BBC Mixtape: 15th Aug 16

Leo Stannard


The BBC Introducing Mixtape

The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and track start times are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with info about the music provided by the artists.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader – this week curated by Dean Jackson from BBC Introducing East Midlands. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 15th August at 2am.

LEO STANNARD – In My Blood [starts 00:16]
“A twenty year old musician living between Leicester and London, Leo Stannard started playing the guitar at the age of nine and recorded his first session for The Beat immediately after his GCSEs. Leo has toured with Rudimental and has been threatening to break big for some time. In My Blood is a step change and represents Leo’s most stirring track to date.”

MOUNTAIN SCHMOUNTAIN – Spectator Seating [starts 04:11]
Mountain Schmountain‘s members met as very young children at the church their parents attended in Cannock, West Midlands. As teenagers they’d play together in the ramshackle church band and learn that any hymn could be subtly segued into a Mogwai track. Since then they’ve been based in Nottingham and collaborated in various ways on projects like Dragonflies Draw Flame and Some Skeletons. Their new album, Skate Chills, is the first thing they’ve written together as a full band with the idea of it being fun to play live.”

TUSK- Dull Ache [starts 06:50]
Tusk is a five piece alternative rock/pop group, formed at the University of Nottingham through a shared love of classic and contemporary guitar music. They hail from all corners of the UK, but ‘also let a Californian tag along for the sake of diversity’. This strong track is the first they’ve recorded and hints at huge potential.”

BENEDICT TRENCHES – Well [starts 11:03]
Benedict Trenches is a fictional character. When the group performs live, they are that character; the songs are from his perspective. Influences range from Damien Rice to The Mars Volta to local heroes Heck. This explains the extremes exhibited in their songs. This track features impressive performances from Rosie Abbott and Nicola Hunt.”

GALLERY 47 – Rising Star [starts 14:27]
Gallery 47 is singer-songwriter Jack Peachey. A wearied, fragile and conspicuously strong tenor vocal coupled with the fingerstyle guitar playing of a young Paul Simon on speed. His lyrics evolved from beat culture, failed romance and smoke-induced neuroticism. A one-man symphony on record, live and unplugged his voice has echoes of Don McLean and Tim Buckley, his songs circling between the lovely and the lonesome. This is the opening track from Gallery 47s third album Clean which is released on 7th November 2016.”

MEGAN KELSEY – Barely Noticed Me [starts 16:50]
Megan Kelsey is a 17 year old singer/songwriter. She started singing seriously after entering ‘OpenMicUK’, a competition in which she reached the National Final. Originally from Shropshire she recently moved to Nottingham where she has immersed herself in the city’s vibrant music scene.”

NIEVES – Roughcast [starts 21:09]
Nieves are a four piece alt/indie band from Glasgow and – with heartfelt vocals and matching accompaniment – their songs draw you in. They have two EPs under their belt and sold out shows at King Tuts in Glasgow. Nieves now have a loyal fan base throughout the country. An extensive tour of Scotland is planned between late August and October.”

SUNFACE – Birthday Girl [starts 24:28]
Sunface is a nineteen year old boy from Chesterfield writing and recording songs in his bedroom, dining room, and sometimes living room. Daniel (his real name) is enjoying a purple patch at the moment and seems to be producing an impressive track almost every week. On top of this he is the lead vocalist of excellent Chesterfield band Trash.”

LOWRIE – Yugen [starts 26:52]
Fraser Lowrie is a 24 year old producer, singer and songwriter. As well as being a talent in his own right, Lowrie is a catalyst for the Nottingham music scene, working with and inspiring a range other artists. This track is taken from his mesmerizing Floating World mixtape.”

RUTH ROUBELLE – Why Can’t I [starts 29:49]
Ruth Roubelle – formerly known as Ruth Holmes – grew up in Manchester, immersed in music. Determined to be successful in her career, Ruth now lives in Derbyshire chasing her dream as a professional musician. Ruth made her festival debut just three weeks ago at Tramlines. Her influences range from Mumford and Sons to Bullet For My Valentine.”

ARCADIANS – Disco [starts 32:20]
Arcadians were formed in 2013 in Burton upon Trent. They marry witty lyrics about girls, ice cream and heartbreak to shimmering guitars, Motown bass, pulsing drums and a melodic Indie Rock’n’Roll sound. Their latest EP Fools on the Road was released in March 2016.”

JOSEPH KNIGHT – Listen To Your Heart [starts 35:32]
“At the age of 17 Joseph Knight is already a firm favourite of the music scene around the East Midlands. Memorable performances at the Y Not Festival and Rough Trade Nottingham store introduced his soulful tones. With influences ranging from Amber Run and Saint Raymond, to Keaton Henson and Passenger he is set fair for future success. His debut EP Nervous is out now.”

THE JUNIPERS – Summer Queen [starts 38:28]
The Junipers are a five piece band who started out as a recording project in 2000.

The recordings mix a collection of instruments like Sitar, Zither, Balalaika, Harp and Mellotron with vocal harmonies, psychedelic effects & enough pop elements to keep it all sweet. Summer Queen is taken from their rather wonderful new album Red Bouquet Fair.”

THE LEW THOMAS BAND – Where We Belonged [starts 41:20]
The Lew Thomas Band is a five piece country-pop band, heavily influenced by American country music. Their debut album Walks, Talks & Fallouts has just been released and is an array of original tracks written by the lead singer, Lew Thomas, inspired by notions of love, hope and nostalgia.”

ONE GIANT CAUSEWAY – Moving [starts 45:07]
One Giant Causeway – a four piece indie rock band from West Bridgford – burst into life just four months ago. They are already raising eyebrows with their sophisticated yet raw sound and energetic performances. The track is from their new Smoking Cardboard EP. They are currently in the studio recording the follow up.”

LUCY WARD – The Last Pirouette [starts 49:10]
Lucy Ward’s latest album, I Dreamt I Was A Bird is out now on her own Betty Beetroot label. Lucy won the Horizon Award (Best Newcomer) at the 2012 BBC Folk Awards. In 2014 she became the youngest ever nominee for the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year Award.

She performs solo and with her band (aptly called The Lucy Ward Band!) She has played the Acoustic Stage and Left Field Stage at Glastonbury as well as many of the top UK folk festivals. She regularly tours away from her native Derby and in the past year has played as far afield as Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Canada.”

 THE TIN PIGEONS – Sirens [starts 53:18]
The Tin Pigeons are a four-piece indie-folk band from Leicestershire. They have developed a unique and exciting brand of pop music, combining folk lyricism, funky grooves and shimmering vocal harmonies to form an irresistibly fresh sound. Having caused a stir with numerous sets at Notting Hill Arts Club, Ronnie Scott’s and The Fiddler’s Elbow, The Tin Pigeons became an essential booking for the festival season of 2016 with appearances at Secret Garden Party, Boardmasters, Lost Village, Barn On The Farm, Y Not and Leeds/Reading to follow. Their EP Sparks, from which Sirens is taken, is out now.”

Tin Pigeons

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Tom Robinson

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