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The BBC Introducing Mixtape is a 60 minute radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music from 2-3am every Sunday night/Monday morning. Each programme is then downloadable in podcast form at the BBC 6 Music downloads page for the next 30 days. Full tracklists and start times for each track are published here at Fresh On The Net with information about the music provided by the artists themselves. Previous tracklists can be found via the MIXTAPE tab above or on the BBC website.

All tracks are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader. Some are recommended by BBC friends and colleagues while the rest are tunes I’ve discovered here via our Fresh On The Net inbox. For more about how the process works see this post – and if your music is in thie week’s mixtape please see the important warning at the bottom of this page. These are the listings for the episode broadcast overnight on Sunday 22nd Feb (technically 2am on Monday, 23rd Feb 2015…)

YIPIOK – Tango [starts 0:16]
YipiOK have just got back into the studio after a run of live shows supporting Misty Miller. They’ve been gaining some new followers on the way… YipiOK have been on the road capturing their shows on film in a documentary to be released on YouTube later this month.. Footage including excerpts from their live performances will be included. In the meantime, Johnny and Kissy are now back in the studio recording what will be their debut album – “It gets pretty dark in places” says lyricist Johnny “But they say write about what you know, so what you gonna do?” “And anyway, its gonna be happy end…YipiOK baby!” March will also see release of a special live EP, available free as a thank you to fans on facebook and twitter: Who seem to have many nice words to say about the duo…

TIR EOLAS – The Call [starts 3:21]
“After the release of their debut album Stories Sung, Truths Told on February 11th, eclectic and dynamic young folk group Tir Eolas prepare for an exciting program of concerts happening in the capital, notably, performing alongside guitarist John Williams at Shakespeare’s Globe on June 14th. Building on performances at the Royal Albert Hall and The Sage, Gateshead last Autumn, the group take to the stage at Union Chapel this Saturday 21st to perform tracks from their debut album. The music is a melange of original and traditional material inspired by the groups diverse cultural identity.”

Cheap Black Plastic
[starts 7:14]
“Cambridge based clarinettist/saxophonist Pete Newman‘s 12 track jazz/funk/world album, Time for Your Bathysphere, explores the use of clarinets in unexpected contexts. Influences include Pete’s liking for the sound and directness of the early New Orleans jazz clarinettists, combined with the groove of contemporary New Orleans funk (eg Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Stanton Moore), an interest in jazz individualists (eg Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Carla Bley) and a fascination with excessively low wind instruments (such as the contra-alto clarinet). Future plans include playing clarinet on as many other people’s tunes as possible, and convincing teenagers everywhere to briefly put aside their guitars to try blowing down tubes instead.”

ZACK BOONE – Is it True [starts 11:29]
“After decades of living in towns and cities, Zack Boone wrote and recorded eleven 4am songs in an attempt to preserve what he felt was left of his sanity. Shattered from sound overkill, too many hours in the studio, and frustrated by his misophonia, the multi-instrumentalist stopped listening to mainstream radio, and threw his TV in the skip. As a result, his debut album Somewhere Beyond, ended up sounding like a warm bath in winter. Zack is the antithesis of the One Directions of this world. Indeed, in a fantasy fight between the scamps and the big man, the smart money would be on Zack. At 6’4″, and looking like an openside flanker, you probably wouldn’t guess he was capable of producing the kind of music he does. His song Beautiful features in the multi-award-winning movie, Patrick’s Day. Originally from Ireland, Zack is closely monitoring activities across the water, in terms of Ireland’s upcoming marriage referendum. In conjunction with the Gay & Lesbian Equality Network Zack will be shooting a second video for Beautiful, which will celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, straight and mixed-race volunteer couples of all ages. Zack is also busy shooting a video for his song Mother, which will be released on Mother’s Day.”

TrampoleneTRAMPOLENE – Imagine Something Yesterday [starts 15:20]
Welsh triumvirate Trampolene (Jack Jones: vocals/guitar, Wayne Thomas: bass/vocals and Mr. Williams: drums/vocals) announce the release of a new single Imagine Something Yesterday and expanded digital Pocket Album Two through Mi7 Records on 16th March. Upcoming gigs: 21st Feb Leicester – O2 Academy (Scene & Herd All-Dayer); 4th March Paris – La Maroquinerie; 6th March Paris – La Fleche D’or; 11th March London – Old Blue Last (Karma Coma); 15th April London – Scala (with Carl Barat & The Jackals).

SNOWAPPLE – Widow (feat. BECCA WILLIAM) [starts 18:46]
“The women of Snowapple have done a lot of living, more so than many bands twice their age. Beneath the surface of this oftentimes unassuming folk/chanson trio are a tangle of experiences, drawing upon markedly different musical educations in opera, jazz, folk and pop to create a unique yet wholly natural sound.”

DAVE HALL – Standing In Water [starts 23:00]
Dave Hall is a poet and a classically trained composer known for his provocative folk-pop. Influenced by various ethnic traditions from British ballads to Middle Eastern melodies, Hall blends elements of rock, folk, classical and jazz to create his own vivid style. A storyteller by nature, he revels in tales of love, loss and everyday life; writing songs about rural gay weddings, epic battles and petrol station dogs. He also writes wacky updated musical versions of fairy tales. Though he often plays out with a full band, Standing In Water showcases Dave’s gentler, more serious side. It’s from his soon-to-be-released Songs of Boyhood, which he wrote for string quartet. In his spare time Dave is making his way through the complete works of Charles Dickens.”

JOHN JOSEPH BRILL – Muscle & Bone [starts 25:10]
“After dropping out of university, John Joseph Brill was invited to front London doom-folk outfit Burning Beard and soon found himself part of the West London musical hub populated by the likes of The Staves, Laura Marling and Bear’s Den. It was around then he penned the song Pieces, which he describes as being ‘about an individual who starts off with such staunch principles – politically, morally, whatever, in a very idealistic sense – only to later betray those essentially for the sake of making money’. It’s the title track of his debut EP released today Monday 23 Feb 2015.”

ED ROME – Allnighter Blues [starts 28:27]
Ed Rome is an independent songwriter, recording artist, performer and producer in many genres. This track is taken from his new early Reggae & Ska album Snapshot: Dubs & Subs (released 13/3/15) and is a reworked version of last years Snapshot album. It features guest artists ranging from 2 Tone’s Neville Staple & Rhoda Dakar (The Specials/The Bodysnatchers) to Jamaican first wave artists Freddie Notes and Dennis Alcapone (Studio One/Trojan Recs). Clair Witcher (lead vocals on this single) hails from Brighton’s Funk & Soul legends The Impellers. Guests aside this is Ed’s 8th solo studio album and previous efforts have achieved ‘Reggae Album of The Year’ (Lamacq ’08) and live acoustic sessions at the BBC for Robert Elms.”

Sarah HezenSARAH HEZEN – Flowery Meadows [starts 32:28]
“My name is Sarah Hezen, I’m a French song-maker based in London. I started writing songs when I was 13, but swapped my acoustic guitar for a computer 5 years ago. Today, I experiment with samples, electronic beats and orchestral instruments to create a dark and mysterious sonic canvas on which I sing stories of love, longing and lament, drawn upon folk tales and myths. After featuring on Icicle’s latest album in November 2014 (Superimposed and Will You Be Mine, the latter played on BBC Radio 1), I’m currently working with the renowned Dutch producer on some new material I hope to release as my debut EP this coming year.”

SQUINANCYWORT – Throwing The This [starts 37:10]
“My name is Phil Barnett: I am a bedroom producer based in Upholland, South Lancashire and working under the name Squinancywort. This track is part of my free album Wrong, available from my Bandcamp.  Music that is very weird or chaotic is too easy to make in my opinion. As is music that is completely straight. I like things that occupy a space somewhere in the middle… I’m a big fan of off-kilter: I love it when music goes “wrong”. By the way: a Squinancywort is a medicinal herb. Also by the way: Throwing the This is the name of a game I invented when I was 12.”

MICKEY DEY – The Downturn Soil [starts 41:16]
Micky Dey is a solo folk-rock artist based in the industrial city of Bradford. His honest, melodic songs depict his years spent as a Northerner living in South East London, with stories of friendship, excess, loss and growth. He spent three years studying pop music at Goldsmiths University. Since returning to the North, he released his 2014 debut record Roam. 2015 has so far seen Micky release new material towards a follow-up record, and heading on a DIY UK tour with friends, Perkie, Chrissy Barnacle, Me-Rex and Kelly Kemp at the end of March.”

JIM JOHNSTON – Count Your Coppers [starts 44:51]
“Ex-Monk & Canatella front person Jim Johnston delivers his second solo album After All The Wishing… which is being described as “both weird and intoxicating, dangerously attractive and unlike anything you have heard before. It’s like a Moulin Rouge of Rock and in the right light it would be easy to convince ourself that this is actually a long lost album from Bowie’s Berlin years”. Count Your Coppers’ is the first single from the album and features Annie Gardiner (Hysterical Injury) on guest vocals. The album is released on 30th March and will be available as a Digipak CD and as a download. Johnston will be performing the album live in various guises through the Summer with both a full band and solo-acoustically.”

WINDMILL – Where Are We Now [starts 48:31]
Windmill are from Liverpool and met six months ago: their lineup includes the splendid Mick Dolan whose work we first came to know and love as a former member of fellow Merseyside outfit Bird. The band describe their music as “haunting enigmatic vocals, languorous and stirring guitar riffs with atmospheric drum beats.”

Eastern Seaboard Radio Station, are an alternative folk rock band from Sheffield whose core member is singer songwriter Paul Littlewood. The instrumentation and production on ESRS’s self-titled debut album, released 1st May, 2015, by Three Sixty Records, is provided by Littlewood, who notes Neil Young’s “doom trilogy” records and Jason Molina as major influences.”

AN DI YI – Ships [starts 54:45]
An Di Yi is the name my Mandarin teacher in Beijing gave me. It means “peace first” – although you could take it to mean Andy first! It symbolises the life my music now reflects. For many years I was a guitarist and songwriter with punk band Fractured. But since heading to Beijing five years ago I changed track. I carry a digital recorder with me and use my ambient recordings as a springboard for ideas, mixing global beats and virtual Asian instruments with western ambient and trip-hop moods. Each track reflects a journey or experience I’ve had living and traveling in China, Hong Kong, South East Asia or on one of my frequent trips back home to Essex – sometimes all of these together! You can name your own price for my albums A Map of Your Heart (2012) and A Floating Life (2014) at my website and find them on iTunes Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp etc. My next release will be Miyakojima, a four track EP on the Easy Summer label – out on 16th March.”
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Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


  1. Fab to see PETE NEWMAN CLARINET PROJECT’s ‘Cheap Black Plastic’ in this weeks eclectic mixtape. Refreshing to note that the Listening post 141 last weekend featured the unique flute sound of Jef Kearns too 😀

    Proving, if it were required, that woodwind music is as vibrant and diverse as ever.

    I draw attention to this as planned cuts in funding in Bromley, Redbridge, The Wiltshire Music Service and many others is threatening to cut support to some of the most talented & inspiring music teachers in the country (Some of which I have had the privilege to see at work)

    More on this story here.

    This is a breaking and worrying development that could affect the likelihood of future genius to develop and grow – thus inspiring others. In Wiltshire we are just starting to use #savewiltsmusic but I guess we should centralize this to unite all dedicated organizations under threat. Comments welcome via

    Dan xo B-)

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