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These Fresh Faves were picked by our readers over the weekend – and reviewed by Sam Bonham from BBC Introducing in the West this week. You can hear all these tracks in a single Soundcloud playlist here.

I feel like I’ve been splashing around in the most wonderful chocolate-filled Olympic sized swimming pool of music over the past few days. In the week that I started making music again myself, I have been enthralled and inspired by the choones in FF131. Thanks to everyone who listened and contributed this week – quality stuff.

BETAROB – Too Late, Too Soon

Lush!!!! What a lusciously lush way to start. This song is a swampy sea of washed up loveliness; something to drink slowly to, or cry your face off to. Rob used to be in the punk primates Betamax before shooting from the hip on his lonesome. The sound is completely different now and he’s built up a nifty back catalog – experimentation is the name of the game. “Too Late, Too Soon” is actually free via Betarob’s Soundcloud page so it could be yours in the next 60 seconds – make it happen.

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CLOCKWORK RADIO – The Balance of Water

“All of your mistakes are minor… soon life really starts”. Manchester is producing some incredible music at the moment (when has it not?). Clockwork Radio have just released their exquisite long player (I have listened to the whole thing, available on their website). As most people involved in music will understand, it is bloomin’ difficult to put together a body of music that you’re happy with, so hats off to these guys. “The Balance of Water” is potentially not the strongest track on the album, which says a lot – cos it’s delicious!

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HA THE UNCLEAR – Secret Lives Of Furniture

“Secret Lives of Furniture” is the second tune to come from New Zealand-based (can you hear the accent?) Ha the Unclear’s forthcoming record. Apparently the full length LP (“Bacterium”) tells the story of a coffee table that’s in love with its owner. Go figure! The band is obviously bonkers, which I love, and suitably kick-ass too. I bet these guys have the best nights out (can I come, please)? The idea of my sofa having its own secret infatuation with my cheeks and ankles is also a pretty wonderful idea… I’ve always wondered.

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In 2014 it’s a tricky thing to truly innovate in music. “DMS Seadirge” was a real stand out tune on this week’s Listening Post for me. Not necessarily for the fainthearted, this song definitely gives you something to think about. It’s a fusion of James G Wilson‘s guitar acrobatic piece “Dirge” with arrangement, vocals and a little fairy dust from the mischievous Herbert Houdini. As it goes, “DMS” (Di Methyl Sulphide) is actually a living smell that one gets from sea mist when waves crash against rocks. Stay wild kids! I’ll be playing this on the show soon I hope.

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I read a couple of bits about this artist last week. Straight out of Sweden, Jennie Abrahamsson makes the most ferocious tribal-Scandi loveliness. Her previous song “Phoenix” was also crafted beautifully but this track feels even better. Jennie is currently on tour, opening for Peter Gabriel of all people (coming to an arena near you very soon)! Next year she will be releasing her fourth album, produced by the same guy who helped curate the sound of The Knife. Ears. To. The. Ground. People.

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LITTLE LIAR – Incomplete

There’s nothing too clever about this tune. But then again, there doesn’t need to be. Drums, bass and guitar. It’s the perfect trilogy and Little Liar’s sound is definitely not “incomplete”. Every instrument is given time and space to breathe, which for me is the perfect antidote to the “full sound” that some radio stations seem to be mildly obsessed with at the moment. The vocals are wonderful and wizard-like too.

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Another cool tune from down under! Sarah Belkner knows how to create a scene. She runs weekly sessions inviting other musicians to perform. I’ve heard a couple of last year’s online and they’re neat. She’s also got a cute series of “behind the scenes” videos on her Youtube channel. By my reckoning “MissLittleMissLittle” (as she likes to be known) is as creative off-mic as she is behind a mic. No wonder her crowd funding campaign went so well. The music is totally absorbing too. Her song “With You” is a size-mic church like gong-of-a-song. Thanking you Sarah! My new favourite artist…

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Taken from the “Deep Sea Breath” EP, this tune fills up your heart slowly – one blood cell at a time. As previous tunes this week, it’s lush, but only just! Originally from Scotland, but now based in London, Shock of Daylight aka Danny Currie has polished his boots and he’s ready to shoe gaze. Turn it up loud, really loud – let it absorb you.

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The Breretons are keeping up appearances. They seem like polite young chaps and chapettes. Coming from Kent, I know fellow BBC Introducing chica Abbie McCarthy is a fan. She says: “I made their debut single “Love It” my Record of the week on BBC Introducing Kent because of the beautiful, intricate melody and sentimental lyrics. Marc and Charlotte Brereton then sent me a teaser of their forthcoming EP and asked me to pick their next single. “Keep You Safe” stood out to me immediately!

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Coming from the West Country, I know The Cadbury Sisters well and have been supporting them on BBC Introducing for a while. Their music is charming, brave and classically classic. The video for the brilliant “The Weight Of It” came out today and it’s just the tip of the iceberg – I’ve heard some of the newer unreleased stuff from this band, it’s going to be an exciting 2015 for The Cadbury Sisters.

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Brighton has a way with words… as well as music, bands, indie, folk and art. The Galleons embody all these things. “Rise” didn’t actually grab me as much on first listen as it did on second and third (and fourth and fifth) but then that shouldn’t always be the measure of success. It’s a really strong track and the net has been cast wide with this band. I’m told that they have sold physical CDs of “Rise” in 22 different countries, including Gabon. Bring on the Sub-Saharan Africa tour!

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THE SON(S) – Paint Eyes on Your Eyelids

I think there used to be three Scottish sons in this band, but now there is only one, hence the (brackets) in The Son(s). “Paint Eyes on your Eyelids” does in fact feel more like a painting than a song. Comprised of chattery brush strokes, acrylic waves and wild landscapes – “K.P’s” style is simple yet crazed; spooky yet wholesome. Coming from Edinburgh, the entire album is available to stream on Soundcloud (I’m listening to it now). I’ll tweet some more thoughts later in the week.

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PS from TR: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Listening Post you’re welcome to re-submit it another week. If your music has appeared on the Listening Post but not in our Fresh Faves, feel free to send us an even stronger track another week.

But if we’ve recently featured you in our Fresh Faves – or on my BBC Introducing Mixtape – please wait three months before sending us another track, so we have space to help other deserving artists… For more info see Robinson Has A Good Old Moan.

Sam Bonham

Sam Bonham presents and produces BBC Intro in the West. He is Tech Development Manager at Digital Radio UK, a not-for-profit organisation representing the BBC and commercial radio on their digital radio programming. He’s an indie radio producer making programmes for Radio 1, 6 Music n elsewhere. He presents n produces for Amazing Radio. He is a Trustee at Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF), a charity using radio as a tool to give young people a platform to say whatever they want. He also sits on the Board for Resonance FM. Sam is also a musician, performing solo and with the sometime band Let’s Tea Party.


  1. Why Mr Bonham, what kind words you have!

    Thank you Sam! Much appreciated and so glad you are back to making music 😀

    How fabulous to be here on FF131 with the likes of The Son(s), The Galleons, The Breretons, and as Sam points out, the wonderful West Country Cadbury Sisters.

    For my part I wish to send ‘Big Love’ to James G Wilson without whom this project would never have materialized. I think he is away somewhere at present so will hopefully enjoy all this love upon his return 😀

    BTW: I have my own corner in the bbc up-loader and as yet have no ‘Official’ site but the one you have listed is well known to me and very good It is too! 😉

    Well done to all and lets keep the thinking ‘outside of the box’ OK!

    Herbert Houdini 😀

  2. Lush music,lush reviews

    good luck with the music making Sam


  3. Cracking bunch of tunes thos week well done one and all. And hats off to you Sam for great words. All the best with your own music too 🙂


  4. Hi Sam, it’s lovely to be part of a great selection of Fresh Faves this week. Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoyed the song. The Galleons

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    Nice one.

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