BBC Mixtape: 31 Oct 2016


This week’s free downloadable BBC Introducing Mixtape features tunes from the BBC Introducing Uploader by SONS OF NOEL+ADRIAN, STRANGER STRANGER, ECHOS, MOTOR TAPES, LA SALAMI, GEORGIA RUTH, RIIB, STOP THE WHEEL, DANIEL LAND, LEON HEART, YOWL, A LOVELY WAR, GEORGE MONTAGUE, SIAN CROSS and RAPHAEL DOYLE handpicked by Tom Robinson.

The BBC Introducing Mixtape

The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and track start times are published here at Fresh On The Net – together with info about the music provided by the artists.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader – some recommended to me by BBC colleagues while the rest are chosen from submissions to our Fresh On The Net inbox. Click here for more info – artists please also see the request at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast in the early morning of Monday, 31st October at 2am.

SONS OF NOEL+ADRIAN – I Love You So Much I Want To Stab You In The Eye [starts 00:17]
“The new Sons of Noel and Adrian album, Turquoise Purple Pink, will be released on November 25th 2016 through Willkommen Records and KF Records (Germany/Austria/Switzerland). After whittling the line-up from thirteen down to a much more manageable nine, the Brighton band renowned for their sublime live shows are at their very strongest and most passionate. Turquoise Purple Pink sees the band exploring the influence of 1970s Italian psychedelic horror soundtracks, minimalism, synthesisers, extreme volume and transcendent joy. Expect intense siren song from the duel female vocalists, three interlocked guitars and an assault of horns and drums. Spring 2017 tour dates to be announced shortly.”

STRANGER STRANGER – Nation [starts 06:10]
“Marinda Lavut and Phil Solari thrive under a sense of uncertainty. From Toronto and London respectively, they’ve been making fascinating, hard-to-define music for years under the name Stranger Stranger. And in that time, their idiosyncrasies have only become more pronounced. Nation, the follow-up to this summer’s much lauded Sometimes, was written by the duo and produced by Steve Brown (Laura Mvula). Nation showcases their superlative harmonies and their gift for layering their myriad influences to create a sound that transcends classification – an intimate sound that invites you into the unique sonic landscape they’ve created.”

ECHOS – Take [starts 09:06]
“You run from the feeling // It finds you
Our self titled EP is out NOW on iTunes”

[A little on the minimal side, Echos!]

MOTOR TAPES – What I Want [starts 12:11]
Motor Tapes are an alternative pop three-piece from Cambridge. Lee, Dominic, and Paul describe their output as a “tuneful noise”, influenced by the likes of the Dandy Warhols, Franz Ferdinand, New Order and Primal Scream. They are a band of light and shade, edgy guitar effects and bold blocks of sound. Their latest EP, Count To Ten, is billed as a retrospective of the impulsiveness of youth, reliving adolescence from behind the two-way mirror of the interrogation room. Count To Ten is available now on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.”

L.A. SALAMI – Going Mad As The Street Bins [starts 15:13]
L.A. Salami releases Going Mad As The Street Bins, the new single from his debut album Dancing With Bad Grammar, impacting 25th November on Sunday Best Records.

The track is an impassioned, soulful rumination on life in the modern city. With his idiosyncratic writing, L.A. weaves tales and crafts exquisite snapshots of the souls that inhabit the busy street. ‘You’re just bombarded with stuff, there’s rubbish in your head, and it can just drive you crazy, especially in London’.

Having sold out two shows in the capital already this year, he headlines London’s St Pancras Old Church on 13th October in amongst a run of new live dates, including supporting Agnes Obel on her November tour.

Full remaining dates here:

GEORGIA RUTH – Cloudbroke [starts 18:22]
Georgia Ruth is originally from Aberystwyth in West Wales, but now lives in Cardiff. Her debut album Week of Pines won the Welsh Music Prize in 2013. New album Fossil Scale was written during Georgia’s time living in Caernarfon; produced with Marta Salogni. The record features contributions by Meilyr Jones and Suhail Yusuf Khan (who plays sarangi on Cloudbroke) and additional production by David Wrench. Georgia appeared on the Manic Street Preachers’ last record Futurology, as guest singer on Divine Youth. A fluent Welsh speaker, she presents a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Cymru.”

RIIB – Hello Stranger [starts 21:57]
RIIB is the new project of Leeds based singer-songwriter James Mainwaring who is previously known for his saxophone playing in the Mercury Prize and MOBO nominated Roller Trio and as a guest with DJANGO DJANGO.

After a busy touring period, James picked up a guitar he hadn’t played since high school and rediscovered his passion for songwriting, thinking only himself and his bedroom walls would hear it. It was only when his housemate heard Hello Stranger through the walls and urged James to share his music that he invited people round to his house to hear a set.

The pensive and reflective debut single Hello Stranger is one of the first songs James wrote in the bedroom period. It features coiling verse melodies, a contagious chorus and powerful golden section – driven by hypnotic polyrhythms on vibraphones and marimbas, and a guest appearance from drummer Joost Hendrickx. Release date: 18th November 2016″

STOP THE WHEEL – Shape Up [starts 24:55]
Stop The Wheel is Francesco Candura, also with Italian psychedelic avant-pop explorers Jennifer Gentle (SubPop). Best described as ‘campfire R&B’ or ‘weirdo folk’, Candura uses 4-track tape, acoustic guitar and the barest essentials (pitched voices) to create perfectly catchy post pop songs that sing on forever.  It’s R&B music played at a campfire. Sung by humans and aliens, in harmony.  Shape Up is taken from the album Basta, out now. ‘Basta’ is an Italian word that means enough. Millions of people say ‘Basta’ everyday, for many different reasons and on different times. But we all have that in common: we all say ‘Basta’ out loud sooner or later.”

DANIEL LAND – New York Boogie Woogie [starts 28:28]
Daniel Land has been releasing Dream Pop music for nearly a decade. As a songwriter, first with the Manchester-based Daniel Land & The Modern Painters, and now as a solo artist, he has developed a unique blend of shoegaze and confessional song writing, and his first album, Love Songs For The Chemical Generation, is now widely considered to be a modern classic of the shoegaze genre. Daniel’s third album of songs, In Love With A Ghost, features a cast of over twenty musicians, and was recorded over three years, at various locations including Devon, London, Manchester, New York and California. The album is available from Daniel’s website or his Bandcamp page, and other online retailers. Daniel and his new live band will be performing at a special album launch gig at the Sebright Arms in London, on Sunday 27 November 2016, supported by Evi Vine.”

LEON HEART – Smash Up The Clocks [starts 33:12]
LeonHeART aka Leoncia Flynn is a British singer, musician and artist. Musically she has kept diverse company with collaborators from jazz, hardcore/grind punk, metal to soul and more sample-driven, synth/electronic music. She is also an artist and creates collashes* and installations. The track is a collaboration between LeonheArt and electro dub producer/video-maker Tigersonic. Leoncia decided she wanted to give the original acoustic song a darker more mechanical feel so Felix Tigersonic was the obvious choice. The release is accompanied by a series of  art works and lo-fi art video shot and edited by Felix with additional footage shot by LeonheArt.

The second collaborative track with Tigersonic will be released in December. Leonheart is currently working on completing her debut EP. Expected spring 2017, this is based on her current obsession with time. She will be touring the songs from this alongside her artwork in gallery spaces in Munich and London and is currently looking for festivals where she will take her TimeOff installation and wherein she along with others will perform and have art and video installations.

(*crash of collages!)”

YOWL – The Imminent Return [starts 36:35]
YOWL are a five-piece currently based in Peckham, London. We put on semi-regular gigs at The Montague Arms near Queen’s Road Station, and on 29th October we threw a party there to celebrate the release of our first EP, Before the Sleep Sets In (which includes The Imminent Return, along with three other tracks).

Upcoming gigs are: 17th November: The Dublin Castle; 23rd November: The Shacklewell Arms; 29th November: Green Door Store, Brighton; 30th November: The Islington.”

A LOVELY WAR – In The Early Morning Fog [starts 39:36]
A Lovely War is a chamber-pop/electronica/art-pop group from Liverpool consisting of brothers Sean and Chris Keogh on vocals/keyboards and guitar/keyboards respectively; Daniel Morgan on bass/keyboards and Liam Hughes on drums. For the song In the Early Morning Fog, Sean wrote the score for a French horn quartet which he sent to a friend of his girlfriend’s, Sarah Wilkinson, a freelance musician who had kindly offered to play on an A Lovely War track. She recorded the four parts in her home in Texas and sent the recording back to Liverpool where the band completed the unique trans-Atlantic session adding Sean’s solo lead vocal in Chris’s bedroom.

Unable to replicate the brass band sound on stage, the band have reinvented the song for live performances, giving it an ethereal disco/dream-pop makeover.

Their next live performances will be at 92 Degrees Coffee in Liverpool on 4th November and at the Merseyrail Sound Station Festival at Moorfields train station, Liverpool on 19th November.”

GEORGE MONTAGUE – Lost [starts 42:48]
“Ingenious singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist George Montague is an exceptional musician with immense energy, and countless contagious original songs. Playing piano and guitar, George is known for entertaining and rousing enthusiastic audiences in uplifting song with his versatile vocals. G enhances his phenomenal live shows by featuring live-looping vocal harmonies and beatboxing, creating remarkable hooks to accompany his abiding melodies producing dynamic performances, solo or with his notsobigband. The full richness of George Montague’s undaunted and intelligent play with a myriad of musical textures can soon be experienced on his captivating and extraordinarily ear-catching new album Curiouser and Curiouser George.” [Well, now we all know…]

Upcoming live dates: Tuesday 29th November 2016 – 606 Club, London (charity concert – raising money for SMART) tickets:

SIAN CROSS – On And On [starts 45:45]
“My name is Sian Cross and I am a London based boat dweller. I love all types of music but the music I write myself is electronic, spacious pop with haunting melodies and lots of delicious harmonies. I am releasing two singles – On And On and Stare At Me. It’s a double A side release but I decided to coincide the release of Stare At Me with anti-bullying awareness week (14th – 18th November) and 50% of the money raised from sales of Stare At Me will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

You might also be able to catch me playing live in your local area. I’m supporting three fantastic artists up and down the Country on their UK tours – James Beau Barclay, The Sons Of Pitches and Mishka Shubaly.

My new EP, Conscious, is a concept record and it will be released early next year and will be telling you more about that and the stories behind the songs on social media in the coming months.”

RAPHAEL DOYLE – I Come From Ireland [starts 49:58]
“First mentored by blues legend Alexis Korner, songwriter and vocalist Raphael Doyle formed the acoustic harmony trio Café Society with his friends Hereward Kaye and Tom Robinson in 1973. The band quickly won a following on the London folk club circuit and a Tuesday night residency at The Troubadour club in Earl’s Court. There they were discovered by Ray Davies of The Kinks – who went on to produce their debut album, released in 1975.”

In the music industry, as in life, it’s best to treat unsolicited emails asking for money with extreme caution. You may hear from a PR company who have “worked with some of the most original and exciting artists in the UK” who “found you online and after having a listen would be interested in working with you”. Please be aware you haven’t been sent this because you are special – it’s a form email, regularly received by artists who appear on this blog – and it’s from a company who are trying to sell you their services.

There are literally hundreds of plugging and PR companies in the UK – many of whom have equally impressive lists of clients and who would be glad to have your business. You don’t neccessarily have to choose the first company that happens to get in touch with you. See our advice on Sending CDs to Radio and The Pros And Cons Of Pluggers – it’s possible you might not even need professional radio promotion at this point.

And if you do decide to pay for a PR company, don’t take their word for how good they are – get some personal recommendations from their clients. Before parting with your hard-earned cash why not email a few of the indie labels who regularly get their own artists on the radio – and ask which PR companies they use.

If we’ve featured you on the BBC Introducing Mixtape recently, please do us a favour and wait 12 weeks before sending us another track. That will give us space to help a few other deserving artists in the meantime. But I’d love to hear another great new tune from you in three months’ time.

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


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