Welcome to Six Degrees #14 . Featuring 6 bands, this week we have the videos by Whales in Cubicles and Jake Mattison, the songs by Salt Cathedral and Gold Road, and the live performances of Holy Esque and Shy Nature. Enjoy!

(Photo credit: Whales In Cubicles by Tim Bowditch)



Whales In Cubicles’ new single “Disappear” is an alternative rock track that keeps growing and growing though the end with strong drums and guitars. The band, consisting of Stef Bernardi, Alex Pyper and Jamie Powell, formed in London in 2010, taking their name from Andrew Bird’s song “Plasticities”.

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JAKE MATTISON – Golden Friend

Jake Mattison music has this air of folk or country singers of the 60’s. Based in Manchester, Mattison is releasing his debut EP on 15th July 2013. Golden Friend, the track that gives name to the EP, is an acoustic road ballad which the voice of this singer-songwriter is highlighted over the guitars as a live performing in a big room, giving a beautiful depth and a strong serenity.

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Salt Cathedral – Move Along (Download)

Former band “Il Albanico”, now Salt Cathedral, released their new single “Move Along”. Harmonic and innovative at the same time, this indie pop quintet originally from Colombia and based in Brooklyn, are becoming a band favourite for fans and media.

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GOLD ROAD – The Time Has Come

Gold Road are back with the release of a new EP called “The Science Of Love”. Included in that EP you will find this other song “The Time Has Come”, a track that could have been considered as a main theme for the EP as well. In a certain way naïf, The Time Has Come is a sweet dream pop song with a darker brilliant end where trumpets replace the introducing instruments announcing “The Time Has Come”.

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Holy Esque – St (Live at Glastonbury 2013)

We featured Holy Esque at Six Degrees #11 some months ago, but I wanted to retake them again for different reasons. At that moment I was not able to write a review and I would like to do it now. In this case, we have a live video of the band playing at Glastonbury, and this is a great opportunity to talk about them.

It was around April when I listened to them for the first time, and I got totally paralyzed. Their cryptic sound combined with the atypical voice and technique of the singer, make of this band an own sign of identity. On this live video the band is playing the song St with an impeccable performance. These guys from Glasgow are shining with their own light, you can just see it on the expression of their faces and the security displayed on the stage.

Here is another video of their performance at Glastonbury.

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SHY NATURE – Deadly Sin (live at The Old Blue Last)

A band giving it all on stage and their fans enjoying the performance, this is the perfect show. And this is what you see on this live video of North London indie rock band Shy Nature performing at The Old Blue Last in London (May 2013). The record and edition of the video is very dynamic. Focusing on their instruments and getting very close footages of the band, you can almost feel that you are there attending the gig. Now you just need to get the track, as they say at the beginning of the performance. It is available for free download here

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Bands and artists featured on this article. Participation at Fresh On the Net listening posts and Fresh Faves.

  1. WHALES IN CUBICLES – Disappear. Fresh Faves 38
  2. JAKE MATTISON – Golden Friend. Fresh Faves 11
  3. SALT CATHEDRAL – Move Along. Fresh Faves 64
  4. GOLD ROAD – The Time Has Come. Fresh Faves 15, Fresh Faves 16
  5. HOLY ESQUE – St. Six Degrees 11, Listening Post Batch 58
  6. SHY NATURE – Deadly Sin. Fresh Faves 61




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