BBC Mixtape: 27 June 2016

Kingsley Chapman & The Murder


The BBC Introducing Mixtape

The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and track start times are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with info about the music provided by the artists.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader – some recommended to me by BBC colleagues while the rest are chosen from submissions to our Fresh On The Net inbox. Click here for more info – artists please also see the request at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 27th June at 2am.

The Children Scream
[starts 00:17]
Kingsley Chapman and The Murder describe themselves as “Cabaret death songsters from the north of England with a loud band and unfinished business fronted by the former lead singer of angsty artrock band The Chapman Family.” Kingsley tells us this song was writtern “as a response to the ridiculous desensitization people are seemingly having to the horrific deaths of innocent people on migrant boats in the Mediterranean. People just hear the death toll in a news report – ‘X amount of Syrian migrants died today off the coast of Turkey when their boat capsized, Y of which were children…in other news, the Queen had two slices of cake today, she said they were very nice’ – these people have been reduced to just numbers with no personality or back story or humanity. They are a statistic. If people were to hear about the reasons migrants were flinging their entire family into the void maybe they would sympathise with their plight. In terms of what the band are doing at the moment we’re busy writing and recording with a view to getting an EP out before the end of the year. We’re not touring too much at the moment as we’re waiting to have a finished product to offer people – we have something to say, just not something to sell!”

FRAN WYBURN & THE INDIGOS – Blue Sky [starts 05:21]
Fran Wyburn and the Indigos (Rosie Evans and George Birkett) tell us they are “characterized by rich harmonies and subtle instrumentation that provide a dreamy backdrop to their poetic lyrics and quirky story telling tales. Inspired by the 1960’s folk revival, their style is current, original and spirited. They have been gigging across the UK over the last 18 months charming audiences with their unique blend of folk and warm personalities and have collected a strong and passionate fan base. They have recently released their 2nd EP Postcards to a very warm reception and have accompanied their release with organising their own creative, festival vibe and family fun events across the UK.” Upcoming events: Jamcafe, Nottingham, 30th June; Railway, Winchester, 9th July; Gaslight, Oporto, Leeds 11th July; Under The Stars Festival, Barnsley, 22nd July; Beulah Festival, Ripon, 23rd July; Northern Green Gathering, 13th August; Zeffereli’s, Ambelside, 16th September; Spice of Life, London, 25th September; The Acoustic Highway, London 16th October; The Greystones Sheffield, 21st October.

HENTAI BABIES – Stay Kawaii [starts 09:50]
Hentai Babies are a three piece alternative rock band from the Isle Of Wight in the UK. Formed in early 2012 consisting of founding members Paul McCann and Bianca Wheeler, blending their fondness for similar bands such as Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. Having a sound that somewhere sits around Weezer and The Buzzcocks. With drummer Jack Hall, Hentai Babies are now complete and headed to Japan last November for an 8 date two week tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Stay Kawaii is the lead track of their recent 4 song EP.

SMIDSY – That’s The Spirit [starts 12:26]
Smidsy is a Brighton- based producer/ singer/ instrumentalist originally from Lancashire. Usually writing and performing for other artists as a career, Smidsy describes himself as “a creative outlet for a different sound, Smidsy’s intention is to be fully self sufficient (even the music video for this track was selfproduced). Live shows incoming…”

DIESELLE MAY – Said And Done [starts 16:19]
Songwriter Dieselle May started learning the guitar at age 6. As a teenager she has written, recorded and toured with bands, artist and producers such as Neneh Cherry, Angelo, Joyryde, Montage Tommy Farragher and Steve Jervier. 2016 sees her step forward from behind the scenes to front and perform her own material. Said and Done is the debut single which has been produced by Jack Ruston whose credits include Walking on Cars, Foxes, James Morrison and Birdy. You can watch the video below. She will be taking her music up and down the UK over the coming months with both, solo and band performances.

DAVID IAN ROBERTS – Sending Out Fires [starts 19:10]
David Ian Roberts is a singer songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist based in Cardiff. He cites influences such as Elliott Smith and John Martyn. He has recently finished his UK tour to promote the Sending Out Fires EP, released on Cambrian Records. The EP has recieved support and plays on BBC Wales from Bethan Elfyn and Adam Walton. Funding for the recording was awarded by the BBC and Arts Council Horizons Scheme. David will appear at this years Green Man Festival, and will be touring the UK again in the Autumn, before recording his next album.

SOPHIE LYNCH – We’re Still Tribal [starts 22:35]
“I am a singer-songwriter based in Dudley and Wolverhampton” says Sophie Lynch. “Together with bassist Conor Skerrit-Morgan and Drummer Antony Tonks, we perform energetic pop songs inspired by Mano Negra, Green Day, Brody Dalle, Blur and the Doors. We have played shows around the UK including a support slot for Esuna in Cardiff, playing The Public Service competition at Le Pub, Newport and a live session for U&I Radio with the Bug Club. Our song We’re Still Tribal achieved airplay on Adam Walton’s BBC Introducing on BBC Radio Cymru in July 2015. He described the track as ‘perhaps my favourite thing that I heard this week…like being chased by one of the characters in Raised by Wolves with Steely Dan in a van following.’ Future events include playing the Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton alongside the Calamity on 2nd July 2016, then The Hub Festival in Cardiff on the August Bank Holiday Weekend and releasing our debut EP on 2nd December 2016.”

GLASS HARBOURS – Punk Rock Icon [starts 26:56]
Glass Harbours are proud to announce their Mountain Side EP was released on June 6 2016.
They describe themselves as “an instrumental rock group based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Mountain Side completes a trilogy of self-financed DIY EPs, following Glass Harbours in 2014 and History Trails in 2015. Mountain Side combines a love of Post Rock with an equal appreciation of melodic Indie. Punk Rock Icon showcases Glass Harbours musical ambitions: a melody rich song of acoustic guitars, rolling bass and driving drums that explodes in to a glorious ’90 lo-fi style rock out. Following Punk Rock Icon, Glass Harbours explore epic shoegaze jazz in The Picture People Wanted To See and emotional Post-Rock in Late-Career Renaissance. After ten years apart the members of Glass Harbours came back together in 2014. Subsequently, the band had the honour of being featured on Under The Radar, Ralph’s Indie mix and by Simon Raymonde on Amazing Radio. Glass Harbours sincerely hope you like their new EP and thank you for your time.”

THE INCONSISTENT JUKEBOX – Likey Nike [starts 30:48]
The Inconsistent Jukebox is the work of UK-based writer/producer/guitarist Barry Snaith. He tells us his work often involves “incredible worldwide artists from various other creative genres – motion graphics, video installations, surrealist human art, dance and painting. Casting a wide net, as a guitarist he has toured, gigged and recorded with The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, Chrissie Hynde, David Johannsen and now writes and produces globally. His soundscapes have been used for fashion shows, the UK’s first ever digital fiction installation and much more. His single Radio Boom has just been released in Germany – a first UK single, Bold Ego Fledgling, will be released August 5th 2016 on the UK indie label Supersonic Media. This song Likey Nike will be his second UK single and comes out in October. Here he collaborates with Manchester electronic outfit The Subversive and the mantra of Marie Fontaine from Canada/Germany. Look out for the upcoming Likey Nike video with motion art superstar George Redhawk, who has to be seen to believed. The video choreography by Rihanna and Justin Bieber’s dancers, Parris Goebel & ReQuest Dance Crew and with 4 more singles all ready to roll too.”

BEN SMITH & JIMMY BREWER – Love You Forever [starts 35:20]
“We met” say Ben Smith and Jimmy Brewer “when we were both supporting Joan Armatrading as solo artists on her last tour when she organised a showcase gig for us. Since then we’ve been writing a lot together, and have decided to start playing out as a duo.”

MIKE VASS – Eyes Fixed Feat. MAIRI CAMPBEL [starts 37:39]
Mike Vass is, his press release tells us, “one of the most creative forces on the Scottish music scene. As a musician, composer, producer and arranger Vass has amassed a body of work that encompasses early appearances as a livewire young fiddler, collaborations with many of the leading voices among today’s Scots and Gaelic tradition bearers, delivering multi-media performances, overseeing critically acclaimed recordings, and scoring for prestigious ensembles. An artist with a thirst for developing new avenues of work, Vass is currently collaborating with singer-violist Mairi Campbell on two singles to be released during 2016 and on The Dead Stations, an experimental live show and recording featuring animation, acted dialogue, sound design, live music, and improvisation.”

EVIL PINK MACHINE – Other Side Of The Sun [starts 41:06]
“Evil Pink Machine is musician Igor Delgado Martin’s project. It kickstarted due to an unfortunate elbow injury that kept him from playing guitar with his band (Vladimir Is Alive), a situation that inspired him to record his debut EP in 2014 from his bedroom using electronic instruments. On November 2015 after regaining his ability to play guitar he released Inner, Brighter. His sound blends indie rock and electronic sounds through a psychedelic and lo-fi approach. The project recently moved from London to Liverpool and we’re looking for musicians in the area to form a live band.”

U.G – No Signal [starts 43:44]
U.G is an authentically English songwriter, singer, rapper and producer from Leicester. No Signal is one of the defining lead tracks from his forthcoming second album Dubs Of The Mad Skint And British: Part 2 – Solutions, due out on September 30th. Although he’s an independent artist with no industry backing the album is already a best-selling pre-order on iTunes – a massive achievement. The lyrics are a call to like-minded people: anyone who feels the same way about the system we are in: trapped in the mindset of over-consumerism, rich and poor gaps, health worries, ghetto mindsets, education and greedy leaders. No Signal is one of the tracks that defining tracks on the new album which – like his debut release – touches on hardhitting subjects, but with a view to finding a solution rather than simply making a list of problems.”

VICTOR & THE RAIN DOG – Moving With You [starts 49:10]
“London based indie rock band Victor & The Rain Dog released their second EP Den Of The Dog in 2015, fruit of a successful Kickstarter Campaign backed by an ever-growing fanbase. Lead by Victor Marichal (main vocals, guitar, composition), the band is composed of David Kyle Payne (Bass) and Adam Hayes (drums). With influences ranging from Radiohead to Tom Waits, Victor & The Rain Dog has forged itself a unique sound, at a crossroads between Flamenco, Blues and Experimental Rock. In 2016, Victor is working from home on a first album, recording demos, experimenting and exploring new territories.”

Rise (The Earth Is Full)
[starts 52:13]
UK artists Jamie Jamal & Misterminchie, aka This Human Condition, bring you “electronic music with great heart and intelligence. Expect trippy climaxes to rise only to be broken by their own crescendo. With songs about mental health, unrequited love and taking back control, and even a song inspired by the Paul Gilding Ted Talk, The Earth is Full, this music has an edgy uncomfortable feel to it, which draws you in.”

GEORGE INSULL – Present I.D. Lahosse [starts 56:53]
“I write and record from home” says George Insull “trying to make great music that would translate to full band or sometimes just experimenting with new things. I’m 27 years old. I have a few EPs from the last few years and a lot of single tracks recorded since the end of last summer. Most recent is a 9 track demo called 27 which is about 27 minutes long and like most songs I write, it’s a response to current affairs in terms of the wider world and my personal life. I’m currently trying to convince someone or some label to help me record 27 in a studio with some professionals and trying with my band mates in Function Unknown to find some time to play a gig or two sometime soon. Maybe some open nights in Norwich in the meantime and many more songs to come soon.”


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