Eclectic Picks: Batch 455

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Our playlists are orientated to the alternative music fan. Lyrics are not essential, abstract ideas are embraced and the fusing of different genres is encouraged. If you used to write band names on your pencil case at school, you’ll probably like our playlists.


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  1. MATT MEREPORT – Mingo Trumpet
  2. EMILY MAGPIE – ReFocus
  3. APHRA TAYLOR – Unwritten Rules
  4. SALT HOUSE LAVISH – Make Your Way Through – (Reprise)
  5. HARRY PERRY / RRYRRY – Tunnelbana
  6. VILK COLLECTIVE – Trees Have Roots
  7. THE GORSTEY LEA STREET CHOIR – Junkyard Sweetheart Number 13 featuring The Junkyard of Silenced Poets
  8. PALE STRANGER – Your Friends
  9. CAFOLLA – Time (To Die)
  10. THE MAW EXPERIMENT – The Writings On The Wall
  11. HANNYA WHITE – And a POW world
  13. LOSSLINE – Death Masks
  14. TOOIC – The Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft – Driving Without Contact Lenses
  15. D3V0N – Blur
  16. DOM REYNOLDS & JOZEF BIRLING – Forest Bathing
  17. DAYDR34MER – Say My Name
  18. MUOWO – Operateur


We all have ambitions to get on national radio, but in the meantime there are loads of great, independent radio stations that are always looking for new music of the alternative variety. They offer no promises, but the following hosts tell me they that, if you made this list, they’d like you to get in touch to be considered for their show:

  • Chris Watts, presenter of “In The Moog” online on NCCR (UK) (Twitter: @chriswatts1965.  Electronic/synth-based tracks (mp3 &/or WAV) to, together with artwork &/or band pic and your Twitter handle).
  • Lucas Gil, presenter of Supernova on Glitterbeam Radio (Twitter @lucasgil, apply by his website here)
  • Joe Figueira of North Manchester FM (Twitter @moretonguy, apply with MP3, short bio & twitter handle by e-mail to


If you’re on Twitter, IG etc make sure you put a link to your social media pages on your Soundcloud profile. It’ll save curators, moderators, radio folk etc lots of time letting you know you made the cut.

Signal Committee

From Bury, UK. Influences include Radiohead, New Order, Arcade Fire, Bowie, Jon Hopkins.


  1. Great selection. I’m especially pleased to see Hannya White, RryRry, Emily Magpie and Salt House Lavish all of which were among my favourites this week. 🙂

  2. Electric Eclectics — High Voltage vibes with these super selections!!

    Absolute honour to be among them (w/ The [ACE] Gorstey Lea Street Choir) – massive cheers!!!

    …& several of our Listening Post votes & noteables in this list too!! Brilliant!!

    Leo Slayer (loathsome guitar strangler for Junkyard of Silenced Poets)

  3. Thanks so much for including ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ – an honour to be included amongst so many talented people with very cool tunes.

  4. Salt House Lavish

    Thank you so much for including my song amongst some excellent tunes

  5. John Joseph Blackburn

    lots to like here… particularly for me it was DAYDR34MER – Say My Name – that was from Sept 2021… I’ll have a try with some of their newer material too…thanks.

  6. Thank you Signal Committee. Many thanks for your comment, John. Say My Name will be released on 5 August. Daydr34mer album on Bandcamp now.

  7. Matt Mereport

    Thanks for the inclusion on the list ! Lovely to be included with some top tunes !

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