or a full band. Upcoming gigs: Blissfields Festival, Winchester (Jul 4), Haselemere Fringe Festival (Jul 6), 999 Festival (Jul 270, YNOT festival (Aug 2), Summerjam Festival, Skipton (Aug 2), Victorious Festival, Porstmouth (Aug 24), SC4M Festival, Winchester (Sept 7).Josh Savage - click image to zoom in new window

Adam Richman Makes His Favourite Sandwich
[starts 14:00]
“Formed during a cold winter in Southern England, Cavaliers came together through a mutual love of pub lunches and seventeenth century monarchs. The result is a collection of infectiously catchy indie jaunts. Cavaliers take the upbeat, driving melodies of Two Door Cinema Club and Bombay Bicycle Club, whilst incorporating a finger-tapping math rock tinge to the sound. Having recently supported King Charles at Mo’ Club in Southampton, their début EP Gazella was released in April.”

REECE – Andy Murray, Love Britain [starts 17:30]
“Don’t you think Andy Murray deserves more credit for last year!?” asks Reece Robertson. “77 years since a Brit last won Wimbledon and he only went and changed that. Wouldn’t it be fitting for this song to be played on the BBC Introducing Mixtape just as he’s due to play Kevin Anderson in the last 16 later today, Monday June 30th? Just think of the extra support it could generate for Andy! With the vast amount of listeners on BBC Radio and no doubt it will create a domino effect with other radio following suit… With the whole of Britain chanting his name it could be the perfect boost for Andy in his quest to win an unprecedented consecutive Wimbledon title!! Just imagine how amazing that would be…”

LUCY CLAIRE – Stille ft. ALEV LENZ [starts 20:30]
Lucy Claire is a London based composer originally from the North East of England. Her music is classical in origin, embellished with glitchy electronic elements and atmospheric binaural soundscapes. Last August she released her debut EP Suite on This Is It Forever – a release described by The Quietus as ‘brilliant, delicately-wrought sketches’ and leading Dani Charlton at Amazing Radio to name Lucy her Artist Of The Week. Stille comes from her latest release Collaborations No.1 which sees Lucy wrap her sound around the work of collaborators Alev Lenz and Bruised Skies. Drowned In Sound recently included this track Stille in their MAP compilation series.”

INDIA MILL – Caribesque [starts 25:10]
India Mill are based in Darwen, a former milltown in Lancashire where any kind of music can find an ear – and any form of pretence will be shown its rear. No-one knows the effects that an off-the-cuff remark about a haircut can have on an individual, and for India Mill this led to the psychedelic slice of existential angst that is Caribesque – the first single from the band’s forthcoming album Under Ever Sky. It aims to combine ‘the introspective anxiety of Radiohead with the seismic swagger of Oasis as India Mill tackle Living In The Material World…’ The band consists of bass-playing frontman Al Smith; guitarist Simon ‘Swami-Deva’ Nicholson; Chris Coates who ‘provides the Southern-roots sound to the band’ and drummer Dean Ingham.
India Mill – click image to zoom in new windowIndia Mill - click to zoom image in new window

ANDY QUIN – Toccata No. 1 In C [starts 29:09]
Andy Quin started playing the piano at the age of four and studied Music and Electronics at Keele. After graduating Andy composed music for many TV series and some of the UK’s best known ads. He wrote and produced a number of tracks for the international best selling album One World. Recent work includes jazz tracks on films Definitely Maybe and Flash of Genius and TV productions Marple and Boardwalk Empire. He has now written 68 albums for De Wolfe but is concentrating on his first love of solo piano performance and jazz.”

BIRDEATSBABY – Spiders (feat. GABBY YOUNG) [starts 32:02]
“Hot on the heels of their recent single The Bullet, Brighton’s purveyors of dark cabaret Birdeatsbaby release their third album The Bullet Within together with a second single Spiders – which features a duet with Gabby Young. The Bullet Within sees the band’s songwriting flourish with a new confidence, which is also prevalent in lead vocalist Mishkin Fitzgerald’s vocal performances on every track. In addition to Gabby Young’s duet with Mishkin on Spiders, there’s also a guest appearance from violinist Melora Craeger (who has worked with Nirvana and Marilyn Manson) on Into The Black.”

FJOKRA – Infinite Loops [starts 35:53]
“Fjokra is a multi-instrumentalist from Dublin. Drawing influences from an eclectic mix of genres, he has been creating and performing music for most of his life since first beginning to teach himself piano at the age of three. Now based in London, Fjokra is live with his eponymous band and has gained a reputation for exhibiting a uniquely bizarre and electric live show. Collaborating as a performer, producer and instrumentalist with names such as The Clash, Tyondai Braxton (Battles), Reeps One, Lazy Habits and Hollie Cook and, currently, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, Fjokra is progressively building a name for himself as a unique and versatile artist. Fjokra has already graced the stage at Beach Break Festival and Liverpool Sound City. Having played Isle of Wight Festival 2014, Fjokra are looking forward to appearing at Shambala Festival over the summer and Icelandic Airwaves beginning of November. Off stage and behind closed doors, Fjokra is constantly writing and recording new material with a 5 track EP newly released in June 2014.”

Glory in the Meeting House
[starts 40:18]
Billy Hill has been playing folk fiddle since he was seven. (He loves the bluesy, syncopated Appalachian stuff best + Cajun music.) Still only 15, he’s been performing at festivals (Tabernacle Folk; Bideford; Orchestra in a Field; Folk by the Oak; BBC Proms) and clubs (Troubadour; Mau Mau; + folk clubs) for the last five years. He also plays guitar and has supported Eliza Carthy, Tim Eriksen, Dave Swarbrick and Bruce Molsky. Ramon Goose is a blues guitarist who has been involved with several World Music projects, and has travelled across the Sahara Desert to countries such as Senegal where he has collaborated with many renowned musicians, including Diabel Cissokho, and formed the West African Blues Project. His most recent ventures are Desert Rock and World Scatterings.”Billy Hill

FIRESTATIONS – Never Closer [starts 42:08]
Firestations are a dream-pop guitar band from London, featuring ex-members of Dark Captain, Quickspace, Left With Pictures and Astronauts. Recording constantly at their East London HQ – as well as setting up their own independent label WaltzTimeRecords – their members play in a plethora of side projects – and often in each others’ bands. Never Closer aims to be ‘an addictive mix of fuzzy guitars and distorted drum machine with squeals of feedback and half spoken cryptic lyrics – spiralling into pop choruses and crashes to an abrupt halt in under three minutes’. The band are planning an album release and tour in the late summer.”

MONOGANON – Monomania [starts 45:04]
Monoganon are a Glasgow-formed four-piece, led with strength of artistry, willpower (and broadband connection) from Malmö, Sweden by inestimable singer, guitarist and songwriter, Scottish expat John B. McKenna. Dexterous and intuitive support is provided by drummer Colin Kearney, guitarist Andrew Cowan and bassist Susan Bear – plus second drummer Keith Smith, when he’s not on an organic Zen Buddhist farm in Bordeaux. They promise to invite mass wonderment with their curious and captivating concoction of psych-folk, art-pop and slacker rock. It’s a definitively uncategorisable, time-signature-shifting headspin of unpredictable forays into dreamy acoustic exotica, Pavement-worthy off-kilter riffs, fuzzed-out post-rock catharsis. Plus choruses, Jim – but not as we know them.”

Royal Handkerchief Ballet (Radio Edit)
[starts 49:02]
Kassassin Street are, they tell us, “truly a breath of fresh air, combining incessant dance rhythms with the kaleidoscopic sounds of psychedelia. With the band already championed by NME Radar and Xfm, this debut single has been praised for its use of Eastern-inspired drones alongside an infectious groove and soaring chorus. Recorded with Tristan Ivemy at Konk Studios, the track is the first in a line of singles expected throughout 2014. Live the band comes into its own, creating an intensely euphoric atmosphere that has led to a series of sold-out shows across the south of England, and festival slots including the Isle of Wight, Truck and Galtres Parklands…”

KHAMSINA – Eleni [starts 52:52]
Regular listeners to the BBC Introducing Mixtape will already by familiar with the work of Khamsina – the artist name of Reading songwriter Stevie Fitchett – who has just released her new EP this summer, from which Eleni is the title track. “Meaning ‘ray of light’,” she tells us, “it’s a name which dates back to antiquity and claims Helen as it’s modern equivalent. The song was inspired by a friend called Helen, who has a tattoo of a butterfly on her hand. The EP contains tracks from a current project Kore, which is a modern interpretation of the myth of Persephone retold through contemporary dance and music. Graduating from university this year Khamsina intends to spend more time back in the studio with a number of live performances planned in London later this year.”Khamsina - click to zoom image

ARTISTS: A Word Of Warning…
At least one PR company sends out an identical email to every single artist who appears on The BBC Introducing Mixtape. It says that the company heard your track on our show, they thought it “sounded fantastic”, and are wondering if you’re looking for promotion for your releases.

Before responding, please check out The Pros And Cons Of Pluggers. We strongly urge you to be wary of unsolicited email from anyone who claims to like your music and then suggests that YOU should pay THEM for services of any kind.

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