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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 1st March (technically 2am on Monday, 2nd March 2015…)

CAPTIVVES – Don’t Defy Us [starts 00:17]
“We are Captivves; a three piece post-punk band from Reading. A sonic and visual experience of the mind and soul, uplifting and suppressive at a simultaneous moment in time. We released our double A side single Dive in/Don’t Defy us in October 2014 which will be followed by new material which we start writing and recording in March at Brattwell Recordings with Rory Attwell (Test Icles). We will then be promoting the release across the UK and Europe starting with Are You Listening? Festival on 18th April in Reading.”

GOLDEN FABLE – Lifeline [starts 04:42]
Golden Fable are Rebecca Palin, Tim McIver and Jack McCarthy. Rebecca’s soaring, haunting vocal shines through, whilst multi-instrumentalist Tim creates the layered musical landscapes beneath. This fusion is perfectly complimented by Jack’s inspired and considered drum patterns. Based in the foothills of the mountains in north Wales, Golden Fable are unashamedly linked to the natural world, inspired by the rich and varied landscapes that surround them.”

GENESIS ELIJAH – Karma [starts 08:37]
“I’m a rapper” says our old friend and all round top bloke Genesis Elijah. “I’ve worked with Sway, Klashnekoff, Skinnyman plus many others. Been on stage with KRS One plus almost every UK Hip-Hop act.”Genesis Elijah

DAN ASTON – Lemonade Sea [starts 12:48]
“I am a singer-songwriter from Cornwall” says Dan Aston “inspired by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Martyn, Ryan Adams and Nick Drake. I have just released two new singles, Lemonade Sea and Pale Jacket. Both were recorded with a full band line up at The VIP Lounge in Cornwall. I am currently working on a new full-length album which will be released later this year. I released my debut EP, The Way Home in 2013. All my releases are widely available online including iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Spotify. Whilst performing at venues and festivals across Cornwall, including Looe Music Festival last year, I have also built up a global following online by performing live concerts on air via Google Plus Hangouts. Attracting viewers from around the world, I have taken advantage of a revolutionary way of performing music that few others are yet to discover. I am regularly broadcast on Cornish radio stations including BBC Radio Cornwall, Source FM and Redruth Radio. Acclaimed classical-celtic violinist, Sue Aston, has now become a key part of my live outfit and she plays the solo on Lemonade Sea. With Sue Aston and the Cornish jazz band, Endangered Species, I have carved a folk-jazz sound that will continue to develop on future recordings.”

VENKMAN – Tricking [starts 16:29]
Venkman‘s tersely laconic selfdescription runs thus: “Melancholic funk from boy-and-girl-fronted four-piece. Based near Birmingham.” Music’s good though, innit.

Berry from The Big SunTHE BIG SUN – Ten Ton Truck [starts 19:29]
The Big Sun‘s latest single Ten Ton Truck was written after Berry spent a hard summer festivalling (real word) and many extended nights learning to shuffle. TTT is the resulting indie pop shuffableness (yes real word too).”

LUX LISBON – Keep Me Wild [starts 22:49]
Lux Lisbon are from London and Newcastle via Nottingham. They do eclectic boy/girl harmony laden indiepoprock under the influence of Dog is Dead, The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and synth-ey Bloc Party, as well as lyrically trying to think about stuff other than themselves. An example of this would be 2012 track Bullingdon Club, which was supported by Billy Bragg and is the only song ever to be featured on their hero Stewart Lee’s website. Lux Lisbon have their biggest ever show on June 12th at London, Bush Hall. Keep Me Wild is the first release to show a slightly folkier side to their output, awash with strings and brass, and is available for free, along with TEN other tracks, on their Get Some Scars EP.”lux lisbon

– Burning Low
[starts 26:22]
“Devon based duo Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater cemented their new musical partnership on a 15 date home-grown UK tour in January, heading straight into the studio afterwards to record the double A side Burning Low/ Autosong’(out on Folkstock records 24th March.) Burning Low is a song about “staying up all night until dawn… feeling young, wide-eyed and mad for life… looking for that extra spark that is going to carry you through the day.”An EP release is planned for early June and you can catch the duo live on 9th March at The Lexington, London (supporting The Little Unsaid), at their single launch at The Prince Albert, Stroud on 24th March and at several dates throughout spring and summer including Glastonbury and Larmer Tree Festival.”

MIASMA – Goldberg [starts 30:13]
Miasma are an alternative rock band hailing from Edinburgh. Having played together for many years in various incarnations, Miasma is the culmination of five young, experienced musicians’ exploits. Their mutual history provides them with a strong foundation, upon which they build punchy, catchy pop melodies, strong chord progressions and multiple-part harmonies galore, along with a little bit of “weird” when they see fit. 2015 sees them release the single/video Goldberg as well as a brand new EP. They play the 13th Note Cafe in Glasgow on 13th March.”

MOTORCYCLE DISPLAY TEAM – Letters Of Last Resort [starts 34:07]
Motorcycle Display Team are a London based pop-rock trio: Steve Hinds, Matt Eyre and Morgan Condon. Letters Of Last Resort is the title track of their brand new and much-anticipated five track EP. This follows on from the success of their debut album Captatio Benevolentiae, produced by Cesar Lavin. M.D.T combine well-crafted pop songs with soaring vocals, melodic hooks, a tight rhythmic section and a rock direction. Laden with themes of apocalypse, paranoia, rejection and anxiety, this new EP showcases a darker heavier side to the band. The video for Letters Of Last Resort is about the four identically worded handwritten letters that each new UK Prime Minister must write when taking up office. These private letters are addressed to the UK captains of the four ballistic missile submarines with unknown given orders. The letters are currently unopened in the safes of each captain’s submarine quarters only to be opened in the event of the emergency of the British Government being overthrown. Upcoming Gigs: 7th March, Sweeney’s, Dublin; 8th March, The Grand Social, Dublin; 10th April, The Shed, Leicester; 16th April, The Windmill, Brixton; 14th May, The Great Escape, Brighton”

BECKY HOLLOWAY – Oh Fool [starts 37:00]
“Songs by London based singer/ songwriter Becky Holloway have been described as quixotic in nature with catchy melodies that don’t quite disguise the self-consciously brooding lyrics lurking beneath. Currently working on her first EP, Becky can be found on guitar, keyboard and vocals performing to spellbound audiences all around the capital.”Becky Holloway

K.O.G & THE ZONGO BRIGADE – Hosanah [starts 40:39]
K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade are a 9 piece ensemble with diverse origins and very varied tastes in music which combine to bring you vibrant African grooves and then some. With the leadership of K.O.G, the Ghanaian born songwriter and performer, they create genuine indigenous West African rhythms which are then injected with elements from other genres including funk, reggae, Latin jazz, folk and soul. This creates a unique sound that needs to be heard to be believed. Having just released their Debut EP, Akwaaba Live (so called as all tracks are played live in the studio with all musicians playing at the same time), they set off on tour in March playing the length of the UK from Bristol to Glasgow. They also have a busy summer planned playing Eden fest, Kendal Calling, Soundwave Croatia and Boomtown!”

AMITY PAX – Brain Don’t Work [starts 43:12]
“Amity Pax is a contemporary folk duo, featuring Dan Tindall (vocal and guitar) and Andrew Gawn (guitar and vocal). Their distinctive tuneful qualities draw on influences ranging from 60’s folk revival through to latter day acoustic punk. Having played their first gig in August 2013, they have recently released a four song EP on Bandcamp, and are currently recording some new tunes, as well as gigging around Northern Ireland.” Sincere apologies to Dan and Andrew for the delay in getting their track on air, and for overlooking their biog in the email inbox – both down to pilot error on my part. Sorry guys – my bad – I owe you!Amity Pax

CRAZY QUILT BOUQUET – Holidays In The Sun [starts 45:06]
Crazy Quilt Bouquet are first and foremost a merry bunch comprised of one fragmented individual who knows many imaginary friends, musicians, artists and ne’er-do-wells. CQB’s split personalities and alter-egos have been making music and several other things since they were 10 years old – an age they still aspire to. Currently located in The Midlands, the merry gang are at this very moment beavering away amongst the slag heaps of Derbyshire producing a rounded product to play on the virtual turntables of life.”

DOMESDAY OUTFIT – The Beast With Two Backs [starts 47:19]
“Hailing from the very edge of the Black Country in Stourbridge under the shadow of post-everything Birmingham, Domesday Outfit comprises one man: 29-year-old Adam Lamb. After having his Beatles’ Hamburg period (minus actually playing any shows) in Leeds, awash with wasted friends for nigh on 9 years, Adam returned in the infancy of 2015 to his home ground with a headfull of ideas, focus and an utter lack of company. Adam writes, performs and produces his tracks in his own basic studio, alone, dawing influence from fuzzed out garage rock to north African desert blues to rave culture to psych and classic pop songwriting. There’s a broad yet cohesive scope he can envisage ever-widening in time.”

REMI MILES – Under Light Symphonies [starts 50:44]
“Brighton resident Remi Miles is a young singer songwriter with a penchant for all things stylish, cool and mod. He grew up in McLean, Virginia listening to an eclectic mix of styles varying from afro beat to soul as well as more traditional rock n roll. Remi started penning lyrical ideas and melodies at the age of 18 and this led him to move to Brighton to attend music college. Not only did this enable him to discover a whole host of like-minded potential producers and collaborators, but allowed him to hone his craft within Brighton’s bohemian setting and modern way of life. I Want You, a track written in just fifteen minutes, was revealed towards the back end of 2014 as the first taste of what’s to be expected from Miles’ debut EP. Follow up Under Light Symphonies is the title track of the EP which is set for release 9th February and will accompany a string of support shows across the UK with Scottish electro pop outfit Prides. Under Light Symphonies will be revealed online on 8th February and is to be followed by a selection of remixes from Chimes, Cesare and Droplights.”

LAPSE – Breathing Derelict [starts 54:37]
Who is Lapse ? I hear you cry. We asked ourselves – and him – the same question and  got the following twelve-word reply: “Mutant from the primordial ooze, performing on the streets of the internet.” Sounds fair enough to me. It’s clear that he (?) knows perfectly well how to write a band biog – and equally clear that he’s deliberately chosen not to.
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