BBC Mixtape: 20 Oct 2014

Council Tax Band


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net together with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 19th oct (technically 2am on Monday, 20th Oct 2014…)

PEUR – Pursued by Bears [starts 00:17]
Formed at the beginning of 2013, with influences from Alternative Rock bands such as Biffy Clyro, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars and Placebo to the extremes of Industrial legends Nine Inch Nails and niche Post Rock bands such as 65daysofstatic and This Will Destroy You, Peur’s broad music taste allowed them to write music with complexity and also mainstream appeal. After spending the past year confined in a tiny Greater Manchester studio to conjure up their latest EP Future Architects, set for release on December 1st, Peur have quickly gained a following from their energetic and fast paced live shows. With dates around the UK coming up at the end of the year from Kilmarnock to London, Peur are ones you’re not going to be able to miss

COUNCIL TAX BAND – Jobcentre [starts 03:43]
Jobcentre’ is the lead track from Council Tax Band‘s forthcoming EP, Hannah & Barbara. Last autumn Council Tax Band’s synth player, Laura, had to sign on for a while. In order to receive her unemployment benefit she had to apply for ten jobs a week, which seemed fair enough, and before too long she had landed a part time position at a library. At this point she assumed that the weekly grind of completing job applications was over… but no. Turns out that to continue receiving her JSA she would need to keep applying for work, even though she had already been offered a job and was just waiting for it to start. So each week she compiled a list of ten jobs she hadn’t really applied for, just to appease her dickhead Jobcentre advisor, Ian. In the end it turned out that Laura wasn’t even eligible for Jobseekers Allowance in the first place, and was instead expected to leech off of her boyfriend’s £7k per year student loan. She never received a penny. So the whole thing was just a waste of bloody time.

TWEED & HYENAS – Norðasta Horn [starts 05:19]
Currently recording their first E.P with engineer/producer Sean Woodlock (Bloc Party, La Shark, Depeche Mode), Tweed & Hyenas are an indie trio based in SE London. The band met whilst attending Goldsmiths University and after finding a mutual affinity for acts like Grizzly Bear, Miles Davis and Captain Beefheart, T&H formed with Benjamin Madeley on guitar, Ed Burton on the drums and Jón-Klæmint Hofgaard on guitar/vocal. This minimal trio tries to explore instruments at their barest, and in their live performances, wilfully ‘poke and break’ the skeletal features of their music in order to shake and awaken their compositions. Their track Norðasta Horn is currently available free via the NX Records mixtape and in November the band will be releasing a brand new track on the NX Compilation Crossing Lines II.

AXES – Junior [starts 09:35]
Axes are a 4-piece based in London hailing from Essex, Scotland, Iran and Denmark, whose members collectively have been playing in math and punk rock bands for over 40 years! Formed in March 2011, they’ve been steadily carving out their own euphoric math punk niche in the sometimes murky, overpopulated waters of instrumental rock. Their fast paced, high energy, “million riffs a minute” aural assault, always performed with infectious smiles and bags of boisterous on-stage chemistry, is a breath of fresh air. Axes live shows have built up a reputation as being the epitome of fun, being described as a celebration of the sheer joy of making music.
Glory, their 2nd album, is released on 3rd Nov with a 2 week tour throughout the UK and Europe. With a genuinely eclectic array of influences ranging from thrash to emo to r & b, the band promise to leave no genre unexplored. This is a show not to be missed!

AARON DOUGLAS – Battles [starts 12:44]
Aaron Douglas is more than just “a guy with a guitar”. After cutting his teeth in Devon & Cornwall playing guitar & bass for Cosmo Jarvis and AlBenAza, the (now Bristol based) singer-songwriters’ blend of different genres, story telling, looping and honest & passionate lyrics has allowed him to carve out a name of his own. In the two years he’s been solo he’s played at the Eden Sessions, Glastonbury Festival and featured in the Jan 2013 issue of Acoustic magazine His debut single Shipwrecks reached no 6 in the iTunes Singer Songwriter chart. Upcoming gigs: The Brewhouse, Cardiff, Oct 13; The Nest, Bath, Oct 14; The Bread & Roses, Plymouth, Oct 17; Gylly Beach cafe, Falmouth, Oct 19; The Troubadour (London Guitar Night), Nov 2.

DANNY DARKO (feat. JODA RADEVSKA) – Time Will Tell [starts 16:44]
Danny Darko is an eclectic artist, producer, DJ, musician. His productions cross a wide range of EDM styles, house, deep, electro, progressive and dubstep. He is also the man behind early 2000s dance project Starchaser, whose Love will set you free reached the top 20 in the UK Singles Chart in 2001. Jova Radevska was born & raised in Macedonia and attended the highly acclaimed music school Vocal-Tech in London. She was a finalist for Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 and 2010. Jova is currently showcasing her new material in venues around London. Meanwhile she is collaborating with Danny Darko and their first two songs together are Time Will Tell and Butterfly. Danny is currently finishing off his new deep house single When Hope Is Lost and has recently shot a video for it on the Kent coast, where he plays the role of a 1940s RAF pilot.

HARUN RUNE – A Little More [starts 20:57]
Identifying himself as an “urban hippie” Harun Rune (aka Harun Egwenu, a young creative from the city of London) begins his participation in the growing underground music scene that is rapidly developing in Europe. Over the last few years Rune has remained focused on finding a distinct and authentic sound, unique to him and what he represents. The product of first generation English born Nigerians Rune is definitely a character, to be a pioneer is seen as duty rather than a accolade, expressing his intention to become an icon for peace, love and artistry he is the self -proclaimed originator of alternative genre “Cloudy” which is an experimental fusion of sounds influenced by House & Garage, Cloud rap, Trip Hop, Psychedelic Rock and Blues. He is open to collaborating with underground artists anywhere.

THE UNFORTUNATES – Raymond’s Perfect World [starts 23:11]
The Unfortunates are a four piece London band who take their name from B S Johnson’s “book in a box.” They write songs that aim for the wit and warmth of The Kinks and Television Personalities. They are self-deprecating, for the most part, and self-contained. They sound harder than they sound. They have released three EPs (available from and, on 17 January 2015, they will launch a split 7” with their friends, Walk Upright at The Mucky Pup pub in north London. Their side of the record features two identical versions of the nonsense song, Arthur Lowe. In January 2014, they hosted Unlondon, a free festival which featured films about forgotten London, talks from cult authors, and a performance from the band. They will hold a second Unlondon at St Mary’s Old Church, Stoke Newington, on 7 February 2015; a debut album will follow later in the year.

THE COSTELLOS – Metropical [starts 25:16]
The Costellos are an Indie/Rock band from Newcastle who met in school over 6 years ago. We consist of Carl Yeung, Andrew Goldsborough, Sam Hurst and Aniekan Esen. After moving to different universities across England, we are now recording from home (very Kevin Parker-esque), in hopes of enough encouragement to make music the main focus of our time after university. After 2 years of home recording, we’ve conjured up quite a collection of songs, and will be looking to release these songs in the near future, perhaps in the format of an EP. Metropical is our love letter to the city we live in, and all the good and bad times we’ve had in it. The song features many audio clips taken over the course of a year, whether it’s from a bus back home from university, walking through crowded streets or in a taxi full of drunks. It is a collection of memories and an attempt to commemorate anyone and everyone who has made those memories special.

ORGANISED SCUM – Hashslingrz (Edit) [starts 27:57]
The Organised Scum story first began back in 2011, when Sean and Tom both ended up working in the same vegan kitchen. Tom’s speciality was a dish called “Caponata in Batter’” – the two became instant friends. They were already thinking about forming a band when Kate came to visit the restaurant. An ill-spirited and impromptu argument about the relative values of béchamel made it clear that the three needed to make music together. They haven’t looked back since (apart from when they fired Ryan Ammar from the band for Crimes Against Space-Rock. Self-released debut album Kind of Wild will be released in the coming weeks, god-willing.

THE HOKUM – Pigs [starts 30:22]
The Hokum are a four piece indie/pop/folk band “with a twist”! Formed in Sheffield in 2013, the writing duo of Jacob Stanley and Anthony Isaac Stone have been prolific in producing song after song of quality material. The debut album, Fools, Mules and Baggage contains a blend of up-tempo guitar orientated tracks together with “folky”, slower ballads telling stories of life, love and disaster. Pigs has been chosen as the debut single due to the hugely infectious melody and the feelgood nature of the track. The second album is currently recorded ready for mixing. Upcoming gig: The Shakespeare, Sheffield, 30 Oct.

FEMMEPOP – Yellow Lines [starts 33:26]
We’ve been following the progress of Cork songwriter Margaret O’ Sullivan (trading as Femmepop) since early last year. I’ve been impressed with the careful build-up of her career strategy, gradually amassing the body of songs that culminated last month in the release of her debut album From A Girl Who Never Sleeps – produced by Margaret herself and mixed by Gavin Monaghan. Every ambitious artist whose aim is to make a living from music has to tread a fine line between pop accessibility and artistic credibilit and with Yellow Lines Margaret has struck that ideal balance. We wish her well.

JONNY AND THE PARECETOMALS – Palm Swet [starts 36:42]
Jonny And The Parecetomals was the extraordinary vision of their visionary revisionist – their eponymous frontman Jonny. His songs are composed using mixtures of experimental compositional techniques, guesswork and laziness. The Parecetomals are often asked to record blindfold and often not listening to the song, to enhance the creative guesswork used in the process. They were formed in 2005 and this is their first single. There is a new album underway that is being recorded in 5 different countries over a period of 20 years. They don’t talk to each other unless one of them has played a wrong note. The album is expected to be finished in 2016. If you ever get the chance to see them live; GO.

STEFF LANE – For Today [starts 39:14]
Gazing up at the tranquil sky on a starry night in Snowdonia, Jupiter began to fall, resulting in a journey of musical chaos. From that point onwards, Steff was never content staying within any given musical orbit and started experimenting with different genres of sound. Steff Lane, also known as Jupiter Falls, is currently working on releasing an EP for 2015 along with live shows.

ASYLUMS – I’ve Seen Your Face In A Music Magazine [starts 41:31]
Asylums are from Southend on Sea and are: Luke Vranch (Vocals /Guitar), Michael Webster (Bass), Jazz Miell (Guitar), Henry Tyler (Drums). We are putting the finishing touches to our debut album and preparing two more tracks/videos. I’ve Seen Your Face In A Music Magazine is our 2nd track to date and is released October 27th on DIY southend record label Cool Thing. We also have a session with John Kennedy on XFM session on Friday 14th November and pcoming gigs: Tram and Social, 17 Oct; The Nest (Young & Lost Club), 25 Oct; The Social (FRUKT), 4 Nov; Thekla, Bristol (supporting The Vaselines), 15 Nov;The Haunt, Brighton (supporting The Vaselines), 16 Nov; The Macbeth, 5 Dec; Brighton (label share night), 12 Dec.

PATH UNKNOWN – Blink [starts 43:52]
Path Unknown are a post apocalyptic inspired alt/rock band from the wastes of Southport… or just a bunch of mates writing songs and making music because it’s the best damn thing ever to do! We are Benjamin Stephen Jones (singer/rhythm guitar), Jack “Wadey” Wade (drums), Nathan Wheddon and Patrick Hibell (electric guitar) and Amber Wells (bass). We have just recorded our first album Plutonium (with producer Russell Cottier) which deals with with issues from revolution, betrayal, self-doubt to rising from the ashes. Coming up: Ship and Anchor, Southport 10th Oct; Lomax, Liverpool 11th October; District Liverpool (the picket) 22nd November (in aid of Down’s Syndrome with Scarlet and Go Fiasco) and Zanzibar, Liverpool 28th February (album release).

WHICHA MIRRORS – Lightyears [starts 47:49]
Whicha Mirrors is a collaboration between artists and childhood friends Joshua Field & Michael Kilbey. With a vision for enchanting, filmic folk-rock, the duo prides itself on its unique format as dual frontmen; organic instrumentation; rich harmony; and a general knack for finishing off each other’s sentences. Lightyears was self-produced, calling upon Tim Weller of The Divine Comedy to provide percussion. Green Park – the follow up single – is currently in production. The band play a live acoustic set for BBC 3 Counties Radio on 25 October at 8pm and are live in London on 28 October at Surya, Kings Cross and November 14 at Smiths, Spitalifields. Whicha Mirrors seeks to deliver a spiritual message, and one that – much like the connection of its founders – transcends time.

JIMMY PINCH – Magus [starts 51:37]
Jimmy Pinch cut his teeth in working men’s clubs in the North East. He later became a London session guitarist most notably for Saint Etienne in the early noughties, and has kept busy working as a DJ, engineer, and also builds and sells his own guitars. His epic double album Jimmy Pinch’s Arcana is a musical interpretation of the 22 trump cards of the Tarot and was recorded in a remote bunkhouse on Dartmoor on a shoestring budget during the coldest weeks on the moor (When the bunkhouse was too cold for ramblers!). Arcana has spawned two off-shoot single albums; Arcana Blue and Arcana Red. Guest appearances were made by Jimmy’s daughter Ruby Bird, on organ and tambourine, I.R.Tripier and David Dawes; but on many of the tracks Jimmy worked alone playing all the parts himself. Jimmy is currently rehearsing up a band to perform the Arcana live. Jimmy is also going back in the studio to record some new material with legendary British rock n roll drummer Wild Bob Burgos. Arcana Blue is due very shortly on itunes, spotify, amazon etc .

COTTONWOOLF – Little White Boat [starts 55:56]
Cottonwoolf are a five-piece alternative-rock outfit from Leeds featuring current and previous members of Ellen & The Escapades, Hunting Bears and Capua Collective. The band blends psychedelic folk-singer/songwriter music with soul, country and blues all in their own progressive style. Since their first show in 2013, Cottonwoolf have earned slots at multiple festivals including Beacons, and have recently released their debut self-titled EP through their independent record label Forever Jelly Records. Upcoming Gigs: Wharf Chambers (w/ Pale Seas), 26th Oct; Parr Street Studio 2 (w/ Yarbo), 2nd Nov.

ARTISTS: A Word Of Warning…
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