BBC Mixtape: 20 July 2015

Death Masks


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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with with information about the music that’s been provided by the artists themselves.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 20th July at 2am.

DEATH MASKS – Always Lost [starts 0:17]
Once the vehicle for Thom Tyrer’s lo-fi bedroom pop, Death Masks are now a four piece band also consisting of Mike Stephens, Paul Williams and Matt Wilcock. They blend elements of late-80’s shoegaze with playful pop melodies and expansive psychedelic breakdowns. Always Lost features on their new 6 track mini-album Queen’s Language, which is available now as a free download from Edils Recordings.

THE BIG SUN – Dumb LkU [starts 02:50]
The Big Sun are rapidly approaching a crossroads in their collaboration as Berry prepares to head off to Nottingham University in order to avoid getting a job and Richard stays in Oxford to avoid being unemployed. There may be further tracks coming out of online communication but frankly once the computers are on the chances are that very little will occur in the next 3 years apart from cat video watching on youtube.

Berry from The Big Sun

WOODFORTHETREES – Drunken Rat Cricket Bat [starts 06:09]
When Woodforthetrees uploaded their music to BBC Introducing they told us they consist of T. Hollingworth, C. Walsh, R. Harrington, E. Harrington and that this track includes performances from Scott Seaward, Chris Bean and Sarah Hinton. So now you know.

PATAWAWA – Back To Life [ft ROMAN KOUDER] [starts 09:31]
“Out of the quiet town of Matlock come Patawawa – a Nu-Disco trio that blends beats to pump blood, glittered guitar riffs and basslines that bite. The three-piece have crafted a sound that stays true to the neon roots of funk and disco, but dress it with a cheekyness that could only have come out of Derbyshire. Hailed as Matlock’s hottest new export, their brand of Nu-Disco and Funk is bound to get you grooving on the dance floor. Staunch support from BBC Radio in the form of Dean Jackson and Tom Robinson has seen them rise to the list of most played bands on BBC Introducing East Midlands in 2014. 2015 will see a string of new singles, including summer pop hit, Strange, as well as their most recent collaboration with French producer Roman Kouder on Back to Life. Not ones to disappoint, Patawawa will deliver what their fans have come to expect from them, an unbeatable lineup of ebullient melody and memorable lyrics, served with a hearty helping of dirty disco-funk.”

PANDA PARTY – Arnold Strong [starts 13:08]
“London-based 5 piece Panda Party write odd songs about odd subjects, and their latest single is no different. Arnold Strong (available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud) is a synth-laden, sax-infused inspection of the life of the utterly incomparable bodybuilder/actor/governor that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hot on its heels will be the follow-up single and fan favourite Let’s Sing, due for release with supporting London gigs later in the year.” Their previous single Defiance! Protect me was described as “bursting with ideas; passionate writing, tight playing: utterly compelling” by, erm, me.

Panda Party

OOK+THE ELEPHANT – Part Dame [starts 16:41]
“Ook, ook, ook
Say it fast, say it whispery and menacing
Say it as slow as you can.
Your weary ear needs a rest. Everybody clangs so hard.
Go make potions in the back yard. Put some silence in your tunes. Slow them down. Let them breathe. They’ll thank you, and then fly away from you, smiling.” At least, so Ook & The Elephant tell us.

ANTIQCOOL – You’re My Book Of Life [starts 18:22]
Antiqcool are currently co-writing songs with Norwegian Producers ELEMENT. They are also recording an album of Stax inspired soul songs. An acoustic mix of each song will be released followed by soul’d up mixes at a later date, including drums, organ, piano, strings, horns and bag pipes….(okay maybe not bagpipes) stay tuned.”

GLASS CAVES – Out Of Control [starts 21:38]
“We’re a Pontefract based 4 piece with a a lot of hair” say Glass Caves. “Our new single, Out of Control, is a driving upbeat tune written about coming to the realisation that life is unpredictable and out of our control, which everyone can relate to really. Out of Control comes from our self-funded debut album which we solely paid for through busking and gigging around the UK. It even managed to hit the record store top 40 on release, which we’re well proud of.”

IAIN MORRISON – Eas [starts 24:20]
“Singer songwriter Iain Morrison is from the Isle of Lewis. His new album is released on July 31st 2015 and he’ll be launching the release at the Heb Celt Festival on July 18th. Eas is the title track from his 6th solo album. Each track is based on piobaireachd, the music of the highland bagpipes. Piobaireachd, also known as “Ceol Mor” (The Big Music) would have been usually taught using a 44 technique called ‘canntaireachd’, which is a form of singing used to communicate the subtleties & nuances a lot easier than an instrument. Iain plays a number of instruments including guitar and pipes. He has appeared on the BBC’s Transatlantic Sessions singing 3 of his own songs, Broken Off Car Door, A Lewis Summer and Fire in my Hands alongside Bela Fleck, Danny Thompson and Jerry Douglas. He was awarded Composer of the Year at the Scottish Trad Music Awards.”

BABEL – Miracle In The Maze [starts 27:42]
Babel is a Japanese music duo formed by Nene Akagawa (Vocalist / Art directer) and Yuni Minami (Composer) in 2014. We represent “A wonder world” by our music. In the process of our creation, Yuni Minami makes all the track,and arrange them. Nene Akagawa sings by some languages such as imaginary language,Japanese,English,and produces Bebel’s art direction with her graphic arts and pictures,videos. Heretofore, Babel released a free download track, Fantasia, and Holy Day included in compilation album,FOGPAK x SVNSET W?VES, 3 songs EP with art booklet ,Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra, 3 songs EP, Suigin No Lykta. Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra is collaboration work by Babel, Chikuwaemil & Arikem (Japanese illustrator). Our goal is to provide people worldwide our music without the necessity of understanding each other’s culture and language. ”

DANIEL PETERSON – Where The River Meets The Sea [starts 29:19]
Accordding to Daniel Peterson‘s publicist, Where The River Meets The Sea is “the kind of music that should be a NHS prescription. The ultimate road trip tune: get ready to drum on your steering wheel. It’s got jangly, Temper Trap guitar lines with Buckley-esque vocals floating on top. Having delved 4 years deep into the writing and recording of a sophisticated and rather hefty 15 track debut album entitled Welcome To My House, Bumblebee, Sydney native Daniel Peterson resurfaces in London sending up this shimmering alt-rock flare of expectation. A thoroughly convincing lead single and accurate lyrical opener for Peterson’s resolute musical journey. Where The River Meets The Sea has been made available for remixers to get their palms on the audio stems here.

TREE OF WOLVES – Sebastian [starts 32:34]
Tree Of Wolves‘ debut EP Sleepwalking was released at the start of May to critical acclaim, the EP featured guests David R Edwards from seminal Welsh band ‘Datblygu’, and David Blease percussion for Ghostpoet. First single Shapes was playlisted by BBC Radio Wales, Sebastian is the second single from the EP, and has already gained the support of regional radio stations. Catch the band live on wed 15th July @ Undertone, Cardiff or on 9th August at Four Bars, Cardiff.”

BLUE-JOHN VS QUIDGYBOPPER – Florian [starts 35:27]
Blue-John Vs Quidgybopper describe themselves as “Idiosyncratic English gentlemen channelling dark energy. Their EP of unconventional synthpop – The Salted Lime of Her Hungry Lips – will be made available via on 7th August 2015. Quidgybopper suffers from psoriatic arthritis, and is in constant pain,” says Blue-John. “But we push each other artistically, and the results are often surprising.”

VENUS RISING – Lazy Daze [starts 39:12]
“With Pete Mason’s rocking lead, Steve Lewis’s funky bass, Dave Lavin’s awesome beats and Sheena Bratt’s unshakeable optimism, Venus Rising aim to get your feet tapping and a smile on your face – believing a better world is possible! Sharing messages of fun, love, peace and sustainability, they fuse funky folk-rock and pop with garnishes of blues, ska and country. Since forming just a year ago, they’ve already shared festival lineups with Paul Carrack, Big Country, Merry Hell and Sean Taylor, been interviewed by BBC Introducing in the West after their set at VegFest UK Bristol, and played live on BBC Radio Stoke twice. A busy gig schedule includes the Main Stage at Cloggerfest in September and at Leek Blues and Americana Festival in October. Their free download RBE has had 13k+ plays online, and their global fanbase includes people from 45 countries on their Facebook page. Their debut single Lazy Daze has been released on Global Path Records and was produced at Colossus Recordings by Glyn Sutton-the album is well underway and will be released later this year.”

THE BUZZARD ORCHESTRAL – One Stone [starts 41:30]
The Buzzard Orchestral are a rock quintet from London. This is a 24 hour operation with a truly DIY mentality, based in a terraced house in Tooting which often morphs into a recording studio, a rehearsal room, film studio and even a gig venue if the occasion calls for it. Having gone from playing to hundreds of people atop a barge on Regents canal with only a three string guitar between the whole band to playing at some of the capital’s legendary venues, the future looks bright! The Buzzard Orchestral play a free show at Camden’s Dingwalls on July 22nd followed by a gig with Funeral for a Friend in Yeovil on the 25th.”

STUART NEWMAN – Love’s Off the Hook [starts 44:19]
Stuart Newman is an independent mellow-indie-rock songwriter, singer and recording artist
based in Brighton, UK – but he sings in an accent far from there… “In the modern world geography is a limitation for tangible things – not for music… and if it’s okay for an actor to put on an accent, so can I.” That is essentially Stuart Newman’s attitude to songwriting. Just because there is an ocean between the South Coast of England and the Hollywood Hills, doesn’t mean a thing. Imagination can take you anywhere and imagination can bring anywhere – to you. “For some reason the whole American sounding thing seems right for me… a lot of my influences are American bands, artists, stand ups… so when I’m writing a song and an accent comes out, I run with it. The ideas that come with the American dream are interesting to me… mix that in with the human condition and living in this modern world… now that’s a sandpit of ideas I want to play in. It feels right, so those are the areas I explore.” His new single Love’s Off the Hook is available to stream now and will be released on 20 July.”

GIZMO VARILLAS – Soy Loco Por Ti, America [starts 46:47]
“Combining his gentle vocal, haunting BVs with Latin, reggae and flamenco guitar rhythms Gizmo Varillas brings a refreshing take on the current singer songwriter genre that he calls “Dark Tropical.” His latest work sees him applying this signature touch on a selection of tracks from Spanish indie band Hazte Lapon.”

DOLLYMAN – Poke [starts 49:05]
DOLLYman is a joyfully anarchic jazz/classical/rock collective. The five members are all composer/performers and their music takes in jazz leanings, wild and free improvisation, adventurous classical and delicately weird rock.”

SHOWSTAR – Casual [starts 52:42]
The fourth album from Belgium’s Showstar offers up another slice of sophisticated indie pop for a generation that opts to shrug its shoulders at convention. Despite the maturity of their sound, Showstar still refuse to grow up, sticking up two fingers to the monotony of everyday existence (“Work, work, work until you die”) and idealism (“I don’t like happy endings”) and finding an odd sense of comfort in haughty social awkwardness. Chris Danthinne’s sneering vocals are complemented by honeyed female tones; the eternally cynical geek who has managed to win over the trophy girl with his intellectual pillow talk, against all odds. His caustic messages are driven by a heavy melodic bass and jangly guitars that, on occasion, effervesce into more nervy, occasionally nauseating, ethereal kaleidoscopic riffs peppered with Beach Boys-reminiscent falsetto. Recorded, mixed and produced by Rory Attwell on a boat in London, it’s a deliciously infectious album for the more discerning thirty-something indie kid. Chris Danthinne: vocals, guitar; David Diederen: guitars; Antoni Severino: bass guitar, vocals; Didier Dauvrin: drums; Angela Won-Yin Mak (Parlour/Prom): additional vocals on Smile. No

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT – Radiosonde [starts 56:00]
The Disclosure Project are “a two man electronic music band, focusing heavily on musical composition. So that typically means Jazz, Funk, Classical orchestration are at the centre of their creations. The Disclosure Project have been producing under this guise since 2006 and set up a limited company/record label to publish their music the same year. Currently they produce from two separate locations in the UK. Creating ideas in their secret underground bunkers, and editing one another’s creations till they become a final product. One such example is their current album ‘ Radiosonde’ which features 10 joint musical creations that can be purchased online in stores as of July 2015. Support for their productions is as diverse as international A-list DJ’s, right the way through to people simply reaching out with admiration for their music. Feel free to reach out – they’re an easy approachable pair.”

The Disclosure Project

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