Fresh Faves: Batch 124

Carnival Youth

These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and are reviewed this week by Team Freshnet’s Andy Von Pip who founded and is currently editor-in-chief of the legendary Von Pip Musical Express.

You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.


It can’t be that often Fresh On The Net has featured a Latvian indie band but Carnival Youth prove the maxim ‘it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at’ is entirely correct.  A driving rhythmic tour de force and an engaging tune delivered with a lightness of touch that perhaps treacle voiced doom merchant Tom Smith (Editors) may wish to take note of.  The band apparently made their UK debut at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton and have played at a number of leading European festivals in 2014.

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CHLOE MARCH – Winter Deep

Subtle and understated is a good thing although it often takes a few listens to let the music seep in and reveal itself. Which is exactly what Chloe March‘s Winter Deep does. It got a shimmery timeless quality and is possibly not one for death metal fans on a sugar rush. However, it does sound rather like the perfect accompaniment to a cup of cocoa on a chilly winter’s night.

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Dear Pariah is the moniker for London based artist Charlotte Hinchliffe, who along with her magnificent band of seven (no Brad Dexter in their number) is currently working on her debut album scheduled for next year.  It’s haunting ethereal folktronica, with a hint of Beth Gibbons and Daughter replete with driving tribal beats and atmospheric strings.

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DOOLEY & THE DOG – Do You Like My Music

‘Do you Like My Music?’  That’s brave question and initially I thought ‘hmm possibly not’ …But after a couple of plays Dooley And The Dogs‘ music starts to make sense, unlike the band’s name which apparently stems from a dream that every one of the band members simultaneously had one night.  The exact details of the dream are not to be disclosed, though the overall message of canine uprising and Man’s best friendship coming to an end.  So now you know.  The band was formed by musician Stevie-Jo Dooley and their debut album engineered by Jim Barr from Portishead is due to be released on 16/11/14.

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There’s a fair bit of the folky, the ethereal and the electronic this week , but Hot Fiction conjure up that bluesy boozy Rn’B Canvey island sound. Y’know back in the day when Rn’b was performed by bewhiskered whiskey drenched chaps in smoky pubs.  A time when R n’b had bugger all to do with nonsense about the merits of ladies bottoms, bling and guns. This track is not so much Dr Feelgood, as Dr FeelOkay as it isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, then again who wants a bike with triangular wheels ?

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LYON & LOWE – Some People – Love Our Records

I suppose some people may find Some People by Lyon & Lowe rather too wilfully quirky and lo fi for their taste. At best its sounds a little like the criminally underrated Stickboy, but perhaps lacking his warmth and wryness.  There’s defiantly potential here and it’s certainly not DIY by numbers. It’s not so much the song that’s the problem, just the style in which it’s being framed, which ain’t really my bag.

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SAM GRIFFITHS – Remedy To Rust

Looks can indeed be deceiving and whilst Sam Griffiths may look like the picture of cherubic wholesomeness or perhaps a direct descendant of Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Wilgoose Esquire, he sings in the voice of somebody who has quite possibly seen ‘ c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate’.  By this, I’m not directly comparing him to a psychotic “Replicant” more that he possesses a voice that whilst clearly isn’t  “the sound of mournful old men” is one that drips with an authenticity and experience that belies his years. World weary perhaps, but not without hope.  Sam seems to be building something up towards something very special indeed here.  One to watch for sure.

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Probably my fave this week and not to be confused with local compatriot Baltic Fleet (Paul Fleming) The Baltic States are a Liverpool based indie/electro band who specialise in big hooks, more hooks in fact then Peter Hook dressed as a pirate at a cloning convention. Boxes is a sexy snake-hipped slice of electro – and far more interesting than the omnipresent bland sexless ‘on trend’ dinner party electronica performed by people who look like trainee bank managers.  This is music to shed clothes to 😉

Mind you, it’s a bit chilly today.

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Ok so cards on the table, when I saw a band called The Tiffanies, I did except either  1) a band in the thrall of 60’s girl groups, or 2) an all female grunge collective with a penchant for flicking the middle finger without any apparent reason or purpose.  Instead, the Tiffanies appear to be two chaps who perform a muscular form of guitar-driven indie.  They also appear to be a couple of chaps who make Phil Mitchell look about as threatening as John Inman: ie you don’t wanna mess with ’em. All I Wanna Do is a solid enough song, which doesn’t really blow my socks off, however it certainly didn’t prepare me for the other track they have on their soundcloud at present, Lionel Ritchie which I suggest you take a listen to. Its completely barking mad and rather excellent.

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WHITE PEAKS – Amateur Actor

I knew an amateur actor once; he really did have no “off button,” all stage whispers and theatrical flourishes.  Hammier in fact than a delicatessen counter in Parma.  I filed him in the ‘one to be avoided at all costs’ folder – which I won’t be doing with this tune from White Peaks.  Evocative heartfelt, with perhaps a hint of navelgazing but I can live with it that.  Amateur Actor thankfully is more about dealing with honesty, about feelings within relationships, the roles we give assign ourselves and how we act out them out rather than my aforementioned ham-am-dram acquaintance.

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The Tiffanies

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In his first flush of youth a cherubic fresh-faced young Andy fell in love with something his parents described as a ‘god awful cacophony of talentless, directionless anger’. Yes he had fallen hook line and safety pin for the musical enema that was Punk, a savage incendiary explosion that effectively flushed away the egotistical histrionics of becaped hippies obsessed with Arthurian legends, who regularly produced spirit crushing self indulgent wankathons known somewhat grandly as ‘rock operas.’ Although too young to experience the first wave of punk it inspired young Andy to form a band, dye his hair various shades of red, blue and yellow and wear a safety pin through his ear. This made his parents VERY proud. His band the little heard, barely talented Distant Echos was built primarily around Andy’s distinctive songwriting style which could be described as “a mesmerising folly of epic proportions”. In 2007 his music blog the Von Pip Musical Express (VPME) was born under the slogan "asking dogs how they feel about lampposts so that you don't have to". Since its inception Andy’s humble musical organ has been voted in the BT Digital Music awards top ten music blogs and nominated in the Record of the Day Journalism and PR music awards, being named as runner up in 2009. Andy was also a member of ‘The BBC’s Sound Of 2010 taste-makers panel’ and has had press accreditation for numerous gigs and festivals including Liverpool Sound City , The Great Escape And Glastonbury. He is also a some time promoter in his home town of Liverpool putting on gigs featuring some of the most exciting up and coming bands about these here parts and beyond. The challenge still remains, to try and give great new bands a platform and to loosen Cowell’s cankerous grip on popular culture. It’s a tall order, but somebody has to try for f**ks sake. Who’s in ?


  1. Top write ups Andy. Enjoyed that, bang on. And banging tunes.

  2. Agreed Glenn (The very talented) Maltman!

    5 out of 5 Get In! 😀

    So Happy to see my top Five all in the Faves this week!
    Well done to all who made it this week
    and to Andy ‘The Express’ VonPip for the reviews

    Dan xo B-)

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