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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show and podcast broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each show is available as a podcast for 30 days at the BBC 6 Music downloads page. The full tracklists and start times are published here at Fresh On The Net together together with biog information supplied by the artists. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks on the mixtape come from the BBC Introducing Uploader: some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues – the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here while listening to our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 23rd March (technically 2am on Monday, 24th March 2014…

JEE4CE – Time Of Our Life [starts 00:17]
After the success of his debut self produced EP “My Friend Jack”, Northern Ireland born, Scottish based Jee4ce (pronounced G-Force) returns, linking up with long time collaborator and current in demand producer Show N Prove to bring back the funk with Poppa Cherry – a fun, old school hip hop flavoured EP. Poppa Cherry aims to bring us out of the dark winter months and set us up perfectly for summer with Show N Prove’s upbeat, up-tempo, sample based productions, laced with dusty drum breaks and a mesmerising lyrical work out by Jee4ce that is made to seem effortless. Jee4ce (real name Ronan Cherry) shows off yet another chamber to his versatile style with this EP that draws influences from pre gangster rap 1990’s American hip hop acts such as De La Soul, The Pharcyde, Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest and Souls Of Mischief. The lyrical content also pays homage to these influences with fun, bravado, tongue in cheek lyrics, mixed with a large dose of local slang, a positive message and an overall feel good vibe.

THE GALLEONS – Whale Song [starts 03:13]
The Galleons are a six piece band from Brighton. They take inspiration from folk music of all types, especially Latvian farming songs, but they also like all manner of other music and hope that this shows in their new album Cloud Physics. Starting with Ben’s simple melody driven songs they each add a little bit of their own selves to hopefully create something that is bigger and greater than the sum of it’s parts. The new album is available on Bandcamp and all the usual online outlets. At their launch gig on Saturday (March 29th) they performed with a 70 person choir, the director of National Poetry day and their very own Cloud Physics ale.

CURSOR MAJOR – Floating Around [starts 06:33]
Though some may recognise Andy Norton from the John Peel-championed Crimea, 2014 sees him front retro-wave rousing pop group Cursor Major. Written and recorded in Bristol with additional production from Kieron Pepper (Dead Kids), John Morrisey and final mixes from Tim Allen (Bat for Lashes/Adding Machine), the forthcoming debut ‘Interloper’ is a circus of casio keyboards, twisted pop guitar lines and dark humour. Drawing on the studio eccentricity of XTC and early Brian Eno, Cursor Major ultimately invoke the spirit of a jilted T-Rex – adding their own arty new wave touches to create something anthemic yet vehemently experimental. With Interloper announced for release on March 24th, pre-orders are available via Bellicose Records or Bandcamp. Cursor Major are: Andy Norton (Vocals/guitar/songwriter producer), Benjamin Johnson (Guitar, bv’s, glockenspiel), Charlie Inshaw (Drums, samples, bv’s) and Scott Neilson (Bass & bv’s).

CAJITA – Broken Glass [starts 09:59]
“I am Cajita – I make orchestrally-tinged, ambient electronica-influenced folk music using acoustic instruments, analogue synths, loop pedals and voices. Broken Glass is taken from my album Tiny Ghosts, which was released in the UK in 2013. It will be released in the US in April 2014. Broken Glass also features on a split single/remix EP released on 17th March this year between me, James Yuill and Ersatz (two thirds of former-BBC-Introducing-session guests Glow.) It’s available here. Coming up, I’ve got a (rare for me) gig in London on 25th April (a Goodsoul promotion night at the Hope&Anchor) and various gigs/festivals around The Netherlands/Germany/Ireland. All gigs can be found on my facebook page or my website. Also, look out for a couple of my remixes on releases by Gabby Young & Other Animals and Revere soon.”

RoBoTaLiEn – Forever Please? [starts 14:19]
RoBoTaLiEn are a two piece from Manchester that play noisy indie rock with pop sensibilities. They are robotalien-voice/guitar/bass/keys and alecsplatt-drums/voice. Last year they released their debut album ‘You’re The Problem That Will Not Go Away’ through Birmingham’s Dead London Records, which can be found here. Forever Please? is from forthcoming E.P Thinking About You In The Pouring Rain that they will self release in the coming months, closely followed by their second full length LP this summer. They have recently recorded some home made acoustic videos (one a month released on You Tube), one of which is Forever Please? which can be found here.”

SUMNER – Shadow Park [starts 17:21]
“While studying Music Business at NYU, Kristina Sarkisova embarked on a songwriting binge that seemed to have no end in sight. It was then that she realised that being in front of the stage – rather than behind it – was what she truly wanted to do with her life. She then decided to leave the Masters, leave New York, and return to London (where she had lived and studied prior) to embark on her most exciting and terrifying solo adventure to-date, naming it Sumner in honour of the first street that she lived on when she moved back to the UK. Originally from Russia but having grown up in Spain, London is now Kristina’s second home and musical base, where she has recently recorded and released her EP The Last Word. A music video for the song White Carnation soon followed, and Sumner has been gigging in the city since, gathering a new backing band, and working on the songs that will make up her first full-length release in 2014.”

YOUR CORRESPONDENT – The Violin Trees [starts 21:00]
Your Correspondent is Andrew D. Smith, frequently accompanied by Edwin Ireland (Cello), Sophie Rowell and Valeria Pozzo (Violin). The debut EP features stirring string arrangements and stunning imagery and will be released 8th May. Your Correspondent is touring Germany and Switzerland 9-19th April 2014. The Violin Trees was recently BBC 3 Counties Introducing Track of the Week.”

PATAWAWA – Strange (Mr Bird Remix) [starts 24:43]
Patawawa are a musical trio from Derbyshire that features Sam Wilmot, Rory Lovatt and Beth Garret, together they make Funky Electronic Indie Pop. Sam and Rory have been making tunes together from a fairly young age but only recently started taking there music seriously a few months ago. After a recent success of getting there most recent song ‘Charmer’ played on BBC Introducing they really want to give it a good go and see where they can end up. Their first EP Charming is coming out very soon, along with a small DJ tour in the UK, updates of the EP and tour dates will be available on their Facebook page soon.”

SAVE – Easy Walk And Talk [starts 28:01]
Save‘s Monsters And Fairies is an abandoned hotel room located somewhere between England and Spain. It’s real for some while for others it’s just a fantasy. Who knows? Its in this exact same place that the american singer/vocalist Craig Louis Higgins Jr. (Paranoid London/Mutado Pintado/Black Daniel), the Australian singer/composer Saskia Sansom, and the French electronic music composer Marc Nguyen Tan (Colder) got together to record these songs during the year 2012. However some listeners will find interesting to know that, until today, the three of them have never actually met in person. Four tracks from this experience will be available on limited 10” vinyl with original artwork by London artist Sara Pope. It releases 05 May 2014 on Peasant Vitality.”

JORDAN ALLEN – Remembered [starts 31:28]
“Following the success of my debut single Rich and Famous,  my debut EP I Wanna Be Remembered was released on iTunes this Saturday, March 29th” says Jord Allen. “It’s more lyrical, polished, more rock’n’roll and more Manchester. You’re gonna love it. Following a massive hometown launch party I have gigs booked for This Feeling in both Manchester (11th April) at The Ruby Lounge and in Camden at the Purple Turtle (25th April). This is the first time I’m heading down South, hopefully I will sort a few more shows out down there soon!”

PATRICK DUFF – Thought Birds [starts 34:15]
“Having cut his teeth musically in 90’s alt-rock group Strangelove, Patrick Duff went on a hiatus from the music world before emerging as an intriguing artist and singer. Following several projects involving the cream of Bristolian music, (Massive Attack, Portishead etc.) Last year Patrick released “Visions Of The Underworld” a straightforward, heart-breaking folk record recorded deep in a forest cabin. Recorded straight to tape with no overdubs or editing. Thought Birds was recorded at dawn, outside the Dartmoor cottage he and producer Rich Brown were recording in. Thought Birds is the first single from that record and will be out on 7″ white vinyl on record store day, 19th April. Patrick has just returned from a European tour and a string of dates throughout the South West of England that will culminate in his biggest show in years as he headlines The Fiddlers Club, Bristol on 3rd April. ”

ADAM, HEAR THE SEA – Chalk Tongue [starts 37:35]
“I am unsigned…” says Adam, Hear The Sea (aka Adam Karayiannis) – formerly known and loved here at FOTN as The Adamski Kid “…and about three quarters of the way through writing and producing my debut album; delay drenched beats, synths that beckon you to the sea, sanskrit mantras,songs about part-time maharajas and songs of an artist in London in the midst of his Saturn Return trying to make sense of it all. My favourite film is Harold and Maude. I long to have a cup of tea with Joni Mitchell, before or after she kicks the bucket.”

OXYGEN THIEF – Badge Of Dishonour [starts 40:33]
This is track one of the new Oxygen Thief EP One Day This Will All Be Fields last week by Xtra Mile Recordings. The astonishing sonic assault of Barry Dolan’s solo acoustic guitar was the first we heard of Oxygen Thief (aka Barry Dolan) who became a playlist regular back in the days when Fresh On The Net was a radio show. Then last year he astonished us all over again by becoming a three piece band of almost telepathic tightness – with bass and drums so tightly embedded to every flick of his plectrum you couldn’t fit a figurative Rizla paper between them. His wonderful full-band debut Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused was released last December 2013, but Barry’s not a man to rest on his laurels. With the new EP he’s returned to his previous (dis)comfort zone of “one man genre” aggressive acoustic riffery. A full record is likely to follow in the summer. He plays Dublin tonight (Mon 28th March), Derry-Londonderry (29th), Belfast (30th) followed by shows in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Cheltenham and Bristol. A full band tour supporting InMe follows throughout May. Success in music requires both talent and focus – which Barry clearly has by the bucketload, and is obviously willing to contribution that vital, final factor: boundless energy and sheer hard work.

DIVING BELL – Stalin’s Organ [starts 43:15]
Diving Bell were formed in early 2013 when velvet fingered guitarist Ben and four armed drummer Garfunkel decided to expand their virgin mathematical band project by recruiting the aggressive fuzz tendencies of bassist Kieran. Seeking the space of a three piece to let their technical style the air to breathe, they sought to marry clean guitars and vocals with more abrasive textures in a genre of music they have arrogantly termed ‘Garage Prog’. Diving Bell list their primary influences as The Smiths, Death From Above 1979 and Battles while describing themselves as ‘reverb guitar ponce and fuzzy bass bastard tapdancing to octoputian polyrhythm.’ After some well received gigs under their belt, Live Zine magazine stated that “to try and describe their live performance through the crude medium of words is a dishonour to them. You have to watch them yourself.” Energised, Diving Bell recorded a series of demos and were unexpectedly reviewed by The Sound of Confusion. Diving Bell’s demo EP was described as ‘math-rock mixed with punk and God knows what else’. Following a packed and enthusiastically received Thekla gig during the Bristol Harbour Festival they set their sights on a properly recorded debut release for the New Year. Enlisting the kind services of the talented Rich J. Brown, ‘Mannequins Fall’ was recorded at UWE and is due to be launched on Monday March 20th at The Golden Lion at an Artscare hosted event with Cursor Major.” They describe their music as “Reverb guitar ponce and fuzzy bass bastard tapdance to octoputian polyrhythm.”

MATTIE GINSBERG – Promised Land [starts 45:58]
“I am a one man band producer type thing.” says Mattie Ginsberg from his North Wales fastness – a family home that has already brought us outstanding leftfield guitar rock tunes from his brothers’ bands WE//ARE//ANIMAL and Fennel Seeds. But Mattie’s own work is a different beast entirely: his musical tastes are wideranging and I’ve been following the progress of his sonic adventures with keen interest over the years. Mattie Ginsberg is driven to make music, one senses, not in pursuit of fame and fortune but for the simple reason that he would implode if he didn’t. His Soundcloud is crammed with tracks. boasting titles such as Indian Living Room Death, I’ll Build My Own Prison (Thank You Very Much), Deafnessly, Your Pudding and Snake Bomb Master. His back catalogue makes for an eclectic and often bewildering listen. Promised Land represents not so much a progression as a step up into an entirely different class of songwriter. One who can sing close up and personal, and hold you spellbound with nothing more than a fingerpicked acoustic guitar. It’s a wonderfully brave and vulnerable performance of an affectingly beautiful song.

NUDYBRONQUE – Peachy Keen [starts 48:16]
Nudybronque’s unique blend of the odder end of the Pulp or Blur output, the Divine Comedy and Lou Reed results in a very British sound – something altogether more exciting, unique and compelling than you would expect and so effortlessly off-beat it is impossible not to fall for its charms. First EP Bottled Blonde (2012) was full of prototype indie disco classics that made you want to throw serious shapes and gained instant popularity. However, the band then decided to take a sharp left turn. New EP Moondog has now been released through indie label Secret Chord Records and pushes this new identity into even darker recesses. Occupying an infinitely more grown-up arena of musical experimentation complete with strange instrumentation, darker lyrics and creative song structures it still manages to retain the addictive melodic properties of their older recordings, resulting in one of the most exciting, interesting and illogical recordings to be heard in some time.” They play Dublin Castle in London tonight (Monday March 28th) followed by shows in Salisbury, Abingdon, Midsommer Norton, Oxford, Salisbury and Swindon

ALEX DANSON – Making Tracks [starts 50:30]
Alex Danson has played in a variety of bands from rock and blues to indie and pop, building up a varied array of performance and writing experience. Notable gigs to date include The Great British Blues festival in 2013, having been handpicked by the festival organiser and Slack Alice frontman Cliff Stocker following a solo support slot with Slack Alice. Alex is now writing and performing as an acoustic solo artist and this is the title track of his debut EP Making Tracks which is releasd today Monday March 31st.”

AUCTION FOR THE PROMISE CLUB – Ghosts [starts 55:11]
“This single and video were released on March 19th” says Zoe White Chambers of Auction for the Promise Club. “We shot the video on the beautiful Perranporth beach and were up before sunrise to get the dawn light across the beach. We had finished filming by 8am, perfect timing for a fryup and a cuppa tea at the greasy spoon! The record was produced by Auction for the Promise Club and Pat Monger who also engineered and recorded it. The mix is by Paul Reeve. It’s available for download from all major online stores and streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud etc.
Auction For The Promise Club
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