BBC Mixtape: 13 Oct 2014

Holy Thursday


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net together with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 12th oct (technically 2am on Monday, 13th Sept 2014…)

HOLY THURSDAY – She [starts 0:17]
Holy Thursday are a 4 piece group of multi-instrumentalists from the Wirral. Born out of a mutual love of the west coast sound of The Wrecking Crew, the band take their name from the William Blake poem via David Axelrod’s Song Of Innocence. Having 4 vocalists allowing for intricate harmonies and colourful musical textures. Holy Thursday are currently working on more material and getting their live act together. The quartet are influenced by many music genres including psychedelic, freakbeat and acid rock, namecheck acts like Jagwar Ma, Temples and Tame Impala and tell us they “are most certainly a band to keep your beady eye on.”

PARK PLANET – A Little Bit Longer [starts 4:12]
Park Planet need very little introducing to regular subscribers to the BBC Introducing Mixtape. Formed in 2012, they consist of vocalist and frontman Graham Duff, his brother Gordon on bass and Leon Breakey on drums. Their sound, they tell us, “crosses several genres and mixes electronic melodies with memorable and interwoven harmonies”. Park Planet’s demos have had airplay on Amazing radio and have been well received on radio stations in France and Canada.This new single, launched at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, has already made the drive time and breakfast shows on XFM. All Park Planet songs are created from their own Glasgow-based studio, The Outhouse.

SALLY CROSBY – Comet [starts 7:28]
Sally Crosby is a singer-songwriter from rural Mid Wales. As a yougster she played violin, clarinet and piano, progressing to playing in orchestras, ensembles and most recently as violinist with North Wales folk-rock band The Rambling Pilgrims. As a recording artist in her own right, she aims to make music that is honest and raw. Her recently-released debut EP Bucket of Leaves is available to stream on SoundCloud and to buy and download on Bandcamp. She’s had a busy summer playing the festival circuit – from Wakestock Festival in Wales to THISSFest in The Netherlands and – she tells us – there’s much more to come.

JOSH HEALEY – Sometimes [starts 10:16]
“I’m Josh Healey, a singer-songwriter from Cheshire, 20 years old. After the success from my first EP Lifeboats & Relationships (with amazing local BBC support) I’ve been gigging and writing on my travels. I’ve just finished recording my second EP, Through The Looking Glass. When writing, I wanted to have a blend of upbeat anthem tracks, and laid back folky/country/blues. Quite a number of things in Lifeboats & relationships that you hear in the recordings were pleasant mistake, or played on objects you really wouldn’t expect. One track has a water splash, and the other has percussion in the form of a spatula brush and a plastic jug!”

SCANT REGARD – You’re Welcome [starts 13:29]
Scant Regard is the solo project of the highly experiened guitarist Will Crewdson who – over the years – has played with Adam Ant, Rachel Stamp, Bow Wow Wow, Flesh for Lulu, Dragons and Johnette Napolitano among many others. Scant Regard is, we’re told, “a one-man tornado of sound and finds Will hellbent on fusing classic surf-style twanging guitars with an ingenious stream of electronic beats and sequences. If Kraftwerk and Link Wray collided, this would be as near to the result as you could get.” Will’s third Scant Regard album,The Lone Rager will be out later this year and he plays two forthcoming gigs at London’s Scant Regard Club at the Aces and Eights Saloon Bar in Tufnell Park on Oct 23 and Dec 18.

Tonight We FlyTONIGHT WE FLY – Wallet [starts 16:26]
Tonight We Fly describe themselves as “Negatively charged alt-indie-folk-pop from Bath, UK”. Lyricist Jack Godby is currently studying for a masters in songwriting and sells clamps to the national grid. Tom Summers is looking for work. Craig Spensley is a landscaper. Ned French works at Specsavers. They have just released their first EP – whose four tracks “rattle with nervous energy and sometimes breakneck lyrical delivery” – via the free music label Foof Records. “They want to squeeze in as much as they can, as quickly as they can, as if they all have terminal diseases and each song they write could feasibly be their last” say the fine folks at Foof. Tonight We Fly’s EP was recorded at Shockerwick Studios in Box – the Wiltshire village which is also home to Real World studios. “Maybe next time” they sigh, wistfully. Peter Gabriel, are you listening?

LAUREL CANYONS – Owe Nothing [starts 18:09]
Laurel Canyons‘ single Owe Nothing – taken from their forthcoming EP, and available now on iTunes – signifies not only a new sound but, we’re told, “a new ethos” for the band. Recorded at Sheffield’s Yellow Arch Studio with Colin Elliot, they tell us, it sees them “pushing for a sense of musical honesty; moving away from their previous polished sound and using almost entirely first takes to keep the raw energy of their performances intact. Having drawn comparison to the likes of Grizzly Bear, Bright Eyes and The Antlers, Laurel Canyons will be taking their new direction on the road this November on a UK tour with The Crookes.”

ELF & STACY – 10th Time Lucky [starts 22:45]
Elf & Stacy began life on a West Dulwich building site in London in the summer of 2012, The duo were working & living on site and in the evening had to make their own entertainment. Inspired by nights out in Brixton the duo went on to form a DIY outfit of their own. Now based in Sunny St Leonards On Sea they consist of DJ Tea, Harley J and Zandile – plus part time member Darren Morris. “We produce music” they say “on lo-fi retro keyboards, drum machines etc picked up from car boot sales. We plan to start playing live by the end of the year. We will be back in the studio early 2015 to record an album for release in September 2015.” This track 10th Time Lucky is taken from the forthcoming October EP, released 27th Oct on their own micro label Gensing Farm. All tracks are available for free from their Bandcamp.

OUR MAN IN THE FIELD – I Remember You [starts 27:03]
Our Man In The Field comes from Saltburn By The Sea on the north east coast of England. He’s lived in London long enough for it to be as strong an influence as the cold and beautiful North Sea and Teesside’s heavy industry looming on the horizon that he grew up with. I Remember You comes from his eponymous debut EP and was recorded with Producer Huntar in the summer of 2014. His next release is due out in November this year. Upcoming London gigs: Laid Bare in Hackney Attic (Oct 16); Brixton Oxjam at Kaff Bar (Oct 18); The Good Ship, Kilburn (Oct 25).

MOTHBOXER – One And Only [starts 30:46]
Mothboxer is the brainchild of Dave Ody who released his debut solo album Geen in 2007 before establishing this project in 2010 with help from Robbie Burley, Phil Davies and Pat Davidson. Since then a further four albums and two EPs have been released, with the recently released album Sand And The Rain having come out in August. Dave also produces fellow band member Robbie Burley’s solo project Finchey.

DAMO LUX – I Do [starts 34:04]
Damo Lux consist of Damo – who is a welder by profession – and Lux, a landscape gardener. Friends from an early age, they learned to play the guitar together from a shared chord book. It’s only recently that they upgraded from Tascam 4 track tape to recording on computer – and opening their Soundcloud page to encourage a bit more productivity. Lux was gardening at a wealthy client’s house when he discovered a great natural reverb in their indoor swimming pool. Waiting for a day when the clients were out for a few hours, he called Damo in for a quick recording with their laptops. When the clients returned shortly afterwards, Lux was busy with their hedgerows and they never suspected a thing. These few hours’ work resulted in I Do (Lux version) where you can really hear the swimming pool reverb swamping everything. The nerves also made them play that bit faster too!

Allyson EzellALLYSON EZELL – Landmine [starts 36:29]
“While France may be Allyson Ezell’s home away from home, it is Iowa, her homeland, that seeps out of her songs. Born there to hippie parents, she soaked up an intense optimism and a curiosity for the world around her, both recurrent themes evoked in her writing. For Allyson Ezell, late 2012 was marked by a serendipitous encounter with expat British producer MaJiKer. They shared the same desire to experiment with unexpected sounds originating not just from machines but also found in daily life. The same idea of a sound that would be folk but not fragile, rather sensitive, and pop but not pretentious, rather solid and full of groove.” Her debut release Pick It Up was featured on this mixtape in October 2013, when she was also the subject of a Prick’n’Ding feature here at FOTN.

TURNING PLATES – Havoc [starts 39:32]
The recent debut release from Turning Plates is The Shouting Cave – a concept album part-funded by Creative Scotland – that explores the effect of the Internet on Society. The band argue the Internet is the purest reflection of humanity, a world built entirely of our own thoughts, emotions and desires: “a sea to float our dreams”. Turning Plates came together through a shared love of Radiohead and Mogwai: Duncan Sutherland, Jason Matthews, Jackie Baxter, Tom Smith and Stephen Coleman have a strong background in classical training, sharing five music degrees amongst them, which allows a freedom and understanding of experimental arrangements both live and recorded. The band head on tour to England from today (Mon Oct 13).

HUGH – One Of These Days [starts 42:49]
One Of These Days is the title track of a new EP from the London four piece Hugh – another band who divulge as few hard facts as possible in order to preserve A Sense Of Mystery. Luckily we can pad out their sparse biog with a few snippets of insider info and tell you the group was first formed by former Hoodlums members Tino Kolarides “who noodles on guitar” and Andy Highmore “who produces”. Vocalist and poet Josh Idehen is already well known to FOTN regulars as frontman with Benin City. With Hugh he apparently “plays Zoo Keeper DX on iPad” and is joined at the mic by Izzy Brooks who, the band’s biog grudgingly admits, “just got here”. Go figure.

THE SOUND OF THE SHIRES – Mrs Cumberland And The Wardens Lodge Ghost [starts 46:14]
The Sound Of The Shires is a collaboration between English songwriter Patrick Bailham and the French musician/producer known as Flat Ed – who featured on this Mixtape in April. “We came together over our love of Felt and sixties music. We recorded an album together in Carcassone this summer called England’s Beauty – which is coming out next year on the small French label Alphatester Records. Mrs Cumberland is our debut double A side single with our song Andrew Loog Oldham – which was track of the week in French music mag Les in Rocks and on the American pyscedelic magazine Active Listener compilation.” In case you – or they – have forgotten, it was also featured on BBC 6 Music’s Introducing Mixtape in July.

THE SLOW REVOLT – All Your Own [starts 49:17]
“A cutting-edge throwback to the early days of blues, or the yearning new voice of formalist electronica?” wonders the band’s publicist. “If nothing else,” they decide, “The Slow Revolt is a study in contrasts: lush, romantic lyricism tied to art-school high concept; tight beats coupled with wild guitar abstractions; and a stunning voice that stays with you long after the music fades.” But gentle reader you can verify all this for yourself – by downloading All Your Own for yourself as part of our current mixtape – and make your own mind up about The Slow Revolt’s lush, romantic lyricism and wild guitar abstractions in person at Concorde 2 in Brighton (Oct 23); Simple Things Festival, Bristol (Oct 25); The Garage, London (Oct 25); Simple Things Festival, Glasgow (Nov 1); and Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield (Nov 17).

FINS A LUMINOUS – Hail Faces [starts 53:28]
Made up of members living between Brighton and London, Fins a Luminous create, they tell us, “dark and powerful electronica, pairing alternative and grunge sensibilities with incessant rhythms and winding swathes of synth, vocals rising up from the mix in a haunting and heartfelt wash of reverb. Sometimes soaring and expansive, other times concentrated and clean-cut, they’ve been compared to Darkside and are currently working on putting together the details for future live shows.” Blimey. [See our handy guide on How To Speak Press Release].

Fins A Luminous

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