BBC Mixtape: 15 June 2015

Vienna Ditto


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with with information about the music that’s been provided by the artists themselves.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 15th June at 2am.

VIENNA DITTO – Long Way Down [starts 00:17]
“Long Way Down is taken from Vienna Ditto’s debut album Circle. It showcases the fusion of 19th century church music with rhythm & blues and primitive electronics which they call ‘Cosmic Gospel’. Huw Stephens has likened their sound to ‘Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack’. Hatty and Nigel first met when he taught her guitar aged 11; the lazy tyke never practiced but had a most arresting voice. After bumping into each other 8 years later they started working together, and were astonished when a demo from their second rehearsal ended up being played on Radio One, leading to a Maida Vale session for Tom Robinson. Since then they’ve ploughed a DIY/outsider furrow all of their own, peddling a series of self-recorded EPs from their Bandcamp page, from which they launched their debut long-player last Friday (June 12th, 2015).”

BARK PRELUDE – Stranger In My Bed [starts 03:46]
Bark Prelude are, they tell us, “boldly swimming against the prevailing tide. Like a toilet roll flung from the terraces of 1970’s football stadia, Bark Prelude’s new album ‘Flatter To Deceive’ takes flight with its official release on 20th July 2015 both as a Digital Download and CD. Despite having lived in Norfolk most of his life Philip Lewis-Jones really is, astonishingly, Welsh. But he rarely talks about it or indeed in it. Fran Broady provides layers of velvet violins. Slim Tim Bick has never heard anyone start a sentence he didn’t think worth interrupting with one of his own. Eric Childs is an enigma wrapped in a duvet. They usually refuse to acknowledge their musical influences in case people start saying ‘ah, I can see where they’ve nicked that bit from’. There are approximately 97.3 trillion bands on the internet, though this one probably contains the greatest number of overdubbed handclaps.”

HAYLEY CANNON – Who Are You [starts 07:41]
Hayley Cannon was, she says, “born in Luton (it’s not as bad as everyone thinks). Classically trained on piano and violin as a kid. EP coming Summer 2015. All my songs are personal and very honest. Full of violin riffs, sumptuous vocal harmonies and hooks you’ll be humming for days.”

JIMMY VINCENT CLARKE – Fickle Rich [starts 12:00]
Jimmy Vincent Clarke is a London based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He creates heart wrenching, thought provoking electronic hybrid music.”

AUGUST AND AFTER – Wolves [starts 15:23]
“Wolves is the first release from London outfit August And After since they became a three-piece. After growing their audience with a collection of home-recorded tracks, lead vocalists Ned and Vedantha met violist Jordan at a Christmas party, courting her for several months before, with her trademark laugh, she fell with open arms into the band. Several moons, a Ronnie Scott’s residency and some sold-out European tours later, including SOFAR Amsterdam, the trio head to Paris over the summer to record their next release.”

SQUINANCYWORT – Propter Hoc [starts 19:37]
“My name is Phil Barnett: I am a bedroom producer based in Upholland, South Lancashire and working under the name Squinancywort. This track is part of my free album Wrong, available from my Bandcamp. Music that is very weird or chaotic is too easy to make in my opinion. As is music that is completely straight. I like things that occupy a space somewhere in the middle… I’m a big fan of off-kilter: I love it when music goes “wrong”. By the way: a Squinancywort is a medicinal herb.”

WINTER OF ’82 – England, You Are A Sinking Ship [starts 24:02]
Winter Of ’82 is a collective led by singer/songwriter Kris Halpin. “I sometimes work solo, but often with collaborators.” he says. “This song features 20 singers, with vocals crowd sourced on Twitter. It seems to have struck a nerve..! I wrote the song in horror as I watched the exit polls on May 7th. I have Cerebral Palsy; as a disabled person I must face cuts in the name of Tory Austerity. Another 5 years of this is a very frightening prospect for disabled and disadvantaged people. I felt I had to focus my fear and anger. Most of the song was recorded on the 8th, as Cameron and his cronies celebrated their success. It was all I could do to deal with the fear I felt; just put my guitar on and play… Whatever side you’re on, I’m proud of the fact that the song has begun to highlight the cruel struggle the Conservatives have enforced on many disadvantaged people. Many people have told me they didn’t know about the harsh welfare cuts that threaten lives; for that I’m grateful to have written this song. Other news? I’m mostly busy working with Imogen Heap and her team as a MiMu Gloves collaborator. I’m one of only 15 people in the world to have these gloves which allow music to be made with gestures. Invisible drums can be played, strings plucked from thin air, and audio can be grabbed and stretched like a tangible object. It’s proper sci-fi stuff, and I’ll be touring the UK with my Gloves-only show later this year. More deets on my website soon.”

DISRAELI GEARS – Cuckoo [starts 27:18]
Disraeli Gears are South African-born Teia Fregona on lead vocals and guitar alongside Tom Kitson, Samuel Delves and Alex Moorse on guitar, bass and drums respectively. After forming in Leeds whilst at university and cultivating a live following in the North, they have relocated to London where they plan to continue writing and gigging in support of their latest release Born and Bred.”

IRAN IRAN – Michael Mannhunter [starts 30:22]
Iran Iran describe themselves as an “aggressive-math-pop quartet diligently providing aural irregularities via a spectrum of frequencies and time signatures.”

TAMU MASSIF – A Fate Much Worse [starts 34:20]
“I’m putting out my debut EP Alba through the Bristol-based label Chiverin on Tuesday (June 16th)…” says Tamu Massif “…and playing two hometown launch shows to celebrate. One is this Friday June 19th at the Louisiana and this second takes place at The Waiting Room on the June 22nd.”

MICCOLI – Undo [starts 37:19]
Miccoli are a trio of Anglo/Italian siblings consisting of twin brothers Adriano (vocal, guitar) Alex (piano, vocal, guitar, clarinet) and their sister Francesca (vocal, piano, harmonica). Miccoli have toured the US and the UK honing their craft. Miccoli are now currently recording their new album Egos and Idiots which will make its debut this summer. Their latest releases are available to stream or buy on all digital outlets. Head to their Miccoli homepage for up and coming dates and videos.”

GRICE – She’s in my Garden [starts 40:40]
“London-born art-rock musician and singer-songwriter Grice returns with his second album Alexandrine, which builds on his highly-regarded debut album Propeller. With Grice taking centre-stage on guitars and vocals, Alexandrine features sonic innovator Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree, originally from UK electro pioneers Japan) on keyboards and as co-producer. The 12-track album was mixed by Steve Jansen (Japan/Rain Tree Crow) who also lends his unique percussive input, tonalities and treatments to the work. Grice and his band will be launching the new album with some live events in the UK and a number of special performances in Berlin later in the year.”

THE MOCKING BIRDS – Meet Me Under The Clock [starts 44:32]
The Mocking Birds are what would have happened if The Small Faces and Bo Diddley had gone for a drink at midnight during the height of Britpop and been served with a bevvy of musical mass destruction by Phil Daniels. This brand new three-piece have already supported Bruce Foxton (Jam) and Neville Staple (Specials) and are playing a number of London venues in the upcoming months, including The Blues Kitchen and The Monarch in Camden.”

BK AND DAD – Kingdom Of Fear [starts 47:14]
BK & Dad are a rock duo consisting of Leo (vocals/electric guitar) and Pip (drums) who are re-releasing their Loggerhead EP with a bonus additional digital track on June 29th. Currently based in Norwich, BK & Dad still harbour a sense of longing for their Aberystwyth homeland, naming themselves after a local firm of scrap merchants there. They deliver a raw, explosive, live show which has seen them perform at the XFM X-posure all dayer and Artrocker New Blood Festival. Upcoming shows: 19/06/15 – The Blueberry, Norwich; 03/07/15 The Packhorse, Leeds; 04/07/15 Artsmith, Derby; 09/07/15 Terrasses du Jeudi, Rouen, FR.”

VIOLETIC – Ligature [starts 50:20]
Violetic are a post-punk/indie/electronic three piece band from West London whose sound has been compared to cinematic soundtracks. They released their first EP Ethanol in December 2014.”

LUNA ROSA – Spread My Ashes Anywhere But Here [starts 54:01]
Corby quartet Luna Rosa consist of Rory McDade, Darren Myles, Kieren Maguire and Cole O’Neill. “With tenacious vocals, soulful rhythms and soaring guitars laced with intensity and groove” they tell us, “Luna Rosa seem like they’re in a desperate bid to escape something – and want to take you with them.” Later this year they plan to release three singles with the Animal Farm label. Upcoming gigs: June 19th Stamford, Voodoo Lounge; July 4th Leicester, Western Park Festival; July 18th Corby, The Zombie Hut; Aug 8th Irchester, Woodfest.

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